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A psychosomatic is any chronic unwanted condition in your body, heart, mind or soul caused by chronic restimulation of engrams.

Psychosomatic conditions are caused by engrams brought into play to justify and restrain regretted DEDS or dramatizations. A DED is an unprovoked or accidental overt act you committed against another. A dramatization is acting out what someone else did to you in an earlier engram.

A person with no regret will have no psychosomatic conditions. A person without any psychosomatic conditions is either Clear or in the middle of a full blown dramatization without any restraint or regret.

In this case, since he is doing to others what was done to him, he is as far from clear self determinism as he can get and probably could be labeled psychotic. He is perfectly happy and comfortable murdering people overtly or covertly and being very smug and self satisfied about it.

Therefore watch out for the being who has no chronic unwanted physical, emotional, mental or spiritual conditions. They are either clear or gone.

Some Churchie Clears are Gones. They usually apply for management positions in the Church. Often they are dramatizing OT III. Anyone who isn't an OT III is certainly dramatizing OT III somewhere. Such a being's intention is to overwhelm others as they themselves have been overwhelmed. Unless of course you align with them in their efforts to overwhelm others, in which case they treat you like a king. Thus they act like huge vacuum cleaners collecting to themselves vast congregations of overwhelmed beings whose only escape from overwhelm is to overwhelm others or else convert them to their own methods of overwhelming others.

Sort of a growing cesspool of overt acts with a whirlpool at the center of the Church.

A Clear has no engrams to dramatize, or perhaps they have kept their engrams around as a conversation piece. The point is they are not dramatizing them. They can not be provoked into to doing to others what was done to them. Further their engrams are not charged and remain as fully inspectable analytical memories to cherish.

Initially all engrams are bad in that they lay down an area of the memory filled with pain and unconsciousness. The unconsciousness in the memory prevents it from being easily analytically inspected. Once an engram is pulled into play, the being no longer is aware of it and the pain and unconsciousness in the engram can cause the being to dramatize it unwillingly. The engram kind of pokes you until you act it out. If you can take on any valence in the engram but your own (pain) you can then feel what they felt rather than what you felt during the incident. This helps you escape the pain of the engram poking you.

That usually means getting murderously mad or some such thing, because that is what they did to you when you received the engram you are now dramatizing.

For example, someone gets murderously mad at you for taking his girl friend. He storms in one night and runs you through with a sword. The engram contains three valences. You who are suffering death, he who is feeling rage, and the girl who is weeping over in the corner.

If you use this engram for what ever reason, if you pull it into play, you will be constantly feeling the pain and unconsciousness of dying impinging on you. To avoid this, all you have to do is go into one of the other valences in the engram. If you become the guy who killed you, you will feel murderous rage all day long and will probably take up killing people who look at your girl wrong. But at least you won't feel like you are dying, get it?

So pulling engrams in on yourself is a very dangerous proposition, and usually causes more trouble in the long run than it is worth.

Since most engrams of importance are death engrams, dramatizing one of these out of valence can get you electrocuted for murder.

Ever wonder how you made it this far in this life without getting put on death row? Well, you are doing an excellent job of holding a whole bank full of death engrams at bay.

Death engrams in bodies lie on top of earlier whole track electronic and electric shock engrams, so you can see what the psychiatric and legal bozos are dramatizing with their electroshock and electrocution therapies for the insane and the criminal.

They used to take bodies blind folded and beaten, and wrap them around tightly in rope and tie them on all four limbs with chains 2 inches thick and hang them like a crucifix from the walls and ceilings. Then they would pump amperes of current into the body for DAYS, never quite letting it die, all the while SAYING things to it like 'you will obey, Jesus died for your sins, praise God almighty, you will go to hell if you are bad etc.'

Somewhere around day two the body went into a permanent slow murderous rage and finally quieted down into an apathy so sad to see, hoping to die. Starving and beaten, they would take the being off his electronic cross and let him back into society to function as a 'normal being'.

Often he would take up religion immediately or apply for work at the state offices and become one of the people who did these things to others.

Most people in this society have been through his kind of punishment, sometimes for many lifetimes in a row, and now that they are on Earth, they are happy to live once and die once and perhaps go to Heaven if they are good.

Their basic feeling about life is they can't wait to die, so they create wars to help them get to Heaven forthwith.

Or they become people who torture people and animals for Religion or Science, or sometimes just for fun. Have you ever tortured anything for fun? Why?

This mechanism of valences explains why the worst thing you can do to a person who is dramatizing is to break his dramatization. That means stop it cold. By using the engram and dramatizing it out of valence he is bringing it into full restimulation. But he is not feeling his side of it. If you break the dramatization and force him back into his own valence by stopping all dramatized action, he will suddenly and precipitously suffer his own pain in the incident. This can kill him, because in the incident he died or worse.

Thus parents are very bent on not letting the child stop their murderous little dramatizations. They might die and they know it, and they have to 'stay alive for the kids'.

When a being regrets a dramatization he tries to stop it mid cycle. Thus 1/2 of the psychosomatic condition is caused by the in-valence pain of the engram halted in mid dramatization. The other 1/2 of the psychosomatic pain is caused by the further engrams the being drags in to justify and restrain his dramatization.

Thus all psychosomatics contain two pains in one.

His error is as follows. He gets provoked and dramatizes an engram in punishment and vengeance and then feels sorry for it. That's the regret following the anger. Rather than just put it away, he JUSTIFIES what he did by pulling in another painful incident that makes it more right that he dramatized in the first place. The more bad things he can show were done to him, the less regret he needs to feel for his anger even if those bad things had nothing to do with his anger.

He then further uses these new incidents to limit himself and restrain himself from getting angry again because he knows it was wrong even though he is pretending it is right.

Not all anger is wrong. But he is very concerned about a moment when he thought his anger WAS wrong. In fact he may consider that it ruined his career as a human being.

People often get murderously mad at people they love deeply, because the other party is acting criminal at the time. Thus children wish off the most brutal things on their parents and then regret them a moment or years later when they see how bad off their parents really are.

So a being who has gone through one of these anger/regret cycles is in the following conundrum. He has admitted he was wrong and wants to stop doing it. But rather than just be done with it, he makes the error of trying to make what he did RIGHT, and THEN STOP doing it so he doesn't have to live with having been wrong for the rest of time.

He says to himself 'I will make what I did right just this once, but then I will NEVER do it again!'

Unfortunately by making what he did right, he has to sort of keep doing it, because by never doing it again he is admitting it was wrong to do. Thus he keeps in chronic restimulation what provoked him in the first place to remind him that what he did was right, which constantly pokes him into doing it again. But he doesn't want to do it again because he knows it IS wrong to do. So he is constantly on the verge of doing it and yet always restraining it. And THAT is the anatomy of chronic restimulation of the bank.

The way out of this mess is to admit what you did was wrong and be willing to live with that for the rest of time. Not all anger is wrong, it's ok to make a mistake, even if it's with anger. You are not the only one, and any memory can be as-ised once you see you set it up to have a fall.

Thus willingness to have been wrong is a being's only saving grace.

This puts the present dramatization out of self restimulation for good, and thus the need for the remaining engrams to justify and restrain the dramatization also vanishes.

This is called a RELEASE in Scientology. Once you release a being, you can then proceed to erase his engram bank so that he is never prone to dramatize it again and get himself back into the same mess. And THAT's a Clear.



NO SYMPATHY, 1.2 on the tone scale, is the last overt attack tone before the being goes quiet on his rage into Unexpressed Resentment at 1.15.

There is something called the No Sympathy Sandwich. You dramatize No Sympathy at someone. You regret it, recognizing you were wrong. You can't stand the thought of living with this error for the rest of time. So you find something MORE they did to you that justifies your No Sympathy. You go back to feeling No Sympathy for them.

Thus the No Sympathy Sandwich has the following anatomy.

No Sympathy - Regret - Justification - No Sympathy

The record of this is contained in clear detail in the being's time track. There is definitely a moment of deep regret there, even if it's only for a millisecond, those sad eyes of who he ruined are looking right at him and are recorded in total detail and crystal clarity in his time track, but then he pulls in the false justifier and snaps back into No Sympathy as if nothing ever happened to break the continuity.

He is trying to pretend that the regret and justification part of the sandwich never happened, thus he will be hell bent on hiding that part of his track from others. This is a withhold.

It is also the reason he looses his telepathy.

He doesn't want others to see his pictures or his mind, all those sad eyes you know, because then they would know the truth about what a cad he had been.

So he separates himself off from others on the thetan plane, and walls himself in with a big wall of hideous blackness so others can't see in. If they try to see his pictures they will just find a wall of appalling No Sympathy looking back out at them! 'How DARE you invade my privacy!' So no one will dare look in. Of course he can't see out through his own blackness either! So no one can read minds any more and auditing is hard as hell.

When you finally get over this stuff, you can see other thetans again directly because you are willing to have other's look into your pictures, so you can look out to their pictures. You may see only blackness covering their pictures though because they are still doing the same thing you were.

If they put up a picture for you to see though, you can see it too.

If you are willing to have others look in, you can look out.

Anyhow once you can do this you can audit others telepathically without an E-meter. That's what OT III and BT's are all about.

You get to audit a thousand pesky little body thetans out of THEIR No Sympathy Sandwiches!


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