The next thing you run on your preclear is some Integrity Processing. The reason you are doing this is that the preclear has overts on his past track that he doesn't know about, that may be affecting him and he has also committed overts where he had no idea that they were actually overts, So, that's the purpose of running these off and you run them off by dynamic.

All you do is check the question on the meter, and of course, if it reads, you take it up, and get the Who, What, When and Where (get all the overt) and it should EP, in others words, FN, VGIs, cog. If not you can take it earlier. I have never found that it had to be taken earlier. If there is no instant read on the question, and the question doesn't F/N, the needle doesn't float, then you can check "Suppress" on the question Of course, if the question was FNing, you wouldn't check "Suppress".

I suppose if someone was extremely dumb (and I don't think anyone is that dumb by the time you have done this much auditing on them), you could groove in the question (go over what it means) You are not using any time limiter. I see no point in grooving the question in, of course, Hubbard does. You should just call these things off and if they read, take them up and get all the overt off. That is all there is to it.

The complete list for Integrity Processing is in the Appendix.

This produces a whole person, someone that has integrity, is not divided against themselves. They had these little track overts (that they had no idea were there) erased off now So, now they have integrity. You now take an attestation to that effect, after they read the definition of "integrity" in the dictionary.

So, now we move onto Grade III. The first process has two commands per flow that are run alternately to EP:

1st flow: Tell me something another wants changed about you.
Tell me something another wants unchanged about you.
2nd flow: Tell me something you want changed about another.
Tell me something you want unchanged about another.
3rd flow: Tell me something another wants changed about others.
Tell me something another wants unchanged about others.
4th flow: Tell me something you want changed about yourself.
Tell me something you want unchanged about yourself.

On the next process, you get the preclear up out of the chair, so you are both standing. You have them:

"Walk over to this spot."
"Now decide you have to appear there."
"Now change your mind and decide you have to disappear there."
"Now change your mind and decide you have to appear there."

You run these over and over to an EP. Of course, they will realise that they can appear and disappear.

On the next process, you run each command repetitively to EP:

Find something about yourself you can accept.

Find something about yourself you can reject.

Find something in this room you can accept.

Find something in this room you can reject.

Find something about this Universe you can accept.

Find something about this Universe you can reject.

With the next process you run each flow to an EP:

1st flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some energy in this Universe.
2nd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change some energy in this Universe.
3rd flow: Recall a time when others failed to change some energy in this Universe.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some energy of your own.

With the next process you also run each flow to an EP:

1st flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some space of another.
2nd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change some space of yours.
3rd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change some space of others.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change some space of your own.

The next process:

1st flow: Recall a time when you failed to change another's body.
2nd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change your body.
3rd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change others bodies.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change your own body.

The next process:

1st flow: Recall a time when another failed to change a memory of yours.
2nd flow: Recall a time when you failed to change a memory of another.
3rd flow: Recall a time when another failed to change memories of others.
4th flow: Recall a time when you failed to change a memory of your own.

The next process:

1st flow: Recall a time when another successfully changed something of yours.
2nd flow: Recall a time when you successfully changed something of another's.
3rd flow: Recall a time when another successfully changed some things of others.
4th flow: Recall a time when you successfully changed something of your own.

The next process has one command run repetitively to EP:

Spot something incomprehensible.

On the next process, you run two commands per flow alternately to EP.

1st flow: Get the idea of another changing you.
Get the idea of another not changing you.
2nd flow: Get the idea of you changing another.
Get the idea of you not changing another.
3rd flow: Get the idea of another changing others.
Get the idea of another not changing others.
4th flow: Get the idea of changing yourself.
Get the idea of not changing yourself.

The next process has three commands which you run 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, etc. to EP:

1. Recall a change.
2. Recall a no-change.
3. Recall a failed change.

Next, you 2W/C "change", "failed change", and "no-change" to find out which is (1) most real . (2 ) Second most real, and (3) the least real, marking the reads. Then, you run the following three sets of processes, four flows each, in the appropriate order (starting with the one most real).

Change: 1st flow: Tell me a change you have avoided.
Tell me a change you have sought.
  2nd flow: Tell me a change another has avoided.
Tell me a change another has sought.
  3rd flow: Tell me a change others have avoided.
Tell me a change others have sought.
  4th flow: Tell me a change of yourself you have avoided.
Tell me a change of yourself you have sought.

1st flow: Tell me a no-change you have avoided.
Tell me a no-change you have sought.
  2nd flow: Tell me a no-change another has avoided.
Tell me a no-change another has sought.
  3rd flow: Tell me a no-change others have avoided.
Tell me a no-change others have sought.
  4th flow: Tell me a no-change of yourself you have avoided.
Tell me a no-change of yourself you have sought.

1st flow: Tell me a failed change you have avoided.
Tell me a failed change you have sought.
  2nd flow: Tell me a failed change another has avoided.
Tell me a failed change another has sought.
  3rd flow: Tell me a failed change others have avoided.
Tell me a failed change others have sought.
  4th flow: Tell me a failure to change yourself you have avoided.
Tell me a failure to change yourself you have sought.

The next process is an 18 Way bracket that is run 1 through 18 repetitively to EP:

1. How have you changed somebody?
2. How has somebody tried to change you?
3. How has somebody changed another?
4. How has another changed somebody?
5. How has somebody changed himself?
6. How have you changed yourself?
7. Tell me something you have not changed.
8. Tell me something that has not changed you.
9. Tell me something that has not changed somebody.
10. Tell me something that has not changed.
11. Tell me something that has not changed itself.
12. Tell me something that you have not changed about yourself.
13. Tell me something you have failed to-change.
14. Tell me something that has failed to change you.
15. Tell me something someone has failed to change.
16. Tell me something that has failed to change somebody.
17. Tell me something that has failed to change itself.
18. Tell me something you have failed to change about yourself.

The next thing you do is the final processes of Grade III. For the 1st flow, the first thing you do is an L & N on:

What change has another caused in your life?

Have the pc list this down to a blow down, F/N item, and give them their item. You can get some the data of it, but I don't recommend it. I suggest you immediately assess and clean up the ARC break. Of course, the way you do that is you say,

Is this a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication, Understanding?

Let them examine it briefly and then assess, "Known", Unknown, Curious About, Desired, Enforced, Inhibited, No, Refused." Normally it will clean up. If it doesn't clean up, you would take the ARC break earlier similar.

In the 2nd flow, the listing question is:

What change have you caused in another's life?

Of course, after you have gotten the blow down, FN item there, you assess and made the indications and clean up that ARC break.

On the 3rd flow, the listing question is:

What change has another caused in others' lives?

You clean up the ARC break there.

On the 4th flow, the listing question is:

What change have you caused in your own life?

You list that down to a blow down, F/N item and then, assess and clean up the ARC break Of course, if any of these ARC breaks won't clean up, you take them earlier similar (E/S).

So, that would complete Grade III. You close your session off, then ask them if they have made that particular grade. The EP of this grade is: the person has become aware of Body, Adjustment and Energy. They have attained the state of being free from upsets of the pasts they no longer feel that they have to change people to make them more acceptable; they have lost the need to try to prevent change from occurring among others and they are no longer concerned about change with themselves. In addition, they have the ability to face the future; the ability to experience sudden changes without getting upset; they have gained the ability of allowing others the beingness to be the way they are and choose their own reality; they can also cause changes in another's life without  ill effects; they are willing for change and interplay to occur between others without involving themselves and they are willing to allow themselves to change. It is a state called Freedom Release, Grade III Release. So, you take their attestation and get a Success Story.

Now, on Grade IV which I was talking about earlier in discussing Service Facsimiles (Ser Facs), there are some processes you run before you get to the Ser Facs.

The first thing you run is R2-44, out of Creation of Human Ability . On each flow there are two commands that are run alternately to EP.

1st flow: Tell me some things another wouldn't want to have happen again to you.
Tell me some things another would like to have happen again to you.
2nd flow: Tell me some things you wouldn't want to have happen again to another.
Tell me some things you would like to have happen again to another.
3rd flow: Tell me some things another wouldn't want to have happen again to others.
Tell me some things another would like to have happen again to others.
4th flow: Tell me some things you wouldn't want to have happen again.
Tell me some things you would like to have happen again.

Next you run the Overt-Justification Process.

On the  1st flow, you say:

In this lifetime what overt has another committed on you?

Have them answer it, then you bleed all the justifications off of it. You would say:

How has he justified it?

You run this over and over until there are no more justifications; If they say that there are no more justifications, you can check it on the meter:

Anymore justifications on this overt?

If it reads, go ahead and get the rest of them. If it doesn't EP there, then you find a new overt using the first command and then bleed all the justifications off of it. You run this to an EP where the pc is aware that justifications are after the fact, they are non-sequetur, they are illogical and make no sense because a person who just commits overts more and more and all justifications are just crazy. There are a number of cognition's that they can get off this. You don't have to get them all on the 1st flow. Basically, a person needs to come up to realising that an overt is a done and that there is really no such thing as a justification.

To run the 2nd flow, you say:

In this lifetime what overt have you committed on another or others?

Then, you pull all their justifications off:

How have you justified it?

Do as many overts and as much bleeding of justifications on each one as is necessary for an EP on each flow.

On the 3rd flow:

In this lifetime what overt has another committed on others?


How have they justified it?

On 4th flow,

In this lifetime what overt have you committed on yourself?


How have you justified it?

Next, you do Rising Scale Processing. There are 12 different brackets and I'll explain the commands.

The first bracket is Survive-Dead. Your first command is "Get the idea of Dead." Make sure they have the idea, then tell them to "Change that idea as nearly as you can to Survive." They will indicate they have and you acknowledge. You then say, "How close did you come?"  They will normally give you a percentage or fraction and you acknowledge them. You keep doing this until they can do it 100% and maintain the upper scale idea and they have had an EP, FN, VGIs and cogs.

So, that is how you do Rising Scale Processing on the 1 through 12 brackets. These come from the Chart of Attitudes.

2. Owns All
Owns Nothing
7. Truth
3. Motion Source
8. Cause
4. I Know
I Know Not
9. Fully Responsibile
No Responsibility
5. Right
10. Always
6. Everyone
11. Faith
    12. I Am
I Am Not

The next process has one command run repetitively to EP:

Point out some things which are causing things.

Now you are going to run out their Service Facsimiles. The way you get them is you clear the word -computation in the dictionary as "2 + 2 = 4". Have them do some mathematical computations to where they understand that it is three commodities. Then, you clear the word -service facsimile, which I have gone into at great length earlier in this volume, or out of a dictionary.

Your 1st flow list question is:

In this lifetime what does another use to make you wrong?

You have the pc list this down to a blow down, FN item. (You may have to do some rewording sometimes.) You are looking for three commodities. You are not looking for a beingness, doingness or havingness. You are looking for a computation.

Hubbard's misunderstoods on this are so gross that I don't want to comment on them at this time. His "horses sleep in beds" example is not a service facsimile because it is a doingness, and yet that is what he uses as an example in a number of his bulletins.

After you have the Ser Fac identified, watching for an erasure run it through the following brackets. You run each bracket until they have cognited:

In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make another right?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make you wrong?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help another escape domination?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help another dominate you?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  aid another's survival?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  hinder your survival?

It is over, whenever it erases, they say the damn thing doesn't work, that it's crazy, they get a pile of cogs and it disintegrates. It is very obvious to you as far as a sudden change in them, accompanied by a beautiful dial-wide floating needle. If it still hasn't erased, you should go ahead and PrepCheck it until it does erase. So, the EP is FN, VGIs, cog, erasure, they know it doesn't work, and they see how it's really messed them up.

On the 2nd flow, the listing question is:

In this lifetime what do you use to make others wrong?

Your six brackets you run their item through, each to a cognition are:

In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make you right?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make others wrong?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help you escape domination?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help you to dominate others?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  aid your survival?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  hinder the survival of others?

On 3rd flow, your listing question is:

In this lifetime what does another use to make others wrong?

List this down to a blow down, FN item. Of course, if the listing question doesn't read, you don't proceed with this, but check each flow.

You don't ever list a list question, that doesn't read. You can put - Suppress and -Inval in on the list question. After you have gotten their Ser Fac on 3rd flow, the questions are:

In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make another right?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make others wrong?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help another escape domination?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help another dominate others?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  aid another's survival?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  hinder the survival of others?

Your 4th flow listing question is:

In this lifetime what do you use to make yourself wrong?

Your six questions are:

In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make you right?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  make another wrong?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help you escape domination?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  help you dominate others?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  aid your survival?
In this lifetime how would   (Ser Fac)  hinder another's survival?

So, now you have finished Grade IV. You may have to double back. You may have more than one Ser Fac that needs to be run on a flow. You may have two of them on the 1st flow or two of them on the 4th flow.

If it is obvious to you, the auditor, that you don't have the core, the first on the case, you can go back and get the rest of the Ser Facs off. Normally the core one will fall out immediately. I gave you 30 pages of detailed information on Ser Facs earlier, You can use any of those  techniques to get the balance of the Ser Facs off the case.

You now take an attest here that they have attained the state of Ability Releases that they are aware of Production, Activity and Prediction, since they have now gotten rid of what was holding it back. They have moved out of fixed conditions, they have lost their make guilty mechanisms of self-invalidation and demand for sympathy they have attained Freedom from other peoples' fixed ideas, justifications and make guilty on self. They are tolerant of the habits of others as far as they effect ones they have lost their resistance to another making others guilty, asserting themselves or justifying their own overts, and are no longer making themselves wrong, justifying to themselves, or over asserting anything to themselves. They have attained the ability to do new things, to face life without the need to justify ones own actions or defend oneself from others; they can be right or wrong, they can tolerate the fixed ideas and habits of others towards self; they do not feel the need to respond to others in like manner; they can tolerate fixed conditions among others and do not need to get involved with others efforts or to justify or to dominate or to be defensive about their actions against others; and they have attained the ability to no longer dominate or justify  or get into fixed conditions with themselves. That is a Grade IV Release and  that completes the Expanded Grades.

You are about 2/3 the way up the Grade Chart on a real Scientology Bridge (that people can go over that aren't made out of paper mache).

If you are new to this subject, it probably isn't going to do much good to read about the rest of the Bridge here. I'll be covering the top 1/3 of the Bridge, which are confidential levels within the Church and much of them are incorrect. I'm not actually making any tremendous disclosures. The majority, if not all of the materials, have already been publicly disclosed, not only in mens' magazines, but in a book "Inside Scientology" by Robert Kaufmann.

The point bears repeating:  if you are new to this subject, you might want to skip the balance of this for two reasons. One, it can stir up some charge on you and upset you, just reading it, if you haven't had your lower Bridge done correctly Two, it requires a high reality, in other words, you need your lower Bridge done correctly for this material to make any sense. So, if you are new to this subject, you might want to skip these next 30 some odd pages.

The next level up is called Power Processing. The reason this is done, is the pc has one singular engram, one singular incident, which holds him as a being to the core of his Reactive Mind. When he received this engram he was in a much higher awareness state and it was a very long time ago. It is a personal, individual engram, it is different for each person. So, the pc can't particularly run the engram, and yet, you need the core of their Reactive Mind off the individual. So, the solution to this particular dilemma is to run Power Processes which are philosophical processes. They are designed to discharge the circuits within the engram to the degree that they engram will disintegrate, and the being will pop free from the core of the Reactive Mind and be in a state of temporary Clear.

If the lower Bridge is done sloppily or improperly, which is, of course, the case within the churches, they use Power Processing to resolve this, thus it takes a long time. They sort of use it as a Roto-Rooter, to where a person will be able to make some progress on their OT levels.

The churches, as far as the technical divisions, operate on a pass-the buck system to where no one is absolutely responsible or in any degree responsible. It is a bureaucracy (like a government); there is no one person responsible for the pc's making case gain or getting up the Bridge correctly. So, if the person comes in through a Centre, or a field auditor, or a church and they make some errors, then by the time he goes to a Central Organisation, they say, "Well, we will do the best we can do." Then, they pass the buck onto whoever does the Power Processing. They look at the previous work, which is uniformly pathetic, and so they run the hell out of Power Processing on the individual, and then they pass the buck to the Advanced Orgs. At the Advanced Organisations they teach the person how to Solo audit, and then a person kind of fakes it through the solo auditing, in most cases getting between 1% or 2% of the gain that he should of gotten out of his upper levels. That is the churchy order-of-the day.

I have defined the purposes, and the unfortunate misapplications, of Power Processes. The story behind them is a bit of a tragedy because L. Ron Hubbard developed these privately and he ran them on himself, and left them unflat. He's got them backwards, and has been kind of crazy ever since 1965. Prior to that particular period in time, he seemed to be essentially rational. Since that period or time he has been essentially irrational. His error is actually on the first process, Due to the fact that he made this error, compounded by the fact that his following in the churches are on a monkey-see, monkey-do basis, physically, mentally, and spiritually with this man, they uniformly run the processes to the same unflat point that he did.

The first process you run alternately, two commands, to EP.

Tell me a source.
Tell me a not source.

You could run it the other way: What is source. and What is not source. It is preferable to use "Tell me." You can word clear these out of a dictionary that "source" is an origin point on something. The pc will rather quickly come up with himself as source and be grinning ear to ear over that, and have little to no understanding of not source. This is the point that L. Ron Hubbard stopped. This is the point that most church people stop on this particular process. Although, there is a floating needle, although there is a grin on the person's face, they still have no understanding of not source, so it is an unflat process. Of course, they have had an exactly-backwards end phenomena. You keep running the process until they get this thing straightened out, and realise that they are not source and that there are a lot of not sources out there. They start to understand the first and second axioms that they are a life static and they will cognite that they have been identified with particular viewpoints or a singular viewpoint in the physical universe, and had actually thought they were sources, and that is a very silly and absolutely ridiculous thing to do; to identify and be a point within a matter, energy, space, time continuum, much less this one. At that point the process is flat.

If you are dealing with someone who has already been run on this, and it takes you more than two hours, and they are still not figuring it out, they are never going to figure it out. It is time to grab some dictionaries and clear the hell out of these words real well, demo kit "source" to where they understand what the hell that means. Have them read the axioms. So, this particular tragic error which seems to be uniform in folders is the reason that most people who get Power Processing cave in after it and actually get worse.

Your next process, also run alternately to EP, is

What is?
What isn't?

Of course, you word clear both of those. This normally runs quite clean to a big recognition. It will run off some crazy circuits, but it will normally run quite clean to the recognition that is-ness is the apparency defined as is-ness and they will cognite on what particular isn't that they have been stuck in (that they thought was an "is") and come forward to present time.

If it bogs and you get nothing but philosophical circuits and this "Is-Isn't Process" won't run, you will have to come off this particular process (and I mean a hard bog, it's just not running, the TA is not moving, the pc is not getting any change out Or it and the pc is getting more solid and you have run for 20 - 30 minutes this way). Then, you need to simply suspend that process and flatten the following, two commands, run alternately to EP

What philosophy have you encountered?
What solutions have you had to that?

When you run this, it's extremely muzzled, very strict TR-0 through 4, and after they have EPed on that then return and flatten "Isn't".

Your final process is also two alternating commands,

What condition have you encountered?
What solution have you had to that?

This can be a long run. To the degree that the lower Bridge is in correctly, it is very short To the degree that the lower Bridge is done improperly, it is very long. You need to run this to where the person is senior to conditions. Without any question, they are going to end up eventually at the first condition that they encountered which would either be as-is-ness, truth, state of a life static, and what solution they had to that would be alter-is-ness or lying and they have been lying ever since. So, when you hit that particular type of EP, you get the hell out of it because it is the first condition they encountered and that is their first change. Then, they will understand that truth is power, etc. Now you have completed the Power Processing on the individual.

To verify that they have made it, that it is complete, not only will they have changes and wins beyond their wildest dreams, but they will have a change in their peripheral perception and you should verify that. It should be significant. If that hasn't occurred, there is something extremely wrong, you didn't get it. Watch for those three particular EPs, that they are not a source, they are a life static, they had the wrong is ness going and they encountered truth or their own personal knowingness and the solution that they have had to that, that they have been stuck in ever since, which happens to be lying or involvement with the physical universe or whatever If you will watch for those three EPs, there is no question they will have a change in peripheral vision and feel quite fantastic. So, that is Power Processing properly done I have never seen it done properly in or by a church.

Grade VA, Power Plus, is next. You have a selection of a number of processes to use. It is very dangerous to run: "What terminals have you known?" or "What is your terminal?"  It is not a good way to go. You can get into a lot of hot water, if you run: "What conditions have you encountered?" and "What event did that resolve?"  Those are for very specialised cases (pretty screwed up ones).

99% of the time, what you should use is the following,

What agreements have you made?

If your preclear is pretty dumb, you can alter the command to:

What agreements have you made that you regretted?

If you don't know whether the pc is dumb or not, run what reads best. In either case, run the appropriate command to EP.

The second process that you run to EP is:

What cause did you become the effect of?

You have to word clear this properly You aren't really shopping for Grade II type EPs, You are looking for an external force that they became the effect of. In other words, they are a ship moving through life, and then a strong storm came along and blew them off course, and they have been off course ever since. You are looking for what outside cause they became the effect of. You flatten that to an EP, then they have attained the state, the end phenomena of Power Plus. These things are on the Grade Chart.

On Grade V, Power Processing, they attain the awareness levels of purposes, clearing and realisation. On Grade VA, Power Plus, they gain awareness of conditions. On Power Processing, they gain freedom from the inability to handle power and they gain the ability to handle power. On Power Plus, they gain freedom from the detested parts of the track and it stabilises their ability to handle power.

The next thing you do with your preclear is train him as a solo auditor. You do all the E-meter drills with him which are covered in this book, and the TRs. You demonstrate the Comm. Cycle out to where he understands it and teach him the fundamentals of session admin which are covered in "Dianetics Today".

In solo auditing, there is much less admin. He needs to know the worksheets, 8 1/2" X 14" paper on which is drawn a line across the top and a line down the middle with the pc's and auditor's names at the top, the number of the page, put the date on the right, put the time on the left, TA on the right, and if the needle floats, put FN If they indicate something to themselves they write it.. If their needle is floating, then they do indicate it to themselves and they also write down their indicators. Abbreviations are BIs for bad indicators, GIs for good, VGIs for very good indicators, and VVGIs for very, very good indicators. If these things happen together, then they write down the time and TA and draw a circle around it. They write down their starts and ends of sessions. Anything they say as an auditor, they underline.

You teach them how to do rudiments and then, how to run a lock, secondary and engram, After they have all this down, you go ahead and do a 8010 session out loud for them where you fly all your rudiments and run out a lock, secondary and engram. They watch. Then, you have them go ahead and do a solo session in front of you where they fly all their rudiments and run out a lock, secondary and engram. When they are confident that they can Solo audit you graduate them off the Solo Course.

The technology of flying rudiments is if the tone arm is high (above 3.5 on two cans or 4.2 solo) the order you would fly rudiments is: Problem, ARC Break, Withhold If the tone arm is lower, the order is ARC Break, Problem, Withhold.

The most frequent C/S (which is the instruction for the next session) is either "Fly all rud's" (or "Fly 3") or "Fly a rud" or more commonly "Fly a rud, if no FN and VGIs".

In the unlikely event that a rudiment does not fly then you would go to the next rudiment, and in the unlikely event that it didn't fly, you go to the third rud, and if it didn't release, then you end the session, because the pc needs a Green Form. If a later rud does clean up and FNs, then you go back and fly the previous ruds which hadn't. By flying, we mean run quickly. An example would be ARC Break, no FN, Problem, no FN, Withhold, it goes to an FN, then you go back and clean up Problem, and then clean up ARC Break

You shouldn't mix rudiments. An ARC Break is to clean up a break, an upset, with, in restoring someone's comm. cycles, affinity cycles, reality cycles, or understanding cycles. It's cycles, you see, you are trying to restore something. A problem is an intention/counter-intention situation, two things in opposition. However, if your pc does flip from one rud to another, you better go along with him. If you start on an ARC Break and the pc brings up a problem, go ahead and clean up the problem then double back and clean up the ARC Break.

To catch all the flows on one command, the ARC Break rudiment question is:

Is there an ARC Break?

If the answer is no and the needle is floating with good indicators, then you skip it. If the answer is no and the TA blows down .2 or more of a division, your pc lied, and you need to get an answer. If there is a read on the E-meter, or the pc says yes, then you have them locate it, spot it, and then you assess,

Is it a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication, Understanding?

Marking down the reads on your worksheet and all you need to mark is A R C U. You watch for the instant read. If there are two of the same size, it's usually the first read. You mark an X if there is no read. You mark an F if there is a fall which is a movement of the need to the right 1". You mark SF if it is a short fall which is a 1/2" movement to the right; LF if it is a long fall, a needle movement to the right of 2" or more. You circle the item which reads. After find the item, you give it to the pc, and see if he agrees, give him time to examine it. You say, (if Understanding read) "I'd like to indicate a break in Understanding." If this clears it up to FN, VGIs and cog, then you can leave it there, that is rare If there is no FN, VGIs and cog, then you further assess the break and you just mark on your worksheets next to the letters for the questions. You write down the letters representing the questions before you call them off,

K = Is it a known understanding?
U = Is it an unknown understanding?
C = Is it a curious understanding?
D = Is it desired understanding?
E = Is it enforced understanding?
I = Is it inhibited understanding?
N = Is it no understanding?
R = Is it refused understanding?
(If no reads, check
Human scale listed
on life repair, Appendix,
Human Loop, and throut
this book.)

If "curious understanding" read, then you make the indication,

I'd like to indicate curious understanding was going on and broke off.

The situation should pop into view on the pc and then let him talk it off. If it doesn't clean up, if the ARC Break doesn't resolve, there is no FN, VGIs, you can ask,

Is there an earlier similar ARC Break?

Normally they will say yes and it will read. So, you get the pc to spot the ARC Break, then you do a fresh A, R, C, U assessment and a fresh K, U, C, D, E, I, N, R assessment. If there is still no FN, then you go earlier repeatedly until it does clean up If there is no earlier, then you would go to the Problem rudiment.

Now if your pc says there is no ARC Break at the beginning when you ask and there is no F/N, your next question is,

Is there a suppressed ARC Break?

If they say no and there is no FN, then you check for a false ARC Break. You say:

Has anyone said you had an ARC Break when you didn't?

Anything that comes up on false, you indicate the FN. If it is a suppressed ARC Break, of course, you are going to have to assess it and clean it up. If they say no, then you would go to problems.

Your question on problems, to cover all the flows, is:

Is there a problem?

Your pc will normally talk. If they are not giving you both sides, clear the word problem, to where they realise that they need to print the problem as two things that are opposing each other with indecision. If after talking it out, there is no F/N, you go earlier similar, in other words, you ask,

Is there an earlier similar problem?

If they say no, then check for suppressed or false problem as follows,

Is there a suppressed problem?
Has someone said there was a problem when there wasn't?

(Page 1 of the "XGF" in Appendix has 4 magic Questions to as-is any problem. )

The way you clean up a withhold is to say,

Is there a withhold?

This is trickiest because there are two kinds. There is the kind in the dictionary where the pc may be just holding something back or there is the Scientology kind where the pc has an undisclosed contra-survival act. If they say yes or if there is a read, then ask,

What is the withhold?

Get it answered, then check,

Is that all?

Get the when and where on it quickly, then get,

Who missed it?

Then ask,

What did that person do to make you think they knew?

If it is still not FNing, then ask,

Did anyone else miss it?

Clean up all the people that missed it, and what each did that made the pc thing they knew until they F/N. If it doesn't F/N, go earlier similar until it does

All they need to know about incident running on the Solo Course is basically the A, B, C, D steps, in other words, they need to know the following commands They just write the letters on their worksheets.

A = Move to the beginning of that incident.
B = Tell me when you are there.
C = Move through to the end of that incident.
D = Tell me what happened

If the TA rises, they need to ask,

Is it erasing or going more solid?

They write E/S on the worksheets and circle their answer. If it is erasing, they go through the incident again. If it is going more solid, they ask,

Is there an earlier similar incident?

If the pc say no and it is still going more solid, then the auditor ask,

Is there an earlier beginning?

So, that is how he erases an incident. Of course, one goes earlier similar, if it goes more solid and there is no earlier beginning and the one he is running is not erasing.

So, that is the Solo Course. It takes anywhere from 10 - 30 hours for a person to do the Solo Course. It averages around 20 hours. The reason that it sometimes takes 30 hours is that some people have been in the church as auditors, and you have to untrain their bad habits, straighten out their misunderstoods One auditor that had audited 5,000 hours in the church, just years and years, and had been auditing for 20 years, did not understand TR-4 and a number of other things I won't mention here. But it can be pretty tragic. If someone has never done any auditing, they will find it quite new, quite exciting, and you don't have any contaminated ideas to clear out of the way.

Your next action on them, since they can solo audit is to do some word clearing. You word clear what a Goals-Problems-Mass is which is already defined in here. You clear GPM, as a Goals-Problems-Mass. A GPM is composed of mental masses and significance's which have an exact pattern unvarying person to person whose significance's dictate a certain type of behaviour and whose masses when pulled in on the individual cause psychosomatic illnesses, pains or feelings of heaviness and tiredness.

Then, you word clear "end word" as the last word in a goal, the common denominator to the whole of the GPM, the final word of a goal.

Then, you word clear -dramatisation as to repeat in action what has happened to one in experiences it is something that is being played out of another time and period and complete dramatisation is complete identity, and that when dramatising, the individual is like an actor playing his dictated part and going through a whole series of irrational actions. You clear up dramatising as a person acting out a script.

Then, you explain to the person that approximately 15% of the Reactive Mind is made up of pictures, 85% of it, the core, is made up of goals, huge masses and GPMs and that the 15%, those pictures, have been run off on their Dianetics, and a lot of material has been run off on the other auditing that they have received; however, what you are going to do is ungroup the GPMs that are bunched together on the individual in a manner like the Indians taking passes around the circled covered wagons.

What you are going to do here is to just shave off the edges of the Reactive Mind and get another 5% of it erased simply by running off the end words. You clear up that a "lock end word" is a lock onto the end word. Basically explain to the pc at this point that "lousy" is probably not an end word, but if that comes up as an answer and the same type of idea comes to mind, reword it. If they come up with words ending with -ness, -ity, -ion, they are getting warm. Lousy would be a lock on possibly futility or desperation, these would be actual end words and the meter will respond incredibly well when they get the one and the dramatisation will erase.

You then issue them the commands for Grade VI, which are run repetitively to EP on each flow.

1st flow: What is another causing you to dramatise?
2nd flow: What are you causing another to dramatise?
3rd flow: What is another causing others to dramatise?
4th flow: What are you causing yourself to dramatise?

They should run enough of this to where they no longer dramatise and can see these dramatisations on the 3rd flow and don't cause others to dramatise and won't allow others to kick in dramatisations on them. You give them that particular reality factor and send them off to solo audit the level.

I suppose the ultimate in the level would be for them to get down to running dramatisation as an end word. There would probably be nothing left to run after that. But what occurs by them running this level is they attain Grade VI Release which is Whole Track Release. Their whole track will just pop off of them. They will attain freedom from dramatisation as a state. They will get a return of power to act on their own determinism, they won't have to act out of bank anymore, and they will realise that that is what they have been doing until this level. It's quite quick, flashy and profound.

I'd say 99% of all the previous philosophical thought in recorded history, whether it is Buddhism, Christianity, Mormon, the majority of religious philosophy gets up to this level, and just stumbles around. They never come out of it, it never occurred to any of them that it was an implanted bank. So, once your preclear is through this, he has risen above all of his predecessors in a social sense, never to return to just acting things out.

The next level the preclear takes up is the Clearing Course (CC) What happened on this was back on September 3, 1965, L. Ron Hubbard picked 42 people to research these materials since he insisted that he was Clear and didn't have a Reactive Mind. His had just all blown apart one day and he couldn't find the significance of it. Of course, he had a stuck needle, had trouble getting in and out of bed, and so forth, but he didn't want to talk about any of these things. Anyway, he simply issued these materials to 42 people which was not really a broad mix of society. They were not really scientific people. They started researching out the content of the Reactive Mind. So, his remarks that he rose above the bank and never agreed to have a bank, that are listed in a number of his works and in the bulletin "Keeping Scientology Working", are completely fraudulent.

The bank that they discovered, were plotting out, and working off in writing up their plots, was quite wrong. At the time I made four suggestions to one of the key researchers and those four suggestions were adopted. Other factors were going on at the time. I simply withdrew from the project, because the plot they were drawing was so incorrect. The end words were remarkably correct, but the rest of it was not. It was close enough to produce some positive case gain. So, that was the CC that was developed at St. Hill between September 3, 1965 and February 4, 1966.

In doing a CC, you have to educate the hell out of your pc, and go over a lot of material with him. You would word clear a "GPM", again; a "Reliable Item" which is an item out of a GPM that the pc is stuck in; a "Crossover" as a middle of a GPM where a person ceases to be for the original goal and starts to be against it. You need to word clear "implant" and the best way to clear that is: as a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purposes or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him. You need to clear an "implant GPM". Another definition of implant is as an electronic means of overwhelming a thetan with a significance. A third definition of an implant is an unwilling and unknowing receipt of a thought and intentional installation of fixed ideas contra-survival to the thetan. So, then you clear an "implant GPM" as an implanted Goals-Problems-Mass. A definition of that is an electronic means of overwhelming a thetan with a significance using the mechanics of the actual pattern of living to entrap a thetan to enforce obedience to behaviour patterns. Go over that real good so that your preclear really understands it.

Then, you go over "implant goals", and that is an implanted goal that the thetan himself has not decided upon, but which has been induced in him by overwhelming force or persuasion.

Then, you clear that an incident is an experience related by same subject, location, perception, people; it takes place in a short or finite period of time, such as minutes, hours, or days Mental image pictures are of such experiences. So, you define that incidents are on a time track, then you can refer the pc to those pages 80 - 81 in Dianetics Today to where they would understand what timeless charge is, overwhelming charge, in other words, the primary Reactive Mind. Then, you would indicate that on the CC they will be erasing, not only incidental charge, but the timeless charge that resulted from that and the that GPMs float timelessly, these implanted ones.

The next thing you need to do is clear up enough technical philosophy on them to where they will understand what they are dealing with. You clear up this philosophy with them, indicate that the auditor must realise that communication is essentially directed or received energy and is inhibited by the willingness or the unwillingness of the preclear to take responsibility for energy or forms of energy and where responsibility is low, perception is low and it is found on processing that a pc is in poor condition in direct ratio to the degree that he has accepted and agrees and complies with the MEST universe, and is in good and active condition in direct ratio to the degree that he can break his flow of agreement and establish his own flows and thus create his own universe. Also, that ones appreciation of the MEST universe is almost uniformly the energy which ones places on the MEST universe, in other words, his illusions and when he loses his hopes and dreams (his illusions) that is because he has lost his ability to emanate energy back at the MEST universe, and has become dependent upon the energy that the MEST universe thrusts at him.

You should clear up that time is summed up as had, have and will have; that goals in the MEST universe are summed uniformly under the heading "will have" and that one engages in action in order "to have", that the entire problem of the future is the problem of goals; that the entire problem of goals is the problem of possession and that the entire problem of possession is the problem of time, and that time is impossible without the possession of objects.

You should make it very clear that ones own personal universe is made up of matter, energy and space and that the physical universe is made up of matter, energy and space and that these two universes are entirely distinct; and it could be said that the principal confusion and aberration of the individual stems from him having confused these two universes with each other and where these two universes have crossed in the mind of the individual, we find a confusion of control and ownership for the reason that the two universes do not behave alike.

Then, you need to go over that if a person is low on the Tone Scale and still exhibits responsibility, then his energy, that was active initially, must of been enormous for any segment of responsibility to still exist when he is low on the Tone Scale.

In studying the subject of Scientology and working on the bank, one is studying the lowest common denominators or agreement which bring about an acceptance of the MEST universe and prohibits the creation of ones own universe, which ability alone makes the possibility of perception of the MEST universe which is itself agreed upon illusion. In other words, if you can't perceive your own universe, then you are not going to be able to perceive the MEST universe. Originally, in a person's own universe, he used the mechanism of energy creation to make objects, while in the MEST universe, this ability has been reduced to the use of energy solely for recording data about the MEST universe, so that one can agree with that data. In so doing, lies death, not only for the body periodically, but death for the thetan, in that a thetan can die. No adventure in the MEST universe can exceed the adventure of making orderly anatomy from the chaos of co-mingled matter, energy, space and time which comprise planets, galaxies and island universes of this black beyond which waits to devour the universe self-constructed of any thetan or group of thetans. That the road to knowledge led through the anatomy of space and energy masses called the MEST universe and yet data does not lie in the MEST universe. That the track to knowledge has two directions, it is possible to take a better path, the essence of true knowledge is the essence of existing, so that one can create beingness and data to know, Possibly all other data is junior to this and one should have the knowledge of the composition of the MEST universe as a fox might have use of the knowledge of a trap. It is cruelty to make a theta clear without at the same time educating an individual so as to permit him to avoid these pitfalls which has brought him to where he is found: in a physical, animal, MEST body, on a planet named Earth, in this solar system, galaxy 13.

Having covered this philosophy with them, you should go over the anatomy of the R6 bank that they are going to run out. You show them that there are 50 GPMs and 5 GPMs to a series, and demonstrate a "repeater technique*"; and go over an example GPM where there is a terminal on the left and an opposition terminal on the right, there is a left side and a right side, there is a crossover, and that implanted GPMs have 9 lines or 18 items. If the first goal was "to catch catfish", "catch" would be the root word and the endword would be "catfish".

Example GPM On "Catfish"

Left Side
Opposition Terminal
Right Side
1. To Catch Catfish
(Root wood (Endword)
To Not Catch Catfish
5. To Buy Catfish To Sell Catfish

(9 lines, 18 items)

*Repeater Technique:  Spotting repetitively until as-isness.


Clearing Course

Events and Line Plot of Implanted GPMS

Date(s) received are either: 2,112,987,634,415 years ago, or about 75 million years ago (74,947,612 plus or minus 312 years) or both. The date is not crucial, as there were many implanted dates placed on the implant in the implant.

The incident starts with a light, centre and to the right, video screen to the left. Then, "There is nothing more lowly or vile or undeserving to exist as you". Then, about 10 more sentences of invalidation, closing with "Therefore we will educate you so you will never harm again..."

Fear sensation.

Rush toward central light (6-8 seconds), 3" in diameter, 18" tall, with ones space occupancy about 3/4" in a bubble down the light one goes. Awareness of hundreds before and behind. Not wanting to go or be there.

Slamming sensation from light energy down to lower room.

The incident and Clearing Course is summarised as follows,

Opening light
1st GPM
Light ahead and on one (50 ERG lights)
2nd GPM, etc. through 5th GPM (A)
Flood of pictures (11/second) for 8-10 seconds (B)
Then, Objects (squares, cubes, triangles, circles, rectangles, U's, arrows) coming at high velocity for 5 seconds (C)
Then, Aesthetic Waves for 4 seconds (D)
Then, a light ahead (flash), but not on one.


Then 2nd series of 6th through 10th GPMS followed by ABCD, flood of pictures through aesthetic waves and so forth for 10 series of 5 GPMS each for 50 GPMS total.

Each GPM has 18 lines as follows. The only difference in the 50 is that each one has a different end word. The verbs and adjectives are identical in each GPM. There is a zap as each item is passed thru and ones goes left to right down it, to line 4 right, then line 5 right, then line 5 left, then line 5 right, then line 6 right, then line 6 left, then left to right to the end as indicated by the numbered arrows.

The 1st GPM is printed verbatim:

Buttons can be used to release charge such as: "On the goal has anything been resisted, invalidated, challenged?".

The end words in the bank for the 50 GPMS are (order is exact):

1st series: Affinity, Communication, Reality, Understanding, Beingness.
2nd series: Doingness, Havingness, Experience, Knowingness, Control.
3rd series: Responsibility, Thetans, Minds, Bodies, Identies.
4th series Sex, Groups, Mankind, Life forms, Physical Universe.
5th series Spirits, Gods, Universes/Non-Physical, Departures, Clear Analytical Minds
6th series Reactive Minds, Goals, Problems, Mass, Matter
7th series Energy, Space, Time(s), Pictures, Lifetimes
8th series Games, Harm, Survival, Beauty, Sanity
9th series Decency, Truth, Awareness, Individuality, Co-Existence
10th series Magic, Confusion, Stable Data/Certainties, Death, Love

A person runs as much of this as is necessary until the whole bank unmocks for them. They generally don't have to run all the items. I have never seen a preclear go beyond running the 26th GPM line 1A which is "To create prevent reactive minds".

The majority of the Scientology churches activities is acting out line 5B of "clear analytical minds" which is the 25th GPM, the destroying counter clear analytical minds.

So, after that whole bank erases you have a real Clear on your hands. They have attained the state of freedom from the inability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and time on the 1st dynamics and they have attained the ability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and time on the 1st dynamic.

They exist at this point, they have an awareness level of existence. It has been so long since they have been living without this damn R6 bank around. What you do next is send them out into the environment and get them back into communication with people and the physical universe. That is basically all that OT 1 is. So, you issue them those materials. They can do it in 1/2 an hour or more.



The processes are simply to spot the following list of things, each repetitively to EP:

Spot/Look at Matter
Spot/Look at Energy
Spot/Look at Space
Spot/Look at Time
Spot/Look at MEST combined
Spot/Look at an animal
Spot/Look at a person
Spot/Look at an object
Spot/Look at self
Spot/Look at another's universe
Spot/Look at what you are doing
Spot/Look at what another is doing

By doing these, they have attained the state of freedom from the inability to identify self in relation to others, and the physical universe. They have gained the ability to be extroverted, and attained the awareness of oneself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe. So, they attest to that and you go on to OT II.



Incidents to be erased:  (Run only as many as are necessary for EP of OT II)

1. Arrow shot through one in space.
2. Dancer (will either be around a campfire or in a palace).
3. Pole (will either be bounced back and forth between two poles or stuck on one trying to get off, or a barbershop pole going up and down),.
4. Cave incidents.
5. Triangle implants with dummy, apparently live, with you flowing Clearing Course type goals at the dummy you think is a real person, Dummy is to the front of you, emitter of goals is behind you, and Implanter is to the left. It opens with "For 2/12 years I have lived with you..." These Clearing Course type goals you thought you implanted into another:  The BB GPM.

The above uniformly produce an OT II EP.

If the EP is not attained, extend with running:

1. Bear Goals 8. Religious Implants
2. Cargo Implants   12,000 B.C. to E Level
3. Aircraft Door Implants 9. Bank Snatching Magic Track
4. Helatrobus Implants 10. 1st Picture Incident With
5. Gorilla Goals   Earlier Beginning For Code
6. 9-Flow Implants   of Honour Violation
7. Picture Implants 11. 1st Break of Code of Honour

BB GPM Line Plot:

To create _____________
To not create _____________
To experience _________
To not experience _________
To protect ____________
To not protect ____________
To have _______________
To not have _______________
To resist _____________
To not resist _____________
To invalidate _________
To not invalidate _________
To challenge __________
To not challenge __________
To suppress ___________
To not suppress ___________
To abandon ____________
To not abandon ____________

BB GPM Endwords

The first 150 GPMs:

Life,     growth,     needs,     security,     awareness,     perception,     ideas,     awareness,     consciousness,     dreams,     duplication,     imagination,     truth,     love,     substance,     matter,     survival,     communication,     difficulties,     destruction,     evil,     upsets,     disconnection,     habits,     automaticity,     reactions,     causes,     effects,     powers,     sources,     dramatisation,     clarity,     orientation,     confront,     self-determinism,     certainty,     knowingness,     selves,     personages,     personality,     others,     universes,     the     physical     universe,     intentions,     overts,     motivators,     flows,     ridges,     dispersal,     emotions,     misemotions,     actions,     withholding,     pictures,     memory,     consciousness,     morality,     religions,     Gods,     Devils,     beings,     hierarchies,     governments,     workers,     juniors,     pets,     seniors,     games,     entertainment,     honour,     identities,     bodies,     histories,     symbols,     players,     pieces,     demons,     magicians,     art,     laws,     education,     service,     help,     exchange,     money,     sex,     female     bodies,     male     bodies,     doll     bodies,     robot     bodies,     theta     bodies,     sex,     marriage,     children,     love,     homes,     jobs,     work,     effort,     conservatism,     groups,     insanity,     purposes,     sacrifice,     worship,     subjugation,     limitation,     will,     mankind,     humans,     animals,     environment,     order,     concurrence,     definition,     identification,     illusion,     materiality,     spirituality,     energy,     spaces,     viewpoints,     time,     past,     present,     future,     urges,     impulses,     hate,     popularity,     integrity,     things,     people,     ideas,     thought,     intelligence,     admiration,     perfection,     decency,     honesty,     sincerity,     obligations,     alternatives,     dichotomies,     as-isness,     willingness,     articulation,     repetition,     death.

Then, there is a series of explosions and pictures of thetan returning for a between lives implant and taking a new body.***

Then, the rest of the GPMs (172 more):

Ownership,     hospitals,     babies,     conquests,     truth,     awaking,     identity,     togetherness,     sociality,     brotherhood,     rewards,     punishment,     existence,     lifetime,     strategy,     opposition,     co-existence's,     absence,     ***,     longevity,     money,     agreements,     optimum     solution,     enemies,     wars,     entrapments,     implantation,     hypnotism,     drugs,     pains,     sensation,     significance's,     mass,     study,     learning,     endurance,     operating     thetans,     thought     control,     hope,     faith,     humanity,     caring,     marriage,     partners,     partnerships,     success,     disturbance,     inhibition,     enforcement,     desires,     curiosity,     stewardship,     parents,     children,     invalidation,     suppressions,     other-determinism,     sickness,     disease,     romance,     rhythm,     unconsciousness,     virtue,     spirals,     cycles     of     action,     oppression,     objectification,     mock     ups,     humour,     interest,     inequity,     points,     familiarity,     substitution,     waste,     attack,     abhorrence,     domination,     slavery,     desertion,     escape,     actuality,     apparency,     microcosm,     macrocosm,     mock     ups,     rarefaction,     traction,     pressing,     observation,     massing     up,     departures,     loss,     objections,     valences,     vias,     compulsions,     obsessions,     avoidance,     ignorance,     innocence,     falsity,     supposition,     obedience,     vanishments,     alteration,     responsibility,     feelings,     stops,     starts,     consumption,     beingness,     havingness,     doingness,     decisions,     postulates,     mysteries,     pretences,     control,     reason,     logic,     art,     justice,     co-     operation,     work,     death     as     a     body,     sleep,     exteriorization,     feeling     others,     motion,     serenity,     self,     motion,     other     beings,     now,     ability,     confront,     freedom,     overself,     motionlessness,     perceptions,     blackness,     randomity,     consideration,     words,     result,     location,     form,     stupidity,     friends,     opponents,     copy,     my     universe,     others     universes,     our     universe,     destiny,     fate,     forgetfulness,     remembrance,     creations,     charges,     matrix,     machinery,     declination,     blankness,     never     was,     eternity,     farewells,     obscurity,     oblivion.

Running out the first 5 uniformly produces the OT II state: of the ability to confront the whole track. I have never had to extend (nor know of anyone who has had to extend running the other items), but as a matter of record, I thought I would include them as other things that could be run.

The person R3Rs out the first 4 incidents. They use the repeater technique on the 5th (as they did on the CC), just spotting the goal and getting all the charge off of this implanted bank. It is what society dramatises.

Probably 98% of what is going on in society is simply an act out of this particular bank. This whole bank will normally erase on the pc between the 16th and the 50th GPMs. If they have to go ahead and 372 of them, well fine, I have never seen a pc run beyond "concurrence".

Thus, they attain the state of OT II. So, then you take an attestation on that they have gained the ability to confront the whole track and they have gotten freedom from their inability to confront the whole track. Usually, they can see the whole thing. Your key way of knowing if this is properly done is that they will exteriorize with very excellent perception, never again play these games in society, and they will see that that is what society is totally into.

Now, they go on to OT III.



1. Check for any BTs (E-meter, theta perceptics, intention, pressure areas, telepathy is HOW) on and in:
a. Body surface (WHERE)
b. Body inside
c. In thetan's space (Approx. 40' X 60')
d. On thetan
2. Run Incident 2, then Incident 1, until BT(s) have gone and are released. Then, check for additional Incidents 1's and 2's until dry (on the meter).
3. Return to Step 2, to find new ones to run. Use ruds while running if necessary. There is an effort to stop and hurry on Incident 1.
4. When complete, exact date and run both of the incidents on self.
5. If a bog, do Millazo Pack. Write down some -mutual associations. Re each one on this list, FIND THE INCIDENT THAT MADE THEM ONE, and run that. Then, run OT III, Incident 2 and 1 after that cluster is broken up. Occasionally, BTs will have an incident that made them one other then Incident 2, thus this action.

INCIDENT 2: Dates approx. 75 million years ago, earth years, location, Earth, named TEEGEEACK at that time (meaning planet of sorrow), involved 33 planets of this sector, each with populations of 80 - 200 BILLION PER PLANET. XENU, the ruler, and "Renegades" decided to solve overpopulation as follows, but was halted and XENU placed in a mountain trap after over 5 years of war.

Incident 2 Patter: DETERMINE IF A LOYAL OFFICER, RESIDENT OF EARTH. or FROM ANOTHER PLANET.* If the latter two, start at their being picked up and shot and if from another planet, frozen in an ice cube, transported (flying saucer), taken to mountain, a volcano always, H BOMB EXPLOSION, TERRIFIC WINDS, EFFORT TO ORIENT, MAGNETIC STRIP UP FROM CENTER OF VOLCANO OR DOWN FROM AN AIRPLANE, EFFORT TO GET OFF AND FIND REST OF SELF, PROTEST, BEING PULLED ON STRIP, VISUAL DISPLAY OF INSTRUCTION BY A "GO TO THE PILOT", WHO SAYS "HE'S MOCKING IT UP". There are 26 - 29 days of implanting (the CC and OT II, God and Devil material, reasons for this being done, helicopters, etc.) that need not be run. SOME WERE PACKAGED INTO CLUSTERS in the HAWAII and LOS PALMAS ISLANDS (8 to a cluster). If a loyal officer, the sequence is SURPRISE at being shot, placed at the volcano. Use meter to determine* and determine volcano. Watch for earlier beginning (pulled in for a tax audit), run only up to the "HE'S MOCKING IT UP" as BTs can go into "free fall", spin and get sick from the 29 days implanting, with pneumonia and death the implanted phenomena of free fall in addition to insomnia. Coltus, the Reigning planet, Hubbard a part of the "rescuing force that put an end to it". Don't force or push them off, and answer the BTs questions. There were probably not any good or bad guys in this incident, although Hubbard insists the sector to have been a cultural desert since. Very SP BTs can usually be brought around with adept 2WC, Charm, Ruds, but if not use Power Processing on the rare hard core.

Incident 1:  Dates 4 QUADRILLION YEARS AGO (which is 15 zeros or 4,000 trillion years ago).


Volcano List

HAWAII Pacific Ocean
MT HOOD Pacific NW
MT RAINIER Washington
MT ETNA Mediterranean
MT ST. HELENS Washington
MT EREBUS Antarctica
MT EVEREST Himalayas - Nepal & Tibet
MT KILIMANJARO North-eastern Africa
LAS PALMAS Canary Islands off NE Africa
MT SHASTA California
MT PELEE Martinique
Volcanoes existed New Zealand
at these locations Philippines
then, but no Mexico
longer South America
  North Dakota

Note: These were the most common locations. 600 other volcanoes did and do exist, which I did not list.

You clear up that a BT is a body thetan, The instructions are self explanatory, Basically, the reason they are doing this is to where they won't be confused with hundreds of different thoughts so that they can have some peace and quiet, and so they won't be other-determined. After they have run all these remnants of folks out by telepathic auditing on them, they attain the state of freedom from overwhelm and a return of full self determinism. One cleans off those 4 areas in the order listed.

It is generally underrun, it is rarely overrun, What you have been doing all the way up the Bridge is breaking these clusters apart. With Expanded Dianetics, Grades and all the previous auditing, you have been taking these off. About 1/2 of the BTs come off and leave and go live their own lives by doing the lower Bridge right, and the other 1/2 come off here by doing OT III correctly. So, if you don't do the lower Bridge correctly on someone and they do a real good job on OT III, they will get about 1/2 of it done.

It is pretty wild material to run and the gains of it are beyond description. It is not a crazy idea at all. The irony of it is that it happened a lot more than once. It is listed as an event that happened 75 million years ago. It probably happened to the preclear dozens of times. So, watch out for your dates.

After that you do not do OT VII, and then put them on OT III again, like the churches do. You do OT IV which is included here. After they have done that they have attained the state of certainty of self as a being and freedom from uncertainty of self.

On OT V they attain the state of freedom from fixated introversion into MEST and gain the ability to refamiliarize as a thetan exterior with the physical universe.



1. Reissue CC and OT II materials as necessary and remock it up and unmock it until it is fun and cogs or until it is too ridiculous to ever mock up again under any circumstances.
2. Move the body and notice who is doing it.
3. Mock up a non-atomic light.
4. ARC Breaks, Problems and withholds of Long Duration on Matter, Energy, Space and Time (each separately).
5. ARC Breaks, Problems and Withholds of Long Duration on Self.
6. General O/W (What have you done?/What have you withheld?) on track.



1. Locational and Not-Know Processes
(Run in populated places ambulant.)
a. Energy Sources: have pc spot acceptable energy sources, and run until pc can empower terminals. Command: Spot an acceptable energy source.
b. Spot an object.
c. Spot a person.
d. Locate an object from which you are separate,
(alternately with)
Locate an object which is separate from you.
e. Locate a person from which you are separate,
(alternately with)
Locate a person which is separate from you.
f. Tell me something you wouldn't mind knowing about that person,
(alternately with)
Tell me something you wouldn't mind that person not - knowing about you.
2. Decisional Processing (Run in quiet auditing room.)
a. Do you see that object?
Think a thought in (on) it. Did the thought appear where it is?
b. From (indicated) point make a choice between (2 indicated objects).
c. Putting the decision on  (object)  make a decision about it.
d. (pc exterior of head and any type of bank)
Decide Something.
a. Have pc be 3' behind head. Visit pleasant places, then slightly dangerous places, until can be in the sun.
b. Have pc mock up his own body, until exterior.
c. Close eyes had hold upper two corners of room, refusing to think of anything.
4. Have pc create an illusion (condition, energy, or object), then, conserve it, protect it, control it, hide it, change it, age it, make it go backwards on a cycle of action, perceive it with all perceptions, shift it in time at will,  rearrange it, duplicate it, turn it upside down or on its side at will, make it disobey MEST laws, be it, not be
it, destroy it.
5. Walk and notice the change in viewpoints.

Each process is run to its own EP.

The EP of this level is that it refamiliarizes a thetan Exterior with the physical universe. It also frees them from fixated introversion into MEST.


OT 6

You run each of these processes to EP:

(First make sure OT 3 is flat, and if not, flatten it.)

Exteriorize and send the pc to exact places in the room.
Have the pc move around the room.
Have the pc practice holding onto and letting go of objects.
Have him exteriorize, then run each of these to EP:
Ask him for things that are not giving him directions.
Ask him for people that are not giving him directions.
Ask him for things he is not giving directions to.
Ask him for people he is not giving directions to.
Ask him for things that are not giving orders to other things.
Ask him for people that are not giving orders to other people.
Ask him for directions he is not giving himself.
Ask him for goals he does not have.
Ask him for goals he does not have for another.
Ask him for goals he does not have for others.
Ask him for goals another does not have for him.
Ask him for goals others do not have for him.
Ask him for goals another does not have for others.
Ask him for goals others do not have for others.
Ask him for persons he is not.
Ask him for places he is not.
Ask him for bacteria he is not.
Ask him for objects he is not.
Have him find a place where there are no objects.
Ask him to find a place where he is not thinking.
Have him go to extremely dangerous places until he can be anywhere easily. (High voltage lines, under the wheels of a bus, generators, politician's heads, CIA rooms, whatever)
Have him mock up and unmock bodies. Get the somethingness and nothingness of the body to EP.
Have him find his own gold-ball "anchor points" and adjust any that are out of line. (Normally 14 feet out front and 14' back, about 9-15 feet across and 6-12 high rectangle)
Have him re-interiorize and then notice the difference between 2 objects until he exteriorizes. This complete, whether working well or not, have him do the same drill of noticing 2 objects differences and making choices, which does uniformly exteriorize one.
Then run "What do you expect from   (object)     ?" until he realises his expectations are how he creates his own future.
Then run "Leapfrog Exteriorization" to where he can do it easily and forever, and will not forget it: Have him mock up 3 points in his body, then 3 points in the room, then unmock the 3 in the body, and do this till he moves. That flat get him comfortable (by mocking up 3 points one place and unmocking them in another) in moving himself around the room. Then the house, the neighbourhood, the city, state, nation, continent, planet. Have him travel around to Rio, London, Paris, Moscow, and so on until he is no longer travelling, or relying on the 3-point method, but is just appearing and disappearing. Run this to extraordinary certainty and ability, for it is this beings ability to be free from being trapped in any space for the rest of this eternity.

Have him exteriorize, make decisions and then change his mind. Teach him this havingness remedy of making two sets of 8 anchor points and collapsing them to make mass.

Have him point out some things that are causing things.
Have him tell you some things that are important /unimportant, alternately to EP.
Have him decide to appear and disappear at auditor-indicated points.
Have him list out, off the meter, the things he likes and the GE likes to a big complete EP of him having excellent reality on the two. He will also cognite where there things that both like, and what element of him likes what.
Have him go to populated places and make bodies, and people, do things, to his satisfaction, and to the EP that he discovers them noticing it and an awareness of his own natural sense of ethics, thus discovering "pan-determinism".

This completes OT 6, which I will be discussing momentarily. Let us look at OT 7. You have only 4 actions: (1) Verify that "Think a placed thought" is already flat, and if not, flatten it, (2) Tell me what an intention is to EP, (3) Place an intention in that object/person to EP, and (4) the Dual OT 7 R/D, which I will describe in the next few pages.

Now on OT 6 the pc gains the freedom from the inability to operate exterior, gains the ability to operate fully as a thetan exterior in a pan determined fashion, and it also extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others.

If the pc has any trouble doing these things, it is wise to check for more "fleas", that is do more OT 3. I am using the historical terminology, "fleas", on this historical technology of OT3. Will Durant referenced Buddha getting all of the fleas off his body. Jesus went off to the desert for 40 days and nights to get all of the spirits out of the body in question. There have been other times and locations where the technology of getting rid of fleas has existed, The whole subject of exorcism is 50% clarified here, and the remaining 50% is clarified in a later chapter, "The Final Ditch".

Perhaps a profound reason that the churches have been held back so severely in their putting people up through OT 3 processing is that the releasing of these particular spirits, which have not been cleared by a properly-done lower bridge being put in on them, is just the action of putting more crazy people into the environment. That is an unethical thing to do, and an overt of magnitude if one believes in such things.

The only ethical way to audit people is to do all of it, or none of it, for once a case is started it is going to run off. If they do not run it all off with you, they are going to run it off on their neighbours and everyone else in the environment until it is complete. So, a lot of these people that got started on their cases, should not have, for they are going to complete it on the environment. The point I am making here is that to prematurely wake up crazy beings and release them into the environment in that state serves very little service to mankind. It may be freeing the individual, but it can ruin a group. Such activity is one of the many ways that society has gone crazy in the past, and thus you will note public reluctance on this line of activity. They instinctively abhor rotten technology in exorcism, as their engrams on it are not pretty. As an auditor you should note the composite phenomena, aspects, and character of individuals.

This OT 3 Incident was discovered by Hubbard in 1967, and by another individual in 1956. Neither recorded it under any copyright; both just ran it. Hubbard was informed of it in 1956, but dismissed it as "impossible", as most of the fools of planet earth do to this day. It is taking all the other determinism's out of one's space, and thus one gets a restoration of self determinism.

I will now describe the Dual OT7 Rundown: You assess the complete Section of the Pre-Have Scale (in Appendix) on the individual. Mark the read and circle it. Assess the dynamics. From those 2 reads form up a listing question for the L&N. For instance, let's say "foiled" and "3rd Dynamic read", then your listing question would be: "What has caused you to be foiled on the 3rd dynamic?"  List that down to the BD FN item, give it to the pc, and that will produce the OT7 EP:  it will free them from the inability to project intention, and rehabilitate their intention. This action gets off the life ruin of the thetan.

Now that these 7 OT levels are complete, you should stabilise the pc's gains with OT Stabilisation Drills, which are listed on page 720 in the Appendix.

The next action is to take up the inability side of OT 8, which is freedom from the inability to be totally free and at total cause, which you can achieve with these 14 2-way comm. processes:

1. What determines when you are in a good or bad mood?
2. What causes you to win/lose?
3. What leads to winning and losing?
4. What happens right before winning/losing?

In each of these you are looking for the personal common denominator a person has on each, so it is really 8 processes instead of 4. You are also looking for personal mechanisms that are wired to successful and unsuccessful cause.

You will notice that I am using "what" now which can produce L/N phenomena, but by now your preclear is not going to be bothered by this at all, for he is about a million times the size he was back when he was on the grades, and since then has discovered "truth as a way of life", for sure. The rest of the processes are:

5. Do you have a character flaw? (If so, get it and clean it up). If 2wc won't clear it, use L&N.
6. What do you do best?
The rest are "instantaneous answer" processes, except for the last 2:
7. How do you act when things or the going gets rough?
8. Who do you act like when pressured into it?
9. What makes a person win?
10. What type of person survives all things?
11. What is your favourite archetype character on track?
12. What future are you preparing yourself against?
13. What is the origin of evil? (This will be a very long 2wc. There will be a subjective answer for them. They need to know it, or they will not be prepared to live the rest of their lives, which happens to be a very long time.)
14. What is your greatest enemy?

This completes the inability side of OT8 and you take an attest.

Next you are going after the ability side of OT8, and the rest of this book covers what most will have to do to achieve it. It's a tall order: "The ability to be at cause knowingly and at will over thought, life, form, matter, energy, space and time, subjective and objective". It is rare, but it has been achieved.

The next technical action is to run off the pc's Actual GPMs.

You go through the folder and find the most prominent dozen or so significances. Then you ask them to give you their actual goal on it. They Rocket read. Then get the identity for the goal. Then ask who or what would oppose this goal and identity. That being determined, you have the top two items. There are 3 more, and you get them the same way, and you write this down in plot form with arrows. The 5th one will smell like the first, and lead them back into the first item. They have spent their entire time track doing nothing but these, thousands of lifetimes per item, and recently have been trying to do all 5 at once and are thus confused. you hand the plot to the pc and have them spot each one of these and get the charge off. There is a lot of line charging, very rapid TA action (over 200 div/hour), and it is unbelievable for both of you until the thing erases. Then you take up the next one, and so forth until they are all done. There can be as few as 3, and as many as 12. At a higher level, perhaps there are a thousand, but you will find 99.999% of your pc's attesting -No more Actual GPMs after the 3-12 are discharged. It is always a 5 line and then circular layout. Hubbard thought they were 18 lines, but that is only true for implants. As an example I will print one of his:

These overwhelming idiocies come apart with tremendous laughter. I hope he gets his 200 Divs. off on this disclosure. When you don't have any of these, they are more visible on the person than their body. It's all you heard about in doing the pc's bridge, his private little jail of 15 (3 x 5 x15) or 60 (12 X 5 x 60) significance's, with valences attached. When this is done you have the person out of these 15 or 60 traps that they have been doing and seeing through, instead of living, in the physical universe. The GPMS are what they have been doing it all through. This is the end of what most people think a case is, and you have a done deal now that is terrific. These Actual GPMs went on automatic trillenia of universes ago, and were his first -case and thus have been his last. What a clutch to his viewpoints it has been. If the pc does not get more out of this than all the previous work, you did not get them all. He has more. The average run will produce this average EP: -The Hubbard-Bridge done correctly we did made me comfortable with my actual GPMs at last, and removing them is not a comparison, it is personal Clear forever, for God's sake tell the man and the world that at last the "Way is found..." In other words, the pc did not know they were, there, and in having him review them, he discovers that he and a different world are here now. This action is more important than all the prior work. Do not do it on an enemy, or anyone you do not totally trust, if you like breathing. It produces ability beyond description. You do not owe it to anyone. It is not for sale. Do not deliver it to a case/person that has anything out lower on the chart. It will not run or fire on the individual if they have incidental track, are out of valence, have an incomplete bridge, or are involved in out-ethics. If you attempt it under any such condition, you will restimulate it and it will not destimulate for a longer time than either of you want (months).

With the Actual GPMs out of the way, if you wish, you can verify that they made all of the EPs of the "L's", which they should have made in your doing the bridge correctly.

On L-10, you simply verify that they found their greatest overt on each of the 4 flows. On L-11, you make sure nothing has gone on too long on 9 flows (37R), and if it has, then do 37-R (you assess 9-flows in the Epilogue, take what blows up, rises, or sticks the needle, set up an L&N question on a "continue to do" basis, do the L&N, give them the item, reassess the 9 flows, and keep it up until the 9 flows are clean). This is called the new life rundown. You follow it with a 2wc on the nature of man. As far as dating and locating the intention to harm, you should not do that. It should have been R3R+d in the expanded dianetics. On L-12, you should not use -Who put the beams in your space, if the being has beams in his space. If he does, you do an expanded dianetics R/D, that I promised I would talk about earlier in this book: The Metalosis R/D. I mentioned that very few people would need it, and you would resort to it if you did not get an XDN EP after running the 4-flows of repeating overts and intentions underlying them. On verifying L-12 just ask if the pc has beams in their space and if they do, do this R/D. So you use this R/D in verifying the L-12 EP, and in completing the occasional XDN case. This R/D clears up the "Logical to Hypercritical" column on the right-side of the Personality graph on anyone. The L-12 approach of dating and locating, complete with who put them their is not a permanent handling. The Metalosis is. On the R/D, you ask if they have any beams or field distortions in their space. If yes, have them select one and identify its location. Then do an L&N for the purpose connected with it. Then R3R the purpose out. You keep this up until the pc's space is clean, thus he is no longer touchy, irritable, and hypercritical, thus he is comfortable enough to be logical. Although the world is full of people with this column out on them, it is rare that they can swallow enough pride to admit to needing the help that auditing is, and thus it is rare you will find them as pcs. This completes the verification of the "L's", and the normal line of processing that is published or implied in the publications of Scientology technology, as far as doing it correctly. The clearing course and OT2 plots are different in more than just the adjectives for the goals, as he and I have different memories of these. I have tested his and mine on others and found mine to be the more accurate of the two recollections, as have dozens of other people.

There is not too much one can say about "NED for OT's", except that the positive gains that hare come out of it are evidence of three areas of address (1) successful running of a secondary, (2) successful running of an overt, and (3) successful running of entities out of one's space. The latter area I prefer to run as described in the chapter "The Last Ditch". I do not care for the NED for OTs approach to the running of entities for it is an incomplete address to a complex issue. Ned for OTs is deficient in raising the reality level of the pc so high that no entity could stand being around you, which The Final Ditch does. I developed much of The Final Ditch from memory, but the majority of it was from work that Hubbard entertained and did over 30 years ago, for in reviewing that work, my memory of it opened up. Ned for OTs seems appropriate for the people getting it, but I have been noted for having an acidic sense of humour.

The determining factor on how well a pc will do is, more often than not, the case state of the auditor, for as-isness can occur from either side of the table. It is preferable that the preclear do his own as-isness. However, the better off you are, the better he will run. If the auditor is in suppressed agony he will get 5 Divs. of TA per hour; if he is a remarkable person he will get 30/hour; if he has his own case run off he will get over 100/hour; if he is a god in disguise he can take 550-700 an hour off of any pc. These are not big fat claims, they are facts.

If you have your own case run off, oddly enough, the pc will run between so and 120 divisions an hour on anything you run on him with 2 exceptions: the case cracker and the Introspection R/Ds, both of which address over-restimulation, and then the pc will run between 180-240 Divs./hour. I would counsel you against playing the +god-in-disguise game of pulling 550-700 Divs./hour off of other people, as it is unnecessary work on your part, and usually out-exchange with the beneficiary of that -miracle. One's own state, that of the auditor, having such a tremendous effect on the pc's process, leads one to the conclusion that it is best to get your own case run off before you audit others. How that is done is in this book. Whether any of this is worth doing is an absurd question. The greatest men in history would give their eye teeth for one percent of it. They gave more than their eye teeth and got less than 1% of it. I abandoned considerable personal fortune (over a million a year in salary alone was offered to me in 1975) for this quest of kings, "the pleasures of philosophy", and I pleasure to this day in that decision. I suppose the MEST Universe and Theta "bid high" that their enslavement of all men may continue. Not high enough, though.

I would like to quickly go over some odds and ends you should know. On the case that needs the Metalosis R/D he will get greater gain than on the Responsibility R/D. Dating and Locating something, finding the exact second and space the pc received something, is not to key out an engram. It is to recover the being from that space where he is stuck. If you need to do it you date it on the meter down to the second, and get the location from galaxy down to the exact inch. You do it when it is obvious to you the pc is not in the room with you, and he is talking out of another time, and the thing sitting in the room with you holding the cans is being run on remote. It could be a room in Austria in 1816, where they still are as a thetan, only they put out new dimension and view points, which are running the present body. Use this technique sparingly, and use judgement in taking such a drastic action on a pc.

Technically, this is going on naturally, when you run R3R. The pc is buttered all over the universe, and as the engram erases he comes out of the old Matter, Energy, Space, and Time Location. You are not just running engrams off a case in R3R. There is more of him there after each engram chain is erased, for you are picking up parts of him out of condominiums, spaceships, caves, and tepees all over this universe. R3R is not just running pictures, it is the pc collecting himself up from other locations.

I had stated earlier that some of the axioms and factors were in error and I would correct the later in the book, so let us take that up:

Axiom 10 states that the highest purpose in this universe is the creation of an effect. That is not true. The highest purpose in this universe is the highest purpose of a thetan in this universe. Even if Axiom 10 implied the highest purpose of this universe was that it is wrong. The highest purpose of this universe is to entrap a thetan into contributing his own energy and self to it.

Axiom 15 is incorrect. It states creation is accomplished by the postulation of an as-isness. It can be, but this is extremely rare. It is usually accomplished by knowingness, control, and responsibility.

Axiom 7 is incorrect. It states that time is basically a postulate that space and particles will persist. It should be that time is a consistency of viewpoint of the interaction and responsibility of and for dimension points.

Axiom 28 would have the word -mechanical qualifying its definition of communication, in defining the component parts and in its formula.

It should be understood that all of these axioms only apply to the lower 6 dynamics, and their apparency. They are how things look within the game of the physical universe. They do not apply to the upper dynamics, or Life there.

Logic 6 is in error that absolutes are unobtainable, for willingness (to name just one) is an obtainable absolute that people use in the physical universe constantly.

The Axioms of Dianetics are adequate for the psychotherapy of Dianetics, and are profoundly more accurate than those of Scientology in describing the automation of theta. You will be hearing more about that in "The Human Loop" chapter and the closing chapters of this book.

The Factors have been published many times throughout history. They are fine, except for #29 and #30, which are Hubbards additions to this Lao Tze information, or Hubbard information, or whoever your favourite wise-man was, thus is, thus will be.

I would like to relay page 192 of "Creation of Human Ability": where the relationship between ones own, the physical, and others universes are illustrated and commented on. It states that when one of these is suppressed, hidden, or denied, the individual will then be unable to move beyond a certain point on the interlock of triangles. This is somewhat, but not absolutely, true. These three universes are interactive, in that by raising a point in one, you raise all three, but only so far as it is restrained by an uncertainty in another triangle or point. The increase of one point increases the other points; the decrease of one point decreases the other points. The same data is as true of the 5 interlocking triangles of life in the Epilogue, except there an increase in one point increase 14 other triangle points. In auditing you are addressing and changing one's own universe, and thereby bringing about change in the physical and others universes.

If a person is further interested in the Technology of Dianetics and Scientology they can read the following books: Technical Dictionary, Dianetics, Dianetics Today, 8-8008, 8-80, Creation of Human Ability, The Book of Scales 0-8, Fundamentals of Thought, Dianetics 55, The Evolution of a Science, Problems of Work, A History of Man, The Phoenix Lectures, Self-Analysis, Science of Survival, Handbook for Preclears, Advanced Procedures and Axioms, and the 12-volume "Technical Bulletins". This should satisfy the curiosity and thirst that one may have. If it is still unquenched, which is so rare that it is unheard of, you may order about 400 reels of taped lectures, which is all of Hubbards lectures that are for sale to the public, but that is expensive, as they cost about the same as a small home in America's Breadbasket, or that of 2. New Mercedes at the top of their line, if you are of urban persuasion.

As far as further background data, there are a few more odds and ends: One should understand the anatomy of the human mind. There was a course named this, that I taught year-after-year in the '60s, that named the 25 different things one should know about the mind. One can read up on each of the 25 parts, and then you would have the data. It is an overall, instead of technical view of these 25 phenomenon of the mind: mental image pictures, GPMs, Service Facsimiles, the reactive mind, the analytical mind, the somatic mind, secondaries, circuits, machinery, the body, the brain, the nervous system, havingness, the emotional tone scale, locks, engrams, secondaries, mockups, fields, valences, the time track, problems, confusion's and stable data, and restimulation and aberration. It is nice to know that there are about 20-25 different things you are dealing with when confronted with another individual, and what these things are.

I have not covered word clearing or study data in any great depth at all. The rudimentary data of study I did outline, and if you want to produce the state of "Word Clear" on a pc, you do a "Method One", which is included in the Appendix.

You should run your E-Meter at sensitivity 16 at all times except when you are doing OT levels, when you can turn it down to 6. Except for the auditing of OT levels, OT processes, The Final Ditch, and The Human Loop, anything smaller than a fall is not a read.

In the Appendix you will find all the forms, repair lists, scales, and so forth, that one would need to do this work correctly.

If someone were to come your way that had been royally messed up by the church and had a lot of problems, a Model program would be 4 flows of rudiments, Interview Int-Lists-Ruds-Unflat Engrams-PTSness and fix, Interview on whether New Life Repair or Case Cracker and do in the order in accordance with their wish and reads, clear the Master List of Words or have them do it (in Appendix), Do an open Word Clearing Correction List, then the rest of the bridge in standard order (Drug R/D, Exp. Straightwire, Dianetics, Grades, OT Levels, Insp. R/D, XDN, OT stabilisation drills, Inability's of OT8, Actual GPMs, Final Ditch, Human Loop). Of course the Insp. R/D and XDN would be done after the Drug R/D if over 100 reading purps came off in Dianetics.

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