St. John 21: I suppose the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.


There is possibly an infinitesimal possibility that this book was caused by all life in harmony, that is, that it was authored by the main body of theta (Life) of mankind on planet Earth.

Whether such "Common Ground" does exist, and whether it could, or would so interfere with the arenas of chaos of human affairs is a speculation which only the reader will be able to resolve after reading this text.


As many laws in Texas, California and other states describe the publication of the promise of improvement of Health or Bodily Function by any means to be a felony offence, I hereby disclaim any such suggestion or interpretation. The Author in recounting his own personal observations, speculations, and opinions in the reading of the Akashic Record and his own experience makes no claim that such applications of technology, truth, processes, or technique will be useful for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any diseases, or will have any use beyond that of personal religious assembly, practice and self- actualisation.

Criminal statutes that forbid healing and free speech on healing are a fascinating phenomena.

Without such statutes, mankind would have been denied the benefit of the Crucifixion of Christ.

Let us see what other wonderful things and occurrences such laws can produce. Could it be that truth and real religion has gone underground for thousands of years?

Let us examine some of the perhaps, relevant, truth on file in the Akashic Record.


This book is dedicated to the kindness in each of you, because of which the race may continue to live to see a better day.


My personal search for The Whole Truth led me from Christianity, to History, to Literature, to Metaphysics, to Humanism, to Scientific Humanism (which I saw turn decadent and against all men), then toward my own Scientific and Metaphysical Technology, then to leading-edge Industrial Psychology, then to the edge of Occult Sciences, and from the Synthesis of these I at last had enough, for I had it all, and it all fitted together.



The purposes for writing this book are as follows:

1. So that the data, technology, and truth would not be lost;
2. So that the confusions and controversy about those three would be put to rest;
3. So that these truths could be rapidly assimilated and applied by being clearly summarised in one volume;
4. So that the understanding and application of these truths would be clearly differentiated from the social activities of a misguided and materialistic church with which they heretofore had been associated;
5. So that the dignity, respect, and decency justly belonging to the endeavor of self-revelation would be justly restored;
6. So that those who wish to better themselves and their fellows would have the technology and truth to do so;
7. So that adequate data and data-sets would be made available to any individual that wishes to rise out of the contrivance of social, religious, or personal mire;
8. So that those who have disgraced the field of endeavour of truth out of ignorance would not fall from their own, their fellows, or Eternal Grace;
9. So that those who have disgraced the field of endeavour of truth out of ignorance would not fall from their own, their fellows, or Eternal Grace;
10. So that those who have disgraced the field of endeavour of truth out of malice will be known for what they are, as being of, by and for the degradation from whence they came;
11. To suggest that childishness not be tolerated in adult fields of endeavour;
12. To suggest that a life based on truth surpasses one based on lies;
13. To advise one against one of the many more-sensational hells available as an alternative to the mainstream scripts for self-actualisation;
14. To terminate the spiritual slaughter in the name of "research", of the many very kind and very dumb prisoners-unto-themselves, which has been hidden behind a craven group of non-individuals;
15. And finally, so that those who gave their lives so that this information might someday come to print, did not live or die in vain.


Introduction and Clarification.

Definition: Akashic Record - that record of all events and all thoughts of every individual's (and the Race's collectively) past, present and future, existing for access on the next plane of existence above the physical (astral - 4th plane), accessible by any individual who has attained the 4th level of Mastery or above in the 12 levels of Mastery referred to in various Eastern, Tibetan and Lemurian legends and religions.

Definition: Truth - that which is in accordance with experience, facts or reality, conformity with facts, firm, not false; conforming to an original rule, pattern or standard; exact, accurate, right, correct.

Clarification: This reading and account of the Akashic Record by the author is solely his account of what he saw therein, and thus only he and the Record are responsible for the contents of this text.

Copyright: The copyright of Akashic Applications of Scientology (c) (all performance rights, domestic and foreign reserved) as an exact scientific standard application is defined within this text in its fullest extent; and may be summarised as application herein defined in this text, whereby electrical changes in body resistance (a recorded measurement of mental stress disintegrating) exceeds all Scientology/Dianetic copyrights on data and applications from a minimum of ten to a maximum of 100 times the change, thus improvement. First publication 1982.

Copyright: Geoffrey C. Filbert, as author of this text, and holder of the above copyright as a proprietary technology of exact scientific application of proprietary truth, as defined by this text. First publication 1982.

Of the over twenty-five million words of philosophical, technical, theoretical and religious speculation covered under various Scientology and Dianetic and Hubbard copyrights, less than one-half of a percent have any bearing or proximity to workable application of that subject. Less than 125,000 words of it are true. Approximately one-half of that quantity of information is true, with another half being dangerously close. Whether intentional, or by random accident, the bulk of this text relates to outlining the true quarter of this one percent and correcting the other quarter of that one-half percent.

The 25 million words within the Scientology, Dianetic and Hubbard writings covered all possible bases, viewpoints and philosophical possibilities available of all recorded, and some secret cultures in the East and West. There are earlier source documents for every idea and viewpoint covered under those copyrights. Thus, the clarification's, codification and correction of this summary of planet Earth's philosophical data base for the quarter of one percent of that which was correct, is a logical step in the evolution and progress of science.

There is little to no evidence to support the idea that the 1/4% was intentionally placed, and the other 99 3/4% were accidentally published against his will and better judgement. There is overwhelming evidence that he and his "group" think it is all true and are so copyright crazed as to copyright all incoming ideas in letters which may be true. His directions to his "Guardian's staff" and I quote:

"When in doubt, copyright it."

Where copyrights abridge, restrict and diminsh freedom of speech, inverstigation, publication and interchange of ideas, they are of no service to men or society. By copyrighting the supposed wisdom of all societies and barbarism, an attempt to lock up and control philosophical truth of a religious nature, no ill has yet been done. However, enforcement of said copyrights at a future date would constitute violations of his stated creed, his churches' creed, the U.S. Constitution and the obvious fact of life that no man has a right to copyright truth. One can copyright his intrpretation, description, explanation or illustration of truth, but no one can copyright truth itself. That is impossible, for truth not only belongs, but exists in all people.

As the net effect of too many laws is no law at all, the net effect of Scientology, Dianetic and Hubbard writings is that nobody alive, including Hubbard, can find extractable, logical, heuristic, proven, demonstrable, relevant, workable, digestable, synergistic whole technology in all of that writing. Parts (as in the 1/4%) do, but the whole does not. The 99 3/4% is in direct contradiction to the 1/4%. So, the net result is controversy and mysticism instead of science and a factual, demonstable truth.

Alexander Pope said a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Little parts of knowledge that work are more dangerous. Whole truth is safe; with partial truth the desire to contribute occurs and hope is created. With whole truth, judgement, intelligence and application occur. In actual expperiment, you will probably find about the same ratio (1/4% truth and 99 3/4% lies) in practically any person, book or newspaper you pick up.

Hubbard has repeatedly reassured his readers that he is only human, and has obviously done a thorough job at proving that remark to be true.

The theory copyrights of Scientology, Dianetics and Hubbard are not being challenged at this time; although it should be noted that they have copyrighted self-evident truth. They have also copyrighted ideas, methods, systems, processes, concepts, principles, discoveries and devices, none of which are eligible for statutory copyright protection.

Whether the courts will rule that one man can legally copyright does not remain to be seen. It is against the law for anyone to copyright them. One can copyright a description. explanation or illustration of them. On January 1, 1978 the Copyright Act of 1976 (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) came into effect making this quite clear. Whether the courts would rule that another man could legally copyright rational applications of religious philosophy remains irrelevant.

In that both men claim authorship to Universal self-evident Truth of a Religious Nature, and both men claim that "the work was free and to keep it so", the appearance of controversy is unlikely, as such would reveal one of the two men to be a liar about the work being free.

I would assume there is a place in history for both: for popular, religious figures, and for technical applications specialists. The transition from the horse and buggy to the automobile did not require significant litigation. Progress occurs. It is natural.

The net productive response of society towards the writings of L. Ron Hubbard has been minimal to none. Society has viewed the "cult", within which 95% of its members perform administrative tasks and less than 5% perform religious counselling. Of those trained to perform religious counselling less than one in 10,000 are doing so. Society has not viewed that wall of writing.

Hubbard's insistence that everyone outside the Church is incapable of any free volitional awareness or higher consciousness has contributed substantially to the complete non-application of all of his theories, except the basest.

Deluded by the false assumption that he knew and/or had the correct technology, surrounded by individuals on the pay-roll of his enemies, dulled by over a decade of heavy medication and drugs, overwhelmed with vanity, he produced a lot of writings, 99 3/4% of which was completely in error. Yet the 1/4% of correct truth carried himself and churches to high levels of notoriety, controversy and subsequent publicity. The interest of the public in this is visibly astounding.

Hubbard chose to be "Fabian", and because of his own technical and performance errors, wrongly surmised and insisted that the much promised state of O.T. (Operating Thetan - a state of free being wherein a person can cause effects without having to use a body) was ineffective. Further, he concluded that a savage para-military organisation would have to "put Ethics in" the local planetary area, and that would take a billion years. "Ethics" are put in when technology does not work. The technology did not work because it was wrong Ethics as a cover solution to displace the groups hostility away from himself was employed. Substitution and displacement occurred to cover technical facts and errors,

The horrible truth was his technology did not work as promised and he displaced the hostility of that frustration away from himself towards outside power groups like governments.

Going from being for the goal of Free Being to against the goal is part of the core of a stimulus-response reactive mind. Technically, it is called an actual Goals Problems Mass.

In reading this text the fundamental philosophic and technical errors he made are clarified, The 500 specific technical errors are not. It is not my purpose to correct the technology of Hubbard. It is my purpose to define and detail the truthful, scientific application of traditional, religious thought.

Hubbard, by way of the Church he disassociated himself with, (and has an eight to nine digit net worth from) has given himself the self appointed task of not only "putting ethics in" on everyone in society (whether you want it or not), but something else besides "to close the door on incorrect application". In fact, he nor anyone in his group never came near to finding out what correct application was.

As much as I hate to confuse the issue with the facts, these are the unavoidable facts of the matter.

They are unavoidable to truthful men. They are avoidable to liars by trade, adherents to groupism and the teaching class. Shaw said that those that can do, do; those that cannot, teach. The hip and hope markets and truth markets are mutually exclusive, and are generally not compatible.

It is in the interest of anyone that does not want "ethics put in" on themselves and their families (as a substitute for incorrect, thus unworkable technology) that the correct technology and application thereof and therefore. be found, published and held under another copyright so that the underlying problem of technology and its subsequent odd solutions are resolved, but more importantly that:

Truth may prevail over lies, and the continued abuse of correct, religious philosophy, technology, service and performance be terminated, and most importantly, that:

the continued spiritual slaughter and sacrifice of well- meaning, sentient, aware individuals to an unworkable vain-glory symbolism in the name of "its the only phone company in town" be brought to its just conclusion.

The purpose of this book is not "to provide hope to those upon whom the weight of the world has become too heavy". The purpose of this book is to record and relay truths, technology and information in usable form to intelligent adult individuals as a guide-line in their own religious assembly, service, performance and self-actualisation.

The right of religious assembly, service and performance is guarantied as an individual right under the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.

The Church of Scientology creed states:

"We of the Church believe:
That all men of whatever race, colour, creed were created with equal rights.
That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practice and performance.
That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.
That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity.
That all men have inalienable rights to their own defence.
That all men have inalienable right to conceive, choose, assist and support their own organisations, churches and governments.
That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.
That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind.
That the souls of men have the rights of men...
And no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly...
And We of the Church believe the laws of God forbid Man To destroy his own kind, to destroy the sanity of another, to destroy or enslave another's soul..."

In that the highest law of the land and the Creed of The Church of Scientology not only permit, but guarantee free rights to think, publish, assemble and provide religious service religiously, I hereby exercise, in a very limited fashion, said rights.

In the unlikely event that deranged individuals from within either of the above-stated bureaucracies were to consider such rights to be purely cosmetic, due to statements made herein they considered offensive, I might be inclined to reply in kind, a hundred fold. Unfortunately, savages, materialists and true-believers understand only such.

The material contained in this book is the absolute minimal disclosure necessary to transmit a viable and whole religious truth.


An authority is not a concept I care for, in that a person could actually and really be an authority in an area and that would be of no use, if no one accepted it to be so, Authority is a very -inside the game point of view, and probably a very destructive one towards the natural development of others creating their own knowing, because they end up learning from an authority, instead of just knowing. By owning the authority's knowing, instead of their own, it ends up owning them, and they cannot DO or APPLY from the owned knowingness of another beyond 5% of their capability. If they were to create their knowing they can then DO and APPLY. What L. Ron Hubbard has done to himself and other people, in addition to the source of the material he has published, is defined in this paragraph.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of authority-oriented, thinking in people and education's, so I will briefly address the subject. A real authority would be one who could do in an area, that is, produce results. There are false authorities and real ones. The determination is who can do, Each person is probably the ultimate authority on their own personal experience I have counselled over a dozen individuals to states of personal experience, objective and subjective, far beyond anything mentioned in this or any other book. No one else has done that.

As far as the subject of Scientology goes, I was trained and certified on all available courses in said subject, semi-annually, 1964 - 1975, served as Pastor, Chaplain, Sunday Services Minister, Counsellor, Auditor and held various executive and technical positions (such as Director of Case Review at St. Hill, Public Executive Secretary in Washington, D.C.).

As far as sanctioned processing, I received all available counselling. In private counselling, I received all processes on all tapes, books and bulletins and some of the material out of Hubbard's private safe. To my knowledge, no one else has done that.

Private study included all copyrighted and some uncopyrighted tapes, bulletins and material from various safes prior to the burning of the master files. There were 4 1/2 feet of technical bulletins and 13 feet of policy letters. About 1 1/2 feet of each remain in the "Tech Volumes" and OEC Volumes, leaving a survival of less than half of each. To my knowledge, no one else has done such a study.

In the field of executive application, less than a dozen others have raised production 30 times in thirty days.

So, as a student, staff member, executive, and practitioner there is no one alive who has had comparable personal experience or performance, In fact, the number of people who have done over 10,000 hours of auditing (counselling) are quite few (less than 2 dozen), In summary, for the authority-minded, I perhaps have adequate credentials to speak on the subject.

The true statistic of the Scientology churches was how many practising field auditors were operating in their area (one of the torched Policy Letters). It became apparent by 1970, that because of my unique position and responsibilities in helping individuals and mankind, that I could accomplish more in that direction than all the Churches combined, with ease, on weekends.

That authority and performance have remained untarnished, in spite of much foolishness, that it would be in bad taste to detail here.

My prior actions, training and experience I would advise you against even considering. Whether I speak with authority, that is, whether I speak the truth, is up to you the reader. You already know the truth. You just aren't up to having the facility to directly attain it, at will. Any dog knows truth. It is a recognizable commodity.

Authority is not material, relevant or important except to those who believe in such things. In most cases, "authority" is an element of one of the prominent cults in our country's respectability. As art was removed as a function for the design of the culture's future, and replaced with institutionalised reinforcement of accepting the maddening paradoxes of Modernity, so was Legitimacy replaced about a 100 years ago with Respectability.

If you are unaware of, or subscribe to, this scam, I would suggest you go to a college bookstore and pick up a graduate text on the History of American Thought 1865 - 1965. You can learn about Straus Blue Danube Waltz, Buicks, fried chicken after church and the rest of the artificial contrivances of this carefully superficial imported education and culture, 80% of which came from Germany The American Black -is- a truer manifestation of what this country is all about, for he had no German exposure. I would rather you get this area clarified from a graduate text than from me. I wouldn't want the responsibility of rattling the tea cups, staining the Reader's Digest and dissuading you from what you mistakenly consider pleasurable familiarities.

There are a number of reasons, the majority of which are personal, which have led to my reading the Akashic Record and writing this book. If you are brave, patient and tenacious enough to endure reading the book all the way through, my personal reasons will become obvious to you, as personal reasons for yourself. Most probably it will become obvious why the book ended up in your possession, regardless of the circumstances that led to that event.

Life speaks kindly when it meets and parts, only death and ignorance can be unkind, If you do not find your own truths herein, then I suspect we might say the reading was one more of an almost endless chain of historical examples of misduplication. Often a person mistakenly perceives parts instead of wholes, in observing truth, and in doing so, further enslaves himself to the minds of others.

My overall purpose is to make available, in a clear, concise, and usable form, all the relevant truth that people do not know and would be much better off knowing.

Accepting misery as "normal" and understanding as "abnormal" is a widespread insanity. It is, at the least, the wrong way to live.

The traditional and historical religious promise that one can go beyond craven stupidity on up to a higher state of awareness and living by understanding certain truths has essentially been rejected in recent times as being an unfulfillable promise. There has been so much betrayal after trust on this line, that religion itself has come to be considered a manipulative, escapist, faithful and confusing endeavour.

That Science (which is a religion) or Religion "did not work", "was incomplete", "was confusing", etc. seems to be the common, superficial objections to either belief form. This book, hopefully, will put these objections to bed. If these were valid objections, then this book alone (and the application of it) would bring man and religion (not organised religion) back to being alive, well and in harmony.

The real underlying objection toward digesting and applying wisdom may not be its present unavailability in whole and digestible form. The real objections could be the condition of the individual, in other words; gutlessness, sleepiness, laziness, drug addiction, childishness, degradation, illiteracy, ignorance, fixed attitudes. fatalism, unawareness, selfishness, greed, irresponsibility, physical illness, mental illness, spiritual illness, emotionalism, materialism, mentalism, bodyism, insanity, bad-idea addiction, low acceptance level, low self-esteem, low peer-recognition, beliefs, identifications with roles, identifications with bodies, association with filth, contamination of individual space or any of the other "normal" inbred, fine character attributes that individuals have adopted as societal parity lines. Societies have a bad habit of destroying not only the existence of individuals, but the memories that people ever existed in the past at all.

Two other hidden objections to having truth exist (l) the secret awareness that the individual is all right but everyone else is nuts, and (2) the secret awareness that the individual is nuts and that everyone else is sane. Both of these ideas are completely illogical and untrue. Unfortunately, I have not met more than one man per ten thousand that did not firmly believe one of these two oversimplifications. Perhaps, everyone is all right and nuts, that it is an and not an or proposition. The ramifications of that possibility are unpleasant in the contemplation of futures, so you will rarely find the concept suggested in philosophical circles and writings.

By holding oneself back from truth, thus living, thus growth, thus freedom, thus knowing, thus predictability, thus achievement, thus happiness, one can attain the state of misery. In this book well be going over the ways and means of erasing the barriers in the way on such a path, including the widespread 30 or so sad states aforementioned, as real objections to truth.

I am probably not a good or bad writer, nor is this a good or bad book, If you agree with all, some, or none of the book, well, welcome to you Your approvals, preferences, criticisms, feelings and suggestions are part of your self discovery, and probably apart of those 30 or so things aforementioned, The book covers the complete eradication of objections, all 30 of them, which have to come off people if they are to be set free and live truthfully.

If you have had the guts to read this far, you might as well read the whole text. I would not recommend reading a part of it for the sake of your own so-called well being.

If you read it all, you will have travelled across an ocean of understandings and misunderstandings, and survived the storms your enslavers have installed in you, and you will probably return to this moment of moments, and you will still be you What you consider yourself to be will have changed.

It was not my idea to write this account of truth. I decided to do so, but it was not my idea. Out of reluctance, I have discharged the obligation of this privileged service.

So, writing all this down, for perhaps the l0,000th time, is not a labour of love, it is an "audit trail" within the accounts of each of you on how one of you got free.

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