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A DICOM is a DIchotomy of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

Beauty and Ugly, Good and Evil, Immortal and Mortal are such dichotomies, or dicoms for short.

A locked dichotomy is when one side of a dichotomy is always and compulsively associated with the same side of another dichotomy.

For example, Good is always Beautiful, and Evil is always Ugly.

Locked dicoms are what makes a thetan human and in fact freeing up these dichotomies is the route to OT.

An OT is someone who is willing and able to become a human being. He is also willing and able to create all the horrible circumstances that these poor human beings find themselves in. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Tidal Waves, Asteroids, Ice Ages, Catastrophes, Pestilence, Plague, Famine and Fear.

An OT is able to find Beauty in CREATE SURVIVE DESTROY, humans are only able to find Beauty in SURVIVE. No human in his right mind would have CREATED the world in the condition it is in. Everything needs to live by killing something else for food. This is horror at its best. A human finds it hard to swallow, an OT can see the aesthetic to it.

Some people handle this problem by saying that everything that is good was made by God, and everything bad was made by humans.

But the truth is that everything was made by God who then became those humans. Thus God finds beauty in living by killing, in lifetimes of work being wiped out by the convulsions of the ground, and by the arbitrary ending of it all by the slightest misstep of the cosmos.

God is into games, he is into PLAYING. Humans are into WINNING. Humans feel that if they lose the game of survival, of finding food, getting a job, staying alive as a body, they will not be able to play any more games. Therefore they MUST win at all costs. This opens he door to Corruption, Temptation and Seduction, and getting others to play for you, to take the risks and let you reap the rewards.

Needing to WIN a game in order to be allowed to play further games later is the basic on the demise of sportsmanship in life with its attention on how you play rather than whether you win. If losing a game means you DIE, then to hell with how you play, let the other guy die for you and win yourself at all costs. You can see the strain this puts on Honor, Dignity and Ethics, not to mention Nobility, Courage, and Decency.

Further, humans resent these games where they think they must win to continue playing other games, so they would never create such games for themselves, but they are also totally unwilling to destroy these games for they think it is the only game they have. Thus they are into SURVIVAL of the game, and not into CREATION and DESTRUCTION of the game.

     Thus Gods are into CREATE SURVIVE DESTROY.  (PLAYING)
     Humans are only into SURVIVE.               (WINNING)

Gods do not associate the losing of any particular game with not being able to play ever again, because Gods can MAKE games and DESTROY them. Humans are only able to PLAY them until they lose for good. In fact if you ask any human with any honesty still left in his bones, what he really thinks of God, he will tell you the Guy is a monster. At the least the human will say that he himself would not have made the world the way it was, and he can't quite figure out what God is about.

Well Gods are about PLAYING games and they remain Gods to the degree that they keep PLAYING the game in mind. To a God WINNING or LOOSING a game both result in the loss of the game, and the need to CREATE a new one.

Humans are into WINNING games, and they remain human to the degree that they pay attention to WINNING games at the expense of PLAYING them. It is a cruel trick to connect the playing of future games to the winning of present games. That is something only a God would do to himself in his quest to become human.

So what God is about is unlocking dichotomies, and if you want to become a God, an OT responsible for your own condition and everyone else's too, then you will have to unlock all the dichotomies in your mind.

Consider for example Beautiful Evil. Kind of Monstrous, eh? But there could not be any Evil in the world if it weren't Beautiful! For a thetan can not natively create anything that is not Beautiful. That is why people freak out on LSD, they go up to these higher planes of existence, they see all this weird beauty they can't understand and they get overwhelmed by the strangeness of the other determinism of it all.

Who wants to be totally responsible for all the Evil in the world?

However, if they are bright, they will find the humor and laugh their heads off for 8 hours. ((LSD trips last for 8 hours.))

Evil is not a mistake.

Evil is not a flaw.

Without Evil there is no Humor.

If you never find the Evil you will never find the Humor. And if you never find the Humor, you will never find the Peace.

People can't handle LSD, because it takes them up into the OT AESTHETIC BANDS that were used to create this house of horrors we call Earth in the first place.

That's the 9th dynamic of Scientology, AESTHETICS.

We are not recommending that everyone go out and commit Evil, that's not OT, that's human. The human wants to do Evil to others, but have no Evil done to him. The OT is willing to create an entire universe of Evil and then jump into it HIMSELF. He invents things to EAT HIM. If others want to jump into his game and get eaten too, well they are most welcome but he will probably charge them a buck or two for the privilege.

The OT that creates Evil is not BEING Evil, he is being BEAUTIFUL. The human that gives up fighting Evil in apathy, and goes over to the Dark Side of the Force, is not being beautiful, he is being Evil.

So the following processes might be used to get someone to look at and cognite about his own locked dichotomies and possibly take himself to a more serene but Godly state about the world around him.

It's nice to be able to move objects at a distance and read minds a couple of countries away, but it also helps to be able to walk through the day and not be constantly suppressing fear and shutting out thoughts about death and what comes after and what came before. THAT is the true benefit of being an OT. It is not in the ability to move mountains, but in the ability to NOT be moved in your soul unless you should so chose.

Emotional peace, humor and serenity along with the willingness to scare the hell out of yourself, are much higher goals than the ability to scare the hell out of others with physical powers. If you don't have emotional Godhood, you are just bound to misuse the physical Godhood trying to protect your own human heart.

True Physical Godhood arises from Emotional Godhood, which arises from Mental Godhood which arises from Spiritual Godhood.

But emotional Godhood is the ability to see the beauty of suffering, the beauty of a whole world who can't see the beauty of anything. If you can walk in THAT battle field and have a good time, then you are truly an OT.

People create the Evil because they want the Humor at the end. That's your job as an Auditor, to walk your pc from the depths of despair to the reliefs of laughter.

Many will not get the joke and many will try to stop you on your way, but all will be gotten someday.

You don't get there by FORCING the matter. Reattaining OT aesthetic awareness is a big deal, one that will take most people many lifetimes to accomplish if and when they even try.

People try to reach OT by pretending that pain does not matter, or by taking on an evil valence and laughing at the pain of others. But they find little humor in the pain they have suffered themselves.

THAT'S what auditing is all about, finding the humor to your own pain, your own ludicrous demise.

Thus running Beautiful Evil and Ugly Good will go a long way to giving your pc a glimpse of the OT states he is headed for. A minimum cognition might be along the lines of 'The purpose of Beautiful Evil is to destroy Ugly Good, and the purpose of Beautiful Good is to destroy Ugly Evil', etc.

But don't evaluate for your pc, let him struggle with the concepts himself. He is an OT after all and only he can understand the beauty of his own Hell.

At which point there will be no Hell for him, only a Heaven of clear sweet laughter ringing forever in the hallways of Eternity.

And of course Peace.



Another thing you are going to come across is the fact that your pc has Eternity confused with an INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME. Eternity is timeless and 'above' time. The Big Snooze is up in that area and is the Big Rest or the Big Sleep.

It is Eternal in that the thetan can stay there as 'long as he wants' and can not be impinged upon unless he should so choose. However he does not HAVE to stay there and can instead choose to 'wake up at any time' and enter a dream, and play a game or join others playing a game.

Once in a time stream, the thetan can start to think of Eternity as an infinite amount of time. This is a Big Error. When he decides he doesn't want to play a game any more, rather than leave the time stream behind, he tries to rest IN the time stream. He tries to reattain the Big Snooze by going to sleep in the dream.

But as long as he is in the time stream he can be impinged upon and WILL be eventually. Thus he gets the idea that he can not rest as long as he might want, and suddenly the thought of 'living forever' becomes a nightmare to him.

Living is enforced work. Dying is inhibited work. The Big Snooze is freedom from either and the willingness and ability to choose both.

Thus the thetan gets into a problem with living forever because he detests having to be conscious beyond his own willingness to be so. He can't drop out at any time, mainly because he is trying to drop out by dropping in further, ((into further unconsciousness)) and he starts to try to make himself go to sleep forever while still in the time stream. Failing this he will then take on beingness's that hold out the PROMISE of being able to sleep forever (dying) and that may be part of how some thetans came to be 'mortal' humans.

Which is worse, to HAVE to be awake forever, or to HAVE to be asleep forever? You see once the CHOICE is gone, the thetan detests either, and will yo-yo back and forth between various solutions that allow him to live forever or die forever.

He doesn't want to die forever so he tries to live forever. But then he doesn't want to live forever, so he tries to die forever. Both are intolerable because being conscious forever or being unconscious forever are alike hells.

He will thus get stuck in the Ugliness of Immortality and the Ugliness of Mortality, and what ever you talk to him about, he won't want to know about it. This is possibly a basic on inaccessibility.

As for those still bent on 'solutions' of one kind or another, a little discussion will show them that their solution falls far short of what they really desire, which is freedom to be awake or not awake at will.

Ask any Christian if he will be ABLE to sleep forever once he gets to Heaven. He won't appreciate your wake up call.

Thus the following processes will go a long way to breaking this material open on your pc. This is not for your sweetness and light case who wants to be a better human. This is for those of you who want to go OT in this life and are willing to risk death to attain it. If you are still protecting your little life bubble in this dream you probably should steer clear of this stuff.

Or perhaps you should pay for Church auditing. That's a good chunk of what you are paying for there, you know, SAFETY.

If you are prepared to face your Maker alone with an even keel then by all means, dive in.

Run it absolutely muzzled, don't say a word to your pc except when you ask the question. Then let the pc answer and TELL YOU WHEN THEY ARE DONE. Then give them the next question. Go around and around the questions. You won't have to run it for long before they either bolt out the door or start some serious cogniting.

     'Tell me about Beautiful Good.'
     'Tell me about Ugly Good.'
     'Tell me about Beautiful Evil.'
     'Tell me about Ugly Evil.'
     'Tell me about the Beauty of Immortality.'
     'Tell me about the Ugly of Immortality.'
     'Tell me about the Beauty of Mortality.'
     'Tell me about the Ugly of Mortality.'

There's another little thing you might be interested in. People tend to fall down the tone scale in steps and they fall down these dichotomies into a locked condition in the same way.

A guy is born and has a good memory and records lots of fun times in it. So he's into the Beauty of Memory. Then one day he gets mad at his mother and kills her in a fit of rage, but then he regrets what he did and so he begins to regret the day he was born. His Memory begins to bother him with guilt and he wishes he could forget what he did. This is the Ugly of Memory.

After a couple of trips to the drug store or the local opium den he finds that his memory is gone and he has forgotten what he didn't want to remember. Eventually he doesn't even know he has forgotten something. His safe solution is 'Don't dwell on the past, what's gone is gone, better to leave it buried, time heals all wounds.' This makes him feel better, so he is into the Beauty of No Memory.

He will also be totally opposed to any form of Scientology Auditing.

A long time later he realizes he has fallen into a pit and can't remember a thing and he feels really bad about this. So this is the Ugly of No Memory. At this time he becomes a suitable candidate for Scientology Auditing if he has any money left from the opium dens.

You can run this with the following.

     'Tell me about the Beauty of Memory.'
     'Tell me about the Ugly of Memory.'
     'Tell me about the Beauty of No Memory.'
     'Tell me about the Ugly of No Memory.'

Just run them around in a circle as above totally muzzled.



On any of these questions, if your pc can't get any specific answers to them, use 'Get the idea of'. In other words instead of

     'What have you done to a Child as a Parent?'


     'Get the idea of doing something to a Child as a Parent.'

Your pc merely has to 'get the idea of' and say 'ok', and you give the command again. Often your pc will get the efforts involved, the overts, the withhold, the 'refuse to talk about it', and never get what it is he did. This is fine, its called effort processing and can release untold quantities of subterranean charge from the central core of your pc's bank.

Another minor point, the literal answer to a question like 'Have you done anything to a Child as a Parent?' is yes or no, but what you want is WHAT was done. Thus the correct question is 'WHAT have you done to a Child as a Parent.' But this assumes the pc HAS done such a thing which he may not have. The clumsy way to handle this, is to first ask him if he has done something, and if he says yes, then ask him what it is. But this is getting lost in rote form which can be a session killer and an ARC Break to your pc.

I am assuming you are auditing either yourself or a very well educated pc who can take full responsibility for the session and the auditor (who should be doing the same thing!). Thus as long as the pc understands what you are asking for and the intent of the question, it doesn't matter how you word it, and in fact you will find that often the wording should be changed to get the biggest bite out of it.

For example there are many ways to ask for a withhold. Not all of them will read, and not all of them will bite, even though the withhold is right there and begging to be pulled.

     'Do you have a withhold?'
     'What are you withholding?'
     'Are you withholding anything?'
     'Is there a withhold?'
     'Some withhold in present time?'
     'Have you ever withheld anything?'
     'What have you done?'
     'What are you doing?'
     'What don't you want others to know about?'
     'What do you still not know if they know?'
     'Is there some sort of withhold?'
     'Does this have something to do with withholds?'
     'What are you holding in?'
     'What are you holding back?'
     'What are you holding inside?'
     'What are you not talking about?'
     'Are you refusing to talk about something?'
     'Are you refusing to say something?'
     'Something not said?'
     'What are you not auditing?'
     'What is the hottest subject on your track?'
     'Is there something here that is refusing to read?'
     'Is there something here that is refusing to audit?'
     'Is there something here that is unauditable?'
     'Is there an unauditability?'
     'Something you are keeping inside?'
     'Something you are not talking about?'
     'Something you are not telling me?'
     'Something you are not telling me about being a girl?'  (for a boy)
     'Something you are not telling me about being a boy?'  (for a girl)
     'Something you are being secretive about?'
     'Something you would rather not say?'
     'Something you are refusing to talk about?'
     'Something you are refusing to say?'
     'Something you are not saying?'
     'Something you won't communicate about?'
     'Something you are not coughing up?'
     'Something you are clammed up about?'
     'Are you all clammed up?'
     'What question should I not ask you?'
     'What subject should I not bring up?'
     'What has disturbed you deeply?'
     'What overts of others has left you disturbed?'
     'What question could I use to ask for a withhold?'

That last one is a whole process in itself. You keep asking it and getting answers to it until you find the blow down question, and then you ask IT to find the withhold.

It's something the Church has very little to do with, auditing pc's on how they should be audited.

     'What subject are you not auditing?'
     'How could I audit you?'
     'What question should/could/might I ask you?'

You don't ask these just once and then do what the pc says, you run them like any process, sometimes for hours.

In the end he may grok 'Do you have a withhold?'. If not, use what ever form bites the easiest and deepest.

It can be frustrating to know there is material to find, and that you are asking the 'correct' question and still nothing is reading and nothing is coming up. It MAY be because you need to have the EXACT correct question for the pc, which can only be found by trying them all or letting the pc tell you what it is.

Don't worry about the grammar of the question, whole track thetan's care little for grammar. Adding in a word to make the grammar correct might totally destroy the questions ability to bite!

'Something you are clammed up about?' may work much better than 'Is there something you are clammed up about?' 'Something you are not saying?' may work wonders, where 'Are you not saying something' may fall flat on its face.

When you are auditing solo or assessing another on the meter, you should re-word questions until you find the form that reads the best and deepest. It will often be the shortest most blunt form with the fewest proper grammatical words to make your English teacher happy.

It may be different for every pc.

The Church's rote auditing patter falls short in this department, and is partly responsible for so many glaring upsets and withholds being missed. The auditor asks the question, the needle does not read, so it is declared clean, and the pc walks away grumbling and disappointed. This is often blamed on bad TR's or impingement, but more often than not it is just the wrong form of the question was asked.

Most pc's don't think they are paying $250 an hour to be queried about how they should be audited. This is a big mistake.

The entirety of Scientology is in implants on the early track, it is the record of how to get out. Thus you need to get the exact wording of the implants FOR THAT PC before your auditing will really bite. 'Do you have a missed withhold?' and 'Has a withhold been missed?' both ask the same thing, but one will read and the other will miss the withhold.

If you ask the wrong question the pc won't be able to find the material because he will be asking himself the same question you asked him and it won't bite. 'What do you still not know if they know?' will often dig up answers and missed withhold charge that other questions will bury.

Thus with any process that I post, I often post them in their most expanded and grammatically correct form so that complete understanding is transmitted. But when you go to run them you should find out the form that makes the most sense to your pc and creates the most fireworks in their case.

Often you will have to change the ORDER of the questions to get them to run right. For example, if you ask

     'What have you done to a child as a parent?'
     'What has a parent done to you as a child?'

which is the order that I usually post these things, your pc will often fall into the trap of giving an answer for the first question and then saying 'same thing' for the second question. This puts your pc on a dangerous automaticity that will prevent new answers and charge from running out.

Thus I provide you below another VERY POWERFUL set of questions in a more suitable order for getting charge off the case. I will leave it up to you to figure out the standard order, and spot and label which is the motivator, the overt, the ded and dedex.

Don't run the following processes unless you are prepared for the consequences and prepared to continue on through to a win. If you start this stuff on a lark, and get scared in the middle and don't complete it to a win, you will leave yourself or your pc in a miserable state far worse than he or you started off with.

Remember people have to go to work, they have kids to take care of, so don't go throwing them into the Devil's Lair unless you and they are totally prepared to finish the job.

I also presume you all know by now, that when running these 8 flows of forgetfulness, you need to run all 8, even if I post only the first 4 of them.

Also 'What you have done to a child' always means 'as a parent in a past life' and 'what you have done to a parent' always means 'as a child in this life', etc.

If you are a parent in this life and already have children, and you run what you have done to your children in this life only, the processes won't work, because what you are doing to your children now has nothing important to do with what your parents did to you as a child, which is what you are trying to resolve.

Children are the effect of their bad parents only to the degree that they were BAD CAUSE as a parent in a PREVIOUS life.

What you do to your child as a parent in this life, will set you up for a fall as a child in your next life.

You can BLAME your own bad parenting in this life on your upbringing as a child in this life, but that's just a DED looking for a justification.

Children have an excuse for dramatizing.

Parents don't.

If you try to run out what a parent is doing to his child by looking to what was done to him AS a child, it will never run out. Parents aren't dramatizing motivators, they are committing DEDS. You run out present life DEDS by getting them recognized, confessed and repented along with all of their justifications, and then taking them earlier similar to past life DEDS, and times the parent tried to blame his bad parenting on being mistreated as a child. That blame is just another DED.

The following questions are deceptively simple. Keep in mind the anger/regret cycle, and the No-Sympathy Sandwich, and everything you know about justification, restraint, refused apology and refused communication while running these.

     'What have you done to a Child on the subject of Mortality?'
     'What has a Child done to you on the subject of Mortality?'
     'What have you done to a Parent on the subject of Mortality?'
     'What has a Parent done to you on the subject of Mortality?'


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