The Technology Of Scientology And Dianetics

This will be most obviously the longest chapter in this book. I was asked by Fred Hare 15 years ago to write down the technology of Scientology and Dianetics and to rewrite all the books because Scientology is defined as not as a textbook science but as a consecutive set of research papers, tapes and bulletins.

To put it all down in a clear, concise order was an idea which L. Ron Hubbard, its supposed founder, had in 1965. He thought he could find a writer who wrote well, put him in a room for 6 - 7 months and that would be the end of that. So, I and another individual were approached with this particular task, which we were supposed to do for the love of mankind. I refused.

There are supposedly 25 million words of chat involved in this research line endeavour and how they come to those numbers is beyond my imagination.

I calculate it to be closer to 21 million words which I'll have to boil down here in this chapter. We will only be covering what is essential, need-to-know and must-know information in the technology.

There are separate chapters after this review of the technology covering the philosophy, the church, the owners of the church, the hidden secrets and the tragedy. The majority of the book is about to unfold here in these next 400 pages.

If you understand subjectively what I will state here in this chapter, get your own confusions and aberrations cleared up on the areas mentioned (in other words, get your own case, fixations or electrical energy run off yourself where you are no longer confused or swayed in these areas), then you can understand this information.

If you understand this information, you can apply it and help other people in a very lasting fashion. Although I have seen an almost unlimited quantity of lip service towards doing so, it seems that no one else can quite arrive with a complete understanding of this technology, whether it be Hubbard himself, or the tens of thousands of people which have studied this subject intensely.

I would suspect you could trace their inability to comprehend and apply this technology to their own unrun cases: their own aberrations and ignorance on the subject matter addressed.

It is ironic that it is their ignorance of areas outside of Scientology and Dianetics technology which throws them off of their studies into delusions.

I have attempted to cover all extraneous areas outside of the technology which might effect it in this one volume so that when exception occurs in the application of the technology, the individual will not be thrown off course, off guard or be overwhelmed by extraneous information. Extraneous information inevitably comes across ones path if one pursues the application of this particular conglomeration of wisdom.

An individual's ignorance is generally the result of living in a culture rampant with tremendous ignorance, thus people trying to study, learn and understand Scientology and Dianetics are alluded by two almost impossible factors. They are already ignorant and already aberrated. They aren't up to knowing that, much less suspecting it, much less perceiving it. In other words, people are ignorant and they are aberrated; that is, if given an opportunity of going from A to B, they will go to C instead.

One logical path out of this paradox is the multiple-pass approach on a subject matter clearing up the aberration and the ignorance as one goes. You just read the material over and over. As far as a complete and accurate assimilation of the technology, this path would not work until all this aberration is gone.

The bootstrap-limited approach (teaching people about Scientology and Dianetics prior to them having all of their aberration run off) has proven historically unworkable. Not only because people do the wrong things, but there is no way they will ever rise above being dumb and ignorant and prefer truth and sanity until their aberrations are gone. They would simply see no point in it. These particular ideas (in fact every idea in this book) can be subjected to objective tests and be found to be true.

The model way or the ideal way happens to be the only workable way. Someone had to have their case completed first before they could understand and apply the technology.

This oversimplification is only one in the issue of why no one can understand and apply the technology with any degree of consistency, accuracy and success. The other issue is, in spite of these determinates of why data can't be transmitted, knowing the materials objectively has no relationship to understanding. Once the information is known personally, it can be applied. Knowingness is a personal matter. Operating on another person's knowingness has very limited workability. It is only valuable to absorb, digest and work with other peoples knowingness in order to develop ones own. There is no record of all this information being assimilated and developed as a personal knowingness which the existence of the church or the study of the religion. These three determinates: (1) peoples affinity and unawareness for remaining aberrated, (2) their own unawareness of their high degree of ignorance, and (3) their complete lack of any personal knowingness -- add up to failure on not only the average student, but every student that has adventured on this particular road of truth.

99% of something is not a whole. Even if someone had attained 90% understanding, which some Public Relations Officer somewhere might promote as an idea, would be a complete asininity. There is no way anyone could have absorbed more than 10% because there are no records within the church of anyone ever running extremely high aberrations off a case.

There is a way of measuring electrical discharge of mental masses off of a person which is tone-arm divisions an hour. The best work ever done in the church within the organised religion, is about l0 - 15 divisions on the tone-arm in an hour. Any person who knows the technology or if any person were to know 99% of it, they could average over l00 and up to 500 divisions an hour.

What holds back accurate, decent application of the subject is the case state of the practitioner, not the person being consulted.

These precursory remarks about the technology had to be made in order to clear the record because out of the 21 - 25 million words which contain dozens of technologies, there is actually a single, decent, workable and perfect way to assist other individuals quite markedly at about l0 - l00 times the rate, more than anything ever mentioned or suspected within those 21 - 25 million words.

The probably reason for this particular variance is that this technology existed before this particular time on what is known as the past track in its pure form and only vague remembrances have been reconstructed through the very personal and very brilliant recollections of L. Ron Hubbard.

Unfortunately, the sloppiness and disorder and general casualness which surrounded this 30-year research line have completely obscured the salient factors of its application.

So, an abundance of research was done but as far as the applicable elements of that research being put in orderly fashion, Hubbard went the same route as Jesus: those that have ears to hear, can hear and those that have eyes to see can see. In doing so he fathered only one complete transmission.

Hubbard has remarked that he has released only 15% of what he knows and sees no point in releasing the rest of the information in that no one has caught onto the 15%. I seriously doubt that that is true. However, if there is validity to it, I can comprehend the wisdom of his limited disclosure. Within this text I have confined my remarks to a small percentage of what I am aware of as a courtesy. The degree of disclosure of vital information is too simple a variable to judge an individual by. The work which results from events which occur as a result of ones writings are a better judge. I am quite sure that there are some ignorant idiots out there that challenge my remarks. It is a sign of ignorance to judge instead of look and groups are full of people prejudiced against truth. In fact, groups are probably formed by mutual disagreement instead of mutual agreement and are held together by that disagreement.

Ending up in this unique position, may or may not have been my design. I found it quite unbelievable 20, 15 and 10 years ago. About 5 years ago dozens of people became aware of my unique position in knowing the technology. They not only brought it to my attention but to the attention of many others. When approached by people of station, I have generally explained that I am essentially doing my own thing, guided by my own conscience and immune from the positive and negative forces of traditional human society (power, position, influence and threat on bodily life).

I trust these preliminary remarks will provide an adequate background from which we can start to discuss the application of the scientific method towards the humanities, philosophies, religion, the occult, the nature of existence and many other areas which are the determinates in a person's past, present and future awareness level, intelligence, sanity, health, well-being, capability level and the individual's power relationship towards other life. We will address this fixed-quantum time continuum, the individual's stability, integrity and his ability to determine his own space, thoughts, position, non-position, certainty and his ability to co-operate (or not) with other freely-determining individuals through all man's awarenesses including those beyond perception; and lastly, the individual's integrity, decency, truth level, individuality, co-existence ability and ability to not be. Not be is a magical ability in a unrestricted, new, fresh, non-responsive, original and creative sense.

Much of what you will read will appear to be simply codified and synthesised common sense (which it is) which you may assume you already know. You may understand it, but I doubt that you know it. If you are not using it, you do not know it. What a man knows he uses. When a man understands, he simply understands and discards.

What people think, what people feel, and what people do are three different things. To the degree that those three things align, they are rational. To the degree that they are different, they are nuts. The order of importance is critical. You can only judge a man's bottom line by his actions, which are direct reflections of his deepest thoughts. Emotions are completely separate activities.

Thinking has nothing to do with thoughts. Thinking is 2 + 2 = 4, it is formulated, it is done within time, it is consequential, it is cause- effect, and it is computing. thought is just that, a pink elephant, a thought. It is not thinking.

However, some of you may insist much of this is codified common sense and 'I know that' and 'I use it', so congratulations to you for that. There will be information which is new. Take your time with it, play with it, test it and find out if it is true. I happen to know it's true, but that is my truth which does you no good. Only your truth does you good. This is not only my idea or L. Ron Hubbard's idea, or Buddha's idea, or Lao Tse's idea. It has been said often.

The whole subject of history or origins of information is an absurdity. Once an idea is known and stated to another, it is then everyone's and then people act on it. Much more is accomplish by writing this book than someone reading it. Someone reading it alone accomplishes more than however many other people read it. I believe it is called putting something in the physical universe, then everyone gets it and has it to draw upon. So, let us begin:

If one were to be very wise, then you should obtain and study on ones own, the Technical Dictionary of Scientology, Dianetics Today, the Tech Volumes (which are the Red Books of Scientology), The Book of Scales, 0- 8, 8:8008, 8-80, The Creation of Human Ability, The Fundamentals of Thought, The Phoenix Lectures, How To Choose Your People, Dianetics, and Science of Survival in that particular order. However, since that outside reading can only be suggested, I'll have to be clearing and explaining the words as I go.

From a technical viewpoint let us first define Scientology. It is a science of know to know answers, and also a science of life betterment, a science of understanding, a science of communication, an applied philosophy wherein a person discovers for himself that he can become aware over any problem and solve that problem himself.

One dictionary defined it as a system of organised axioms resolving problems of the spirit, life and thought developed through the application and methodology of the exact sciences to the humanities by L. Ron Hubbard, American engineer and philosopher.

A seventh definition might be the science which raises a person's ability to be aware and act.

An eighth definition is philosophy and technology which when applied correctly results in peace of mind, real security and attainment of some degree of final truth.

It is a history of the technology as Mr. Hubbard himself basically developed some philosophies about life and other developed philosophies about life which they freely gave to him. Anyway, it all came out under his name. People found this interesting and to some degree workable and they passed that fact along to other people. It grew and organisations were formed to unify and direct its growth.

Let us define the fellow, Hubbard, more succinctly. Although. it may seem a departure, I'd like to read or state what is listed in Who's Who In The South And Southwest, because the personal life of L. Ron Hubbard, fortunately or not, directly influenced what the technology was and is: born Tilden, Nebraska, March 13, 1911, H.R. & Ledora May Waterberry H., student Waverly Prep School 1929, Woodward Prep School 1930, B.S. in Civil Engineering, George Washington University 1934, student Princeton School of Government 1945, P.H.D. Sequoia University 1950, married Mary Sue Whipp, writer of aviation and travel articles 1930 -, writer of novels 1936 -, explorer 1934 -, commander of Caribbean Motion Picture Exhibition and West Indies Minerals Exhibition 1935, Alaska Radio Exhibition 1940, writer for 90 national magazines, Hollywood studios of radio, licensed commander glider pilot, master of motor vessels, master of sailing vessels (all class), radio operator, Mem. 16 3rd Infantry, Montana National Guard 1927 - 1928, 20th Marines, Marine Corps Reserves 1930 - 1931, served as Lt. USNR 1941 - 1946 commanding escort vessels and navigator in all theatres, Fellow Oceanographic Foundation, President Founding Church of Scientology, Washington, D.C., Clubs: Explorers (NYC), Capital Yacht. Author: Buckskin Brigade, Final Blackout, Rebellion, Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health, 20 other volumes on Dianetics and Scientology, also motion pictures, magazine fiction and two texts on psychology.

One of the premises on engaging upon the technology of Scientology is to acknowledge that there is adequate quantity of human misery to work on and resolve. There are a number of people who feel that everything is fine just the way it is and nothing really needs to be done about anything because it won't effect them personally. This is a rather short term, selfish viewpoint regardless of how prevalent it is.

The facts are that one-third of the world will be dead in 8 - 10 years from starvation; in the last 80 years l00 million people have been killed, that is, they did not die natural deaths; 60% of the South American population is illegitimate; at present, the U.S. has over 40,000 nuclear weapons and the exact figure is possibly twice that; France, England, China and a number of others have atomic weapons; the U.S. has made public to all nations the plans for constructing nuclear reactors for public power 15 years ago. Later it was released that the waste products from these reactors do make excellent bombs. There is no way to keep the bombs secret anymore, practically anyone can build a bomb. Estimates on defence expenditures total an incredible amount of money. A significant portion of the defence budget goes toward the development of gas and biological systems of war. The neutron, or enhanced radiation device, bomb is spreading throughout the world, Crime and divorce rates continue to rise; drug addiction has been rising at an unprecedented rate and is beginning to consume society. The population increase over the next 120 years is a sobering prospect. These are not pessimistic, random and undocumented statements. They are facts which can be verified.

Many more things could be said on the subject of human misery and social chaos which have been outlined by many other authors: Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, Julian Huxley, Erich Fromm, Robert Lidner, Philip Wylie, John Stormer, etc.

I simply want to make the point that it is an essential part of the Scientology technology to recognise that we are living in an age of relative chaos in which misery is multiplying in an exponential sense. Newspapers and magazines are completely saturated with it to such a degree that the public accepts it without comment. It has become an accepted thing. No one has, or very few people, seek to do much about these conditions.

The next underlying tenet, or element, or background idea that one must be aware of in addressing Scientology technology is civilisations in themselves destroy themselves. Despite all their great benefits, they are inadequate. Civilisations coincident with other civilisations struggle and destroy each other. They communicate at a bullet level in war. Our present civilisation, as it stands now, is declining towards more chaos, and has an economic system that is declining faster than society, and has an inadequate education system which promotes mechanical duplication and robotism instead of certainty and/or judgement. Present society is characterised by sciences that classify as their goal. Many of these sciences are non-heuristic, non-predictable and non-workable. Present society is also characterised by irresponsibility towards its fellows. There is a breakdown in the traditional values and value systems. There is a breakdown in natural values and natural value systems.

The public media, that is, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and movies continually promote the commodity of chaos and people continue to buy it. Look at the news-stands and you get an impression of where the world is headed. Whether this is actually true or not is another subject. People buy chaos, believe in chaos and as a result (to a degree) live in chaos. This broad survey is made on a relatively pessimistic note (which is also a superficial note because progress and decline are both rather illusionary upon intense inspection). However, the point is made that society is in general in a down-trend and if the individual is to survive as an individual ones chances are reduced markedly by remaining in the bandwagon of society, playing out societies roles and the bandwagon apparently has no steering wheel. Thus, the conclusion can be drawn that there is more chaos coming and becoming aware of chaos is a higher state than pretending that it isn't there.

One has to recognise that it is there in order to help order it. So, in other words, if there is a snake in the road and you see it, you will walk around it instead of stepping on it. Chaos is similar to that. Civilisation is declining toward more chaos, unprediction, and uncontrol with the majority of individuals tagging along in total agreement with this decline and if you are in agreement with it you will decline with it and you will become what it is becoming. I would suspect that people have been talking about Doomsday since time immemorial and they have been in most instances wrong. However, cursory inspection of the present ratio of wisdom to power in society can be disturbing. So, in order to survive above and beyond the group level of a savage civilisation degrading towards extinction, one would have to become more aware than one presently is, at least more aware than society is, learn more than society has learned, know more than society knows, and be able to act faster than society can.

Furthermore, in order to avoid becoming an effect of an inadequate civilisation, a person must be able to predict that civilisation, in other words, to be able to see when, and where and how it is falling apart, at least enough to get oneself out of it in good condition. One should take care of oneself, then perhaps after one has taken care of oneself, he can do something about others and for society in general.

It is also part of the technology that one should recognise that we can do something about ourselves and others, particularly if we gain more knowledge and ability than we presently have. One can do a lot for oneself and others by raising ones ability to know and act. So, to increase ones ability to survive, one needs to increase ones knowledge and his overall ability level.

Scientology technology is based on these particular set of assumptions and therefore Scientology technology is a science of gradients or levels through which a person can increase his knowledge and ability. By knowing more, one can predict more; by being able to predict more, one can either control or avoid others control. By doing so one can win and by winning one attains some degree of self-satisfaction, happiness or growth.

So, Scientology technology could be summarised as a ladder out of human misery and the inadequacies of civilisation to greater states of awareness and understanding which hopefully would result in health, happiness and immortality.

The technology properly applied is a way of getting up and walking without stumbling down the road to truth.

There is an element within an individual called a subconscious mind, a reactive mind, which works on a stimulus-response basis. Another person says "So and so is stupid", or "I don't like his personality", or "Bill can't be reasoned with", or "So and so has no good intentions", or "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", or "You can't reason with the Russians". You are talking about minds in each of those cases.

The study of the mind is a highly relevant and important matter. Perception, understanding, taste and ability to act are all monitored by, and usually limited by, the mechanics of the mind. If the mind is so important, so basic to everyone's existence and activity, the question arises why don't we know enough about the mind to control and improve it? The answer to that question is that we don't know because we assume that someone else does.

People have a tendency to act like governments when there is something that needs to be known, instead of finding out about it, they study it and form committees.

People have agreed that there is a specialised field that has been set to study the mind, hence the existence of classification science known as psychology and psychiatry. Psychology is actually a set of theories towards handling neuroses and psychiatry is a science of doing something with the severely mentally ill. This is a pretty presumptuous line of attack. assuming we don't need to know about the mind because someone else does, but this assumption is prevalent and this assumption doesn't help us unless we investigate their field. Psychology and psychiatry are classification sciences and thus their workability, depth, and penetration are somewhat limited for they do not produce uniform, quick or remarkable results. Doubling a person's ability, income, or IQ is just not a commonplace occurrence. The reason for this is that they don't have enough scientific understanding, data and knowledge about the mind.

If a person can heal a man, or if one can get one who is thoroughly mixed up and feeling like they are at the bottom of the well into aligning his confusion, straightening his whole life up, then, you know something about the mind. If you can't heal and can't straighten people out then you don't know what is happening in the mind. So, our not-knowing about the human mind doesn't help us, we suffer as individuals because we do not know and the classification sciences in the subject of the human mind offer little but explanations of why they can't help.

There is a dangerous misconception that knowing about the mind is a dangerous thing. The fact is exactly opposite. One of the most dangerous things a person can do is not know about the mind, to simply not learn anymore about it than he already does know. Everyone does know something about the mind because one deals with them every day no matter what you do. If you don't learn about the mind, if you don't know about it, you will become an effect of it, your own and other peoples. So, if your life or yourself is controlled by your mind because you don't know about it, at the very least you could be described as being in a pickle. Not knowing, not handling the human mind brings about the precarious state of a Pandora's box of ills: drugs, alcohol, psychosomatic illness, excessive medication, justification, rationalisation and abandonment of purposes, or all the above would result in people having a mental framework within which they can't get better or change anything. This mental framework is called a "case" or a "bank".

After years of continued living at the effect of the subconscious (reactive) mind and other peoples' subconscious (reactive) minds, one attains a state of "being reasonable" about everything, calling the mess that he is in "living". Such individuals think that aberration and problems are "normal", unsolvable and make excuses for insanity's. A person even ends up making excuses for himself. Such a man has totally failed at his own goals. Not-knowing about the mind and being an effect of the mind will cause your demise. You will even die because of it. That is such an acceptable fact that it isn't even shocking. People say, so what. Death is a step up for them, they mistakenly think. The idea even filtered into Christianity.

Failed goals and frustration may be accepted as "normal", as average by the majority, but to accept life in this way, to "adjust to it all" is ignorance and apathy. This sort of attitude is what has gotten us into the marvellous position which we are presently in to be able to wipe ourselves (4.3 billion people) out in 30 - 40 minutes. The creation of that particular mechanic is just a minor example of what comes from peoples' not needing to know about the mind. This what comes from the assumption that people that study things know something about them. Society and science have reach a state of inadequacy in knowing about the mind.

Believe it or not, there are actually people out there walking around that have the idea that the mind is a hunk of meat in the skull of a meat-body. These peoples' notions of improvement is cutting pieces of it up with knifes, destroying parts of bodies. This type of biological work, biological assumption, in other words, of sawing the mind up, resides as part of the human body, is a very unscientific and amazing premise. I'm not just pointing out critical remarks here. I'm trying to say something. What I'm saying is that because of generally accepted lies about the mind, each individual is subject to the probability of further degradation and misery. So, we might as well get into the subject and look at it.

The mind is somewhat covered in a book entitled Dianetics. What we would genereally call the reactive mind is not you, is not the person. A person is not a mind, a person has a mind. A person can look at a mind and looking requires some type of distance. You are you, a mind is a mind.They are two different things. By believeing that you are a mind, by being a mind, instead of looking at one, you can get yourself into a fantastic amount of confusion and difficulty. By recognizing the difference between you and your mind, by looking at instead of being a reactive mind, you can increase your intelligence and ability to a heretofore undescribed and fantastic state.

The mind can be classified into three parts. The first would be the analytical mind which is the person, the individual, you, the awareness of areness unit. It receives and retains experience data to compose and resolve problems and directs the organism along the ares of survival. It has differentiational abilities and can think in similarities. It solves problems not by facsimilies, for instance, mental image pictures in total, but by present time perception also.

The second part could be called the reactive mind. It is that portion of the mind which files and retains physical pain, painful emotion, counter-emotion, counter-effort and counter-thought and aesthetics. It seeks to direct the organism solely on a stimulus-repsonse basis by using the above type facsimile and/or other mental masses to survive with and to align data. It thinks only in identities; it has little to no differentiational ability.

The third part would be the somatic mind. It is that portion of the mind which, directed by the analytical mind or the reactive mind, places solutions into effect on the physical level within the body (heartbeat, metabolism, etc.).

To simplify, the first part is you and differentiates data easily, the analytical mind. The reactive mind is a stimulus-response mechanism that thinks only in identities, it can only associate. It has been called "the subconscious". This is the mind that reduces one's ability and makes one act irrationally. Number three is the somatic mind that regulates the body and motor functions.

In Scientology, one becomes less and less an effect of the confusions of the reactive mind by first, learning and understanding the composition of the reactive mind, second by learning how to handle his own reactive mind and the reactive minds of other people, third by disconnecting himself from it and temporarily moving himself away from it (releasing), and fourthly, by erasing the reactive mind totally (clearing). Doing this raises the awareness and ability of the individual to a state previously unattainable, a state difficult to describe or even imagine because of the immense quality of subjective personal freedom, perception enlightenment and happiness. The state of Free Being that poets and prophets glimpse is a very poor comparison. Scientology defines this state crudely as that of the state of Clear when one has been cleared of his previous misconceptions and no longer uses yesterday's answers to solve today's problems.

Theoretically, a person that was Clear would not miscompute.

A Release is a person who is temporarily Clear. This state is quite temporal. Most people hit this state of Release for a few seconds when they cognite, in other words, regain an awareness that they previously had. This happens at least once a week on people. On people that are in good shape, it is happening hourly. On Clears it is happening each second. Words such as inspiration, vision describe the clarity of awareness at this level of freedom.

To get a closer look at these states by doing the first step, let's get a good idea of what a reactive mind is made up of, how it operates and how it affects us.

So, let's review the definition. It is the part of the mind which files and retains physical pain and painful emotion. So, this thing files facsimiles (mental-image pictures containing all perceptics and considerations) of As incidents containing pain, physical, emotional and spiritual. All "traumatic" incidents are filed by the perceptions of the incident (sight, hearing, motion, whatever), phrases in the incident, and considerations about the incident.

Example: baby on a blue blanket is approached by a roach and bitten. Mother yells, "Oh God, a bug! a roach! See what happens when we live in this cheap place!"
This incident is filed in the reactive mind of the child. The child's emotion during the incident is fear, he wanted to communicate "Help! me somebody!", the date was 1950, August 10th for the incident.

So, the incident is filed:

By time: August l0, 1950
By emotion: Fear
By consideration: "Help! me somebody!"
By visio: Blue blanket, roach, the room, mother
By phrase: "Oh God!", "a bug!", "a roach", "See what happens", "We live", "When we live", and "This cheap place".

All incidents that are filed by the reactive mind are retained. The physical pain and painful emotion is retained in the reactive mind by the use of facsimiles, that is, mental image pictures. Examination and activation of the August 10, 1950 facsimile ten years later will make the young man feel exactly the same emotional and physical pain. The reactive mind is made up of facsimiles containing pain and counter-emotion, counter effort, and counter-thought. Counter-emotion could be defined as any emotion that the individual has not yet taken responsibility for or for which he has given up responsibility. Counter-effort is any force for which the individual has not yet taken responsibility for or for which he has given up responsibility. Counter-thought is any thought for which the individual has not taken responsibility for or for which he has given up responsibility. This means that anything that occurs to an individual for which he does not take responsibility for, that is , he does not exercise his ability to be cause and confront it, in the form of the emotion, effort or thought is filed and retained by the reactive mind.

"It seeks to direct the organism on a stimulus-response basis..." When something in the present-time environment approximates an incident of pain in the past, the exact solutions, emotions and considerations in the past incident will be forced on the individual for him to execute in present- time. Traumatic incident "A" is solved by solution "B". From then on difficulties similar to incident "A" will cause the reactive mind to dictate to the person that "B" is the answer to the problem.

(1) The degree of similarity of the two incidents, (2) the amount of pain in the original incident "A", and (3) the strength of the individual in present-time will determine the amount of effect this phenomenon has on the person's behaviour in the present situation. This bringing up of old solutions and emotions to current situations by the reactive mind is called restimulation. It may be so mild that you do not notice it and simply smile and continue watching the movie or so powerful that you become permanently stuck in one incident. We call people in such a state psychotics.

"By using the above type facsimiles to survive with and to align data." The reactive mind works solely on a stimulus-response basis by using these mental-image pictures of past incidents of pain and irresponsibility for the purpose of increasing its survival and aligning data in confusions.

"It thinks only in identities." Everything is equal in the reactive mind. It actually doesn't even "think", it only identifies and associates; it doesn't decide, it only re-acts.

"It has ... no differentiational ability." It can't see differences. It can't discriminate. It can't separate. -Woman in the reactive mind can be restimulated by any woman in life. -See in the reactive mind can be restimulated by the ocean. An incident with a girl friend may be restimulated by a sergeant's phrase. It has no differentiational ability.

The Axioms: The Axioms of Scientology are definite, precise axioms which Life follows in the material universe. There are very close to an absolute, "practically absolute". The first two axioms are very close to an absolute, the remaining 56 axioms are those which apply to Life as it exists in this physical universe. So, the Axioms of Scientology are the rules of life that we all live by, that all life plays by. Not only are they self evident, they are all, each and every one, scientifically provable.

The first one states that Life is basically a static. A Life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive. This is a definition of what something isn't doing, isn't being and isn't having. Second: The Static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions - second axiom. Third axiom: Space, energy, objects, form and time are the results of considerations made and/or agreed upon or not by the static and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

Axiom 4 - Space is a viewpoint of dimension.
Axiom 5 - Energy consists of postulated particles in space.
Axiom 6 - Objects consist of grouped particles and solids.
Axiom 7 - Time is basically a postulate that space and particles will persist.
Axiom 8 - The apparency of time is the change of position of particles in space.
Axiom 9 - Change is the primary manifestation of time.
Axiom 10- The highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an effect.
Axiom 11- The considerations resulting in conditions of existence are four-fold.
(a) AS-IS-NESS is the condition of immediate creation without persistence, and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of creation and the moment of destruction, and is different from other considerations in that it does not contain survival.
(b) ALTER-IS-NESS is the consideration which introduces change and therefore, time and
(b) ALTER-IS-NESS is the consideration which introduces change and therefore, time and persistence into an AS-IS NESS to obtain persistency.
(c) IS-NESS is an apparency of existence brought about by the continuous alteration of an AS-IS-NESS. This is called, when agreed upon, Reality.
(d) NOT-IS-NESS is the effort to handle IS-NESS by reducing its condition through the use of force. It is an apparency and cannot entirely vanquish an IS-NESS.
Axiom 12- The primary condition of any universe is that two spaces, energies or objects must not occupy the same space, when this condition is violated, a perfect duplicate, the apparency of any universe or any part thereof is nulled.
Axiom 13- The cycle of action of the physical universe IS; create, survive (persist), destroy.
Axiom 14- Survival is accomplished by ALTER-IS-NESS and NOT-IS - NESS, by which is gained the persistency known as time.
Axiom 15- Creation is accomplished by the postulation of an AS-IS NESS.
Axiom 16- Complete destruction is accomplished by the postulation of the AS-IS-NESS of any existence and the parts thereof.
Axiom 17- The static, having postulated AS-IS-NESS, then practices ALTER- IS-NESS, and so achieves the apparency of IS-NESS and so obtains Reality.
Axiom 18- The static, in practising NOT-IS-NESS, brings about the persistence of unwanted existence's, and so brings about unreality, which includes forgetfulness, unconsciousness and other undesirable states.
Axiom 19- Bringing the static to view, AS-IS, any condition devaluates that condition.
Axiom 20- Bringing the static to create a perfect duplicate causes the vanishment of any existence or part thereof. A perfect duplicate is an additional creation of the object, its energy and space, in its own space, in its own time, using its own energy. This violates the condition that two objects must not occupy the same space, and causes a vanishment of the object.
Axiom 21- Understanding is composed of affinity, reality and communication. (Abbreviated ARC.)
Axiom 22- The practice of NOT-IS-NESS reduces understanding.
Axiom 23- The static has the capability of total knowingness. Total knowingness would consist of total ARC.
Axiom 24- Total ARC would bring about the vanishment of all mechanical conditions of existence.
Axiom 25- Affinity is a scale of attitudes which falls away from the co existence of static, through the interposition's of distance and energy, to create identity, down to close proximity but mystery. By practice of IS-NESS (Beingness) and NOT-IS NESS (refusal to Be) individuation progresses from the Knowingness of complete identification down through the introduction of more and more distance and less and less duplication, through Lookingness, Emotingness, Effortingness, Thinkingness, Symbolizingness, Eatingness, Sexingness and so through to Not-Knowingness (Mystery). Until the point of Mystery is reached, some communication is possible, but even at Mystery an attempt to communicate continues. Here we have, in the case of an individual, a gradual falling away from the belief that one can assume a complete Affinity down to the conviction that all is a complete Mystery. Any individual is somewhere on this Know to-Mystery scale. The original Chart of Human Evaluation was the Emotion section of this scale.
Axiom 26- Reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence.
Axiom 27- An actuality can exist for one individually, but when it is agree with by others, it can then be said to be a Reality. The anatomy of Reality is contained in IS-NESS, which is composed of AS-IS- NESS and ALTER-IS-NESS. IS-NESS is an apparency, it is not an Actuality. The Actuality is AS-IS NESS altered so as to obtain a persistency. Unreality is the consequence and apparency of the practice of NOT-IS-NESS.
Axiom 28- Communication is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source- point across a distance to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt- point a duplication of that which emanated from the source- point. The formula of Communication is: Cause, Distance, Effect, with Attention and Duplication. The component parts of Communication are Consideration, Intention, Attention, Cause, Source-point, Distance, Effect, Receipt-point, Duplication, the Velocity of the impulse or particle, Nothingness or Somethingness. A non communication consists of Barriers. Barriers consist of Space, Interposition's (such as walls and screens of fast- moving particles), and Time. A communication, by definition, does not need to be two-way. When a communication is returned, the formula is repeated, with the receipt-point now becoming a source-point and the former source- point now becoming a receipt-point.
Axiom 29- In order to cause an AS-IS-NESS to persist, one must assign other authorship to the creation than his own. Otherwise his view of it would cause its vanishment. Any space, energy, form, object, individual or physical universe condition can exist only when an alteration has occurred of the original AS IS-NESS so as to prevent a casual view from vanishing it. In other words, anything which is persisting must contain a -lie so that the original consideration is not completely duplicated.
Axiom 30- The general rule of auditing is that anything which is unwanted and yet persists must be thoroughly viewed, at which time it will vanish. If only partially viewed, its intensity, at least will decrease.
Axiom 31- Goodness and Badness, Beautifulness and Ugliness, are alike considerations and have no other basis than opinion.
Axiom 32- Anything which is not directly observed tends to persist.
Axiom 33- Any AS-IS-NESS which is altered by NOT-IS-NESS (by force) tends to persist.
Axiom 34- Any IS-NESS, when altered by force, tends to persist.
Axiom 35- The ultimate truth is a static. A static has no mass, meaning, mobility, no wave-length, no time, no location in space, no space. This has the technical name of "Basic Truth".
Axiom 36- A lie is a second postulate, statement or condition designed to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain. Neither truth nor a lie is a motion or alteration of a particle from one position to another. A lie is a statement that a particle having moved did not move, or a statement that a particle, not having moved, did move. The basic lie is that a consideration which was made was not made or that it was different.
Axiom 37- When a primary consideration is altered but still exists, persistence is achieved for the altering consideration. All persistence depends on the Basic Truth, but the persistence is of the altering consideration, for the Basic Truth has neither persistence nor impersistence.
Axiom 38- 1. Stupidity is the unknowness of consideration.
2. Mechanical Definition: Stupidity is unknowness of time, place, form and event.
1. Truth is the exact consideration.
2. Truth is the exact time, place, form and event. Thus, we see that failure to discover Truth brings about stupidity. Thus, we see that the discovery of Truth would bring about an AS-IS-NESS by actual experiment. Thus, we see that an ultimate truth would have no time, place, form or event. Thus, then, we perceive that we can achieve a persistence only when we mask a truth. Lying is an alteration on time, place, form or event. Lying becomes ALER-IS-NESS, becomes Stupidity. (The blackness of cases is an accumulation of the case's own or another's lies.) Anything which persists must avoid AS-IS NESS. Thus, anything, to persist, must contain a lie.
Axiom 39- Life poses problems for its own solution.
Axiom 40- Any problem, to be a problem, must contain a lie, if it were truth, it would unmock.
An "unsolvable problem" would have the greatest persistence. It would also contain the greatest number of altered facts. To make a problem, one must introduce ALTER-IS-NESS.
Axiom 41- That into which ALTER-IS-NESS is introduced becomes a problem.
Axiom 42- MEST (matter, energy, space, time) persists because it is a problem.
It is a problem because it contains ALTER-IS-NESS.
Axiom 43- Time is the primary source of untruth.
Time states the untruth of consecutive considerations.
Axiom 44- Theta ( the static) has no location in matter, energy, space or time. It is capable of consideration.
Axiom 45- Theta can consider itself to be placed, at which moment it becomes placed, and to that degree a problem.
Axiom 46- Theta can become a problem by its considerations, but then becomes MEST. A problem is to some degree MEST. MEST is a problem.
Axiom 47- Theta can resolve problems.
Axiom 48- Life is a game wherein theta as the static solves the problems of theta as MEST.
Axiom 49- To solve any problem it is only necessary to become theta, the solver, rather than theta, the problem.
Axiom 50- Theta as MEST must contain considerations which are lies.
Axiom 51- Postulates and live communication not being MEST and being senior to MEST can accomplish change in MEST without bringing about a persistence of MEST. Thus, auditing can occur.
Axiom 52- MEST persists and solidifies to the degree that it is not granted life.
Axiom 53- A stable datum is necessary to the alignment of data.
Axiom 54- A tolerance of confusion and an agreed-upon stable datum on which to align the data in a confusion are at once necessary for a sane reaction on the eight dynamics. This defines sanity.
Axiom 55- The cycle of action is a consideration. Create, survive, destroy, the cycle of action accepted by the G.E. (the genetic entity) is only a consideration which can be changed by the thetan making a new consideration or different action cycles.
Axiom 56- Theta brings order to chaos.
Corollary: Chaos brings disorder to theta.
Axiom 57- Order manifests when communication, control and havingness are available to theta.
Communication: the interchange of ideas across space.
Control: positive postulating, which is intention, and the execution thereof.
Havingness: that which permits the experience of mass and pressure.
Axiom 58- Intelligence and judgement are measured by the ability to evaluate relative importance's.
Corollary: the ability to evaluate importance's and unimportance's is the highest faculty of logic.
Corollary: identification is a monotone assignment of importance.
Corollary: identification is the inability to evaluate differences in time, location, form, composition or importance.

The majority of these axioms are correct. It is good to know them; they are a crucial part of the technology. The majority of the Logic's and Pre Logic's are incorrect.

Although I will be coming back to the Axioms later, correcting them, it is good to go ahead and learn them as they are. They certainly provide ample opportunity for a lot of thought.

The next thing we should take up are the Factors. The Factors are a descriptive statement of the creation of the physical universe and the creation and existence of individual universes. In some instances, they conflict with the Axioms, but the majority of them are true.

The Factors are:

1. Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.
2. In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.
3. The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint
4. The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points.
5. Thus, there is space created, for the definition of space is: viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is space and a point to view.
6. The action of a dimension point is reaching and with-drawing.
7. And from the viewpoint to the dimension points there are connection and interchange. Thus, new dimension points are made. Thus, there is communication.
8. And thus, there is light.
9. And thus, there is energy.
10. And thus, there is life.
11. But there are other viewpoints and these viewpoints out-thrust points to view. And there comes about an interchange amongst viewpoints; but the interchange is never otherwise than in terms of exchanging dimension points.
12. The dimension point can be moved by the viewpoint, for the viewpoint, in addition to creative ability and consideration, possesses volition and potential independence of action; and the viewpoint, viewing dimension points, can change in relation to its own or other dimension points or viewpoints. Thus, comes about all the fundamentals there are to motion.
13. The dimension points are each and every one, whether large or small, solid. And they are solid solely because the viewpoints say they are solid.
14. Many dimension points combine into larger gases, fluids or solids. Thus, there is matter. But the most valued point is admiration, and admiration is so strong its absence alone permits persistence.
15. The dimension point can be different from other dimension points and thus can possess an individual quality. And many dimension points can possess a similar quality, and others can possess a similar quality unto themselves. Thus, comes about the quality of classes of matter.
16. The viewpoint can combine dimension points into forms and the forms can be simple or complex and can be at different distances from the viewpoints and so there can be combinations of form. And the forms are capable of motion and the viewpoints are capable of motion and so there can be motion of form.
17. And the opinion of the viewpoint regulates the consideration of the forms, their stillness or their motion, and these considerations consist of assignment of beauty or ugliness to the forms and these considerations alone are art.
18. It is the opinion of the viewpoints that some of these forms should endure. Thus, there is survival.
19. And the viewpoint can never perish; but the form can perish.
20. And the many viewpoints, interacting, become dependent upon one another's forms and do not choose to distinguish completely the ownership of dimension points and so comes about a dependency upon the dimension points and upon the other viewpoints.
21. From this comes a consistency of viewpoint of the inter-action of dimension points and this, regulated, is TIME.
22. And there are universes.
23. The universes, then, are three in number: the universe created by one viewpoint, the universe created by every other viewpoint, the universe created by the mutual action of viewpoints which is agreed to be upheld - the physical universe.
24. And the viewpoints are never seen. And the viewpoints consider more and more that the dimension points are valuable, And the viewpoints try to become the anchor points and forget that they can create more points and space and forms. Thus, comes about scarcity. And the dimension points can perish and so the viewpoints assume that they, too, can perish.
25. Thus, comes about death.
26. The manifestation of pleasure and pain, of thought, emotion and effort, of thinking, of sensation, of affinity, reality, communication, of behaviour and being are thus derived and the riddles of our universe are apparently contained and answered herein.
27. There is beingness, but Man believes there is only becomingness.
28. The resolution of any problem posed hereby is the establishment of viewpoints and dimension points, the betterment of condition and concourse amongst dimension points, and, thereby, viewpoints, and the remedy of abundance of scarcity in all things, pleasant or ugly, by the rehabilitation of the ability of the viewpoint to assume points to view and create and uncreate, neglect, start, change and stop dimension points of any kind at the determinism of the viewpoint. Certainty in all three universes must be regained, for certainty, not data, is knowledge.
29. In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any thing is better than no thing, any effect is better than no effect, any universe better than no universe, any particle better than no particle, but the particle of admiration is best of all.
30. And above these things there might be speculation only. And below these things there is the playing of the game. But these things which are written here Man can experience and know. And some may care to teach these things and some may desire to employ them to make individuals and organisations more able and so give to Earth a culture of which we can be proud.

There are a number of errors throughout the particular Factors I will take up at another time, but likewise with the Axioms, it is good that this information be understood. It is inherently a part of applying the technology of Scientology. If you have great difficulty with #29 and #30, you don't have to push yourself over the edge because they are both quite ludicrous and highly incorrect.

Next, I'd like to take up the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart of Levels of Scientology. There is a minus scale that a number of people are on. As far as what is published, it goes down to -34 levels. There are 13 lower ones. So, we will take it from the bottom.

Levels of Awareness

-48 Awareness of religion
-47 Awareness of evil
-46 Awareness of survival
-45 Awareness of money
-44 Awareness of groups
-43 Awareness of things
-42 Awareness of people
-41 Awareness of ideas
-40 Awareness of self
-39 Awareness of love
-38 Awareness of fortune
-37 Awareness of luck
-36 Awareness of fate or destiny
-35 Awareness of chance

Those were not published or/and perhaps not known, though I doubt it, by Scientologists. I might add that reason- for them not publishing them: There is a remark made on a tape that there are probably a dozen lower levels, and (probably the reason is obvious)that these were not published was because they are certainly not going to flatter people to indicate that these awarenesses which the majority of people are walking around in, are junior to most things that people consider bad. People have these things backward, which makes these lower awarenesses look like North when actually they are very South. This is a problem caused by harmonics, where something gets dense and then lighter, dense and then lighter, a person's general direction can get confused and therefore, these bottom awareness levels, people seek them as the greatest thing going and they actually think that that is what is going on and it isn't. -34 is Unexistence. A person would have to be aware of not even existing at all to fall into those lower awarenesses.- They would have to be aware of other non existence. This is supposedly a very low state according to Scientologists, however, it is a very high state for most individuals. Anyway, let us continue with the minus awareness scale:

-34 Unexistence
-19 Detachment
-33 Disconnection
-18 Oblivion
-32 Uncausing
-17 Catatonia
-31 Criminality
-16 Shock
-30 Disassociation
-15 Hysteria
-29 Dispersal
-14 Delusion
-28 Erosion
-13 Inactuality
-27 Fixidity
-12 Disaster
-26 Glee
-11 Introversion
-25 Elation
-10 Numbness
-24 Masochism
- 9 Suffering
-23 Sadism
- 8 Despair
-22 Hallucination
- 7 Ruin
-21 Secrecy
- 6 Effect
-20 Duality
- 5 Fear of Worsening

We have now covered the minus awareness levels and that is where 96% of humanity is. On only 4% of humanity will we find in the remaining higher states of awareness. People can be talked with back and forth and moved up and down this scale, you can also erase engrams off of people and move them up these scales. An engram is a mental image picture of a previous moment of pain and unconsciousness. I will be describing and defining each of these lower minus awareness scales later in this book with each of them having the unusual ingredient of being able to define each one in terms of power, in other words, power and awareness are synonymous in the English language. All wisdom has been very cleverly cluttered into language itself so that the wisdom would not be lost within the cross definition of words. Proceeding up the scale:

- 4 Need of Change

In a recent survey (1980), Forbes magazine found that 3 of the people in American want change. 97% don't.

- 3 Demand for Improvement 
- 2 Hope

I must pause here to remark that this has to be the most prevalently marketed and clever traps around. Hope is a substitute for knowing anything, or understanding anything. There are a lot of people just hoping. One should understand as far as an overall category of awareness that that is what I'm talking about when I say 96% of the people are on the minus scale. A person can be higher or lower than their overall condition or position on various subjects, like a person could be in hope on the economy and yet his overall viewpoint on life would be elation. This would be your happy individual. So, just because you see a lot of hope going on certain selected areas doesn't mean that a person is aware of hope.

- 1 Help

And that completes what I would call the Human Range. On these lower four levels of awareness you can apply Scientology immediately. If they are lower than - 4 Need of Change, you can bring a person up to that occasionally with group processing in Scientology. If Need of Change, you start by repairing a persons life using what is known as a Prep Check. It is a list of buttons (questions) which you clean off (get all answers to) and this cleans off a person's upsets by restoring cyclic communication, cyclic affinity, cyclic reality and cyclic understanding. These cycles have broken down and the vitality of an individual has not been restored after a loss or an upset. In doing a Life Repair you fix all these up and a person can attain the state of Demand for Improvement. Through Recall Processes you can restore Hope, through the use of Dianetics you can bring a person up to being aware of Help and that would complete your Dianetic range.

On Grade 0, Communication Release, the awareness level of Recognition is attained.

On Grade I, after the problems of an individual, not only the ones he is aware of, but the ones he isn't aware of, have all been eradicated, he is aware of communication and perception.

After a person's mishaps at being cause or effect are clarified on Grade II, then a person attains the state of Orientation, Understanding and Enlightenment.

On Grade III, where you are cleaning up major upsets on changes and the subject of change itself, a person becomes aware of Energy, Adjustment, their body, space, their connection with the physical universe.

The awareness levels of Prediction, Activity and Production are clarified on Grade IV where Service Facsimiles (which are people's attempts to make other people wrong and whatever type fixed habit patterns they have there) are eradicated.

The next levels of awareness are Result, Correction and Ability. These are obtainable through the use of Expanded Dianetics which is specialised processing where the evil impulses of an individual are erased.

The next levels of awareness are Purposes, Clearing and Realisation which are attained on Power Processing.

Awareness of Conditions is the next one which occurs. That can occur on Power Plus or before, also known as VA.

Through the use of Grade VI on which auditing of timeless, installed habit patterns and urges within the individual are addressed, a person becomes aware of their whole track, that is, their personal recordings of their experiences through time, all of it. That may or may not bring about the 20th level of awareness which is Existence. If it doesn't, the Clearing Course will. Normally the correct Clearing Course erases the fundamental core of the Reactive Mind, which is certainly not pictures. It floats timeless for the being.

The published materials which are supposedly confidential of the Church of Scientology in this area are incorrect and are unfortunately just an average of what 42 people found on a research project from September 3rd, 1965 through February 2nd, 1966. Hubbard asserted that he was already Clear and he didn't go through this particular type of programming, when he actually did. Those people all came up with different material, I personally made four different suggestions at the time which were verified by the people researching the Clearing Course. I just finally gave up contributing to the research because the materials appeared to be in such poor order. None of the 42 had decent recall or scientific research data that they were working out of. I suppose the final sentence in this matter is that the earlier beginning to the materials only exists in Hubbard's personal private safe. So, anyway, if the correct materials were ever issued and published properly, they would produce a State of Existence for one as an operating being.

No one has ever tried that within the Church. Of course, I have tried it dozens of times on dozens of people. It works quite well. If you issue the proper materials, people attain the proper state.

Anyway, a person becomes aware of Existence after that and goes on and does what is known as OT I which brings a person back into communication with the environment. They become aware of themselves as a source-point as an individual, not so much a point, but more an origin of life and themselves.

On OT II one attains the ability to confront the whole track, likewise these materials are incorrect as published by the Church. The proper materials not only produce the ability to confront the whole track but also the ability to perceive the entire whole track. So, OT II properly done, a person produces immaculate recall and perception.

If the 21st level of awareness of Source isn't evident at that point then it will come in at OT III where there is a return of full self-determinism and freedom from overwhelm. As in the Clearing Course and OT II, on OT III the earlier beginning to this particular set of materials, the later ending and the dates are incorrect. However, the majority of it as published by the Church is correct.

OT IV doesn't produce any different awareness other than certainty of self as a being which is a higher awareness state.

OT V creates a refamiliarity of a thetan distinctly separate from the physical universe.

OT VI extends a person's ability to move out of their body and travel freely with some degree of perception throughout the physical universe and it extends their ability to influence other individuals and the universe of other individuals and extends their ability to cause effects in the physical universe.

On OT VII a person becomes aware of Power, that's an awareness level, and of freedom. It rehabilitates a person's ability to project intention.

At OT VIII Freedom is the awareness level, here a person's ability to be cause knowingly over thought, life, form, matter, energy, space and time on a subjective and objective, also other people's subjective, basis is what is achieved there. The Church doesn't sell OT VIII or market it. There is little to no research or paperwork, even in the files of L. Ron Hubbard on this level. The freedom from the inability to be totally free and at total cause as a being gets handled on this level.

This particular set of materials has been worked out, tested, and proved. It is no part of the existing Church but I suppose the whole subject of Scientology, is no part of the Church.

The two (Scientology and the Church) are not only incompatible but are at very cross purposes with each other, to say the least.

So, that is overall the awareness characteristics, the levels on what is known as the Grade Chart of Scientology.

The next thing I'd like to take up is a broad subject called understanding. I'm covering a lot of philosophy while explaining the technology of Scientology and I have to do that because there is a fundamental amount of philosophy involved with this technology. One needs to know it or one cannot apply the technology. There is a separate, short chapter in this book on philosophy.

People are as happy and successful as they are able to communicate and understand. People seek understanding, nations seek understanding. People seek understanding, nations seek understanding. Understanding is the process and action and goal which life is engaged upon and striving towards. Understanding something well, means that you can predict it, and being able to predict it, you can control it, and being able to control it, you can either reduce or increase its effect on you, as you so desire. Thus, the more understanding you have, the more predictable your life will be, the more free you will be to live and win.

Problems are made up of confusions, unprediction and unawareness. Understanding reduces confusion, increases prediction and awareness. By understanding a person has fewer problems and a better life, by increasing ones understanding one should have a proportional reduction of problems and a proportional increase in living, or livingness, if you will.

If you understand everything about a problem it is not a problem. Every problem contains elements that are not understood. Any problem can be solved by locating and understanding these elements which were not previously understood.

The Reactive Mind lowers ones ability to live because it lowers ones understanding.

Understanding is made up of three things: Affinity, Reality and Communication.

Affinity is a consideration of distance. High affinity is closeness; low affinity is greater distance. "Love" could be described as high affinity; "hate" is the desire for less affinity. Affinity is a gradient (relative) quantity. The greatest affinity would be beingness where there would be no distance between the two terminals. The introduction of more and more distance would decrease affinity more and more. So, two dots close together (._.) would be high affinity; two dots farther apart (._____.) would be lower affinity. So, the closer you are, to whatever you want to understand, whether it be a person, problem or thing, the greater your understanding will be. This is covered with much more precision in Axiom 25. The closer you are, the more willing you are to be near to something, then the greater your understanding will be; conversely, the farther you are from it, the less you will understand it. People are quite aware of the affinity that others extend towards them.

Reality: People have been going off the deep end about this for thousands of years by rigidly trying to find out about everything. I'd like to just treat it in a light way, at this time. Reality is basically agreement. If you can agree with that which you seek to understand, then your understanding will increase. It might worth noting here that all a case is is disagreements, in other words, all a Reactive Mind is, is a person's disagreements.

This third part is Communication. Communication is the consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source point across a distance to a receipt point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt point a duplication of that which emanated from the source point. This is covered in greater detail in Axiom 28. That is the mechanical communication formula. Communication can exist senior to mechanics and certainly does. In life, communication has been described as a universal solvent. The most effective communication is that communication which is best duplicated.

These three components of understanding are abbreviated:

Affinity, Reality, Communication = ARC

Some people use the same amount of ARC for everything that they encounter in life. This is very ineffective. One should be able to change the amount and type of ARC that he uses to communicate with different people and things. Communicating with ones wife, boss, President or neighbour with the same amount of ARC is disastrously ineffective. One should be able to vary the amount of ARC one uses in each individual life situation in order to best understand that situation.

When there is a sudden drop in ARC, known as an ARC Break, it can be remedied by putting A and R back in. Increasing two of these components brings back up the third. Example: there is an argument and a sudden drop in ARC. This can be patched up by talking (communicating) about an agreeable subject (the weather, movies) with an expression of a little affinity. Of the three, communication is the most important, in that, it is the doingness, the activity part.

A person is to some degree in Affinity, Reality and Communication with his body, his mind, the physical universe, himself and other beings.

What is a man? A man is composed of three parts: a body, a mind and a soul. The body is a carbon-oxygen machine which the person uses to communicate and perceive from and with.

The mind is a physical thing located in matter, energy, space and time which contains electrical masses of energy and significance's.

The soul is the person, the individual, that which decides, is aware, perceives and feels. A person doesn't have a soul, he is the soul, People who say that they "have a soul", or refer to "their soul" should generally be asked, "ho are you?"

The 8 Dynamics: The goal of all life is survival and the individual is to some degree surviving in all the areas of existence. The areas in which each individual is seeking to survive, to some degree, are known as the Dynamics, which are defined as urges towards which one is striving.

1. Self 
2. Sex, family 
3. Groups 
4. Mankind 
5. All life forms 
6. The physical universe 
7. Thought 
8. God, Infinity, Supreme Being

Other dynamics are listed in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary and then there are upper dynamics that are far senior to anything listed here, they will be covered later in this book.

Everyone is to some degree surviving on all of these 8 dynamics. A person's condition can be measured by the number of dynamics he is surviving on. A person who can be cause over and handle the 1st dynamic, can move on to the second and be successful at it, and can then, one by one, go up to #8.

If one does not follow this ladder of expanding spheres of causation, one will have a much more difficult time of it and will probably fail. By skipping the first two dynamics and attempting to be cause over the third dynamic Communism has doomed itself to failure. Yogis, mystics and various Eastern religions by skipping the first six dynamics and trying to survive only on the 7th dynamic are on the whole quite unsuccessful. The better solution to any problem is that which will offer the most survival to the greatest number of dynamics. The best solution would offer infinite survival for all dynamics.

Severe failures on a dynamic lead to an inversion:

1. Failures on the 1st lead to extreme attention on the 8th. (The individual lives of religious fanatics are poor.)
2. Failures on the 2nd lead to extreme attention on the 7th. (Examine the sexual and family lives of artists and mystics.)
3. Failures on the 3rd lead to extreme attention on the 6th. (This is the one America is on. It wants lots of physical things - cars and so forth because of its inability to handle groups. Not only other countries, but also groups within the U.S. and U.S. itself as a group. So, all their attention goes on matter, energy, space and time, money. Note their inability to operate in a co-operative fashion.)
4. Failures on the 4th lead to extreme attention on the 5th. (Ask any extreme pet lover how they really feel about mankind and make sure when you do that you have a door close by, possibly a trash can, you may be needing both.)

Now, I would like to take up the Tone Scale. This is covered in great detail in 300,000 words in a book entitled Science of Survival by Mr. Hubbard.

The emotional Tone Scale, starting from the top, in the human range is:

4.0 Enthusiasm
3.0 Conservatism
2.5 Boredom
2.0 Antagonism

You could draw a line under these and in these ranges a person is more responsible, cause, winning, perceptive, happy and analytical. Now, under this line a person is irresponsible, effect, losing and reactive. The way that scale looks is:

1.8 Pain 
1.5 Anger 
1.1 Covert Hostility 
1.0 Fear 
 .9 Sympathy 
 .5 Grief 
.05 Apathy 
0.0 Death 

Emotions above 2.0 on the Tone Scale tend to increase and go up tone toward greater survival; those emotions below 2.0 tend to go down tone towards succumbing. Those above 2.0 are creative and further Life; those below are destructive and tend toward Death. So, they are both exponential in nature, or compounding in nature. Anything below this line is going to end up towards Death; anything 2.0 or above the line is going to end up enthusiastic.

Parts of the Tone Scale are characterised by a desire to change and others by a desire to maintain the status quo:

4.0 Stable 
3.5 Unstable 
3.0 Stable 
2.2 Unstable 
1.5 Stable 
1.1 Unstable 
 .05 Stable

The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of survival.
The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of affinity.
The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of reality.
The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of communication.
The Tone Scale measures relative degrees of responsibility.

Ones general, overall position on the Tone Scale is not always fixed; it varies. Falling in love can put a person at 4.0; a death of someone close can put a person into .05, Apathy.

Ones tone can vary per dynamic or subject, in other words, a person could be at boredom on sex and anger on politics. People do go all over the Tone Scale depending on the subject, and their tone and mood at the time. To communicate effectively with a person and bring him up tone, one can assume a tone that is a tone above his position on the scale. You will be cause over that person. To communicate effectively and bring a person down the Tone Scale, one should assume a tone that is a tone below theirs. You will become effect of that person.

People go down the Tone Scale only because their higher toned communication was unsuccessful. It didn't get through, so they try lower and lower tones until their communications are acknowledged and produce a result. People of different tone levels that communicate at length (husband-wife, brother-sister) generally tend to equalise their differences in tone. An enthusiastic husband and an angry wife, after 20 years of marriage will both assume a tone of boredom.

By associating with higher tone people than oneself, one can raise ones tone; by associating with people of a lower tone than ones, one will bring oneself down the Tone Scale.

People usually have one basic emotion that they most commonly express. This is one way of placing a person on the Tone Scale. Possibly a better way is to put an individual under high stress, then you will find out what their true Tone Scale position is.

In society, the level of social machinery is usually very high on the Tone Scale, 4.0 - 3.0, but the people are actually much lower, usually below 2.0. Individuals above 2.0 on the Tone Scale are very responsible and at the very least, quite rare.

Perhaps a greater problem then position, being low on the Tone Scale, and being low on the Tone Scale is certainly a problem, is the tendency to become fixed at one position on the Tone Scale and becoming inflexible in adaptation to other tone levels when it would be advantageous to change tone. Being stuck at Enthusiasm is just as ineffective as being stuck at Apathy. Through Scientology technology a person can gain the freedom to use whatever the situation calls for, and thus ones overall tone does improve.

By locating a person's position on the Tone Scale, one can predict very accurately how that person will act.

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