If you have three sessions in a row where there is little or no tone arm action, this is a horrible condition. If you have one where there is no tone arm action, it is a very bad condition and the preclear will feel worse.

As far as your professionalism or doing a good job as an auditor, although you should be aware of and facile in handling the complexity of information regarding auditing, it is far more important as far as your auditing skill, the degree to which you control a pc's attention. That really classifies how good an auditor you are, what degree you control the pc's attention.

If a person is queasy on the time track, is over-restimulated, is walking around overwhelmed all the time, their attention is hard to control, even all these phenomena together, he will still make it up the bridge, but it is not a particularly comfortable journey for them. They will spend most of the time in the fog between the sessions with the TA running good. Restimulation can become so great that the restimulation itself can prevent discharge of the key-ins.

A Ser Fac in thorough restimulation will surface as "content" of what is valuable, what is survival and what is magnificent These are huge flags indicating that an overcharged solution has been restimulated.

You have to bear in mind and be aware that it is the pc that has restimulated it, there is volition in it, the being, the pc himself, is doing something. Although a Ser Fac appears to make sense to the pc, to an outsider it does not, because it is a fixed, single solution to handle everything in life. Because of the Ser Facs engrams will fail to erase and Prep Checks won't work So, the secret channel in TA difficulties is the Ser Fac, the ultimate difficulty, I suppose, you are approaching on this is that it is quite difficult to be human and to be right.

If you get a dead thetan phenomena, in other words, the person doesn't appear that there is any spirit there, that is another guarantee that this is a service facsimile.

They won't blow charge in life, in other words, the person will not be walking around as-ising things and getting cognition's, They won't accidentally discharge things. The TA will remain relatively stuck and the needle will be sluggish and the person will be unhappy. Low TA or high TA, any difficulty with tone arm motion and position means that there is a Ser Fac, one or more, in restimulation.

So, you see, the normal discharge that would occur in an individual is blocked by a fixed stable datum. The pc is convinced that he needs it and the pc will question the wisdom of getting rid of it. It is, from the pc's point of view, a survival computation.

There are a lot of third dynamics, in other words, group service facsimiles around such as the jail system, which is probably the worst system for committing crimes by study. It's not at all workable as far as fixing up any criminals. It is workable, you see, in removing them from society, I suppose, if they were to stay there the rest of their lives then that would work, but they don't, they let them out again. So, the present jail system is a dramatising Ser Fac of making criminals wrong. Although the Ser Fac is insisted upon by the pc, it will not Itsa well, they will have difficulty discussing it, but if you approach it as a solution, then a preclear can Itsa it.

Anger itself is sometimes a potential Ser Fac because of the weird affinity that anger has. Anger seems to draw evil to it. Aside from Ser Facs, you can run practically anything with R3SC which is basically the process for running Ser Facs. It is where you take the computation and put it in these brackets. Say the Ser Fac was "being good and powerful makes one wealthy". The bracket commands would be:

"How would being good and powerful makes one wealthy make you right?"

You would run that to a cognition and a release, then you would work the other side of it.

"How would being good and powerful makes one wealthy make others wrong?"

After that is flat, you would go to "dominate others", "escape domination", "increase your survival", and "hinder the survival of others". If it still did not erase, you would PrepCheck it.

So, you can run other types of computations or items with these: R3SC. It will take care of anything on a previous process known as R2-12 and body mass on a preclear.

Although a pc may have difficulty discussing their Ser Fac, if you direct their attention to it they will go right to it, they don't object much to it being found.

Never prevent a pc from giving you a Ser Fac and you should know what one is, that it is a tremendous solution which if disturbed, the pc believes will end his survival. It is always an aberrated solution and always in present time for the pc and in the environment of the pc. It is something in the environment that is insistently saying, this is from the viewpoint of the pc, that something else is wrong and yet the pc is saying it is right. Labelling a Ser Fac is harder than finding it, the exact thing you want to do with a Ser Fac. I might add that the body itself is probably a Ser Fac. The exact thing we want to do with it is to clear this lifetime.

The bank itself is a Ser Fac, in other words, having a reactive mind is attached to Ser Fac phenomena. A Ser Fac is born out of the fundamentals of confusion and stable datum and this stable datum holds the confusion in place. Confusion in itself is not aberrative, nor is life very abberative. A Ser Fac is a computation, not an action. It is always below 2.0 on the Tone Scale as a solution, where survive appears falsely to be made up of succumb. A Ser Fac is a substitute for an Itsa line. People can have Ser Facs on eating, not eating, sex, no sex, suicide and gradients of suicide such as being ugly, being thin, being overweight, or being antisocial.

You will not find service facsimiles on people above 2.0 on the Tone Scale.

You can list on it on "might be" basis, do a represent list on a might be, in other words, what might be your Ser Fac, or what do you think your Ser Fac is. It is a subawareness solution on automatic action and once eradicated, it's gone. If he says it isn't there anymore, then it isn't.

You should bear in mind that confusion equals charge; If it won't run off, then he has a solution there, so find the solution to the problems. You aren't really interested in social conduct but it may look that way to the pc because your auditing what is controlling his conduct.

To evaluate what is sane or insane on a pc is quite dangerous, particularly by conduct. Whatever the Ser Fac is, it is. It is peculiar to data on and of survival, but not mores. So, you have to be careful not to evaluate these for the pc, unless you want to restimulate it on a pc for the purpose of running it. That's dangerous. I'll give an example: A contra-survival action against a government is considered criminal, but yet if a better government is formed out of it then that gets labelled as a revolt and posed as survival.

So, this computation of data on actual survival holds a pc's interest and releases TA action because it is a fixed solution. It is generally uninspected by the person and causes fragile TAs as I have mentioned and, after a person has inspected it enough, he realises it is contra survival.

The Ser Fac is always protruded into present time (PT). Any constant present time problem (PTP), if you were to address that, can produce the Ser Fac underneath it. A way of getting at that is to say, "What did you come into Scientology to resolve?". Although listing problems isn't too good, they probably won't list problems, they will probably go ahead and give you the Ser Fac, or "What is your chronic PTP?". So, you can list solutions to problems as much as you would like. Your job is to find their fixed solutions to these problems that keep coming up. You could also ask, "During your past auditing what have your found very interesting?", you could do a parts of existence list, you could ask, "What don't you have affinity for?", you could ask a number of questions bearing in mind that the Ser Fac is between 30 - 40% of a case. You shouldn't disregard a pc's attention in an assessment as he will be giving it off and seem disassociated from it.

A case won't decline if you take the Ser Fac off. Once the Ser Fac is off the case will be about 100 times as easy to audit.

In dealing in the area of psychotherapy, you should be aware that psychiatry means something to the public and that the medical doctor is trained in repairing broken bones and surgery and so forth. Neither of these has been trained in the mind. They are trained in the brain. It is a very prominent lie that either of these is qualified to operate in the field of doing something with a healthy mind. So far as working in the mind, it is almost a totally unoccupied field.

The Ser Fac could be listed for and defined as the final solution that is all pervading, that makes it unnecessary for a person to look or Itsa. In auditing, introversion does occur, but only to produce further extroversion. The actual progress of a case depends upon the raising of a person's ARC step by step. Running at too high a level of restimulation will cause introversion and over-restimulation. The worse off a case is, the more careful you have to be of over-restimulation. So, you would use less reach and less ARC. Although the Ser Fac goes into the mind, it goes a lot further, Environmental restimulation can often be a source for auditing difficulties. A Ser Fac can cause environmental restimulation and thus PTPs.

A present time problem (PTP) is a problem that the pc has in the physical universe, in other words, he has an intention to get better and someone else has an intention that he stay the same and it probably exists out in the physical universe and you don't audit over them. You have them go fix that. A problem is something where the two sides which oppose each other both exist in his universe or in the existence of another's universe. Where it exists in the physical universe it is called a PTP. You have the pc fix that, you don't ever audit over it. So, when you get in a situation where it is the auditor versus environmental restimulation, not the auditor versus the bank, you need to get the PTP in the physical universe solved. If you audit a person over a PTP, their personality graph will remain the same, there won't be any case change or gain. Ironically, you can come along later and pull the problem off and they will get a sudden resurgence of gain.

If you audit a pc over an ARC break, you will get a worse personality graph, the person will actually get worse. You clear up the ARC break and then you will find out whether the any of the auditing was any good.

Psychosis appears to be somewhat of a one lifetime experience due to a person's ability to withstand things. As that breaks down, a person becomes psychotic and that appears to vary quite a bit from lifetime to lifetime. Environmental restimulation monitors and effects ones ability to withstand stress. If a person is a do-gooder seeking a non-restimulative environment, he'll get pretty protesty pretty easy. You can chase that down and get the Ser Facs underneath it. By determining what a person's hobbies are, you will find that their acceptable randomity level, in other words, the amount of restimulation or the amount of randomity that they like, it's another way to chase down Ser Facs. Just determine how much restimulation a person can't stand. It is good to remember that all cases do depend upon a single, safe solution.

A safe solution, to be truthful about it, is the most dangerous thing in the world. I'd say that a closed mind is the most expensive thing in the world. The safe solution inhibits observation and therefore destroys observation. One can PrepCheck a safe solution until the TA is still. A person who has a Ser Fac going, will put confusion into the lives and lines of other people, particularly people who bring order.

People resort to a safe solution because they simply can't stand the confusion that it is supposedly checking. The safe solution is always adopted as a retreat from environmental restimulation. On a Ser Fac assessment, you ask for safe solutions. You could get them to talk about the various dynamics, a process known as R1C, and then for what their worries are and you can pry a Ser Fac out that way.

If the environmental restimulation is very excessive, the TA just won't move, you will have what is known as a locked tone arm or a locked TA case. This you will find only 1% of the time.

The way you raise a person's ability to handle environmental restimulation is to pull off the Ser Fac which is what is reducing his ability to simply see the environment. This dwindling spiral of confront and perception that results from a Ser Fac occurs at very great speed. So, the Ser Fac reduces his ability to handle the environment, yet it is the thing that he has adopted to handle his environment for him. If you remove it, then you will at once increase his ability to handle the environment.

You need this Ser Fac out of the way to run the earlier material on his time track so that he can recover and start operating as a being again, in other words, as an operating thetan. There is a point to climb off the road to clearing and move onto the road to OT. Clearing is going to produce better humans; OTs are a much better kettle of fish than humans.

Listing and nulling (L & N) is where you set up a question and the pc gives you a whole bunch of answers to it and then you have to null it, in other words, call all the answers off on the meter and see which one is the correct answer. This L & N is where you are looking for something to process. A list can be as long as it needs to be to keep the pc from ARC breaking because it's incomplete. The longest practical lists really work out to be 30 pages at 20 items per page. I'm not aware of lists being too much longer and lists can be as short as one item. So, you can do a parts of existence list, in other words, on the thetan, the mind, the body and the physical universe, you can null that, in other words, call them off and see what reads. You can select the item (with the pc agreeing on it) and proceed from there to look for a Ser Fac. Once you start working in the area, you will find the pc's interest is extremely strong, in fact, I doubt that he can remove his interest from the area. That is why you are processing him on it.

It is just that his confront on the area is extremely poor. The pc will hit a safe dramatisation while running it, in other words, he will start to sell it to you, he will believe it completely and he may even try to pick an argument over it. When you are listing these safe solutions or assumptions, you list them down to one item. You list them down to the one item, even if you have to null it. If you want to graduate it up into a higher or more fundamental Ser Fac other than what they have given you or make a subtle adjustment to it, you ask how this type of assumption applies to the other dynamics.

If in your search for the Ser Fac, you actually haven't found one (which I have never found to be the case, they are very easy to find), but if you don't get one, go ahead and run what you get, handle what you have found. Then do a new parts of existence list, null it, get the safe solution, put it through the R3SC and PrepCheck procedure, then you can do another safe assumptions list and keep doing this until you have the Service Facsimile erased.

There is quite a talent in getting these out on the table and getting them resolved. So, you have to know this stuff cold, and that is why I am bringing this up initially, because it is what you are dealing with the moment the guy comes in and picks up the cans to get auditing, a good third of the time.

In handling a Ser Fac you can really mess up a case and ruin someone if you don't handle it correctly. It blocks their perception, so it is really killing them. In handling it you can by-pass more charge than on any other thing, In working with it, you are addressing the biggest part of a person's case. If you by-pass it, you have really screwed the case up royally.

A Ser Fac makes aberration permanent. The reason for this is that they are actually creating it senior to the reactive mind. Many pc's have a second dynamic Ser Fac, in other words own, sex and family. It has nothing to do with life, it is the result of being on this particular planet at this particular time.

The illness rate in this particular country and on this planet is unusually high for planets in this part of this galaxy because of Service Facsimiles.

There are some very extreme Ser Facs going on in society. The way for everyone to be wrong is obviously to produce nothing, that makes governments wrong, it makes implanters wrong. People that implanted one in the past suggested one go out and work hard, be good, save the world, love Jesus and so forth. So, governments, implanters, educators are supposedly made wrong when they see civilisation going down the tubes.

The modern industrialised socio-economic society is in very deep trouble due to Ser Facs on people. The thetans, the spirits, are in trouble because of MEST. Creative ability is often doomed on an individual because some guy has a Ser Fac on marrying the wrong girl, or society has a Ser Fac back towards creative people. Creative people are, in most instances, stopped in society because of society's Ser Facs.

This type of situation requires that an individual protect creativeness in oneself and ones fellows, else other peoples attacks on you will wipe you out of existence. So, when people have Ser Facs on creation, that results in trouble for civilisation as a whole. This particular type of thinking is what leads the Ser Fac on the second dynamic, sex and family, because it is a creative activity. It is pretty important to run the Ser Fac off a case from, a this lifetime viewpoint, in other words, listing it in this lifetime and at least getting the wording out of this particular lifetime.

In running the Ser Fac, L. Ron Hubbard feels that you are engaged upon a key-out and not a bank erasure. I have found just the opposite to be true, you are erasing an incredible quantity of bank, probably more than any other process or any other part of the Grade Chart. It is just a fast erasure (10 - 20 seconds).

Your activities, as an auditor, are guided by the awareness that you are leading a pc into and out of a bank. So, auditing is sort of a walking-on thin-ice activity. In working with this lifetime Ser Facs, you have a very thin-ice activity, because a pc can very easily slip into the whole (past) track. If he is already on the whole track, in other words, he is walking around acting like a pirate in this 20th century civilisation, then you don't have much thin ice to fall through because they are already stuck back there. You should word your questions so that you don't get a goal and you should avoid rocket reading (RR) items. Only a GPM will produce a rocket read.

If you get a rocket reading Ser Fac, in other words, it's got three commodities, "being rich and famous makes one happy", in other words, rich, famous and happy are three items and that is rocket reading, run it. If you audit that as a Ser Fac, you will produce case gain and change in an individual far beyond anything words could describe from your point of view and from the preclear's point of view.

The object of auditing is to get away with as much as you can without getting into any more trouble than you have to. It is quite difficult to run a pc without some degree of bypassed charge going on. Keeping that as small as possible is actually pretty easy if you know what you are doing. The normal ratio of bypassed charge would be between 1% and 5%. If you are taking 200 divisions of charge off (if you are giving 2 hours a day), they will be walking around with 10 divisions of bypassed charge that they will as-is during that day. That is the normal range in running a case. Please try to keep Grade IV, which is running Ser Facs, out of Grade VI, where you run goals. Grade IV is an activity in itself.

It is possible to exceed the Aristotelian absolute of being more wrong than wrong.

If you run more than one session without tone arm action, you are in a critical situation and it is the result of over-restimulation or of auditing absolutely nothing on the pc which is rare (unless you have been audited within the church). If a room is already full and you try to fill it up more, you are really committing a grave sin. If someone is over-restimulated, you should sit there quietly with them and let them unwind.

As a person first comes into Scientology, there is an illumination and education of the person when you are clearing up unknown, false data as a prelude to addressing their personal stable datum. Every case is to some degree over-restimulated. You can handle this a number of ways by running the Ser Fac, giving them good auditing, or doing a Case Cracker Rundown. There are a number of ways to restimulate a person such as not allowing them to sit on a rock and think things over, kicking them around with economic pressures, family complications, problems, troubles, banks or to convince them that they should worry about things.

The basic mechanism of entrapment doesn't come from being stuck in a body or on a pole, it is more broad and complex than that. If you tell someone that they can't know something, then you can really get them trapped pretty good (like in a college economic class, they say that economics is too complex for normal understanding).

If you keep everyone on a high desire level, then you will have economics. If you will just increase demand, continuing to increase wanting, then the economy can continue to grow. If you case a society on this idea that everyone has to be over-restimulated or over stimulated and extremely busy worrying about and putting attention on ideas of survival, then you are promoting strife and confusion as a way of life for people, which happens to be a principle in this supposed science of "economics".

Governments kind of enjoy controlling people, they enjoy artistic harassment, so they harass individuals enough to where the individuals feel that they can t look and so, by not looking, the individual ends up in trouble.

Money itself is a bit of a bum Itsa and idea because there is no metal behind it. There is an idea afloat that if something moves from point to point, money is going to effect that. Why money buys things has never been really addressed so this becomes confusing to the people and they start believing weird ideas: "if he gets enough he will be free", but he doesn't examine what he is getting for it, for his money, or what he is exchanging for his money.

Socialism is even more complex than capitalism. Debts are resolved (paid or liquidated by bankruptcy) in capitalism, however, in socialism no one can save money. There is no end to ones involvement in socialism or communism. It seems to be a perfect system of attention fixing, attention dispersal, and attention shifting. Communism is there to keep someone and attention shifting Communism is there to keep someone tied down. These are not just cynical comments on modern society, they are principles, They are bars on a trap that people are supposed to protest.

The traps of society are not there because someone is stupid, they are there because someone has been very clever and they have provided a piece of sufficient randomity to keep someone sufficiently enturbulated, thus the majority of people in society are continuously over-restimulated as the result of well-thought-out planning on human nature.

So, you have environmental restimulation sources in the present time (PT) environment and this restimulates the Ser Fac. You could draw out a picture of the bank and out of that draw an arrow, in other words, you just draw a big cloud and write the word "bank" and then you could draw an arrow up and a little cloud to the left, present auditing restimulation, then connect to that two more little clouds mid-way in the page and one of them could be "past auditing restimulation" and the other could be "session restimulation from being audited - out comm. cycle". Over to the right you could put "Ser Fac restimulation" and draw an arrow up to "PT restimulation". Now these two sets of clouds are interactive . Either the core Ser Fac can be touched upon or one could foolhardedly attempt to knock out the bank. So, what you are going to touch on, on this, is the Ser Fac restimulation. The Ser Fac is what keeps the environmental restimulation going. It also has great bearing on the amount of session restimulation and it will block current destimulation in the session. The clouds can be erased off in the numbered sequence indicated.

Please note there is no connection between the left 4 and the right 2 sets of clouds.

If you take the Ser Fac out, the PT restimulation, all the other little clouds are going to decrease incredibly. The Ser Fac on the pc is being mocked up right now by the pc. He keeps that particular GPM in restimulation. Ser Facs precede GPMs, in other words, there are two sources of lightning on a case. The auditor restimulates something by putting or letting the pc put attention on an inert incident that will restimulate charge. If something comes up on the order of the best way to handle a situation is to get sick, practically everyone alive has a Ser Fac like this, and it will go back track very easily and very fast.

If you want a pc's attention on a cow, let him say it, don't you say it. In controlling a pc's attention, get him to say it. The whole of restimulation can be resolved by getting someone to name it, for instance, on an ARC break, have them name who, what, when, where, why the upset occurred. If you name it, you can prevent Itsas; if you get them to name it, it will encourage Itsa. So, session roughness can be caused by an auditor naming things or preventing Itsas. If you are not going to pick up an Itsa line on something, then don't name it.

In smooth auditing, you don't name things and you let the Itsa out. The source of restimulation can often come from social machinery like asking someone how they have been before the session. The auditor is in control of what is restimulated to a marked degree, probably to a degree beyond your imagination. It is to the auditor's and pc's benefit to get rid of the Ser Fac. About 2 1/2 hours of auditing a week is about enough to hold down environmental restimulation. Most trouble regarding day to day restimulation is from the pc's Ser Fac. As demeaning as it may be to ones self-esteem, you should recognise that your pc apparently, consciously does not know what he is doing.

Your pc will try to make you wrong as you approach his Ser Fac. You should judge your pcs by their restimulation. Be aware of the solution that reduces that restimulation. Any pc that is running badly is over restimulated and the resolution of this is to run the Ser Fac off. If you will destimulate another's life, they will recover.

A restimulative environment for the pc can be named and what ever that name is will lead you right into a Ser Fac.

In reducing over restimulation, you can reduce session restimulation by doing clean auditing. You can reduce past auditing restimulation by auditing it. You can reduce current auditing restimulation by auditing it, you can reduce environmental restimulation by auditing it. After you have those four clouds out of the way, you run the Ser Fac. You can resolve a case by reducing restimulation. After reducing restimulation, you will then run out the bank.

A case is as hard to run as it:

1) comes to you restimulated
2) you restimulate it

If you know these things thoroughly, you should approach and proceed to erase your preclear's Service Facsimile. A hidden standard is a standard a person has by which he judges things. It is what he measures his progress by. All insanity is an exaggeration of normal to the exclusion of not dramatising others dramatisations.

Aberration is the exaggeration of the positive or negative of the usual, in other words, anything a person does is in the extreme.

Once a person has exteriorized, in other words, left the body, people are generally turned against aberration, but before exteriorization, people are against the whole subject of exteriorization The idea of leaving the body happens to be a departure from the norm and so people think it is aberrated to leave the body.

You can take a hidden standard into a process and audit it. You can get a hidden standard by asking what a person mainly complains about in auditing or what is their chronic psychosomatic illness, you can then date it and get an Itsa line going, and get them to talk about it. It will usually physiologically express itself on the person, and you simply date a persons pains, date it down to the second. If it is part of an engram, you can then use R3R and erase the engram out. You should watch for overrun.

The tone arm (TA) that runs off a case is normally the result of confusion as-ising, not the stable datum running off. Stable data as-ises in a few seconds or less.

In R3Ring or erasing pictures out, if you start stumbling against GPMs or Ser Facs, it's like shooting a rifle at a battleship. You can get magical, sporadic wins with R3R, but over using it can be a liability. In R3N, where you handle implants, the difference from each pc's actual track can vary quite a bit. You will run across goals like -to be alone. Ironically, implants have no aberrative value to speak of except the fact that they get all their charge from a person's actual GPMs, which happens to be a huge amount of charge. So, people end up acting out their implants. R3N is a process developed to run out actual GPMs. The bulk of the wordings used in actual GPMs are then reimplanted into a person with a synthetic line plot. It is confusing to the being because it is a mockery of a person's own creation. The Ser Fac will normally fit on the top terminal. You can draw a Ser Fac and a line over and there is a terminal. The opp-terminal, on the other side which you can draw, is very similar to your last terminal at the bottom. You can draw arrows to those two and say these are very similar. In finding a Ser Fac that will lead you right to the pc's RI top GPM which could as simple as a goal "to be". These are a long time ago. If you would write trillion on the blackboard a hundred you would have a view of the medieval period of history thirteen trillions would be modern life. Lets illustrate:

The pcs Top RI, on Top GPM, on which a synthetic plot was installed:

The Synthetic was laid on in top of either of the 2 possible arrangements of Actual GPMs. Any of these found in session will Rocket Read on the meter. That is how you know you are on the area in your work.

Locks prevent rocket reads (RRs) and locks accumulate heavy on the top present time RIs which could be "to hide". There have been few very high tone goals in the last few trillion years for an individual. "To have nothing" would be high. "To commit suicide" would not be high, "To endure" would be mid-scale. One can become the effect of ones own goal in dramatising it heavily. Actual GPMs become laid in as they were lived and then they were implanted either in the same directions or backwards on the individual or both. Running a GPM from the bottom restimulates the top violently. You don't go further South than the bottom because you will just turn on the next GPM. You should be careful of this and not run the RIs for the goal that doesn't exist.

So, in R3SC you are looking for a Ser Fac. You are looking for RIs but you are looking for RIs without a goal. The RIs probably extend beyond all time. If you do more than 50 hours of R3SC Ser Fac type processing, you will restimulate the goal without question. I have never done more than 2 - 3 hours of it. I normally get the top, largest, single GPM, in fact, I have never gotten anything but that. The reason for my success is that I don't run Ser Facs until a person reaches Grade IV, and I do the rest of the lower bridge extremely well to where the thing is so obvious when I ask for it that they give it off immediately. Occasionally, it will pop off early in XDN (Expanded Dianetics) where evil purposes are run after the Drug Rundown. On that type of case, which is between 20% - 50% of the cases which walk in the door, they are into evil.

If you list for a goal and take a RR on one, you can say "What goal would oppose that goal?" and list that out. That will normally clean it up on a key-out basis. It is pretty dangerous work. The running of actual GPMs should be at the end of a bridge after OT VII, after the bridge is done perfectly. You could extend down possible five more times pulling identities as you went. This type of technique shortens the road to OT; in fact, it is the road to OT.

There is a fast way to destimulate PT on a pc and that is simply to get him out of over restimulation on his reliable items (RIs). There is more than just that top GPM that he has as his RI. You get all of his RIs off and you can release more charge on an individual in an hour than if you did 600 hours of perfect Scientology work at 100 divisions an hour. Actual GPMs are the ultimate in what is wrong with an individual because they are what is wrong with him above time and outside this universe, and that is what and where he is, in his highest sense.

You're not addressing his apparency, you're not addressing his personality, you're not addressing him being located in space. You are addressing the godhead of the individual or the alter-ego or whatever label you want to put on a life static, independent of matter, energy, space and time that is busy somewhat in a mechanical time stream, identified with a viewpoint in a physical universe.

The route for over restimulation of a pc is to check for running RIs without a goal and using a lot of R3SC to destimulate the pc. A pc advances as a pc in and within present time (PT). Top RIs may not fit the present norm of what people consider they are. You can encounter goals such as to fly, to own things, to have things, to be wide, to escape, to find out, or to have ideals.

Some people have Ser Facs such as they are unwilling to have a stop, or that truth ruins existence. It is a normal part of a case that is walking around being a person that has come to you, and wants to be an operating thetan. Ser Facs on most people are: society helps no one, living is nothing but suffering, there is no freedom in this world, love results in misery, disagreements with this universe are best, it is best to hate this universe, truth ruins existence, there is no such thing as a physical universe, matter is not real, and actuality and me is all there is.

If you were to have a group of Ser Facs like this and were to draw them all out and see how they tail together, you would have an exciting time discharging the particular goals off. So, a guy going OT has to handle the aberrative factors in what he considers to be his PT environment to progress.

If you are auditing a pc and all of a sudden they say that they want to get away from everything and everyone and it starts to RR (rocket read) and RS (rock slam), check for incidental track or evil purposes and if it is dry, you better get a hold of a blue coloured pen and draw a big circle around it and put RR on the worksheets because you have a top RI on the case. You need to discharge the aberration that a pc has mocked up against present time (PT).

Your pc's power is consistently restricted by PT restimulation of one fixed data solving it all, if not a dozen or two dozen. No pc ever progresses beyond his present problem or problems.

A person not being able to hold a position in space is in pretty bad condition, it is an indication of low level of ability. All pc ability is an index of pc awareness of his PTP (present time problem). It isn't how far he can reach, it is reaction to PT, creating PTPs which holds him back. You see beyond this there is no problem. The stark truth of this is that the pc is busy being a reliable item.

There are probably between 20 - 30 GPMs on the whole track what are actual. Prior to getting up to that you must know as an auditor, and it nice to know as a pc, that you are on the sunny side of a thousand GPMs between where he is and full OT. There probably isn't anything else other that this to run as far as him as an individual.

You would only run enough implants off to where these would become available and the track would be free to see. Ultimately, after all the Scientology bridge is done, this is what you process, it is very elementary, it is very simple, and the bottom line is anything that is wrong with the pc is his top RI and until the GPM is gone he will worry about that idea.

I'm covering some very high-level, top-end-of-the-bridge material here deliberately first because if it is in anyway digestible or recognisable than everything else I'll be covering in this book will be down-hill and easier. If you can't comprehend this, then go over the words, reread it, draw out diagrams. If you do comprehend it, everything else will make sense.

It is wrong to start explaining leaves on the tree unless that is the only way you can go. I think it is far more appropriate to explain that there is a whole tree here and the person can see the trunk and the roots and after they understand that there is a tree here, then we can get into examining the leaves.

The actual GPMs and implanted GPMs exist, and are the core of a case, and the PT Ser Facs that a pc uses are ultimately what is wrong with him, and that all else that is wrong with a case is proceeding out of these. If you don't have that background, you are not going to be really understanding what is going on with the pc as an auditor and you need to know that, what is going on.

If you don't understand it as a pc, you ,are in for an extremely long, long road. The faster you get up to that particular level, the better off you will be. You can only get up to it truthfully, then it will take as long as it takes to get your picture track run off on dianetics, your mental machinery run off on your grades, and your other material run off on your OT levels.

As far as a eternal resolution of a rather eternal problem, or a number of those, you are going to end up at what I have been discussing here, and the job has to be done (on either a solo auditing basis, where one audits oneself or a dual auditing basis) to where the real internal core of the reactive mind on one timelessly, above time, comes off, because from that non-location all things that happen in the physical universe occur.

This essentially concludes my review of what you need to know about Grade IV.

In education, one tries to reduce things down to fundamentals. If one changes these fundamentals too thoroughly, then the fundamentals get lost. Because of too much change over a period of time, all the fundamentals get lost. Too much data can overload a comm. line. Too little data being on a comm. line can overload a comm. line. Scientology is published. It is not a textbook science. At its very best, it has been a research line where a very small quantity of the actual research became published and much less distributed. The student of Scientology should pick out the fundamentals from the time span during which the research was done.

The more arbitraries that one introduces into a subject, then the further one is from knowing the fundamentals of the arbitraries. As opinions become present, then one would know that unknowns are present.

Scientology as a developmental line of research has been over active and over ambitious. It has probably been for Mr. Hubbard a self-critical search wherein he waded through more and more fundamentals and took many tangents into irrelevant information; however, in trying to reach or boil things down to a minimum number of fundamentals, important progress was made. The re-evaluation of information in the direction of arriving at more fundamental conclusions has usefulness and is the basic premise on which Hubbard made progress. To discover and use fundamentals one has to rise above opinions. He was able to do this somewhat for 30 years (1938 - 68).

There are various stable data in Scientology that don't change. Those aren't the axioms, logic's, prelogics, Philadelphia lectures, the factors, fundamentals rules on the behaviour of a thetan, basic data on confusions and stable data, the dynamics, the Tone Scale, ARC, control, Be-Do-Have, and there is also very little change in the technology and theory of what a thetan is.

The constant change of technology from 1950 to present is unfortunate in that out of it there seemed to be no single, living person that understands it all to the degree that they can apply it, other than myself and a small handful, perhaps, of others. So, I felt that I was left with the unique responsibility of writing it up in an understandable, digestible form. All of the people which have studied Scientology have trouble applying it in the application step. The overall subject of truth has had the best thinkers and philosophers throughout history.

In studying Scientology you are dealing with everyday activity and the fundamentals of philosophy which drove Socrates around the bend. Truth is a touchy subject because the attention usually gets paid to things which persist, like lies, and lies many times contain truth, and the mind tends to fix on those things which contain truth. An alter-is and the truth of a situation is the most resistant thing on the road to truth. The stable data in a GPM (such as the GPM to survive which is the whole source of aberration: the fact that a person has a GPM like that) is used . An aberrated stable data will batter the truth, even a slight alteration will cause more alteration which eventually will cause terrible results.

Life lived on the truth is a quite wonderful thing. So, the proper flow of theta and of an individual thetan become stopped by aberration. Ones altered data ruins the inflow of slightly altered truth. It is like driving a truck through a truck.

So, Ser Facs do not easily resolve on a case because a person has a vested interest to understand an aberrated datum through another aberrated datum. Where a person has aberrated data versus aberrated data, these two things versus each other, you will then see opinions and complications proceeding out of that false opposition. These masses of data can become centred around the subject of applying technology. If you alter-is, you can't assimilate.

So, alter-ising things, like technology, brings about non-resolution. The only solvent there is is truth. Truth, in refined form, is the only thing which will resolve cases because it is the only thing that an aberrated case cannot disagree with. You get a resolution within a zone of tolerance, and only if and when a person realises that a recognition of the fundamentals of truth and existence are necessary to overcome all this alter-isness.

Overcoming all this alter-isness there is on a subject of truth is probably a thousand times harder than resolving a case on a pc, according to Mr. Hubbard and I agree with him whole-heartedly, It is probably a shame that he didn't complete that job and get the credit for completing that job.

Through accident or otherwise, I suspect that I have done so. So, the truth about the mind, people and Scientology has to be presented in a fundamentally, accurate fashion. The amount of difficulty you have in auditing a case is the direct result of the amount of alter-isness you have applied to the data of how audit a case.

Since the fixed solutions are what is holding the confusions in place, on an individual, we have know how to cure a cure. Scientology is essentially a collection of- undisclosed and unrecognised data. If you run the solution off a problem, many times the problem will just blow and erase. There is a lot of pure information in Scientology on cause. Where Hubbard has put in alteration, people that study him, have trouble.

The GPM, level of a case should be perfectly duplicated. There can be a thing as an actual goal without a GPM attached to it.

A GPM may have as many as 100 goals in it, but a GPM overall only has one essential goal. An example is that there is a RI on a goal found in a session, turns out to be just a lock on a RI. There are items off others GPMs that are then pulled in and thus you end up with a wrong line plot. So, you can check on the E-meter "Is it an actual GPM?", "Is this an implant GPM?", or "is this no GPM?". You should always remember that a pc's actual goals will RR, all the way across the dial. The pc ends up opposing his actual goals and this comes up to the pc when he states the actual goal in PT. The locks or the RIs will fire just like the RIs, thus the result is an incorrect line plot. The line plot is simply drawing out which goals oppose each other in what order. It is sort of a gruesome discovery. You can draw a chart with the auditor on the left and the pc on the right and put C on the left and E on the right, an arrow going over to the pc, Whatsit, arrow back, Itsa, with the bank away from the pc and put an Itsa Whatsit line two arrows that way. The Whatsit-Itsa line between the bank and the pc is a line not generally perceived by the auditor and that is the line that the TA action results from. This is the line that auditing is all about, getting the pc to confront his bank. So, that is your first order of importance. Your second order of importance is the Itsa line back to the auditor. Your third order of importance is the Whatsit line over to the preclear


TA motion and case gain are reduced proportionally to the degree that alter-isness, filtration, re-interpretation and reflection are introduced into each of the 4 lines.

What I have been covering here was essentially cancelled and denied in 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard, but be that as it may, what I'm saying here is all quite valid.

An auditor is simply there to get the pc to confront his bank. On the Itsa line is what is reported to have been blown or erased. So, in order to produce technical results in Scientology, there are educational steps in Scientology. You have to run off aberrated data on the pc. You have to not alter-is or add to the pure truth stated herein on Scientology and auditing. Education is successful towards a practical, technical end if it is conceived purely, relayed well and applied. So, the performance of Scientology is determined by the technical gain of people who have been audited. In that my auditing produces about 20 times the result, if not 100 times, of L. Ron Hubbard's, then I probably have 100 times clearer subjective understanding and objective understanding of the truth of it.

So, an auditor will get technical gain on a pc depending on the purity of his understanding of the data and his receipt and application of true data. To the degree that he relays and uses this data to reach the pc and knock out aberration*, it is actually this simple. Complication, if you look up the word in the dictionary, *means an addition to. Clarification of an Itsa line is important because it is a totally hidden line unless your perception is very high as an auditor.

Education carries with it de-education of previously held bad ideas, particularly in a research line. Probably, the greatest error anyone studying truth could make is to make an all of any one datum. No single datum is substitute for you. A datum is not going to audit a pc or live a life. A live person audits another live person. Other data or data itself sitting in a chair is bad. There is no substitute for a live person, no text will ever replace a live person. This is a purity of truth.

You will audit worse when you are trying a theory out because a theory is sitting there instead of you.

A successful session is defined as one in which the TA moves throughout the session and is moving the case in the direction of more TA. This is the acid test of a successful session.

I would like to talk about clearing. The word clear comes from the clearing of an adding machine button. On a single adding machine, if you don't push the clear button after you have run up some figures, then you have an unseen total in the machine, so you have uncleared answers. The mind adds data of old experiences in with current experiences and comes up with wrong answers. So, an aberrated person is someone that is nuts, it's not just little worries.

A person that has been cleared does not add in yesterday's totals for a completely wrong answer today. An aberrated person can't remember in the area in which person can't remember in the area in which he is aberrated. They have lousy memories connected to areas where they have very false stable data, Memory is not a broad condition. It is not even good or bad. It is not even a uniform condition. It is too broad a generality, If you say someone has a bad memory, you should qualify on what. If you want to improve your memory, you should clarify on what. An out-memory area is the button that should be cleared. Aberration is non observation or equals non-observation, either way you want to look at it.

What man is faced with in being uncleared is not an unconscious mind, but an occluded mind. He is saying that the material is not there, that it is gone, and that in itself is a big nuttiness, that people can't remember. In painful areas, people have bad memories, and that results in nuttiness. Locks could be described as appended associated experiences. It is incomprehensible that people have one total answer for things, but they do. Psychiatry tries to make sense out of the incomprehensible or nuttiness.

It is probably more prudent to simply find the cause of nuttiness. All you need to know about nuttiness is that it is nutty. What you have to understand in working with a pc is what the pc doesn't understand, and you also need to know what the cause of his not understanding is.

No one is totally crazy. It is not a general state. People are crazy on different subject areas, Peoples thirsts for totality or allness is simply a desire for all things being equal. It even enters into legality where they declare a person insane or sane. They don't remark on what, This is a missing scientific fact. So, in defining sanity or clearing, one should get an adequate definition of terms. On what opens the door to cure. So, one should deal with subjects, not particularly conditions, in understanding clearing, There are no similarities in insanity, it is practically unclassifiable. A drunkard is not drinking except to keep drinking. What you need to know about a drunkard is that it is a total "how-to-get-through" life for him.

A person gets a regained awareness (cognition), then memories return in the area. People get cognition's in areas of aberration. When going down an uncleared area, in other words, proceeding on a rundown on an uncleared area, where there are occlusions, people have cognition's. You don't have to prospect for what is normal in the individual, what you are prospecting for is nuttiness, and you need it worded right.

You can clear a person on a subject. So, what does clear mean? It means on any given subject, he is not nuts anymore A cleared person has a cleared ability to think. The impermanence of clear is nonsense. Once it is cleared up, it is cleared up educating in an area that is unclear leads to pre-understanding, but not actual understanding, so, clearing doesn't happen. Once cleared a person doesn't have a prayer of getting irrational on that subject again. How clear can a person get is not just Dianetic Clear, or the grades, or the OT levels. A person can be cleared up to the state of operating thetan where one is total causation. Clearing is very closely related to finite existence and also the ability to survive. Erasing a reactive mind is a prerequisite to clearing. The assumption of existence going forward is a part of clearing. One talks about living, thinking, the mind, day to day.

Becoming an operating thetan does not necessarily fix up a person. Becoming an operating thetan is a total resumption of beingness and total causation and does not necessarily take place in a physical universe in finite time.

So, clearing is an assist within limits to finite existence. Man does not leap from total aberration to total divinity with a prayer book. It must be walked and it is a long road.

GPMs are the reason a person has a time track and the question must arise, what is man doing on a time track? It appears that an individual out of causation and knowingness has caused a past to exist for himself and not erased it. In that the GPMs are timeless, they didn't happen to an individual. All implants have happened in the universe, Time comes from whatever you are dating your clearing in. The core of the reactive mind is a recreation of the individual, and there is a long and arduous road in getting a person up to taking that down.

He will have to come up to some degree of the awareness that he had when he adopted it. A cleared person is less worried about what the universe is doing to him and he is more cause over what he is doing to the universe. One must rise above the self-progress idea from the road to Clear in a finite sense to the road to OT in an infinite sense.

The road to Clear and clearing aids in finite goals and operating thetan is something one processes towards and attains. It is not as observable.

There are two roads: processing within limited time and experience looking for deletions and clearing up the individual, and then there is another road above time of operating thetan. Locks on GPMs are not traumatic experiences. In clearing, you are taking off corny, MESTy and materialistic things. You find something you can clear and clear it. You can't clear something which is already cleared. You can't clear something which can't be cleared on time or in time. Aberration may simply be the advertising of another aberration and auditors shouldn't try to make sense out of nuttiness.

You see a misunderstood word leads to a confusion, which can lead to a problem, which can lead to an overt, and after that a person will pull in overts and have withholds in the future. They could start out on the subject of husbands, but end up aberrated on the subject of homes. The closer the association is between two subject areas, the more difficult your job is in clearing. This is not necessarily dramatic or interesting but you can find the cause of it. Suffice it to say, clearing is permanent.

There is a very rare quantity of people in society that have anti-social personalities, they are called suppressive people. They won't make any case gain in auditing. Their tone arms won't move. They speak only in generalities. These people are simply extremely PTS, in other words, they are roller-coasting off being connected to another suppressive person. If your pc or someone is connected to a suppressive person, they will have a tendency to lose case gain and go up and down and also to cause trouble. So, a person who causes trouble and roller-coasters is called a Potential Trouble Source (PTS). A PTS person is very active and a suppressive person is very covert, has a Mona Lisa smile. This probably embroils and ties up a lot of people in society. A suppressive person sees everyone as an enemy attacking them and they don't see the physical universe as it is. They are dealing with their dub-in of the physical universe A suppressive person is surrounded by entities and identities other than what you or I see. A suppressive person is stuck on the time track and is totally back there in another time and space.

The attributes of one are that they speak in generalities; they deal in bad news; they don't relay communications accurately; they alter-is communications; they are not responsive to treatment of any type; they refuse auditing; they cannot confront their own minds (they go into fits over it); they are terrified at the idea of looking at a mind; their friends will have low productivity (be somewhat crippled and have bad luck); they will claim to have high ethics and use an ethics point of views; they may or may not be intelligent (that has nothing to do with it); they will habitually select the wrong targets; they will not complete cycles of action (because they have time and space collapsed up); there is no faint sense of responsibility although they willingly confess to all kinds of crazy crimes; they will uniformly support destructive groups; they destroy decent groups; they will approve of bad actions and inhibit constructive actions; they will consider help to be bad and harm to be good; they will have a bad sense of property; they will consider ownership to be a pretension and that no one really owns anything; most of them will generally give long speeches on rights; they have a tremendous feeling of importance and dominance quite often; they will assert their own self importance's and they will discuss overts and withholds, but they won't get off any tone arm action.

The idea of actually helping ones fellow man, you see, being a fundamental, driving idea behind Scientology as a subject, has probably caused the majority of, if not the entirety of, these anti-social personalities to flock to the religion and basically shut it down.

They have changed the church around to where anyone that tries to help any people is destroyed by the church and any person that assists in the enslavement of other individuals is welcomed and is generally employed by the church. So, the possibility of the Scientology church or religion ever working out became somewhat non-existent about 10 years ago, and completely non-existent 4 to 5 years ago. By then the executive ranks of the church became completely filled with suppressive people. Hubbard disassociated himself from the church then. He knows it is a runaway bad dream.

This isn't my opinion in the matter, this is a matter of public record and fact. Because of this, anyone who is interested in Scientology, helping their fellow man, or truth had better stay well clear of any church bearing the name of Scientology because they will generally use any amount of wealth or legal action necessary and break any laws necessary to shut down your operation or what you are doing including breathing.

So, I wanted to cover this Grade IV area of Ser Facs initially very thoroughly because if you understand it, you can understand the technology of Scientology. Within it are the answers to why people are doing what they are doing, why the country is going the way it is, why L. Ron Hubbard himself was never able to complete his research, and why the church of Scientology is unable to successfully produce good products on a uniform basis.

The Ser Fac technology is little to rarely understood within or without Scientology and it is the primary aberration that is going on with people at a core level.

In dealing with people in life or in dealing with ones own case, if you want to grow and get it handled or in auditing another person, you should have this data down cold. There is a lot of auditing that goes on in a folder prior to running off someone's Ser Facs and we are going to taking that up, but it is nice to know where you are going, what you are eventually going to be handling, and what is driving the person up the wall, The main reason that people can't see, perceive or go into communication with the environment, or act in a realistic fashion and win and do well in life amidst a relatively simple, social situation and a relatively simple, economic situation is that they are working off ridiculous computations and have engaged upon the fruitless activity of using a stable datum as a substitute for themselves in living or working or whatever.

Followers of the Scientology movement, people within the church, are obviously extreme examples because they use the technology of Scientology as a substitute for inspecting what is actually there to look at. When asked before 150 people how come I could get an ashtray to stand up and no one else could at St Hill Manor, I simply explained that I could confront and get in communication with something other than myself, whereas everyone else at St. Hill Manor (and everyone else I had met in the Scientology movement) chose to confront with the technology. In other words, they were using a datum and data as a substitute for themselves. They were unwilling to directly look at anything. So, not only within the church, but within the founder of the church, and within any person that is aberrated (producing non-optimum, bad results or not producing many results at all),- you have a Ser Fac at the core of what is driving the individual up the wall, and it is what he is substituting for himself, and it will eventually kill and bury everyone involved if it remains unhandled. Life continues around these people, although they are completely unaware of it, and eventually life, the world, events and changes absorb these people as fodder.

So, your Ser Fac case is long gone, as far as undigging himself out of his mess alone, and that is a third of mankind The only way it can be undug and straightened out to where they can get back on a positive course is to get their Ser Facs run off by someone who understands them.

I have outlined here the rough essentials of what you would need to know in understanding what Ser Facs are, what the core of a bank actually is, and what you are dealing with, with other people.

What I would like to do now is to take up the overall Bridge itself and go over the types of processes which are run at each level on a rather simple basis. Ironically, this whole thing is quite simple; no one ever suspected it. Things are not as complicated as they may seem. Yet, there are some things that have some degree of complexity. Living in this universe with other people is essentially, a Swiss-watch type of activity One has to be precise and exact and knowing in what one is doing. Likewise, in working with a human mind, you have to know what is going on with the human mind and that is also a Swiss-watch activity, but when you are repairing a Swiss watch, although there are a number of factors which you have to be exact and precise with, it is still simple.

Complexity itself implies an inability to know it all, a vast sea of quantities of data, the possibility of non-comprehension, (additions to) and a tremendous number of decision alternatives. The decisional options which one has in applying judgement, in dealing with life, or dealing with auditing are fortunately nested. That is an IBM term for a number of decisions being very close together. Because of the fact that they are nested, you are fortunate.

There are fundamentally two types of cases: 1) those that are going to require XDN early, and 2) those which don't have a whole lot of evil mocked up, aren't emanating a lot of evil, and aren't really involved in the subject of evil. Those two types of cases allow one to make a decision relatively early in a bridge of which way you are going to progress, in other words, which sequence you will be running the various Scientology processes.

On someone who is extremely crazy, you would run XDN (Expanded Dianetics) immediately. On someone who gives off a lot of evil early in their Life Repair and their Dianetics, then you would do XDN after that before you proceed onto their Expanded Grades. So, that is one type of case. The other type of case you would be dealing with, you can save the XDN towards the end of the Bridge and do it after OT VII.

Since Scientology has been sort of a research line development of a number of technologies, the only theoretical basis you could conclude that would answer a lot of things is that L. Ron Hubbard has developed a whole lot of technologies which are relatively distinct and different and applied in different types of cases, societies and people. He has lumped all these together under a general category of Scientology. People come into Scientology for one of five reasons, and that is their level of case depth and you should establish this with your pc prior to doing any work because it is going to determine how deep the processes are going to run. It is nice to know where you are both going to go in the auditing, The lightest level of address is people want their ruins handled. This type of person that comes in for processing will always pay the light bills in the churches, they have one thing that they want solved and you can run that off very quickly in 12 - 25 hours. Normally, it is nothing more than a symptom and doing that kind of work is probably unethical because if they are taking a particular drug or something to get away from the marriage, working on the drug is going to be a waste of time and money and is a relatively worthless activity. You would be better off to run off the marriage, problems on the marriage, then they will have no need to take the drug. So, you have this first level of address and there is plenty of that that goes to the churches. Any person that is that superficial, I think it would be wise to avoid them, and not even be connected to someone that shallow.

The second level of address is someone wants to be a better person, in other words, they are up to demand for improvement. They want a number of things handled. I really wouldn't advise even connecting up with these people and working with them to any great degree.

The third level, and I've only done one person that was actually this - light, is someone who wants to be a better human being, a completely well, happy, human being. It is a very thin level of address. Churches are flooded with this particular depth level of individual. These people you can get in Dianetics and the rest of the Bridge and they will go off to play human (body) games. I don't recommend connecting up or being in communication with anyone of this level of depravity.

The most common type of self-motivated-achiever individual that you will encounter will be your fourth level of address. That is where someone comes in the door and they want to make some progress towards the state of operating thetan this life time, in other words, they want to make some significant progress towards being a free being. That is the majority of the people alive that have any understanding of the words that they are reading, what this society is about, or the nature of man. Anyone who has a minimal comprehension level beyond the
4th or 5th grade would be inclined in this particular direction because all society is on that particular gradient. They climb into bed with each other, they take drugs, they buy new cars, they speculate in real estate, they travel. Probably 95% of most human activity is some mild effort form of trying to exteriorize and get some freedom from the body and freedom from ones thoughts and experience some real joy. So, these are phenomena, whether it is walking on a beach, listening to beautiful music, being involved with art or aesthetics, where a person is trying to get some taste of a spiritual existence. So, the majority of people who will come your way, that you should accept, work with and can produce magnificent gain on comes in this fourth level of category.

What is extremely rare, and you may encounter between l, 2, or 3 individuals in a lifetime, that comes in at the fifth level of address on this particular subject of truth, and that would be to attain full OT in one lifetime. There are between 6 and 8 people which have attained this particular state. I was involved with three of them and this type of folder runs extremely different. Since it is a minority of what has occurred, is occurring and will occur I won't be addressing it much here.

So, in summary, there are five levels of depth and address of the reality level of the application of Scientology technology and truth. These five levels of address you should be completely aware of and clear up with a person prior to doing any work with them. If you get this fourth category or the fifth category, you should take the work in. If you get anyone of the lower three categories, you're dealing with an extremely rough, aberrated individual and you will have to be a very good auditor to do much with them. It is actually a waste of your time to work with such people. They are probably at your door to slow you down.

L. Ron Hubbard developed a whole lot of technologies, probably for export to other societies at a future date at other extra-terrestrial locations, under the rationalisation that this is a prison planet and therefore he has a right to experiment with the prisoners. There is no evidence that he ever had much legitimate intention to actually help people here because a person's true thoughts are always reflected in their actions. His actions are not reflective of help; they are reflective of putting data in the environment and doing research and publishing about 15% of the research. The majority of highly-trained people understand this (there are dozens and dozens of them) as what he has, is and will be doing and that it is a pretty high stakes game. Although they can understand it, they certainly don't appreciate it.

Being alone in my interest of applying this data towards this particular level of society, I have found that you can use the majority of each of his separate technologies in a blend, gradient, stair-step fashion, use the rundowns and parts that correspond with what is going on with the pc; and actually help people here on planet Earth which is an idea that I don't think has ever crossed his particular mind, although he writes a lot of flowery, emotional material on it.

The various products of the six different technologies, I'd like to go over here.

There is Life Repair. You do this on people, if I can be quite frank, who are victims actually, and do this so that a person is no longer the effect of this lifetime, and they can be themselves, actually be a thetan and a person and are no longer a composite of this lifetime's experiences. It is done by PrepChecking the rough times they have had this lifetime. So, if someone walks in looking victimy and that they are the result of a lot of stress this lifetime, you give them a Life Repair.

There is another completely distinct technology and that is where someone walks in and they are robotic and mechanical, in other words, they are over restimulated. What you would do in this instance is give them a Case Cracker Rundown. This is a person who wants personal ruins and their continuous and perpetual upsets handled to where they can actually get better and stay better for all time . On this you do an Expanded 53 Form, XGF (Expanded Green Form), Dianetics Track Repair Form, 3 S & Ds and a PTS Rundown. This eradicates over-restimulation to where you actually have a thetan there to audit.

If someone walks in and they are a bit freaky, in other words, they are a drug case, you give them a Drug Rundown. There is no evidence of any being done correctly in the churches. A Drug Rundown is a separate activity. It handles and frees one from a collapse of imaginary, past and present track whereby a person doesn't feel there and flowing in present time (PT). By doing a Drug Rundown, you eliminate a person's chronic emotions, fixed points of view and their having the same feelings over and over.

So, for instance, if a victim walks in, you give him a Life Repair. If a mechanical, wound-up robot walks in, can't make gains in life, you give them a Case Cracker Rundown. If a freak walks in and he's got fixed, same feelings that occur over and over and he doesn't really feel there and he is not flowing, and he has a chronic emotional state, you give him a Drug Rundown. After these actions are done, you can do Dianetics and produce a well, happy, human being.

So, for touchy people, give them Dianetics. For freaks, give them a Drug Rundown; mechanical people, a Case Cracker Rundown, and victims, a Life Repair.

The fifth type of technology and appropriate case that walks in, is people who are nuts, in other words, someone who is just plain crazy. You give them XDN (Expanded Dianetics). This is where you find and run off their evil purposes (Ev Purps). By delivering XDN, you produce a person who is well, sane, has no evil, whole, at last free from restraining themselves, and can operate comfortably at their own capability level.

The sixth type of case that comes in is someone who is stupid. If someone is unaware, unable and dumb, what they need is Scientology grades, the Clearing Course (CC), and the OT levels. On these actions a person regains ability, can have ability, regains ability and can have awareness to where they can be cause over the 800 fixed aspects of existence and relationships.

If someone wants most of the gains or abilities in all six of these areas, you simply run them in the proper order. If a person wants all of it, it must be run in a particular order and tailored to the preclear.

There are essentially six different technologies here. They are sloppily considered to be one large thing called Scientology technology. If you mix these or mix the rules of doing any of them together, you are in for a hell of a hard time in working with people. Some them do take priority over others and it is nice to know when to shift out of one particular area into another.

The way to do a Life Repair is if someone comes in complaining about their wife, husband, brother, sister, boss or whatever, and that is basically all you are hearing about, you can use that as the subject and PrepCheck it off. A PrepCheck is a list of questions that you ask over and over until it goes clean and the pc figured something out. For instance, if the subject is brother, you ask "On the subject of your brother has anything been suppressed?". You ask this over and over until the question goes clean. By clean it means that there is no read left on the needle and you run it until you get an end phenomena (EP).

An EP is a floating needle (FN) which is a free needle just moving bsck and forth smoothly, very good indicators (VGIs), in other words, a pc is smiling, and at least one or more cognition's, regained awarenesses.

If you have all these three things happen, then you know the question is clean. You can then proceed to the next question. If a pc gets quite upset, in other words, an ARC break starts to surface while you are doing this questioning, you can go ahead and clear up the ARC break. Of course, the way you would do this is you would assess on the E-meter:

"Is it a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication, Understanding?"

Which ever one reads, you would give them the indication, "I'd like to indicate it was a break in Understanding.". Let them look at that and say two or three words (at the most a sentence), then find out what type of Understanding broke off: Find out if "Spiritual" or "Human".

"Was it a break in (______) Understanding?"

Spiritual Human
Unknown False
Curious Denied
Desired Absurd
Enforced Rationalized
Inhibited Offensive
No Horrible
Refused Compressed

Say "Curious" was the one which read, then you would say to your pc :

"I'd like to indicate curious understanding was going on and that broke off."

Your pc will then add it up and hopefully the ARC break will resolve. In the unlikely event that it doesn't resolve, you would take it earlier similar (E/S), in other words, find an E/S ARC break and do the assessment and find out what it was as I have just described and clean the ARC break up.

In the highly unlikely event that you hit a major life secondary or engram, such as being born or losing a loved one and the ARC indication won't clean it up and the person wants to run it and has visio, then you can go ahead and run it at this time.

So, either by them answering it over and over or by encountering an ARC break, you get an EP and get the question clean.

The third thing that can happen is that they will say that they don't have any more answers and then you should say, "I'll help you with it.", then ask the question again noticing the read at the end of the question. Say it is a fall that moves an inch or so, then every time the fall would reappear on the E-meter, you would say "That", 'That", "That" and they will say "Oh, yeah", in other words, they would respond. You have steered them to the exact thought. After they have given you the exact thing, you would return to asking them the same question, not consulting the meter. Then you would either go back to the meter as many times as possible until the whole thing went to a normal EP with a F/N, VGIs and cognition's, or an ARC Break repair EP

So, after your first line is clean, you go to the next line. The next line is "On the subject of your brother, is there anything that you have been careful of ?"

So, that is the pattern on doing a PrepCheck. There are a total of 18 different buttons. You need to run as many buttons as necessary to where the whole subject is all cleaned up for the pc. You don't basically ask for that, you let them tell you that.

The 18 buttons used on a PrepCheck are:

1. Suppressed 7. Protested 13 . Stated
2. Careful of 8. Anxious about 14. Helped
3. Didn't reveal 9. Decided 15. Altered
4. Not-ised 10. Withdrawn from 16. Revealed
5. Suggested 11 . Reached 17. Asserted
6. Mistake been made 12. Ignored 18. Agreed with

Normally you won't have to go beyond the ninth button. They normally get it all figured out before the ninth button or on the ninth button which is "decided".

If your pc is not ranting and raving about one particular thing, or terminal as they come in, then you would proceed with a normal Life Repair. If they do come in ranting and raving about a terminal, then you should PrepCheck that first. After that is PrepChecked off, then you would proceed with a normal Life Repair. In a normal Life Repair, you straighten out the wording, but what you need to do is ask the pc,

"In this lifetime, when have you had a rough time?"

Get them to list them off. They can either start at the beginning of the lifetime or start in PT working backwards So, they need to list off when they had rough times, don't ask for dates, just let them list them all off. When they are through with the list, the needle will float and what you do is take the largest read, marking the reads as they are listing each one off, and find out when it was and set up your PrepCheck question.

For instance, if the largest read was "going to high school", you would ask "When was that?". They say "1955 through 1958". Then, your question would be "On the 1955 through 1958 period, has anything been suppressed?". In other words, you are going to PrepCheck this largest reading area. You PrepCheck it until the whole area is cleaned off, then you take the next largest read to where you finish all the reads off and all the rough times of the lifetime have been PrepChecked off. This normally repairs a life to where they don't have attention on it and it clears all the huge ARC breaks off also. So, that is what a Life Repair is.

Coming in raw off the street, prior to giving a person a Life Repair, you should word clear Scientology, Dianetics, auditing, preclear, auditing comm. cycle, the Dianetic axioms and the Scientology axioms that are normally covered under a CS-1, then get right on the Life Repair.

If they have had a lot of auditing before, you need to do what is known as a "CS-60". You are basically going to give them a "D of P" interview. Ask them how they feel about interiorization, if they have any chronic somatics, if they have any unflat engrams, if they have any out lists, and if they have roller coastered. The order in which you will be handling that type of pc is fixing their interiorization first, their out lists second, their out ruds third, their chronic somatics fourth, their unflat engrams fifth (you may invert the fourth and fifth, check for which reads the largest), and their PTS-ness last. You do this prior to calling a 53 Form on a person who has been audited before. Always get known aberration out of the way before you assess for unknown aberration.

Calling a list and asking a person are two entirely different things. I couldn't stress that enough. This is a tremendous error made in L. Ron Hubbard's research. By calling a list, you many times miss what you could simply get by asking the pc. There are really two types of things which can be wrong with someone and that's something that they are completely unaware of which will be picked up by call a list and, then there are things which a pc is already aware of. By not asking and just calling a list, you are only going to get things that he is unaware of and all the things which he is aware of, he is not going to mention. It makes no logical sense, it is completely unscientific and wrong to exclude the pc from his own auditing and his own road to truth. That mistake is prevalent and is the suggested way of doing things by L. Ron Hubbard and the churches.

So, these are the two different ways to start out a Bridge. You can take them straight to a Life Repair using PrepChecks or you can give them a D of P interview to correct outnesses that they know of, are aware of and then follow that by using an Expanded 53 Form. If drugs were to read very heavy on the 53 Form, you would have to go immediately to the Drug Rundown. If they weren't to read heavy, you would simply get your drug list there and do your rehabs and continue with your Case Cracker if the person is more over restimulated than they are a druggy.

So, this covers the absolute bottom of a Bridge of what you will be handling as someone comes in. If in starting a Life Repair, D of P interview, or the 53 Form, it becomes self evident to you that the pc is going to run Introspection Rundown type material, in other words, psychotic breaks, you should shift them over and give them an Introspection Rundown. If it is evident that that is what is driving them mad, psychotic breaks, they are up to running those, and both of you are aware that they are crazy, then you might as well go right to the Introspection Rundown.

So, you have four possible starts:

1) normal person, normal condition, hasn't had auditing - give them a Life Repair, or a normal person, has had auditing, has no complaints, doing fine - do a Life Repair (This is your most standard type of pc.)
2) someone who has had auditing, has some case troubles, is aware of some things wrong - do a D of P interview, fix those things, and follow with a Expanded 53 Form,
3) where you do a 53 Form or Life Repair and it becomes terribly evident that the person is a druggy - proceed right onto the Drug Rundown,
4) regardless of how you started out, it becomes obvious to both of you that they are being overwhelmed with psychotic breaks and heavily introspecting - do an Introspection Rundown.

These four ways to start out is simply corresponding with what is going on with the pc. You should deliver the rundowns which are appropriate, or approximate whatever the overwhelming charges are that are surfacing on the individual. In other words, a ball of string only comes apart one way and that is the way it is rolled up. Hubbard was never aware of this, it never even occurred to him. In fact, he has held that the human mind can resolve the problems of the human mind and he differs very greatly with my definition of the human mind as being a million locks which can be undone only in the right order and if you undo any of the locks in the wrong order, the mind will condense further down and tighten on the individual.

So, that is how a PrepCheck gets done, that is how a Bridge gets started, those are the things you should clear up in starting a Bridge on someone fresh.

What I would like to proceed to next is how you handle a Case Cracker Rundown. You call the Expanded 53 Form and follow the directions on the form. You are going to have to depart from this rundown, as I have said, if they are a heavy druggy, if not, you get the form finished. Then, you do an XGF (Expanded Green Form). Then, call the LX lists, assuming "out-of-valence" reads they are called three times. Anything which reads three times won't key out, it's overwhelming charge. You run that and follow the instructions on the form. Then, you do a Dianetic Track Repair. Then you do the PTS Rundown on the three terminals which you got off the S & Ds which you did on the XGF.

Your 53 Form takes the past and present out tech off the case. The LX's bring the case into valence. The Dianetic Track Repair Rundown cleans up the unflat engrams on the track to where they can see their track and track blows clean. The three S & Ds lift the PTSness off the case and the PTS Rundown resolves the subject of PTSness for the preclear for eternity.

These five things handled on a being prevent them from ever being over restimulated. So, after that is done, a person, if they ever come in over restimulated, the next thing you would do is, since it is a major portion of the Bridge, is make sure every thing on it is flat at that point. If they have been previously audited, you might have to flatten their Power, OT III or whatever previous auditing they have had at this point. After the over restimulation is out of the way, you have a clear view of actually what happened. They will have a clear view for the first time also. Then, you proceed with your Life Repair. So, that is what a Case Cracker Rundown is. If is done on people who are over restimulated. It is actually the civilised way to start anyone on a Bridge for auditing. After your Case Cracker is done, you put in your Life Repair, then you can move onto the Drug Rundown.

The Drug Rundown is probably the most commercial, viable and practical thing within an auditor's whole bag of tricks. It is needed intensely by society. It is one of the few things that are demonstrably provable and it will pay for itself in 3 - 4 years. This is really not complicated at all. Say a guy does a Drug Rundown and it cost him $5,000 - $10,000 and he drinks $3,000 in booze a year. You get him off his booze and he has recovered his money within three years plus he is not going to drink himself to death. In fact, it is so financially viable, I have been approached by the people at all levels of government who feel that since this is so financially viable and provable (there have been over a dozen people that have been permanently cured of alcoholism and drug addiction) let's get these things done on people. I have not responded in any co-operative manner being the suspicious and perceptive fellow I am.

To do a Drug Rundown correctly, you have to understand technically what you are dealing with and what you are doing. So, we are going to take a real thorough look at this thing because it is probably the most unbelievable experience around for anyone that receives one or gives one to another. There is no way to describe what it is to audit out these things that have driven a person to drink, take aspirins or whatever their particular drug may be.

The first thing you need to do in doing a Drug Rundown is to get a full list of the drugs that they have taken. It is nice to separate these out into categories. Get a full list on each of the following four categories to where they F/N. You will get a F/N showing it is a complete list on each of them and if it doesn't F/N simply say, -I'd like to extend the list and keep them listing until you get it all.

1) all the street drugs they have taken,
2) all the medicines
3) all the alcohol's
4) combinations of drugs they have taken, like when they had a cigarette and an aspirin and a drink.

After you have a complete list of each category, then double back and get the dates they took these, what period of time they took them, in other words, 1953 through 1956 on the vodka, and get them all dated Then, you come back through the lists a third time and what you are going to do is rehabilitate what happened when they took these things.

This gets a little technical at this point. You clear the word release out of the dictionary with them, and the Scientology word "release". What you want to do is rehabilitate how many times they went "release", both definitions, on the drug. For instance, they take aspirin, you ask "On aspirin, how many times did you go release?", in other words, get some relief from something. They tell you, give an instant answer, of 355 times. If the needle floats, you say "I'd like to indicate that it was 355 times." So, you get the right number from them, even if you have to search around for it. The reason you are doing this is to cure them from overrun phenomena. They accomplished something and whether good or bad, it should be acknowledged, otherwise, they may just continue doing it because they are stuck in it. You do this on each of the street drugs, the medicines, the alcohol's and the combinations. If they occasionally say that there was no relief or release, don't fight them on the subject, let it be that way. So, now you have these drugs "rehabbed".

The next thing you do is the TRs with the individual to where they understand them, TR 0 - 4 and TR 6 - 9. Then, you do the CCHs 1 - 7, in other words, you are auditing them on these. Then, you audit them on Opening Procedure by Duplication. Then, you run them on Self-Analysis recall processes (see Appendix). Then, you do a Dianetic CS-1. Then, you do a pc Assessment Form.

Next you run 4-way recalls on giving drugs as follows:

"Recall another giving you drugs." to EP
"Recall giving drugs to another." to EP
"Recall another giving drugs to others." to EP
"Recall giving drugs to yourself." to EP

Then, you run 4-way secondaries, making sure each of these things read (you don't run things which don't read). If they don't read, word clear them, they are probably going to then.

1st Flow: "Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of another giving you drugs." R3R to EP (R3R will be defined later.)
2nd Flow: "Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of you giving drugs to another." R3R to EP
3rd Flow: "Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of another giving drugs to others". R3R to EP
4th Flow: "Locate an incident containing loss or emotion of you giving drugs to yourself." R3R to EP

Then, you run four flows of engrams on giving drugs:

1st Flow: "Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of another giving you drugs." R3R to EP
2nd Flow: "Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of you giving drugs to another." R3R to EP
3rd Flow: "Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of another giving drugs to another or others." R3R to EP
4th Flow: "Locate an incident containing pain and unconsciousness of you giving drugs to yourself." R3R to EP

Next you run off the somatic chains that are connected with taking drugs. The way you do that is you take your biggest reading drug or combination off the drug list and check it for a read, and I'm sure it will read. Then, you assess for types of chains which are connected with taking the drug. You must clear the word "are" because you are going to asking the guy "Are there any pains connected with taking cigarettes?, not were , but are. You don't want this thing to go on forever.

So, let's say the first drug you are working on is cigarettes. The questions you ask, marking the reads as you go, while you are just checking them on the meter are:

"Are there any pains connected with taking cigarettes?"














































You check for these types of somatic chains on any drug or Dianetic item. This action of calling these questions off is called a preassessment.

You then take those which read and get the pc to list out what he has got. Let's say you had four reads, attitudes was your largest read, emotions was the next largest, pains was the next and your fourth largest was dislikes, The way you do this with attitudes as your largest read is, you ask, "What attitudes are connected with taking cigarettes?". The pc says "Lousy attitudes, and that's all" and there is no FN; what you do here is extend the list by saying "I'd like to extend the list, there seems to be something else here." Get him to list them out until the list FNs and they are all gone. They actually key-out by listing them.

Attitudes are grossly misunderstood not only within Scientology, but also the dictionary and throughout society. An attitude is a substitute for an emotion, in other words, after a person is tired of feeling an emotion, they don't want to feel the emotion anymore, they will adopt a fixed point of view, a frame of reference, and that is what an attitude is. In fact, in running a case off, there may be only fifty things wrong with an individual, but you are dealing with a different level of address because you are PrepChecking it off, keying it out with a Life Repair. On a Drug Rundown, you run off a "lousy attitude" and somewhere along the line you are going to have to run off a "lousy emotion". So, then at a deeper level of case (running a case off is just like peeling an onion), you will be running off the intention "to feel lousy" under XDN, and then you will take off their mental machinery which keeps them lousy and their subscription to a lousy existence on Grade 0, I, II, III and IV. It will be a lock on the Ser Fac. So, you have five levels of address of the same commodity called "lousy".

So, you get them to list all their attitudes connected with cigarettes and the needle floats. (Hubbard says you run them out at this time; I disagree because it doesn't work well at all.) What you should do as your next step is to take the next largest read and have them list all the emotions connected with cigarettes. Don't do any running, you want to get them all listed out to where the drug will key-out. So, you ask them "What emotions are connected with taking cigarettes?" They list those out down to a FN. Then, you ask, "What pains are connected with taking cigarettes?" and you list those out. When you get down to dislike, you should clear it before you ask the question. Dislikes or any somatic can be printed two ways: 1) there is either an adjective before the dislike, in other words, an example would be "a horrendous dislike", or 2) it can be followed with a prepositional phrase and that is probably the most exciting way it lists, for instance, "a dislike of people". So, you would ask them "What dislikes do you have connected with taking cigarettes?" and they might say "Oh, a dislike of people, dislike of fresh air, dislike or living a long lifetime, dislike of health." and then their needle floats.

Now you have all four types of reading somatics completely listed out (and as they listed each one of them out you are marking the reads). You now have a complete list of every thing that is connected with taking this drug.

You run now off the largest reads first and smaller reads in descending order of reads. That is the order to run these things off. Example: on the four lists of somatics, if you had a large read, an LFBD, on a "lousy attitude" and you had an LFBD on a "dislike of people", you would run those two in that order before you would take up any smaller reads, such as a long fall (LF) on an emotion.

You run all of them off. Those that didn't read, any emotions or attitudes that are listed, any of these somatics that are listed that don't read, you simply check on them You can go ahead and call them after you have run off all the reading items. If they don't read, you can check, for instance, there is an unreading emotion, "a silly emotion", You can check "On a silly emotion has anything been suppressed? Has anything been invalidated?". If there is no read on either, then you leave it. If there is a read on either of the buttons, then you go ahead and run off that somatic.

Now that you have run off all the somatics that are connected with the first, large drug, you then check the drug, it shouldn't have a read on it and to make doubly sure that you have gotten it all, you just take the drug, which was cigarettes as an example, and say, "On cigarettes has anything been suppressed?" If there is no read, you mark X. "On cigarettes has anything been invalidated?" If there is no read, you mark X.

You then take up the second largest reading drug on your list and keep up this sort of activity and this technique and erasing them off until either you have run all the somatics, or the person reaches an incident where it is obvious to them and you that their imaginary track, their past track and their present track collapsed. In other words, he will be running a past track engram where he decided it was best to live in a delusionary world because he just killed his wife or something. If something like this happens, go ahead and let them have their win, and let the session end off. If they proclaim that they have never felt like this before and they have slid forward to PT and so forth, you can wait a day and then check it.

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