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     'What No Sympathy has there been?'
     'What No Sympathy have you regretted?'
     'What No Sympathy have you justified?'
     'What No Sympathy have you gone back to doing?'
     'What No Sympathy have you restrained?'

There is an indecision and a DECISION ABOUT THE INDECISION right between the regret and the justification.


Indecision and Decision about Indecision

     No Sympathy - Regret - Justification - No Sympathy

The full cycle goes as follows.

     1.) Provocation
     2.) Restimulation
     3.) Dramatization
     4.) No Sympathy
     5.) Recognition of Error
     6.) Regret
     7.) Indecision
     8.) Decision about Indecision
     9.) Refused Error
    9a.) Refused Correction
    9b.) Making something wrong right, making right what isn't.
    10.) Refused Apology
    11.) Refused Confession
    12.) Refused Repentance
    12a.) Refused Contrition
    13.) Refused Forgiveness
    13a.) Refused Absolution
    14.) Justification
    15.) Chronic unwanted condition or overwhelm
    16.) Re-Dramatization
    17.) No Sympathy
    18.) Restraint

The point you need to find is number 8. The whole thing is held in place by the being's Decision about Indecision.

He is trying to pretend that the stretch of his time track from step 5 through step 16 never happened. He wants every one to think that it was just No Sympathy all the way through, and that he was RIGHT for what he did. Thus he is burying the middle part of his No Sympathy Sandwich out of sight and out of mind.

This will resolve the ALL BLACK case, because he is using blackness to hide his regret, indecision, decision about indecision, and justification from himself and everyone else.

This is the core.

The blackness you see when you close your eyes is that blackness.

'The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, they whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!' St. Matthew 6:22

Any part of the 16 part cycle above can be run with benefit.

     1.)  'Tell me about Provocation'
     2.)  'Tell me about Restimulation'
     3.)  'Tell me about Dramatization'
     4.)  'Tell me about No Sympathy'
     5.)  'Tell me about Recognition of Error'
     6.)  'Tell me about Regret'
     7.)  'Tell me about Indecision'
     8.)  'Tell me about Decision about Indecision'
     9.)  'Tell me about Refused Error'
    9a.)  'Tell me about Refused Correction'
    9b.)  'Tell me about making something wrong right.'
    9b.)  'Tell me about making something right wrong.'
    10.)  'Tell me about Refused Apology'
    11.)  'Tell me about Refused Confession'
    12.)  'Tell me about Refused Repentance'
    13.)  'Tell me about Refused Forgiveness'
    14.)  'Tell me about Justification'
    15.)  'Tell me about Chronic unwanted condition or overwhelm'
    16.)  'Tell me about Re-Dramatization'
    17.)  'Tell me about No Sympathy'
    18.)  'Tell me about Restraint'


You can run SOLUTION/PROBLEM on each one of these. For example,

     'Tell me about Refused Apology.'
     'How has this been a Solution for you?'
     'How has this been a Problem to you?'

What you want are the core decisions that go into locking up the bank on the person which in this case involve justification, refused regret, refused error, refused apology, refused confession, and refused repentance.

An apology can be given to and received from.

You can refuse to give an apology to someone, and you can to refuse to receive (accept) an apology from someone.

If you OWE someone an apology, or you owe them to accept theirs, and you don't, then you will screw your self to the wall with your own wrongness.

People often refuse to apologize for something they regret because the other person is refusing to apologize to them for something too. People feel 'taken' if they admit they were wrong to someone who is still refusing to do the same. Thus two wrongs come to make a right. If they won't apologize, I won't apologize. Both beings go down the tubes. The REGRET is real, so it MUST be apologized, there is no other way out. It really has nothing to do with what the the other being is doing. It's your own heart that makes the demand.

Your conscience has nothing to do with their conscience.

Refusing to give an apology that you owe to someone because they are refusing to give an apology they owe to you is very bad business and is the mark of a small being. Its also a fast way to become a smaller being.

A big being will make his apologies to anyone, no matter who they are or what they are doing. This is a lesson every thetan on Earth has failed, and every thetan on Earth must re-learn if they are to become full OT. The alternative is unconfrontable. There are only two routes out of here, up or down. You either go out with wings, or you go out in a coffin.

THIS is the deciding point as to whether a being makes it out of here or not: Can he apologize to his worst enemy for what he truly regrets, no matter how much the enemy is refusing to do the same?

Nobility demands its due, even if you are the only being with any decency left alive in the universe.

If you refuse to do the right thing only because everyone else is doing the wrong thing, then you will be buried under their mistakes.

So running refused apology can be the make break point of a case and a thorough address to the subject will do wonders for your pc and raise him miles up the tone scale.

As usual you want to run this on all 8 flows of Parent and Child and any other terminals you might find.

You will want to run both 'refused to give an apology to' and 'refused to receive an apology from'.

Run it as Parent and Child, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, and every combination that you can think of.

 1.  Have you refused an apology to a Child as a Parent in a past life?
 2.  Has a Parent refused an apology to you as a Child in this life?
 3.  Has a Child refused an apology to you as a Parent in a past life?
 4.  Have you refused an apology to a Parent as a Child in this life?
 5.  Has any Parent refused an apology to any Child in any life?
 6.  Has any Child refused an apology to any Parent in any life?
 7.  Have you refused an apology to yourself as a Parent in a past life?
 8.  Have you refused an apology to yourself as a Child in this life?

Remember you don't have to use these dogmatic forms to audit these questions on people. Once they have some understanding they will want the questions simplified as much as possible. Also the order of them can be changed to whatever suits your pc and releases the most charge per unit time.

For example,

     'Is there a refused apology?'
     'Have you refused an apology to a Son?'    (as a Mother)
     'Has a Mother refused you an apology?'     (as a Son)
     'Has a Son refused you an apology?'        (as a Mother)
     'Have you refused an apology to a Mother?' (as a Son)

Don't forget that what your children did to you as a parent in a past life is critical to what you did to your parents as a child in this life. If you don't catch the earlier charge you will never run out the charge of what you did to your parents in this life time. Where do you think you got most of your horrid ideas from anyway?

People complain about the implied infinite regression in the above material. What you did in anger to your parents in this life is a dramatization of what your child did to you as a parent in a past life. But THAT child got it from HIS children when HE was a parent, etc.

Didn't anyone START IT?

We are all looking for the dude who started it, someone we can finally blame for the miserable mess we are all in.

Blame is assigning cause to others for wronging oneself. Regret is assigning cause to oneself for wronging others.

Well there is either an infinite regression or else somewhere back along the track there was a Child Turd 1, who was hired and payed by us to dramatize on us as parents (The MOTIVATOR) so that we could then get on with our GPM of 'To Go to Hell' by dramatizing on others (The OVERT) and regretting it.

If so, he started it, but we paid him to do so.

Don't discount the possibility that your pc was himself at one time a Parental Turd 1, acting out self elected cruelty as a Parent towards a Child (The DED), so that he could enjoy reaping the rewards of all those cruel things his parents did to him later on the track (The DEDEX).

The question of who started it all and why, is a big one and is probably high on your pc's mind. The day he figures it out he will be an OT.


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