Some "old scientologist" who started in scientology in the l970s, 1960s or even before and grew up within the secrecy-mindedness of the Church of Scientology, may think it overly risky and daring, if not irresponsible, to reveal hitherto strictly guarded "confidential" data in an open-to-all pocket book. But there are a number of reasons which seem to make it alright to do so at this particular stage of the game, the main one being that the incidents which will be described, and their perpetrators, have been worked on so thoroughly by so many auditors over several decades that their restimulation potential has been exhausted considerably. This is proven by the fact that in 1968, when the following materials were released to the public, people showed extremely strong reactions when exposed to them - for some solo-auditors it took years to audit out their charge - whereas nowadays their effect is comparatively weak. So there seems to be no harm involved in presenting these hitherto confidential data to the public.

Please feel free to reject any or all of this, to see it as allegory or science fiction, as the raving of a madman or a cunning scheme to con money out of the gullible. As Hubbard kept emphasizing:

"Only what you have observed yourself is true for you".

Someone may argue that putting it all out in the open would make people copy the "esoteric" contents of the Xenu myth and make solo-auditing a shallow experience. Against this one may hold that reading about an esoteric truth isnít quite the same as experiencing it oneself and understanding it. Those who arenít ready for the pertinent experiences wonít have them - even after reading whole libraries about them. In a way, this serves as a self-protecting mechanism which keeps the mind from getting damaged. However, just to make sure, take this warning:

Warning: Anyone reading on beyond this point does so at their own risk!

Should you take the risk despite this warning and feel any discomfort, nausea or sleeplessness at any point, this is what you can do:

1. Take vitamin C, E, B 1, calcium and magnesium in large doses. This serves to fortify the bodyís energy field and keeps the energy impulses produced by "awakened" entities from affecting the Genetic Entity (which would result in sleeplessness and nervousness).

It is possible to use tranquilizers or beer to get on top of the effects, but this is not recommended as it only submerges them.

2. Do physical work, complete physical cycles of action, keep your attention extraverted. Do not go into the contents of the pictures you may see. Donít act against them either; acknowledge their existence, but keep your attention outwards.

3. Use the "Readerís Restimulation Remedy" in the appendix or find an auditor and get the restimulation handled in a session.



The following quotations are taken from the so-called "OT III materials"; so they are solo-auditing instructions pertaining to the Operating Thetan Course, Level Ill. They were handwritten by Hubbard in a rather sketchy way on the 28th of October 1968:

"The implant is calculated to kill (by pneumonia etc.) anyone who attempts to solve it. This liability has been dispensed with by my tech development. (...) In December 67 I knew somebody had to take the plunge. I did it and emerged very knocked out but alive. Probably the only one to do so in 75,000,000 years. I have all the data now but only that given here is needful"

Other useful sources of information on the OT III implants are tape 10 of the "Class VIII Auditor Course" of October 1968 and Hubbardís film script "Revolt in the Stars" of the mid-70ís where he does not treat the subject confidentially at all, quite the contrary! Loads of gruesome details are revealed. (When referred to, these materials will be abbreviated "OT Ill", "Tape 10" and "RITS". All quotations without any further indication of their source are "OT III".)

The first page of the OT III materials starts with the memorable words: "The head of the Galactic Confederation (76 planets around larger stars visible from here) (formed 95 ,000,000 years ago; very space opera) solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet - 178 billion average) by mass implanting. (. . .) . His name was Xenu. He used renegades."

Now letís look this over bit by bit and comment on it. A Galactic Confederation is mentioned. According to RITS, its 76 planets belong to 21 stars: Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri, Vega, Capella, Arcturus, Rigel, Procyon, Achernar, Beta Centauri, Altair, Betelgeuse, Acrux, Aldebaran, Pollux, Spica, Antares, Formalhaut, Deneb, Regulus and Sol (our sun). The distances are considerable: for Rigel and Deneb, the systems furthest away from Earth, itís 500 lightyears. Closest to Earth are Alpha Centauri with 4.3 lightyears and Sirius with 8.5 lightyears. The rest is somewhere in between. Yet distance didnít seem to be an obstacle. According to Tape 10 it took nine weeks to cover the 400 lightyears from Polaris to Earth.

The galaxy we are in is roughly 10.000 lightyears thick and 100.000 lightyears across. Our next-door neighbour is Andromeda, a galaxy 2.7 million lightyears away. As we learned above, the Galactic Confederation was formed 95 million years ago, i.e. 20 million years before the catastrophe, and lasted through various modifications until today.

Incidentally, the names of these stars are strikingly identical to those one finds listed in astronomy books under ĎThe 21 brightest stars in the Northern Hemisphere". Did Hubbard just copy them off from somewhere because he expected the potential watcher of "Revolt in the Stars" to be familiar with them? Are the real stars of the Galactic Confederation perhaps different ones? After all, this datum is taken from a film script, not from the actual OT III materials. But never mind, this wonít change any of the events that are about to be narrated. Too many auditors found evidence for them as to worry about the actual star names - particularly as the names revealed by entities do not correspond to any Earth language and are often hard to make out.

What did those 76 planets look like? Some like Earth today, some a bit different, but all in all they would have appeared quite familiar by todayís standards. A civilization like in the 1950s, says Hubbard on Tape 10. People had bodies, houses, cars, jobs, wives, husbands, children, telephones, television, and of course interstellar space flight based on space-energy and controlled gravitation.

Earth itself was considered sensationally beautiful and pleasant - tropical plants could be found even north of todayís arctic circle. There were dinosaurs and other spectacular creatures. Small wonder that this planet was a tourist resort and attracted people from all over the galaxy to spend their holidays here. The local population was predominantly white, like todayís Europeans; other races were represented, too, mainly by tourists.

Are "178 billion people average" possible? Well, if you were granting each person - man, woman and child - 25 square meters living space, 25 sq.m. working space and 25 sq.m. recreational space (thatís 75 sq.m. per person), and if you were constructing a building according to these specifications so as to accomodate the 6 billion people who live on this planet currently, it would cover 450 thousand square kilometers. Thatís about the size of Spain. All the 6 billion people currently on this planet could live in Spain on one floor. If you built the building in the style of a condominium three floors high, it would cover 150 thousand sq.km, the area of England (without Scotland and Wales). If you built it nine floors high, it would cover a mere 50 thousand sq.km, the size of Holland, Denmark or Switzerland.

So all the people currently living on this planet could be accomodated in an area the size of Switzerland and have the rest of the planet for agricultural purposes and as a nature resort. Of course this would demand advanced solutions regarding energy supply and transport, solutions not based on carbon-based fuel or atomic fission, but that shouldnít worry anyone. Since Nicola Tesla the necessary inventions have been made; all one would have to do is take them out of the security lockers of oil and electricity magnates and actually use them. And food certainly wouldnít be a problem either, if one reformed todayís wasteful feeding habits (with agriculture already efficient enough to throw part of the harvest away so as to keep the prices up).

Now on Tape 10 Hubbard mentions up to 250 billion people populating Earth. Thatís a good 40 times more than the current 6 billion! A three-storey condominium according to our specifications would comfortably cover an area the size of Australia; a nine-storey one could be easily put up within the boundaries of Mexico. If you built 90-floor skyscraper condominiums - why, you could accomodate all of the 250 billion in Italy! Still a lot of space left to grow food on and take oneís holidays in. And thereís is no reason why such buildings should look ugly or be "inhuman".

For those who on hearing these figures start suffering from claustrophobia: in this scheme the population density per square kilometer would be about 4000 - less than that of Frankfurt or New York including their surrounding areas. Please note that the population density of Monaco is 20,000 per sq.km. And nobody runs away from Monaco! So 4000 seems quite tolerable, really. The above scheme is by no means utopic. Between 1930 and 1950 the architect, engineer and inventor Buckminster Fuller designed 12-floor buildings that could be flown to their location by helicopter, floating cities shaped like Egyptian pyramids holding one million people each, and even spherical air-borne cities who were to be kept aloft by sunlight alone33.

In the light of this, Xenuís claim of "solving overpopulation" was mere pretense, a superficial cover-up for the crime to ensue. Xenu, as we shall see when more is revealed about him, had something else in mind than just kindly reducing the population of his 76 planets. He had an ice-cold, unfeeling greed for total control. "He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-bomb on the principal volcanoes (. . .) ." Certainly a very humanitarian means to "reduce overpopulation"!

One would immediately assume that these volcanoes didnít exist then. Too long ago. But they did! A geological map showing Earth 75 million years ago doesnít look all too different from today 22. The continental drift is too slow as to create a major change even during such a large time span. Then as now, the same geological plates were working against each other. The volcanoes werenít in exactly the same places, but they were there - Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Mount Shasta, San Georgino, Kilimanjaro, Krakatowa, Mount Washington, the volcanoes of Hawaii, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Himalayas, the Andes. Imagine H-bombs to be dropped into their craters! Anyone having witnessed the outbreak of Mount St. Helens in California in 1980 can imagine what the world would look like after that.

Regarding the date of the incident, 75 million years ago -geologists have discovered a layer of rock containing Iridium, a metal which canít be found in this particular distribution elsewhere on the planet, and called it the "Alvarez layer". It is said to have formed 63 million years ago, the time when the dinosaurs disappeared. One doesnít know what happened exactly but there is an agreement that it was something catastrophic. Neither does one know how long it took - some speak of a few thousand years, others of a few days22. Even the exact date is doubtful! Despite modern dating equipment, measuring errors of ten million years are to be expected when it comes to magnitudes like 60 or 70 million years ago, as one geologist told me.

Well, someone might say, how come no human bones were found? They found dinosaur skeletons, but no human ones - that proves it that no men were around then, doesnít it! Fair enough, but the question is asked the wrong way. Human bones have been found, plenty of them, but dating them - thatís the difficulty! For dating, anthropologists generally use the radioactive carbon isotope C 14 contained in bones. But as one needs a good 2 kg of bone to do a proper measurement and most bone samples donít exceed 300 g, and as the error rate for dates older than 10í000 years is 80% (!), the reliability of this method is exceedingly questionable. Control experiments testing the validity of radiometric dating techniques verify this concern. A single sample of organic material, such as a specific layer of wood from a single tree-ring layer, when submitted to the same laboratory as "different" samples, is often given widely different dates, off by as much as 500 to 3000 years. Again we are not talking about truth or untruth but about how correct the tools of science are So why shouldnít it have been Xenuís bombing that created the Alvarez layer and made dinosaurs as well as men disappear? After all, the date of 75 million years ago was found because F-meters reacted to the charge of people regarding that date, and one might rightfully ask where that charge came from if noting had happened at that time.

Xenu used renegades, we heard. You could buy them with promises of money, drugs and sex. Renegades to what? To the constitution of the Confederation, in use for some millions of years already. A special task force wearing dark blue uniforms watched over it; Hubbard refers to them as "officers loyal to the people". This constitution stipulated that a Supreme Ruler was to be elected by the Loyal Officers. They were Xenuís main enemy in his attempt to usurp this democratic system and turn it into a dictatorship with himself as supreme dictator rather than Supreme Ruler.

He placed secret agents in high political positions who undermined the power of the Loyal Officers and weakened the Constitution. The system had become degraded by identity cards, credit records, fingerprints, passports and income tax - all unconstitutional! Consequently, there was a rise in insolvency, poverty, prostitution and criminality, unheard of before. In Tape 10 Hubbard makes it a strong point that todayís insolvency, poverty, prostitution and criminality are nothing but a dramatization, a compulsive repetition of the situation back then. (Earth, by the way, was the least affected by this. Other planets were worse off.)

The growing unrest and rebelliousness amongst Loyal Officers, artists, intellectuals and the population in general became a problem. Xenu had to act fast, because he was at the point of being un-elected. His coup was to happen in three phases. Phase one: the slaughter of every Loyal Officer in the Confederation. Phase two: the destruction of the main defense base on every planet. Phase three: the abduction of minorities and unwanted elements to Teegeeack and their extermination.

Billions of thetans were taken to Earth and its volcanoes H-bombed. Still, Xenu didnít make it to supreme dictator: "Loyal Officers (to the people) captured him after 6 years of battle and put him in an electronic mountain trap where he still is. "They" are gone. The place (Confederation) has since been a desert. The length and brutality of it all was such that this Confederation never recovered."

An electronic trap is a device which pins a thetan (i.e. the energy field he created and identifies with) to a fixed place by electronic means. This was done to Xenu. However, it is debatable that he is "still there". He might have gotten out. There is evidence for as well as against it. One, a dialogue quoted from RITS:

"Newscaster: How long will the power last (...)? Electrician:

About seventy-four million years, I think, possibly more. Long enough." Against that speaks Tape 10 where Hubbard mentions an "eternal battery". Two, a conversation between Hubbard and Robertson, a close staff member, around 1968 which Robertson told me about in 1985. Hubbard wondered if he should make it part of the OT III materials that Xenu had actually escaped and was active again or if that wouldnít be a bit too much for people. OT m was considered dangerous enough anyway; it had to be done wit a doctor at standby as one was afraid people might die through over-restimulation! So, according to Robertson, Hubbard decided to cushion the message a bit and wrote that Xenu was still in his trap. On the other hand, 0. R., like Robertson an old-time associate of Hubbard, says that Hubbard personally showed him a mountain on Madeira within which Xenu was supposed to be held captive.

In view of the third piece of evidence, a philosophical consideration, both might actually be true. You can certainly lock a .thetan up by trapping his field electronically, but there is noting to keep this thetan (if heís powerful enough) from re-constituting himself in the course of time, because after all, being the source of his theta quanta he could create a second field at will and rejoin the game. The trapped part of course would remain trapped - his own attention literally held in place by electronic devices. So you could always get at him through that trapped part. The fourth bit of evidence is that Xenu was actually audited telepathically by Robertson and his associates between 1986 and 1988 and at that time, he seemed very active indeed; one didnít seem to audit only a locked-up portion of him (more in chapter 6).

Was the Confederation indeed a desert since? Personally, I found no session evidence by any solo-auditor to support this. Earth is no desert (except spiritually) and what I hear (in auditing) from recent arrivals from some other of the 21 stars of the former Confederation, makes it seem that their home planets arenít that badly off either. After all they are advanced enough to come over and help us out, something we couldnít say of ourselves.



The H-bombing incident is generally referred to as "Incident Two" or "Inc.2". There is a much earlier one, too, called Incident One (Inc. 1); it will be spoken about later. For now weíll just look at Incident Two and use Hubbardís "2nd Note" of 28 Oct 68 to do so.

"This incident is over 36 days long. (Thatís the actual implant done on Earth.) Capture on other planets was weeks or months before the implant. Those on Teegeeack (Earth) were just blown up except for Loyal Officers who were (shortly before the explosion on Earth) rounded up."

Now how can you implant someone after his body has been torn to shreds in an atomic explosion? And before that, who was captured, taken to Earth and implanted? Bodies or thetans? The answer to both questions is: "thetans". You can implant a thetan even when he has no body. He has an energy field, and thatís what you can pin him down wit and ten force pictures and concepts on him by electronic means or by using theta energy. And regarding transport - one can ship plenty more thetans per spaceflight than bodies. Weíll come to that in a moment.

First, though, we have to take a closer look at what an implant is. "1. a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purpose or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him. 2. an electronic means of overwhelming the thetan with a significance. 3. an unwilling and unknowing receipt of a thought. An intentional installation of fixed ideas, contrasurvival to the thetan." The mechanics of this have been covered in the chapter 1. They are the same as m forming a ridge. The thetan (no matter if with or without body) is exposed to an effect he cannot have, such as electronic vibrations, electric shocks or physical pain, perhaps whilst he is drugged or hypnotized. Sentences are beamed at him, spoken or played off to him. He is shown pictures or receives concepts (postulates) through electronic transmittor beams. He pushes energy against this to defend himself; this acts like a wax plate and the information streaming in on him is stenciled in it. His theta quanta defense shield does the opposite to protecting him: it serves to record the incident for all times. As well he makes a succumb postulate which keeps the whole thing in place and makes it becoming re-created every time he thinks of that postulate. Perhaps he receives some foreign postulates during the implant and a false date for it, too, as a precaution against nosey auditors finding out about it. And he gets a forgetter-command, just to make sure: "I cannot remember this. I forget! Forget! Forget!"

If done properly this sticks for good. The thetan now has an information package consisting of self-created energy, foreign postulates and pictures and on top a self-made postulate to seal it all up and make it inaccessible. From now on one can rely on this thetan not to go near any games which might remind him of any part of this information. Too painful! Which is precisely what the implanter had in mind achieving.

Here is the complete sequence of Inc.2: "1. Capture (being shot). 2. Freezing. 3. Transport to Teegeeack (sometimes via a relay point). 4. Being placed near a volcano. 5. Hydrogen bomb dropped in or on the volcano. Explosion. Terrific winds. Thetan carried over peak Electronic ribbon came up. He stuck to it. It was then pulled down and he was (as pan of a group) implanted with R6. ("R6" is Hubbardís technical name for this implant.) 6. Beginning implant ... .). 7. Various picture sequences. & The 7ís and CC & OT II materials. (More technical names of implants.) 9. 36 days of picture implants which give a vast array of materials and 3 (false) explanations for the bombing. 10. Transport to Hawaii or Las Palmas for packing up into clusters.

The pictures contain God, the Devil, Angels, Space Opera, Theaters, helicopters, a constant spinning, a spinning dancer; trains and various scenes very like modern England. You name it, it in this implant. We call it in itís entirety ĎR6í."

Letís break the Inc. 2 sequence down to individual steps. (Unless mentioned otherwise, the data are taken from Tape 10 and padded with solo-auditor reports.)

Re 1: The capture consisted of selective and later of mass killings, done by bombing, machine gunning, poisoning. Blast weapons on the basis of electronic beams and lasers were used, no gunpowder. The strength of the impact and its suddenness where usually such that it happened to dozens and hundreds of people at the same time. Billions and billions were killed on various planets; they were all taken to Earth.

Re 2: In order to transport them, they had to be frozen. Not the dead bodies as such but the thetans escaping from the dead bodies. How do you freeze a thetan? You spray the area with a mixture of frozen alcohol and glycol. Very cold! So cold that it paralyzes all electronic-type vibration near it - for example a thetanís energy field. Especially when he does his utmost to defend himself with his theta energy! The more he ridges the easier he is to spot and capture. In the end, you had blocks of ice with thousands of thetans stuck to them.

Re 3: These were transported to Teegeeack. The space craft had cooling chambers. Given their huge payload capacity and the large number of thetans one could freeze into an iceblock, not many flights per planet were necessary. Right duration to Teegeeack was several weeks only. The space ships actually looked like DC-8s without propellers (an example of todayís civilization copying the incident).

The relay point mentioned was Coltus, a planet of a political system near the North Star and not part of the Galactic Confederation. Xenu had his personal outpost there. Perhaps this is where he received his atom bombs from. It took nine weeks from Coltus to Teegeeack. Loyal Officers captured on other planets were taken to Coltus alive, implanted there (with body) in the style of brainwashing, i.e. there were turned around ideologically, sent back to their home planets and made to send their own troops against the people or worked for renegade troops whilst wearing their original Loyal Officer uniforms. This made it look to the population as if the Loyal Officers were behind the bloodbath, which of course added to the confusion.

Re 4: Thetans were ferried in by the billions and billions and billions. Space craft came in and dropped their load of iceblocks near the principal volcanoes of Earth. This didnít always go smoothly. Some were dropped in the sea or in the wrong place. Many mistakes occurred. The renegades were good at shedding blood but bad on discipline. When the entity of one bomber pilot was audited who had been so drunk during his flight that he crash landed his craft against the side of the volcano and of course was bombed and implanted along with everybody else. (Prior to auditing the actual incident a drug handling had to be done, to relieve his foggyness.)

Re 5: The bomb was dropped; it exploded, ripped the volcano open, and the combined force of bomb and volcano eruption created updraught winds of such force that the thetans were whirled about and carried over the peaks. The ice blocks had of course melted already.

To make sure that nobody would be blown off the planet and get away, an "electronic ribbon" had teady been installed. In Tape 10 itís called a "standing wave" above the volcano. It looked like an umbrella. Thetans were whirled up and stuck to it. Around each volcano, funnels formed and down these funnels the thetans would run from "umbrella" to ground level like condensed steam off a window pane. This is how they got channelled down.

Re 6 and 7: Now they were packed up and moved along inside some sort of pipeline or tunnel equipped with projector machines all around it. They were exposed to sound and colour pictures. The implant started about three days after the bombing.

Re 8: The "7ís and CC & OT II materials" are implant packages named after the auditing actions Hubbard devised to crack them. Re 9: The key implant lasted 36 days. It was done as a supercolossal, three-dimensional motion picture containing everything which in this civilization on Earth, is dear to our hearts: a white-haired and bearded god, devils, hellfire, archangels like Gabriel or Michael, religious symbols, archbishops complete with croziers and all the pompousness of Roman Catholicism, a cross withí a man hanging from it, the type of theaters still in use today with spectatorsí boxes left and right from the stage, sexual torture done in leather costumes with whips and chains, perversions such as sex with children, war pictures with crashing helicopters (dramatised in Vietnam), space ships, skyscrapers, in fact the whole architecture of Manhattan and other "modem" banking and business centers, the whole of Hollywood complete with motion pictures, writers, forever glorious film star types like Marilyn Monroe or Clark Gable, psychiatrists doing their electric shocking (a truly piquant picture is that of a crucified psychiatrist), surgeons senselessly dissecting bodies down to the bones and to top it all, exploding bombs are shown. In addition to the actual bomb explosions on the volcanoes, pictures of bomb explosions are shown, just to make sure that some day somebody will have the good idea of blowing the whole planet up once again.

The more we "progress", the more we are copying the type of civilization implanted during the 36 days. Planetary suicide is programmed therewith.

Re 10: After the implant a large number of thetans from each volcano were boxed up, taken to Las Palmas (Canary Islands) and Hawaii and packed together; some packages were shot into space, others dropped into the depth of the ocean. The remaining thetans were left to drift about the planet - always inside the electronic ribbon, of course.



Letís take a breather at this point and look the situation over. Earth was wiped out. Clouds of dust and smoke, black skies, severely dropped temperatures, radiation. Nuclear winter. No life.

At least no life on the surface of the planet. Sea life probably wasnít quite as severely affected since water is an excellent radiation protector. Only a few meters of surface water would protect ocean life quite well, Of course clean waters might have gradually become diluted wit contaminated waters but to what extent and wit what implications for sea life is a question left to be answered by a marine biologist and a radiation expert. Perhaps the Loch Ness monster is older tan we all think (if there really is one).

Irrespective of what happened under the sea, Teegeeack became very badly reputed after Incident 2. It came to be known as an evil place. It was cut off politically. Nobody wanted to have to do with it. Mutineers, deserters and criminals were occasionally dumped here. (The British Empire used Australia for the same purpose, obviously a dramatization.) Some space pirates voluntarily took cover here - they knew nobody was going to come after them!

Not only in biological but as well in spiritual terms, a gigantic catastrophe had occurred. Hubbard rightfully refers to it as the "4th dynamic engram". Usually one would refer to the 4th dynamic as "all mankind". Here, however, the populations of 76 planets were involved - 76 4th dynamics!

Billions and billions of thetans were brought here and were implanted. They are still here.

Hubbard calls them "Body Thetans" or "BTs" because they are thetans who cling to bodies in swarms. Bodies are a stable datum for them and a very much sought-after item indeed. Usually one doesnít notice them. One unknowingly identifies with the pictures and postulates of Body Thetans, which cling to one whilst one walks about on Earth. As they all had the same incident they believe they are "one", and you, not noticing them, believe you are one with them. This may lead to tremendous restimulations and dramatisations on a personal as well as cultural level.

The majority of Earth population, 250 billion, was killed as a consequence of nuclear winter setting in. Even after death there

was no escape because of the electronic ribbons. They as well are still here. They are not Body Thetans but simply thetans in search of a body as a chance to incarnate. (After all, there were 250 billion people on Earth back then, today only six.)



Letís see how a Body Thetan (BT) was formed. At the Capture on of the 76 planets, and even before they were murdered, thetans attempted to defend themselves against the honor scenario by pushing energy against the incident. They formed ridges. Then their bodies were killed and they left them. A moment later, at the Freezing, not only these ridges but as well the complete theta fields of thetans and GEs stuck to ice blocks and were transported away. These lumps of theta quanta arriving on Teegeeack, are called BTs.

A Body Thetan therefore is not a "live thetan" but just a ridge disconnected from his its maker (the thetan proper) and containing all information about the identity of the original thetan. A thetan, to remind you, consists of a set of postulates and on their basis creates mental energies and masses, his vibrational field. He is alive to the extent that he can do this. Due to their overwhelmedness did the thetans involved in Incident 2 not immediately recreate their vibrational fields after they had been stripped off them. Some did this after a certain time had passed, others stand paralyzed up to this day. In either case a BT would be but an entity, if a very complex and "potent" one. In contrast, a thetan whose body perished on Earth during the catastrophe is not an entity but a real thetan - a rather weak and discouraged one, though.

The "owner" of a BT, after recovering from his shock (which may take a long time!) might re-create an energy field anew. His ridge, however (the BT), would remain here on Earth as it would be kept energized by the GPM formed during the incident. So the owner-thetan might take a body and start a new life up on his home planet - but he surely would have a lot of compulsive attention on Earth! After all, a large packet of his attention units is held captive here. They cannot be retrieved unless this faraway thetan looks at and duplicates the whole incident. Due to the implanting this is made very difficult. And even if he tried, it might act back on him telepathically and make him dramatize the implant on his home planet. A perfect galaxy-wide spiritual contamination!

"Clusters" are BTs grouped around a shared picture. They all have the same incident. One Cluster for example consisted of a whole school class plus their teacher; their bodies were destroyed simultaneously the instant a bomb exploded in the school house. BTs in a Cluster believe that they all had the Same incident at the same time and in the same place - which obviously isnít true as they didnít all die within the same split second and each of them had a different location in space when it happened. As soon as each of the BTs forming a Cluster recognizes that he had his own position in space and time, the Cluster will fall apart.

A person with BTs and Clusters on him will unknowingly identify with them, that is they think they are him and he thinks he is them. Clusters are dramatized in a tendency of people to stick together in groups, to go with the crowd, to share opinions unthinkingly, and in the enjoyment of "being one" like during rock festivals or football world cups.

BTs and Clusters strongly react to violence and in turn, when restimulated into action, cause violent behaviour; this is why people when exposed to atom bomb explosions on TV will experience peculiar body sensations and an inexplicable fascination, or why they will go crazy at catastrophe alarms in closed areas and stampede each other to death. They are easily overwhelmed. They may actually fear crowds (the opposite to the above!).

Restimulative incidents as well as new accidents and injuries, cause new Clusters to form or old Clusters to cake up with each other ("cumulative Clusters"). In auditing, one breaks cumulative Clusters by finding each instant of their caking up from late (the present) to early (long ago) along the time track.

We saw above that most of Teegeeackís population died of the natural consequences of the disaster. They werenít exploded, they werenít implanted - they simply died because the whole planet had become a dark, cold desert. So the indigenous Teegeeackans didnít become BTs. They were simply very confused, very ridgy thetans with no bodies and nowhere to go, and they stayed that way. They are still here.

Yet you, the reader, most likely didnít experience Inc.2 yourself. Supposing you were one of the original Teegeeackans, you would have become so restimulated by these lines that you would have dropped the book long ago (which you didnít).

If you had suffered Inc.2 as a foreigner, a non-Teegeeackan abducted to Teegeeak, youíd be a BT (which you canít possibly be).

Which permits one to conclude that you have come only recently to this planet, at the most a few thousand years ago. Many others did, too, from either side - some to help in re-civilizing the place, some to police it and keep it suppressed.

This vast amount of BTs, confused Teegeack-thetans and newcomers would explain the queues for new bodies. World population keeps growing and there is still such a shortage of bodies that thetans fight over them. Strong thetans, usually newcomers, will manage to get good bodies in well-to-do families; Teegeeackans who suffered the incident but werenít implanted, make it up to "ordinary citizens" with absolutely no spiritual ambitions; BTís, the worst grade, wind up running bodies at the bottom of society; quite often many BTs and Clusters will share one body and command him about which leads to some very irrational behaviour, particularly in places where violence, criminality, drugs and pornography abound. Scarcely any free theta but full dramatization of Inc.2.


© 1994 by L. Kin
© 1994 by Edition ScienTerra

22. Francis Hitching, "Atlas of World Mysteries", 1978 [return]

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