GF, GREEN FORM, also known as "A REVIEW"

The list is called all the way though and the reads noted. Then they are handled in the order they occurred, usually by 2wc, and rarely by earlier similar. The list is used to repair a sudden drop in pc awareness, case gain, or condition at any point on the grade chart.

Have you had enough rest?
Have you had enough peace?
Have you had enough sleep?
Have you had enough food?
Have you had the right kind of food?
Is a body cleansing process going on?
Are you physically ill?
Is it alcohol?
Is it drugs?
Do you want more auditing than you are getting?
You don't want auditing? (Find out and fix why not)
Is there an ARC Break? (Handle by assessment)
Is there an ARC Break in session?
Is there an ARC Break in the environment?
Are there ignored originations?
Is there a present time problem?
Is there a problem?
Has there been an evaluation?
Has there been an invalidation?
Is there a missed withhold?
Is there an overt?
Is there a misunderstood word or symbol?
 Are you continually committing overts?
 Has there been no auditing?
Something that isn't there?
Are you trying to put something where there is nothing?
Has there been a false assertion?
Has there been a list or listing error? (Use an L4B to fix)
Is there incident, picture, or somatic bothering you? (use an L3RE to fix)
Is there any Scientology process over or underun? (D/L the 1st EP if overrun, then flatten it to new EP)
Is a Power process unflat? (Correct with L4B, Run Power to EP)
Is there something that hasn't been handled?
False attestation?
Untrue assertions about case?
Told a lie?
Wasn't sure?
Misunderstood technology?
Misunderstood philosophy?
Misunderstood case condition?
Have you been experimenting unsuccessfully?
Former releases?
Has there been a bad auditing comm. cycle?
Have their been auditor mistakes?
Is there a hidden standard for being ok?
Is there another treatment in progress?
Are you connected to a suppressive person? (who)
Are you connected to a suppressive group?
Are you an environmental menace?
Are you in contact with an environmental menace?
Are you here to get data for someone else?
Are you here because somebody else demanded it?
Have you been self-auditing? (use Instruction B of 53 form if you want to fix this for all time)
Have you been audited by a church-trained auditor?
Do you have a criminal record?
Have you committed crimes for which you could be arrested?
Have you been made guilty for crimes you did not commit?
Have you had "Ethics Handling" in a church? (2wc, L4B, L1C, L3RE, Ruds, and then AESP & Intentions connected with to where pc recovers from "doing what is best for the group")
Has there been any insane asylum history?
Has there been any shock treatment history?
Are you here to be cured of something not mentioned?
Do you have unpaid debts to anyone?
Do you owe anyone anything, including even money?
Do you have knowledge of a crime committed against mankind's oldest dream of self discovery coming true?
Has anything been suppressed?
Has anything been invalidated?
Has anything been attempted?
Has anything been challenged?
Has anything been resisted?
Has anything been abandoned?
Has anything been rushed?
Has anything been missed?
Has something been over-run?
Has something gone on too long?
Has something ended too quickly?
Has something very beautiful been lost?
Have you been audited over out-int, out-lists, out-ruds, unflat engrams, or PTSness? (find out which fix as-of, ind the BPC that such was wrong and unnecessary)
Do you have an engram exactly matching present time dangers?
Are you out of valence?
Is what is wrong not on this list?
(If so get the PC to state what the trouble is now)



This is used to correct study errors that effect one's abilities to study, to exteriorize one from the English language, and to disprove the allegation that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me". You do not clear these word on this assessment. Simply tell the pc "We are going to assess a list of subjects to see if there is any word you did not understand in your study of them." Then assess this list and mark the reads:

Religion ________ The mind ________
Ministers ________ The spirit ________
Churches ________ Bodies ________
College ________ Sex ________
Schools ________ Insanity ________
Sacrifices ________ Psychiatry ________
Surgery ________ Psycho-Analysis ________
Medicine ________ Psychology ________
Electronics ________ Rituals ________
Physics ________ Rites ________
Technologies ________ Naval Sciences ________
Dianetics ________ Computer Science ________
Scientology ________ Military Science ________
Theology ________ Astronomy ________
Theosophy ________ Biology ________
Philosophy ________ English ________
Law ________ Chemistry ________
Administration ________ Business ________
Government ________ Sociology ________
Banking ________ Economics ________
Machinery ________ Healing ________
Science ________ Eastern religions ________
Illness ________ Health ________
Music ________ Art ________
Astrology ________ The humanities ________
Engineering ________ Genetics ________
History ________ Languages ________
Selling ________ Literature ________
Energy ________ Mathematics ________
Social skills ________ Drugs ________
Finance ________ Skills ________

(You may add subjects that deal with this particular pc)


Next, ask "Is there any word on this list you did not understand?" If so, clear it, what it means by having them look it up in the dictionary, reading the definition until it F/Ns.

Then handle the reading subjects in the order of the larger to the smaller reads. This is done by asking "In the subject of _____________ what word has been misunderstood?"  Have them look up and read the definition of that word until it F/Ns. If it does not, find what word in the definition they don't understand and clear that to F/N, then double back to the 1st word and clear that to F/N. If this word doesn't clear up the subject, ask for an earlier word that was misunderstood, clear it and so forth. You keep going earlier for earlier words that were misunderstood, until the whole subject cleans up. They will announce so when it happens.

After all the reads are handled, re-assess the list, and handle any reading subjects as described above. You continue this activity until the assessment F/Ns when you call it, and their study difficulties are resolved thereby.

If there is any bog or problem, use the -Word Clearing Correction List to correct it. You simply call the list all the way through, marking the reads, and then come back through the reading questions, and clear them up.



Unflat Int R/D (use Int Repair list)
List errors (use L4E)
Unflat Engram or secondary (Use L3RE)
Out Rudiment (fly it)
Another subject has been stirred up (what, clear the words that were misunderstood in it)
Over-ran clearing a word
Pretended to understand and didn't
Confused by something
A word on the list of subjects was misunderstood
Over-ran a subject
A word is still misunderstood
A subject is still misunderstood
Didn't get the basic word behind the confusion
Didn't get the earlier subject behind the confusion (If a subject will not clear and pc says no more M/U words, get the earlier subject and clear the m/u words in that)
A subject should have been on the list but wasn't
A word in a definition wasn't understood


Master List of All Words Used in the Folowing:

ARC Break, Problem, PTP, Overt, Withhold & MWH Ruds. (From Aud. Drills) Rehab Procedure (By Count & 65 Method - From Auditor Drills) R3R Procedure, L3B, Green Form, LCR, GF 40 RR, Word Clearing Corr. List, L4BR, L1C, CS Ser.53RC, HC Out Pt.Plus Pt List, L1X Hi-Lo TA List, Int.Rundown Corr.List & Study Correction List.

(Note: Words marked * are on Study Correction List and no other list)

  a   associated   chains
  abandoned   asylum   change
* able   at   changing
  about   attacked   changed
* absent   attain   charge
  accept   attained   charged
  accepted * attainable * cheated
  acceptable   attainments   check
  accusation   attention * checkout
* achieve * attested * checksheet
* achieved   attestation   chopped
  acknowledge   attitude * circumstances
  acknowledged   auditing   classrooms
  acted   audited   clearing
  action   auditor   cleared
  actions * authority   clearer
  actual * available   close
  actually       code
* admitted   back   cognite
* advanced   bad   cognition
* affect   badly   cognitions
  affinity   basic   command
  afraid * basics   commands
  after   be   commit
  against   being   committing
  alcohol   been   committed
  alignment * became   communication
  alike   because   comm cycle
  all   before   complete
* allowed   beginning * completion
  already * believe   concerned
  altered * believes   condensed
  altering   believeable   condition
  amazed   beliefs   confessional
  an * benefit   confidential
  and   betrayal * conflicting
  another   between * confront
  answer   beyond   confused
* answered   black   confusing
  antagonistic   body   confusion
  any   bodies   connected
* anyone   bones   connections
  anything * books   considered
  anywhere   break   considerations
  anxious   breaks   constantly
* apart   broken * contain
* apply   but   continue
* applying   by   continues
* applied   bypassed   continued
* application   bypassed charge   continuous
* applicability       continuously
  ARC Break   came * converted
  ARC Breaks   cans   copies
  are   can   correct
  arrested   could   correctly
  as   can't   correction
  ashamed   couldn't   count
  asked * care   counted
* aspects   carried   course
  asserted   case * courses
  assertion   cases * create
  assertions   cast   credible
  assess   cause   crime
  assessed   causing   crimes
  assessment   chain   criminal


  cured   engram   forgot
  curious   engrams   form
  curious about   environment   forms
  current   environmental   former
  cut   erase   found
  cycle   erasing   from
      erased * fundamentals
  damage   erasure    
  damaged   error   get
  dangers   errors   getting
* dangerous * essentials * gotten
  dare   evaluated * gimmicks
  datum   evaluation   giving
  data   event   given
  date   events   go
  debts   ever   going
  decay * everyone   gone
  decision   everything   goal
  decreased   evil * good
* definition * exam   goofing
  delusion * examination   goofs
  demanded * exams   grade
  denied * examinations   grades
  dental * examiner * gradient
  described   exact   grasped
  desired   exactly   group
* detached   exercise    
  Dianetics   exercises   hallucination
  Dianetic * exist * handle
  different   experimenting   handled
  direction * expert   hands
* disagree * explanation   handwritten
  disagreements   ext.   happen
  disappeared   exteriorization * hated
  disappointed   exterior   have
  disclosed   eyes   having
  diseases * eyesight   has
  dislike * eyestrain   had
  distracted       haven't
  disturbed   fact   hasn't
  do   facts * hadn't
  doing   factual   havingness
  does   fail   head
  did   failed   hear
  done * failure   heavily
* doingness   false   help
  doesn't * falsely   here
  didn't * falsifying   hidden
  don't   family   history
  dropped * fast   hold
  drugs   feel   held
  drunk   feeling   hostile
  duration   felt * how
  during * few   hungry
      field   hypnotism
  each * financially    
  early * find   idea
  earlier   fine   ideas
  Eastern * finite   if
* educated   first   ignored
  electric   fixed   ill
  electronic   flat   illnesses
  else   flow   implant
  elses   flows   implanting
* embarrassed   FN   implanted
  emotion   FNs   important
* emphasis   food    
  end   for    
  ended   forced    
  endless * forget    

* importance   lie * name
  importances   lying * names
  impossible * lied   nearly
  in   life * necessary
  incident   like * need
  incidents * line   neglected
* incompetent   list   never
  incomplete   listing   new
* incomprehensible   lists   no
  incorrect   listed   non
  indicated   listening   not
  indoctrinations   locate * non-involvement
  infectious   located * not-ised
  inhibited   location   not-ising
  injustice   locations   nothing
  insane   long   now
* insufficient   looking * nowhere
  insignificant * lost   nulling
  instead   lot    
  intensive   low   object
  intention   lower   objects
  interest * lowered   objecting
  interested   LSD   objective
  int.     * obscure
  interiorization   m,ajor * pbserve
  ints. * make   obviously
  interrupted   making   occurred
  into   made   occurrence
* invalidate * many   of
  invalidated   mass   off
  invalidation   masses   okay
  invented   matching   old
  invisible * material   omitted
  is   materials   on
  isn't   matter   one
  it   me   once
  item * mean   only
  items   meaning   opinions
      meaningless   or
  jails   medicine   order
  jump   medical   orgs.
  jumped   meditation   original
  just * memorized   originations
      menace   others
  keep   mental   others
  keeps   mentally   out
  kind   mentioned   over
  know   messed   overlisting
  knowing   meter   overlisted
  knew   middle   overrepaired
  known   might   overrun
  knowingness   mind   overt
  knowledge * misemotional   overts
  key-in * misrepresentation   overwhelm
  keyed-in   missed   overwhelming
  key-out   missing   O/W
  keyed-out * misunderstand    
      misunderstanding * pages
* lack   misunderstood   pain
* last * misunderstoods   part
  later   miswordeed   parts
* lead   mixed * partial
* learn   more   particles
* learned   most * particular
  leave   move * pass
  leaving * much   passed
  left   must   past
  less * mystery   p.c.
  letting       preclear
  people   real   set
  peoples   really   several
  perception   reality   shift
* period   reason   shock
  person   reasons   short
  persisting   recall   should
  persistent   record   shouldn't
  physical   recurring * show
  physically   refuse * significance
  picture   refused   similar
  pictures   refusing   situation
  place   refusal   sized
  places   rehab   skid
  plausible   rehabbed * skip
  point   rejected   skipped
  post   rejection   sleep
  pot (marijuana)   relative   smoking
  power * relayed   solid
* powerful   release * solve
  practice   released * solution
  practices   religion   somatic
  practicing   religions   somatics
  practiced   removed   some
  present   repair   somebody
  p.t. * repairs   someone
  present time * repairing   something
* pretend * repaired   space
* pretending * required   spaces
  pretended   restimulated   spells
  prevented   restimulation   spiritual
  previously * result   standard
* printed * results   start
  prior   returned   started
  problem   review   startled
  problems   reviewed   state
  process   right   statement
  processes   rightness * stats
* program   rites * status
  progress   ruds * steep
* promised   rudiments   still
  proper   rundown   stirred
  protest   rushed * stop
  protesting       stuck
  protested   sad   study
  p.t.p.   same * studying
  present time problem   satisfied * studies   say * studied
  psychiatric   said * student
  psychology   saying * students
  psychology   scan * stupid
  PTS (potential trouble source)   scared   subject
  pull   scene   subjects
* punished   scientific * substitute
  purpose   Scientology   sudden
  push * schools   sufficient
  pushed   sec check   suggest
  put   secondary   suggested
  puzzled   sacondaries * supervise
      secrets * supervisor
* qualification   see * supervisors
  question   seeking * support
  questions * seem   supposed
      self   suppressed
  run   sensation   suppressive
  ran   separated * suppresively
  running   sequence   sure
  react   seriously   symbol
  read   service facsimile   symptom
  reading   service facsimiles   soon


  TA   unflat   worn
  tone arm   unacknowledged   worried
  take * unavailable   wron
  taking   unbelievable    
  taken * unconfident   yoga
* took   under   you
  talk   understand   your
  talking * understanding   yours
  taped   understood   yourself
  target   undisclosed    
* taught   unimportant    
* teacher   unnecessary    
  tech   unpaid    
* technology   unreading    
* technical   unrun    
  techniques   untrue    
  teeth   unwilling    
  tell   up    
  telling   upset    
* told * upsets    
* terms   upsetting    
  terminal   urgently    
* test * use    
  than * used    
  the   valance    
* then   value    
  therapy   valued    
  therapies   volunteered    
  their   waiting    
  there   want    
  thing   wants    
  things   wanted    
  think   was    
  thinking   were    
  this   wasn't    
  through   weren't    
  thought   way    
  three   we    
  thrill   well    
  time   went    
  times   what    
  timed   when    
  tired   where    
* title   which    
* titles   while    
  to   who    
  too   why    
* total   will    
* trained   would    
* training * wouldn't    
  tranquilizers * won't    
  trapped   willingness    
  treatment   win    
  TR   wins    
  trouble   witchcraft    
  true   with    
  truth   withhold    
  truthful   withholding    
  try   withheld    
  trying   missed withhold    
  tried * without    
  twice   word    
* twin * words    
  twisted   wording    
  two   worked    
  typed   works    


CS-1:  actions taken to educate the preclear on R3R

The purpose of this is to enable the pc to run R3R smoothly, by going over the information necessary for him to do so. You tell the pc you are going to do this to familiarise him with auditing procedures, and the relevant basic data to this technology of erasing chronic conditions.

1. Clear these words to where he understands them well:

Auditor,      preclear,      session,      E-meter,      auditing,      Static,      thetan,      mind,      body,      postulate,      consideration,      decision,      bank,      mass,      facsimile,      dub,      basic,      charge,      by-passed charge,      lock,      Secondary,      Engram,      chain,      mental-image picture,      effort,      counter effort,      emotion,      counter emotion,      thought,      counter-thought,      aesthetic,      counter aesthetic,      self- determination,      other-determinism,      unconsciousness,      impact,      time before an agreed upon time,      magic track,      violations of one's own will,      plus randomity,      minus randomity,      key-out,      erasure,      chain erasure,      floating needle,      cognition,      truth,      as-isness,      alterisness,      isness,      not-isness,      erasing,      solid,      confront,      create,      re-experience,      perfect duplicate,      own's universe,      suppressed,      invalidated,      attitude,      sensation,      pain.

2. Go through these axioms (at a minimum) with them to where they can and do use them in daily life:

Scientology axioms:  1,2,3,11,30,32,38, and 51.
Dianetic axioms:  90-98,123, and 180-187.

On Scientology axiom 11, give him examples and have him give you examples until he can find the condition and statement in less than 5 seconds, thus disintegrate an area of data in less than 20 seconds. Also drill him by giving statements and ask from what condition of existence are they, with less than a 5 second comm. lag. This takes some drilling however it is never more than 2 hours, to get the person to where they can find the truth on anything in less than 20 seconds. If they have had contact with a Scientology church do not hesitate to run that example, so they are freed from all the persisting lies, which will be 99% of their exposure. Get it clear as day and twice as bright that truth doesn't persist (stay there by itself), and it has to be created. Then clear that the erasure of each of the 4 conditions of existence will produce the EP of F/N, VGIs, and Cogs, but the reason you are doing this is to find the truth, so one will be free from it for eternity.

Use money, love, the economy, friends, man, etc. to get good reality on the workability of finding truth as a means of setting oneself free.

3. Go over with the PC, and have him explain back to you what a lock, secondary, engram, and chain are. Then go over how a picture erases.

4. Have him mock up a picture and erase it, so that he can observe the phenomena. This will demonstrate the mechanics and absence of belief in erasure.

5. Briefly go over the first 5 TRs (Training routines), then do them on whim with you being the coach, so that he has some TRs for life and auditing. Then go over how the TRs and a comm. cycle are used in auditing to produce vanishments. Then establish a good communications cycle with the pc, now that he has determined what one is.

6. Go over each step of R3R, explaining each step, and explaining the procedure, and use of the E-Meter. If the pc is not in rough shape, run out a chain on him or yourself out-loud as a demonstration with the meter in view (you sit side by side), so he can see it all happening and understand that this is not theory or imagination, but a factual discharge of actual energy. If the pc is in rough shape, you can skip this step and run a light restricted subject on yourself outloud, such as disagreements with French cooking back to basic.

7. Ask for any questions, disagreements, or thoughts, and after that, the CS-1 is complete.

8. If the pc is obviously interiorized into importance's of body vs body games, then clear that the time track has this as about the last third of this as its content. Then clear that the prior third was spirit Vs bodies, and the earliest third was spirit Vs spirits. This will give this type of preclear the very big shovel he will very much need, in finding the basic incidents to his present troubles.



(This is also known as "Original assessment sheet", "White Form", or "WF". It is used to find areas of Dianetic Trauma in this life.)

This is most usually done in the early steps of the "Special Drug R/D".  Occasionally it is done at the beginning of the folder, or the beginning of Dianetics. One simply asks these questions of the pc in a session, gets the answers written on the form, and notes the E-meter reads on the form in doing so. Later, after the Drug R/D is done you can come back throughand if the pc is interested in running these incidents out (and they read), you run them out R3R. Only on the line, "Are you upset with or cross about anything or anyone at this particular time?" would you treat the upset like a drug and do a preassessment for somatic chains connected with it and run all those chains out. It is the most important line on the form, and you should tell the PC this right before asking the question.  The rest of the form is cleared up R3R on the incident. In the unlikely  event you have a large read (LFBD), and they have no interest in running it out, you can indicate the size of the read to them, and ask for interest in running it out a second time. Often the charge can cause "no interest". One might surmise that contemporary society is rampant with the complaint of "no interest", and this is rampant with charge.


PC Name________________________Age_________ Todays date______

Auditor Name___________________TA Position___________________

1. Is your mother living?_________________
(record E-Meter reaction after each answer)

2. (If not, date of death_________________

3. What is your statement of your relationship with your

4. Is your father living?_________________

5. (if not, date of death_________________

6. What is your statement of your relationship with your

7. Have you had any relatives that have passed on?__________
(If so, after you get who, then get the dates)

8. Are you currently associated with anyone who is against
your getting better?_____________________________________

9. Are you married?_____________Single?_____________________
  Divorced?____________ (If so, when and # of times)_______
Living with someone?_____________________________________
Any marital difficulties that you presently have?________
If divorced, list the reasons for the divorce, and
the pcs feelings about the divorce_______________________
Children?__________________(If-any died, get the date)___

10. What level of education and training have you had?_______

11. What are the main jobs that you have had?________________

12. What street drugs have you taken?(get a complete list
to F/N on each of these 4 questions and list them on
a separate sheet of paper entitled "Drug List")
What medicines have you taken?
What alcohol's have you taken?
What combinations have you taken of the above 3?
(after listing them, get the duration of time they took each.
Write that to the left of the drug, and the reads after the
drug. You don't rehab them here. If you have this list
already from the pc, omit questions from the assessment.)

13. What severe losses have you had in life that influenced it?
Loss____________________Date______Your description of it ____
("In a few words, what was
it like?")
____________________ ______ _______________________
____________________ ______ _______________________
____________________ ______ _______________________
____________________ ______ _______________________

14. What deaths have severely affected your life?
_____________________ ______ _____________________
_____________________ ______ _____________________
_____________________ ______ _____________________
_____________________ ______ _____________________

(Don't limit this to people only. The death of the industrial
economy in 1966 you could miss on someone by doing so. I have
yet to meet an individual that is not in grief or anger on it)

15. Are you upset with or cross about anything at this partic-
ular time?__________________________Date of it________________
__________________________ ________________
__________________________ ________________
__________________________ ________________
__________________________ ________________

16. Are you in any particular danger at this time?____________
Are there engrams that match this in the past?____________

17. Accidents Date Physical Damage

18. Illnesses Date  Physical Damage

19. Operations Date

20. How would you describe your present physical condition?

21. Do you currently have any illness? __________________

Do you have any recurring physical ailment?__________

22. Is there any this lifetime family history of insanity?

23. Are you color blind?___________Do you wear glasses_______
24. Are you overweight?______________________________________
    Are you underweight?_____________________________________
 Do you have any perception difficulties?_________________

25. Do you have any earlier allies or very close friends?

26. What is your attitude toward treatment?__________________

What is your attitude toward illness?____________________

Do you have any sexual difficulties?_____________________

27. Do you have any compulsions?_____________________________
    Do you have any repressions?_____________________________

(Compulsions are things one feels compelled to do;
Repressions are things one must prevent himself from

Do you have any fears?___________________________________

28. Are you trying to change something that somebody else
doesn't like?____________________________________________

29. Are you here on your own self determinism?_______________

30. Have you had previous auditing?______________________
Auditor(s): Hours: What run: What achieved:

31. Is there anything that wasn't achieved from such processing?

32. Have you had any former practices before this?___________

Are you continuing any of these in the present?__________

33. Are you trying to solve any problems by processing?______

34. Is there anything this lifetime that happened that we
should consider auditing out?____________________________


PREPARED ASSESSMENT R/D (for Dianetics by subject)

After the Drug R/D is completed, the Relief R/D run (Have you lost anything? and R3R every answer given, the PC Assessment Sheet is completed, you do this "Prepared Assessment R/D".

The first thing you do is assess this list and mark down the reads:

infirmity anxiety
sickness terror
being unwell horror
bad feelings panic
apprehension alarm
disagreeable feelings timidity
soreness distress
hurting ailment
ailment complaint
a disorder body affliction
damaged body parts hurt body parts
allergies relatives
skin irritation skin disorder
unwanted feelings jobs
dental problems the environment
unwanted body condition upsets
unwanted manner problems
depression romances
infection contamination
unwanted behaviour friends
injuries enemies
mishap marriage
perception troubles children
loss of a loved one parents
impulses urges
crimes machinery
restraints matter
energy space
time churches
religions philosophies
dianetics scientology
auditing people

You take the reading items up in descending order of read (handle the larger reads first proceeding to smaller reads). Ask the pc "In your own words 2 or 3, briefly describe that __________" (the item that reads). Treat the redescription as a drug, doing a preassessment on it, listing the somatic chains, and R3Ring them out, until the redescription and item are resolved for all time. Handle all reads thusly. This normally completes the R/D, but you may re-assess the list at the end to confirm it, if you have doubts. Of course, any read you would handle as just described.


The Final Footnote

It was almost painful confining this text to the worlds of Truth, Scientology, and these times. In so doing, I spoke only of the missing links and fragments that men lost along the way. It would have been a great pleasure to have explained in detail (1) that the book was restricted to the third and fourth generations of man, and stylised towards easing that transition, (2) that most of Christianity is far beyond anyone ever having read it (there will be no time, through love is sainthood and space known, from those that have not shall be taken and given to those that have, etc.) (3)that all religions are true, (4) that only if the four roads to knowledge (art, religion, philosophy, science) are embraced may knowledge be transmitted, (5) that a minority of errors are the downfall of the occult and Science, (6) that Theta was only addressed in its 56 and l98-Law manifestations in this book, (7) that theta at other intervals of 28, 14, 7, 3, 2, and one law(s) is infinitely more kind, (8) that the intervals of theta at 99, 396, 792, etc. laws is vet unpublished, (9) that time and its perception remain a substitute for space, (10) that the introduction of 2 additional laws to the existing 7 accomplishes escape velocity from the sleep that living on a physical plane only is, (11) that intuitive, rational, emotional, and motion centres in the body are rechargeable, (12) that the entire construction of normal consciousness is solely that of self hypnosis which is erasable through Dianetic procedure, (13) that eternally cognitive states are a prerequisite for the construction of supernatural states and performance, (14) that much of the ignorance and evil manifested by the Churches of Scientology were of, by and for the world, (15) that an obituary had to be written by someone of social grace, (16) that Ibsen's observation that truth rarely lasts longer than 17 to 18 years applied to the 3rd-generation manifestation of Scientology, (17) purification of impurity is the only option of Chenesi, Sinzani, Cylene and friends, (18) that the single meaning of the cross is that life is never other than at right angles to itself, (19) that there is a unity and singularity above dualism and antithesis that is very sweet, (20) that quantitatively and qualitatively the past and future far outweigh the present, (21) that souls are the invention of spirits, (22) that 5th generation people from the future are already here to assist us, (23) that volition disappears when one rises above dualism, (24) that it takes millions of earth-years to grow out of spiritual adolescence for the few that make it, and (25) that only a fool seeking self-destruction would carry a lighted torch into the winds of this world Alas, I did not explain these things, for too much truth too quickly would terrify instead of inspire, and thus defeat the spiritual purpose of this book: To provide the missing links to the few who have earned and paid the price for sight.

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