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L. Kin

The Pied Pipers
of Heaven

Who calls the tune?

© 1994 by L. Kin
© 1994 by Edition ScienTerra
ISBN 3-922367-28-3,Verkehrs-Nr. 16645 (BAG)



Back Cover

"In this book you will find a story that encompasses hell and heaven, gods and demons, secret societies, UFOs and alien influences - a science fiction cosmology beyond your wildest dreams, yet presented by L. Kin as a convincing and serious possibility.

Certain closely guarded "upper levels" of initiation are revealed, and of methods to take the battle telepathically to the stars to contend with hidden influences that have guided our evolution and our cultures from the beginning.

In the often confusing waters of the New Age "The Pied Pipers of Heaven" stands as a lighthouse, providing an orientation for those who may have lost their bearings."




  • Preface
  • CHAPTER 1. Esoterics East and West
    • 1.1 Spirits, Ghosts and Demons
      • Ghost encounters, demons, mental energy and its source, emotions, the mind and the brain, the static, enlightenment, the stuff the mind if made of, the reactive mind, auditing, games and postulates, problems, implants, mind-sharing, responsibility and reincarnation, the clear.
    • 1.2 Soul and body
      • The breath of life, life force and memory storage, child development, psychosomatics, prana, chakras, ch'i, kahuna, drugs, hypnosis, medicine, european occultism, fringe medicine, the resonance principle.
    • 1.3 Creating a Universe
      • Akasha, ether power, from static to mest, a downward spiral, undoing the universe.
    • 1.4 God and the Infinite
      • Atheism, monotheism, static and dynamic, two basic rights
  • CHAPTER 2. Scientology - Science or Science Fiction?
    • 2.1 Auditing compared to traditional practices
      • Meditation and auditing, shamanism and dianetics, on energy transformation and un-creation.
    • 2.2 Hubbard's Space Opera
      • Science fiction, scientific fundamentals, science versus mythology, the axioms, the electropsychometer (E-meter), fact or fiction?
  • CHAPTER 3. The Xenu Myth
  • CHAPTER 4. Earlier than Atlantis
    • 4.1 Tweleve who are Thirteen
      • A third contestant, games names, the phi project, the conversion program, timeless concepts, Yatrus
    • 4.2 The Binding of Spirit and Soul
      • One plus one makes three, new toys for thetans, survival worries, sexuality, paradise lost, catch yourself a thetan, body servants.
    • 4.3 Setting Cosmic Law
      • Two rivals, old abilities newly implanted, how to implant, crossed over purposes, a second switchboard, cosmic law, a lesson in basic geometry.
    • 4.4 A New Culture
      • Yatrus' bio-lab, sings of decline, out atlantean heritage
  • CHAPTER 5. The Fate of Earth
    • 5.1 Earth since the Cataclysm
      • A brief summary of the whole track, education by implant, a lobster pot for thetans, the demon planet, missionaries of many shades, the Marcabian Confederacy, re-civilization projects, high tech for Mr. Caveman, a net to catch them all, thetans on a leash, the Marcabian impact, 'R6 DECO'
    • 5.2 Masterminding History
      • Whose 'One World'?, Xenu's monologue, "one world one vote", A white planet.
    • 5.3 In the Hands of Extraterrestrials
      • Yatruscan delights, a piggyuback scenario, lizard men, ufo maneuvers.
  • CHAPTER 6. Defense by Telepathy
    • 6.1 The Magician's War
      • Occultism white and black, a formation of forces
    • 6.2 Hubbard's Attack
      • Clears in trouble, the OT III breakthrough, Hubbard recruits loyal officers, a blunted attack.
    • 6.3 The Battle Goes On
      • A new church, Excalibur, galactic administration, Xenu in session, a new type of clear, Yatrus gets auditing, the GE pool, 'Gerd', the Phi Matrix, deprogramming the screen, the M-ship in orbit, future projects.
  • CHAPTER 7. The Future
    • Marcab crumbling, a body culture, "the friendly planet", politics, science and art, the atlantean liability.
  • Glossary
    1. Reader's Restimulation Remedy
    2. Excalibur
    3. Bibliography.