The Immortality Business

The Immortality Business is similar to any other business. and therefore the general rules of business would apply to it, However, if one is engaged in the action of being a seer, mentor, counsellor, consultant or adviser, it has a few unique aspects that you should be aware of.

Once you start on this particular line of being a manifestation of truth or being aligned with truth (which requires being honest, having some integrity and operating off your own knowingness) one can and usually will come under some degree of attack, ridicule, challenge and hatred from outsiders, This has been referred to in Christianity when Jesus said he had been "hated by the world but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world". Thus a winning viewpoint is advantageous to ones actions. One should recognise that the subject of immortality, if it is addressed, adopted and lived, will change much of ones thinking. Finally, one should not become contaminated (probably the most remarkable thing stated by Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, was the statement that one should not enter an impure atmosphere except to purify it).

Although some contamination will invariably come on board, you should notice how you come out on a net basis. It is preferable to come out cleaner than you entered into things. It is preferable that you only cause good, permanent and lasting effects. By observing these two rules, you go no place but forward and up. By standing portal at the door of thought and creating good events, there is only one direction to go.

On individuals there is a preponderance of lies, illusions and veils of reality. Once they get a taste of truth and start applying it toward their lives they too will do nothing but go up across the boards, not only spiritually but in many cases, materially also. Most people are into agreement with the manifestation principle, also called demonstrations kitting, also called making it real in the physical universe, of what is going on in their spiritual universes. Thus, if they get better spiritually, then they will go out in life and make more money. This leads to all sorts of silliness because some people become interested in spiritual matters only because they wish to achieve material ends. This occurs often. It has occurred substantially throughout history. It has practically closed off every decent religion I can particularly recall. Earlier in this lifetime, I noticed that Christian Scientists were one, if not the highest income per capita group in the United States. I met thousands of these people apparently quite concerned with extremely high realities and yet the bottom line was that the majority of them were interested in continuing to drive their Cadillacs. That sort of approach which is as common as dust, you should not adopt for yourself. This obsession to manifest in the material universe all the things going on in a spiritual universe does not afflict true seekers of truth. A truth seeker doesn't give a damn whether they make more money, have better surroundings or have eradicated the negative hygiene factors in their existence. They are just happy with the spiritual gain and find virtue to be its own reward.

The whole area of origins of knowledge becomes a senseless exercise because I doubt if anything new has been written under the sun for a very long time. Most of Christian Science, Scientology and Nuclear Physics can all be found in the Golden Scripts which are the secret books in the monasteries. The Rig Veda itself is a rather bastardised Readers Digest version of a few chapters. So, for me to say that I have said this, or Mary Baker Eddy said this or Aristophenes said this, or L. Ron Hubbard. founder of Scientology, said this, is somewhat foolish. I am sure that any remarks made by any individual could be traced to being written elsewhere by another.

You will find that there will be a certain percentage of people that are interested in spirituality to resolve body problems, to resolve body games (which is a condition of their lives), or because of mental conditions.

You will find people who are interested in spirituality and immortality for its own sake. The latter, of course, is preferable and the only one that is going to get you anywhere. Man is at least a mind, a body and a spirit and I would also like to include a fourth part, which is the heart.

You will have at least four types of folks coming your way. One out of four will really hit escape velocity on aberration. He comes cleaner faster than he is putting his own dirt up. Most of the things which are valuable in life are exponential (not of this physical universe) and the least valuable things are linear (which is of this physical universe). The good things and the bad things in life compound and respond to mathematical evaluation from a multiplying it times itself. Those things which are just straight trends are just physical universe manifestations and phenomena. So, you can know whether you are dealing with mechanics or you are dealing with raw life on whether it's exponential or whether it's linear.

It is a regrettable truth that the immortality business has been given an extremely bad name over the years because people, have been sold a lot of half truths, partial truths and had their trusts betrayed. Insane causes have been promoted. Man has generally been degraded in the name of truth. If you are operating in the context of that bad name, I don't suggest you take a public relations approach towards it. Don't say everybody was a liar but I'm straight. I would suggest that you call on the attention of whoever you are talking to that they already know the truth and will know whether you are feeding them a bag of wind or you are telling them the truth. A dog can recognise truth. They know whether the postman is scared or not. A cat can recognise truth. Anyone can recognise truth. And for you to insist that your neighbour or someone that you are in communication with doesn't know truth is to set yourself up for a lot of misery. They do if you will allow it to happen. Shakespeare mentioned that if you don't have a virtue, assume it. There is a lot of validity in that and it has limited workability Its limitations are rarely recorded. One can actually assume virtue, immortality or whatever and you will achieve it within the realms of persistences. Whether you will achieve it above persistences is probably what is important, but to go into that at this time would be premature.

The main point I wanted to make here is that you are operating in an area where people are crying wolf and have been betrayed. You are also operating in an area where people are constantly hungry and they still come to market as cattle come to market. You would be most prudent, instead of slaying them, to give them what they needed instead of what they wanted. Simply milking the money out of people is bad form.

Normally when organisations milk money out of people it is done with the rationalisations that the organisation has some divine right to do that, that a group has a right to prey on individuals, that the group must survive, and survival of the group is the only hope of mankind. It is one of the oldest sets of justifications, rationalisations for criminal conduct around. It is completely insane, of course. Groups are a biological phenomenon, a whole group of selves are formed together and they care very little about the individuals in them.

Recognise that you are operating in the context of a cynical, dejected, jaded environment toward the subject of immortality. If you agree to do just "optimum" work than you will get "optimum" work. If you agree to do compromising type of work that is what you will get. Either of which type of work you do will manifest itself in your personal life. If you only do perfect work then you will get perfect results and your life will run perfectly, This has been promoted and said in a lot of books and nobody believes it anymore. The idea of going out and actually working for a living, saving money, not taking advantage of ones neighbour, it has just been promoted on and on and on. It is often a subject of ridicule in modern day world. What is fashionable now is borrowing a lot of money, making your money through leverage off the insanity of the Federal Reserve System To make millions of dollars requires not just zero intelligence. It requires negative intelligence. You have to be a bit of a craven animal to stand in line and make money off other peoples' ignorance. I don't think you will ever become immortal doing this and I think you may have forfeited whatever right you have toward divinity by excessive abuse of opportunity.

To engage in understandings and relationships with other people is as much a responsibility as to break off relationships and understandings with other people. It's a flow. It carries the same penalties and rewards. What I'm saying here is that if you are going to do a job, you might as well do it to its completion and if you do a high quality job your rewards are exponential, infinite and unstoppable, If you do the-best-that-can-be-done job then you are going to lead a life of compromises and bests-that-can be-done, Naturally, one has to start somewhere and there are a few little stepladders one goes through, The more you compromise, the more compromised you will become and you eventually become ineffective, lose your powers and magic. Of course, this is the particular route that many, many people have gone and is presently the fad.

L. Ron Hubbard is credited with the remark that one should never solve a problem unless you solve it for eternity. I don't think a person should even try to solve a problem unless he can solve it for eternity, Within the context of that particular remark, the immortality business becomes extremely simple. It is simple in that anything that you would address would be taken to its completion to where whatever was addressed is gone forever and never was there and never will be again. I'll be going over how that is done later in this book. For one to absorb that idea will require casting aside trivialities of the moment and notice what will be remembered four or five hundred years from now. In working with another individual or yourself, in the direction of improving their spiritual nature, what will survive above time is whether the job gets done right or not, I doubt if anything else will be there, People have a tendency to forget or unmock whether you took a bath, whether they wore cologne and whether the room was warm enough, Even the deep relationships within the lifetime between people are often forgotten. But whatever growth has occurred, whatever bad conditions have been eradicated. whatever ignorance's have been resolved and been replaced by truth, that is permanent. Progress appears to he an illusion, but it is a ratchet in the sense it never does get eroded but only gets covered up. People fall away from it. It is there for them to return to. It's the lasting benefits that matter to the person and the content not the context of the work, The work that is done remains more than how the work was done, That is what survives. And that is probably quite immortal even in the twinkling of an eye.


State Of Knowledge

The state of knowledge at this point in time. or the condition that knowledge is in, is somewhat unique in history. Data is coming out at a rate of approximately twice as much data every ten years. There is so much data coming out that making sense out of it or putting it in logical fashion can get to be a little too challenging at times. People are drowning in data but starved for information. There seems to be such a wealth of data that simplification down to where it is usable information for people has become a formidable task, Accordingly, we have the disappearance of the Renaissance whole man and the increasing appearance of specialised, identity-starved man.

The hidden cost of this transition is that living a full life (operating in a competent fashion within society and growing towards self-actualisation of ones own truth and awareness) requires data in a broad number of areas. This probably is the greatest tragedy of modern civilisation that a person either becomes talented in farming, doctoring medicine, law, real estate or another particular field. He must then rely on others in other fields, and is impaired to the degree that others can perform. This social integration is one of the reasons behind low productivity rates in society.


Miseducation And Cultural Manipulation

It is quite an adventurous assumption and probably difficult (if not impossible) to support within this text, that the miseducation of people (training them into ideas which are unworkable, telling them lies and giving them dream-world theories which do not work) is an established industry. It directly relates to cultural manipulation. This came about as consequent occurrence from about 800 years ago. Specialisation started substantially in the academic community of the Middle Ages The university was considered as being a separate entity. The idea that theory could be divorced entirely from practicality in modern times has led to people being taught how to subjugate sentences when they have a future ahead of them of working in an aircraft factory or in a timber mill or in a field of endeavour in which subjugating sentences is not "need to know" information.

The degree that miseducation and cultural manipulation occurs could not be overstated. It is highly probable that the, majority of the things that are taught to people in our formal education system, training schools, military schools and to some degree within the home are in error. I'm sure that it does serve a purpose. That purpose is not a pretty one.

This is in violation of Abraham Lincoln's suggestion that people should not become enslaved and Thomas Jefferson's suggestion that the minds of men should not be tyrannised. The traditional justification for promoting lies instead of truth is that truth results in heartbreak and despair, However, the lies increase peoples frustration levels which they don't express so they feel hostile as a result. People displace that hostility and do not take it out on the educators or the parents or the particular social institutions which has given them these lies (as a substitute for truth). They displace the hostility and take it out either on their families, or become bigots and take it out in the form of racism, or take it out on the Internal Revenue Service and become tax protesters, or take it out on themselves, and either eat their hearts out, or drink their hearts out. Many even become what is known as an average "adult". This is someone that no longer has any ideals and has become disillusioned, jaded, cynical and suspicious of all natural transactions, communications that come their way. Such "adults" are so suspicious that they suspect an ulterior motive or ulterior motivation underneath any normal communication. This cultural manipulation became rooted deeply in the Industrial Revolution. It was carried forward from the Catholic Church and remains a basis for classism in general. You see, people are taught that they must live a certain role, must think certain thoughts, subscribe to certain beliefs and behave in a certain moral fashion. This keeps people into slots and roles. It has been a very common idea among the upper strata of management and society that the common man on the street would be better off not confused, and better off receiving intellectual pabulum. The media, i.e. television, news, newspapers and so forth are probably the principle suppliers of pulp intelligence. The majority of what they are publishing is either incorrect or incomplete. A partial truth can be just as devastating as an outright lie. Examples are too numerous to explore but the petroleum situation, the pollution situation, the population situation, those three P's that threaten the survival of mankind are good examples The operations of governments, the economy, medicine, law, real estate, finance...the list is practically endless where the press or university professors go in and expound on the particular area and come no where near what is actually there. I mean they don't even come close. There is no comparison between what is actually going on and what they are printing. This may sound like a wild or adventurous idea that I am suggesting here that 1984 and Brave New World were actually books written about the present instead of the future, but it is probably the only way that Mr. Huxley or George Orwell could get those ideas through the publishers hands into the public hands. I think that were a person to investigate with their own eyes, ears and minds any of the areas I have mentioned (or even state government, county government, ones neighbours, whatever) they would find that particular contention here to be true that extensive miseducation has and does occur across the boards and it results in the culture being manipulated and the people within the culture being manipulated. The bottom line on this is that people are told methodically for decades, mostly during the first 20 years of their lives, not to look because someone else has looked for them. So, by the time they have reached legal age to where they possibly could look, they don't know how to look anymore. They can't make up their minds. They have to read someone else's opinion. So, the extent of miseducation and cultural manipulation could not be overstated. The more you investigate it, the more unbelievable it is. That the American people don't know about the Entitlement Program where the refinement of foreign oil is given credit and the refinement of domestic oil is taxed as a support for foreign oil imports, and don't care, is amazing. Or that judges in Kentucky have a tendency to get very wealthy to look the other way at trucks going over roads. The information one encounters upon direct investigation is incredulous, practically beyond belief, and yet one finds not only bad news, but a lot of good news. Also, you find that there are even opportunities to make unlimited quantities of money. There are opportunities to do all kinds of things. So, to rise above bad information and be able to look and assimilate good information is unfortunately a rare ability in this society. It's an increasing ability as social awareness increases and many of the old bad ideas are dying a natural death, With the ability to look and see, one sheds the shells of miseducation, and becomes a marvel to one's fellows.


Hypocrisy, Government And Education Systems

The hypocrisy level within society is so high it is fantastic. Society has become so mechanical, there is very little free consciousness left. Part of this is the result of the degradation of the language. The Greeks had 18 different words which covered the various aspects of love and we have one word in the English language, called love. The use of the word love in society can often mean sex. Hollywood and Madison Avenue and a number of business concerns have done quite well by collapsing the two together by implying that they have a relationship to each other (which upon occasion do). Anyway, what I'm getting at is that society runs on hypocrisy in that words that are being used by people don't mean what they used to mean.

One of the fastest ways to end up with more business than you wanted is to run a magazine article (or just past the word around town) that you are an honest business man, The phone will just ring off the hook. A friend of mine did this in Dallas in the mid-sixties and he had more business than he could handle. He actually had no interest in doing business, he simply ran an article that he was an honest man. He left town to get away from all the business. It become overwhelming.

Organisations intensify hypocrisy in individuals ten fold, if not 100 fold. So, if one wears his heart on his sleeve, he is going to end up in heartbreak hotel, If one believes what one is told within organisations (whether it's a small business, medium-size business, a church or a government) you will be disappointed. Governments have to be the pinnacle of hypocritical organisations because they claim to be there for citizens benefit. Of course, it is natural any person selling anything claims that there is a benefit attached to what they are doing. Governments are supposed to protect the national sovereignty, in other words, the territorial integrity of the borders from outside attack and thus its citizens from harm. They also serve some administrative function of maintaining the roads, social service functions and so forth. Due to the depth of the problem of the government taking the land away from the people, there is some inherent feeling that people at least deserve food back so government gets into a social balancing act of basically buying off the lower and middle classes. A good half to two-thirds of the wealth of this country is in the hands of less than one-half of one percent of the population. All of it would run the country only one year. I'm not saying this good or bad, what I'm saying is that there is tremendous hypocrisy here because the government is supposed to provide a benefit to its citizens and if one were to count up the benefits, one would be in for a great surprise.

If you were to make up a list of all the things you would have to do if there were no government, in other words, to own at least one weapon, be careful of who your family goes out with, lock your doors at night, possibly keep some currency out of the country, keep some currency out of the banking system be wary of whoever comes on your property, be careful of whom you do business with, you would probably find that you would have to do about the same number of things that you are doing right now with a few exceptions. I am quite sure that without a government, food stores would be taken over by the lower classes. One would have to make private arrangements for food just as people in Beverly Hills make private arrangements for gasoline when it becomes short in that area, it is about as difficult as picking up a telephone. So, I won't debate the validity or necessity of government's existence but it becomes an irony that you'll find the ultimate hypocrisy in the larger organisations. The hypocrisy level increases to the degree that an organisation increases in size. And the government, being a large organisation, does have a high level of hypocrisy.

It's actually a very sophisticated, self-interest system, where power protects its own interest. I'm not passing judgement on whether this is good or bad. It's an unalterable fact of life. Whether you study the history of the U.S. l0, 20, l00, or 200 years ago, you are going to come up with the same conclusions that people take care of themselves and are quite willing to insure that they will be taken care of in the future. Aside from government, other organisations which become large (whether they are churches. businesses or corporations) likewise have high levels of hypocrisy. The education system is an inbred extension of social society within it change occurs very slowly. It is a proponent of social hypocrisy and teaches people to accept it. Modern education is an enforced environment where a child is compelled to go sit with the other children and hear irrelevant, boring and inapplicable data. The data doesn't relate to their present, past or future. And to actually call that "education" is the mot extreme example of what hypocrisy is, that I know of.


Religion In General, Inspiration To Opiates

Religion has caused the death of more men in war than the acquisition of property or trade routes. People get quite violent over this subject, it's a sensitive area. The beliefs of most people are very deeply held. Whatever a person considers vitally important and whatever their number one priorities are, are their religions. To state just because people are not going to church, they do not have religion is a very superficial look. The U.S. has a religion of materialism to the extreme. But religion, in general, has been a great inspiration, and you will find it in any advanced culture. Unfortunately, it is the effect caused by philosophy. So, you will find many of the Greek and Hindu ideas, as philosophies, being expressed in the religion of Christianity. The point I would like to make is that it is an unavoidable part of life.

People have normally three religions: personal, life-script and social. They have religion by personal conviction or belief and each person has their own. A person normally has a second religion which is what they are actually living out. If they care the most about their automobile, boat, retirement and their money in the bank then their religion is materialism. Thirdly, there is a subscribed religion which states what they socially believe. Normally these three vary within an individual. That in itself is quite an index of the hypocrisy within people. Where the three religions that a person has happens to be the same, you have a rare individual, actually a very highly religious individual. So, religion is there personally, socially and within a person's thinking as far as what they are acting on. Where are many definitions for religion. Adrian Huxley defines it as having nothing to do with the supernatural but solely man's definition of himself and his relationship with his fellow man. Other people have defined it as having to do with the supernatural. I think that it embraces both. There is the obvious distinction between religious philosophy and religious practice and religious endeavor. (There is also the field of metaphysics which happens to be a science.) Religion has spanned the scale of human existence in that it has been the basis for the ultimate inspiration as you read in William Blake, the Greeks, Christianity or within any religion. Religion codifies and defines transcendental experience, recognition not only of an overself but a commonality (a primal ground, so to speak). It is supposed to make things available not only to human consciousness but human awareness. So, it has degenerated to its present remnant form where the symbols are all that is left of what used to be a spiritual experience. In religion presently, people are bowing and going through all kinds of social gestures. It has taken on an addictive quality and can act like an opiate or drug. So, a religion itself spans the area of complete freedom at the top to complete slavery at the bottom.

External to one are those four subdivisions of religious philosophy, practice, endeavor and science. Internally, religion is (1) personal belief, (2) personal philosophy, and (3) social affiliation. I prefer to define religion in the aforesaid manner because to bring in the subject of organized religion would severly contaminate even the definition of the word, religion. Organized religion and personal religion, although they are not diametrically opposed, are many times mutually exclusive. This is an unfortunate fact of life which has resulted in so many religions being on the planet. There will probably be new religions as there are new flowers every spring. All in an attempt to purify the previous best attempt (which was an attempt to purify the previous best attempt) to state man's relationship with himself and his fellows and other awarenesses.


The Greek Gods And Christianity

In Greece, their mythology, Socrates, Plato and Homer is as important to them as the Bible is to the Christians. The majority of what is written about the Greek gods is probably true and probably exaggerated, according to Will Durant and various other outsiders. My personal opinion is that it is extremely accurate. The premise that titan or superhuman type of beings manipulated and caused supernatural events to occur I find plausible. A spirit can deal directly and cause occurrences within the physical universe by non-physical means, thus a human can't see how it is being done. That is probably the last major demonstration of that which we have in recorded history. The Greek gods eventually had affiliations with mortals. Populations of upward of 30,000 mortals who had some of their abilities. Their continued intermingling with these mortals caused them to drop into mortal states. Then, we have a subsequent and supernatural event of Christ rising after his death. Both of these events seemed to mark our calendar. We had the thinking-culture going from polydeism (many gods) to monodeism (a single god) being worshipped under the Christian faith. Contrary to much widespread present opinion, I sincerely doubt if the fundamental ideas of Christianity came directly from the Egyptian, Tibetan, Buddhist or Persian line of historical thought. There is too much evidence that Christian philosophy came out of the secret school of the Essene, which was one of the nine monasteries at that particular time. The Essenes, with four of those monasteries, relied heavily upon the Greeks. So, my point here is that there is a direct relationship between the worship of the supernatural which goes not only to this monodeism, Christian concept, but that seems to be the final hour and the final demonstration of supernatural events which occurred during the Greek-god times. You can trace supernatural occurrences back through the Egyptian and Indian histories. And, of course, they have occurred since; but, society is not well read or educated on such matters. There have been many supernatural events subsequent to the time of Jesus. By comparison, Jesus activity was much less as far as a demonstration or manifestation of direct spiritual power than that manifested by the Greek gods. Our earliest recorded experience of extreme spiritual power on a co-operative basis (instead of on a 8010 basis, in other words, a single individual) goes back to the Greek gods. The planet has not since known a time of supernatural states and demonstrations occurring on a harmonious and co-operative basis in recent history.

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