I think that concludes my presentation of the technology of Scientology, however there are some salient points that bear reviewing:

Due to the practical limitations of covering what is most important and universally applicable, I have not been able to cover technology that has limited usefulness, that is, it is only applicable on some people in some instances. Some of it is quite interesting, but I have omitted it in that it was not universally applicable to all folks in all times and climes.

These deletions include the administrative technology, ethics technology, executive technology, management technology, and the technology of special events that happened to some of us a long time ago (Train GPMs, Markab Implants, Helatrobus Implants, Heaven and Hell Implants, Be-Do Goals, Confusion GPMs, GPMs at 43 trillion years ago, and the processes that take these apart of R3N, R3N2, Actual Goals, the Nature and Formation of Goals-Problems-Masses). I have also omitted any in-depth discussion of the pre-havingness scale as only 96% of humanity is on it.

Now that this material of the technology of Scientology is in digestible, workable, and correct form, about the worst error one could make is non-application. You should not be forcing it down anyone's throat, but on those that come to your doorstep begging, you should not turn too many away, which is a sin I commit regularly. It is probably a good idea to go ahead and deliver to those that want it.

There are certainly enough people out there begging for it in one form or another. It is probably one of the grossest ironies around that this technology is not being properly applied, and in a widespread fashion. Perhaps that is due to it being published and practised wrongly on a widespread basis. If that is so, now that it is in proper form, perhaps that excuse of out of the way, for people. If this area of this, galaxy is to deaberrate itself, at least they have been given a short handbook, which I would hope is succinct enough for digestion.

What I have done is taken a research line of another individual and done my own research on it. The result of my own research was that a fraction of a percentage of Hubbard's research was of value, and I found this applicable in assisting individuals in their present spiritual, mental, and physical states on this planet, so I have made it apart of public record. I did this, not solely because of overwhelming requests, but more so because it was overdue. I simply wanted to write up "the job" or "hat", which is something one does when one moves along and wants others to be able to do the job, and carry that baton, also. Much of my wading through the maze of another was so that others could sit down and do this job. I only ended up doing the job out of default, in that nobody else would do it. I wanted the job done, but could find no one to do it. It was not a natural inclination. So I did that, and it is now history.

I have not promoted a great degree of understanding in this chapter, because auditing is experience; and experience is being, doing, and having. It is not understanding. Auditing is also a creation, which is knowing, controlling and being responsible for. Your own understanding of this material and these processes is not ever going to make you audit, much less audit well. Your own understanding of what a case is and what it is all about will come in having your own case run off. Van Cliburn only plays well the music of younger composers, whereas Rubenstein at 90 can duplicate and play well 100 times the music for he has been through the autumn and winter seasons of life. There have been tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people that understood this technology, and yet they do not audit. That is a contradiction, and I would suspect they did not understand at all. As far as experiencing it, if they had experienced any auditing at all, they would be auditing. As far as creating auditing, if they had any knowingness, control, and responsibility going, they would be creating it. Since they are lacking in experience and creation, they have followed their leader in substituting understanding for these two lacks.

Hubbard and the organised religion of Scientology have made a career out of understanding and therefore they have done very little. In putting this material down in clean form I have not transmitted a lot of background data on understanding information. I have no apologies to offer for this because I do not think that understanding serves one well as a substitute for experience. I will not co-operate with that form of non-performance, self-destruction, and irresponsibility. You will get all the understanding you would ever want on this material simply by auditing a dozen people all the way up the bridge, even if you are thick-headed. If you have any brains at all, you have more understanding than you could ever use, more experience than you could ever use, and more creativity than you could ever use, but you will only discover this by being audited on it. Thus, listening to another talk of his understanding of this technology has extremely limited workability.

This book is not to promote peoples understanding. It is to bring to their attention that they know and others can know. People have been doing otherwise, due to misfortune and long forgotten ages of mischief, and life is no longer looked upon as the adventure it is, instead as something to be endured.

People learn by knowing, doing, and looking, not by thinking. All the understanding in the world cannot compete with and never will exceed one single experience, or one single creation. But if you increase understanding, you increase experience and creation, as these three triangles interlock of ARC, Be, Do, Have, and Knowing, Controlling, and Responsibility. Thus understanding is addressed, and only for that reason, for the pursuit of it in itself is an endless path to nowhere.

So, the technology of Scientology is arranged whereby increases are made in one's understanding which increases experience and creation proportionately. Thus after you have done a bridge you can look around corners, travel all you wish spiritually, knowingly pick your next meat body, and (if you wish) no longer be a part of the human condition in any negative sense. It does work to produce that, and that is what you get out of all of the work. I consider such change to be a bare minimal amount of freedom and insurance for personal survival in a world toying with incineration of all concerned. The assurance that one will do just fine in all times and climes, with or without a fly to ride around on, is an undisturbable peace of mind, and that is why this technology is not a parlour game for the rich, but is an invention of the soul of all men.


The Philosophy of Scientology and Dianetics

The philosophy of Scientology and Dianetics could be simply stated that if a person knew more, that is, he was more aware, then he would do better, and feel better. This idea is about 10,000 years old as far as its recent recording.

That philosophy evolved into techniques, technology, and education to expand a person's understanding and awareness to where people would be more capable, and thus better off.

The philosophy embraces the lower seven dynamics, and operates within the realm of the lower seven dynamics. It confines itself to certainty and doesn't interfere with or address a person's beliefs, which are things that they can keep for themselves because beliefs are highly subjective.

This particular philosophy goes back a long time, and appears to have dominated Scientology and Dianetic activity up to the mid-60s, at which point administrative aspects overshadowed technical aspects, and a para military organisation was formed up based on savage management techniques and philosophies. It is known as "the Sea Org", and it has dominated over the churches since. It also crushed the above-stated, original philosophy out of existence. So, that was the philosophy of Scientology and Dianetics. It disappeared out of existence 16 years ago, and has existed only in the individual universes of a few since then. It does not exist in isness, excepting 10 instances of "field auditors", whose names are on file with the US Government.


The Church of Scientology and Dianetics

There are a number, between 50 and 100, of legally recorded churches. Historically, what happened was after the publication of Dianetics in 1950, a number of Foundations were set up as Hubbard tried to bring some semblance of order to the droves of people at his doorstep in his travels and lectures. There was the New Jersey Foundation, then Wichita, and so forth. Doing anything with these people was not his hearts desire, for the next five years of his life included more scientific discovery than even he wanted. After the five years of inspiration subsided, we find him establishing The Church of American Science in Phoenix (1954), and then The Founding Church of Scientology (1955) in Washington D.C. (I was the Sunday Services minister at the latter for a few years in the late 1960's). Very quickly over the next five years about 20 other churches opened up all over the globe. Now there are between 50 and too of them, and the exact count remains vague as there are -Missions which are branches of Churches. These churches are legally autonomous, so that in the event of loss or suit or whatever, they eat it alone. If anything good happens, the senior churches either take it or the credit for it. These churches have a pecking order. California seems to be the loosest charter, and thus is utilised for the most expansion, with offices in Florida, yet it reports to -World-wide in East Grinstead, Sussex, England, at Hubbards old English Estate "Saint Hill Manor".

All of these have had a church creed which I quoted much of at the beginning of the book. I suppose if they were drawn into court they would allege that they still do in a file somewhere.

So these things grew from 1955 up to about 1966, when the para military "Sea Org" administrative Arm took control of the thing away from the technical and religious types. In less than a year the character went from that of peaceable savages to predatory barbarians. I was at Saint Hill in the 1965-66 period as a witness to this change in character. It was the most appalling event I have seen this lifetime, and I did not sleep for 6 weeks, got real grey hair at age 21, crashed 150 tones down the tone scale, outperformed all my peers out of rage, was most vocal in my displeasure on the change in character, and was expelled from the church for 9 months, after which they insisted I return, and that it had all been a gross mistake. The predatory barbarians thought the controversy of "the dumb farmer in love with helping people" would not be an embarrassment to them if they would sanction his activities. That is the problem they had and that is how they have solved it, from then to now. And they did have a problem, there was no mistaking that. I could do a mailing, and give a lecture at a Hotel and draw more people than their leader. After they expelled me, I continued doing my counselling, and claimed they had no authority, I had mine not from them, but from Hubbard, and I suppose their counsel explained he would have to sign the cancellations of the authority he granted me, and he would not, nor would his wife. These two have confidentially said "Leave him alone". So sanction has made it all right to this day, supposedly. And in 1969 when there was no church left in Washington D. C., only 8 sleepless people, they asked me to put a church there, as a personal favour to the two Hubbards who have insured I be left alone all these years. And six months later, when there was one there, the military boys arrived, and took it all away and I received no statement of acknowledgement even. I took on that task only if I would be indemnified by them against the military group, only if all church policy could be waived, and only if all administrative control was in my hands. By age 25, I had proved the old real Scientology religion was what people wanted (was merchantable and marketable), the "Sea Org" was a sham, all the administrative paperwork was unnecessary. This was not enough to make them see the light, but we both saw one thing, a creation and executive talent. That place went from 8 staff members and 483 dollars a week, no students, one auditor, one preclear to 30 staff members, 6,000 dollars a week, 5 auditors, 15 preclears. I was told "you have done what the Hubbards wanted, that is over, now get out." On three different occasions I have been telephoned about somebody being beaten up in a basement, and my only comment has been if you are stupid enough to go into one of those places you deserve it. It did not matter whether I was on TV interview shows, talking to heads of states (that is Presidents of the United States, Queen of England, Royal Family of Japan, Defence minister of Israel etc.), people in the U.S; U.S. Senators, Scientists, radio talk shows, Investment counsel for 634 Billion dollars in trusts, heirs, the IRS, Bankers, Corporation Presidents, they each and everyone brought it up..."What's this I hear about you being involved in some weird church?..." and like a worn out record I told them all, "the religion was the greatest thing ever discovered, but the group had gone astray with bad management and I felt the same remorse that I am sure Hubbard feels that the madness of bad management can't seem to be stopped in that church or the American Business community". All that occurred between 1970-75. Then things got rougher.

Things got a lot rougher. I left all arenas, and ran away to a private practice. It looked like murders would be next, and I wanted no part of it. I could smell that coming. Oil company presidents were paying lawyers $750,000 "to figure that goddamn religion out". Top executives in Steel Firms calling me in the middle of the night alluding that someone is going to have to die to make it known the church takes care of its own, long distance phone calls from Greece where some guy says "They want a million dollars before I can leave, are these people nutty enough to blow me away, its heavy blackmail, its not right, but I was told you were above being bought by Chase and had the inside skinny on the whole number of this church and couldn't be bought, what should I do?" I asked "Who are they holding and what percentage of your net worth is that?" He tells me, and I prevent him from telling me his name because of the legality, and I said "Pay the bastards" and he thanks me from the bottom of his heart. I hung up the phone, the wife next to me says "What's wrong?", and she is taking courses at on of those Churches, and I say "Nothing". I have been very pro-religion and very anti-church since 1969.

I express my frustration to the 3 wiset men I know, 2 of Royalty, and one at the top of the Military establishment. All advise, that the corruption I have described is minimal and insignificant in comparison with what really goes on in government and corporations, that I have thus made much ado about the nothing of the human condition, and that a bright spirit should not contaminate himself with politics of any sort. All three suggest I stop fighting reality, and go live my own life, on my own truth, with my own people, and over my own name. And they bring in an old friend of FDR, and this fourth fellow says "We cannot bring back the good old days in any area of life, this country is on a very straight course to hell and has been since 1966, you that Geoff, you've been on Boards, been a CEO (Chief executive officer in a Corporation), you know in your heart it can't be stopped, it's the consensus amongst all 66,000 of us that run America, but none of us ever can tell that its over, all the good things are gone, these animals pretending to call themselves people now, middle management, cannot be reasoned with. Forget saving people, Geoff, live the rest of your life in privacy, peace, and compassion, and cry not that you witness the end of civilization in your lifetime... Make a fire, hug a woman, drink alot, kill animals with guns, do these things but do not emotionally observe what is happening to people, for that alone will break the greatest of men in half, and people just might need you later.... I am going to die in a few months, so it will be a few decades before we talk again, Yes?" And he did, and I reflected upon the fatalism of the 4 wisemen and found I had been talking with myself, but rightfully so. And four years later one of them calls me and says "I have disturbing news, there is a big move coming down on Hubbard and his church, what is your pleasure in this matter, if you have one?" And I said "Why do you offer this service?" He says "Relief from boredom, I love a good game". So I said, "Those setting up the burn on the man and the church, burn them." "Sounds good, but why, Geoff?" I replied, "Personal courtesy, honour, and amusement on my part, it is my preference that he live and die in peace." The next year, another phone call, and by then, at last my guts were acid with all this, and I said I have no pleasure, I will not longer interfere, the government's agents can have him, and do not call me ever again on these matters. The old man did not, he just congratulated me on finally growing up, giving up that ghost, and died. So, at last it was over, the involvement with a thing that you could only contribute to. But it may not be over for your preclear so let us detail the monster, so you will not be thrown off guard in running out the charge on someone who knew churches of Scientology.

Before we do that I want to clear up a personal area once and for all. I am not boasting, bragging, promoting or making more of myself, or my accomplishments in any sentence in this book, or in any aspect of my life. My only areas of excellence have been as an auditor, and as an author (putting together financial packages for large transactions). My executive, banking, clerical, managerial, supervisory, sales activities have only been 80% of what they should have been. My activities with minerals, energy patents, international trade, automation, and business consulting have only been 50% of what they should have been. Fortunately, my activities with real estate have been satisfactory, and in accordance with my expectations. Real estate is probably what people who are too dumb to do anything else turn to, and it is not their personal fault if others make them wealthy from it. Aside from these areas, I am essentially a political failure. I was shoved out of the last two jobs I held due to office politics, and my personal "dignity" which I was told I had no right to, since I was "corporate property". When you hold position, you are not fired, you are interviewed on how big your severance check should be for eternal silence and the wording of your regretful resignation for personal reasons you will be submitting at 10AM tomorrow. I had 3 good years in that level of social life, invested all that money wisely, and have been walking to the drum of my own economics since. How one invests one's funds is far more important than one's earnings. But aside from any personal or economic success, I have remained by choice a political and social failure. I have just not devoted the time to doing those games up right, as they seemed minor ambitions I could always return to, and buy if need be. The game that this book is about seemed of higher order, and practically consumed me, but I won it and it is over, thus, the book. I am not a wealthy man, but I have served as counsel and advisor to scores of them for decades. The majority of them have never paid me with anything but protection., and that has been pleasure enough. That has mostly evaporated over the years, and I have disappeared into that great wasteland of invisibility, the middle class and its lifestyle. I do not exist as a public person of consequence. As the Executive Director of the Washington D.C. Church put it "We have checked you out, and you are a nobody now, you are nothing but history." I like that kind of talk, for privacy is the cost of freedom these days. I hope I have not bored you with this self evaluation, but you do me a courtesy in reading my book, and it would be unfair if you did not know my style and heart. Now that you know it, you can judge for yourself if I have coloured truth in any way. I suppose everyone has a song to sing, and now you have heard mine. Let us resume with this Church:

The church as become a giant administratively. 95% of the people are involved in administrative activities, and less than 5% re involved in religious-experience-type of work, such as counselling. It has all the faults of General Motors, and you might enjoy "On a clear day you can see General Motors" if you do not know their faults or why American Industry and Corporate America are doomed to extinction in the next 12 years. It is an excellent book about De Lorean's career with the firm, and what the Corporation is really like.

Instead of the church numbering millions of adherents, its faithful followers could in no way ever have exceeded 200,000. I will tell you why. In 1978, it was published by world-wide that he had made about $2 million on book sales in the previous year, and the new books that were out totalled about a thousand a set, so simple mathematics would give you about 200,000 true believers, willing to buy his new books. Only about half of the book buyers are church believers, so the religion at its peaks has had a market penetration of 100,000 people.

It lost a very significant amount of money (millions) in the 1959-63 period, and made a whole pile of money in the 72-76 period (millions). Then, in the mid '70s, a religious retreat, which I believe is quite a retreat, was set up down in Florida. It was called "The Flag Land Base", and installed in the old Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, and Hubbard spent some time there. I believe it was late '76 he got so furious over the poor quality of technical application that in a rage he stomped out, and segregated himself from the church. He remains to this day segregated LEGALLY from that Church. To even be a member of the church you have to sign a statement acknowledging that he is in no way affiliated or legally connected to the church. There is a sanction agreement between him and the church. This is a lawyers dream and bonanza, and in some years counsel has charged them over $31 million. The copyrights for the tapes are separate from the bulletins, which are separate from the Scientology, Dianetic copyrights, which are separate from the trademarks of the two, which are separate from the personal copyrights, which are separate from the Churches individual Copyrights, and each church is set up autonomously legally. Yet, with all of that division, the essential bulk of the copyrights are held in trust by him in Europe in a one-party trust, where he is trustor and trustee. Thus, legally, he is not the owner of the copyrights, nor are any of the churches. All this can be very frustrating to the tax people.

His remark in the opening page of the "Tech Volumes" that "the work was free and tell your children to tell their children to keep it so" I would like to accept as a valid statement, and in stating it I honour the best in the man, and not the worst.

So this fellow is legally and personally segregated from the church. He doesn't want the legal liability, the personal liability, or the factual liability. It appears he does not like it either, but does not have the guts or wherewithal to shut them down.

The quantity of members and the actual activities of the church severely declined from the mid 70s to present.

They bought a lot of real estate, and have a fair amount of money. They have been deferring three Internal Revenue Cases (59-61 which they cannot win, 62-65 which they can easily win, and 65-67 which their counsel and government counsel think the church would win on) all these years, and had use of the funds all this time. They have maintained high liquidity, went heavily into gold at the bottom of the trough in the early 70s and got a good ten times increase in their investments. So, they have 500 or 700 million dollars lying around some place, it is rather a moot issue. That is only a lot of money to those that steal it. It is not a lot of money to those that earn it. Their money is an irrelevant issue except to them. To them it is terribly important, and they base most of their decisions on money. The reason it is irrelevant, the money, is that the church itself is irrelevant, because that is what it cares about. It does not care about helping people. If anyone in the church was interested in helping people, which is a subject the church holds to be -a moot question, they could start by taking people off drugs. Drugs are the largest industry in America, with traffic exceeding $60 Billion/year which far exceeds the largest Corporate Sales/year (Exxon). Then the church would have billions. But they, the people of the church, cannot comprehend helping another, providing a service, or doing a job. They can comprehend deception, bait and switch, coercion, slander, blackmail, abuse, and theft. This money matter of the church is truly an irrelevancy, over amplified by the press in society and the church. The church could very easily refund every dime ever paid into it, and clear up all bitterness against it and still have 75% of it still sitting there in banks that are going to fold. People are as wealthy as their assets are unrestricted, and they are willing to spend. People that cannot afford real auditing, the propriety of giving a questionable-but-all-we've-got government its due, their phone bills, the claims of those they have abused, or even a plane flight to their own son's funeral, are, without question or discussion, the poorest people on planet earth.

So that is the darling church, and its darling creators.


The owners of Scientology and Dianetics

Truth belongs to all people. Address of truth as a free religious experience is a fundamental principle this country was founded upon. The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to religious experience, religious assembly, and makes it unlawful to refuse or deny religious experience. Pursuing the question of who actually owns and runs the above seems to be an inconclusive and impossible task for two reasons: (1) truth is apparently owned by everyone, and (2) whoever controls the above organisations has done such a fine job at secrecy that my research, the research of the CIA, and the research of the Massacre of Tel Aviv has proved most inconclusive. I am convinced that no one really knows, and that the control of the churches traces to no single one outside influence, but instead to many outside influence groups who do not look upon it kindly.

In trying to sort out the affairs of power in the outside world one finds that the upper class, and various power groups use treachery, savagery, deception in such quantity as to insulate themselves from investigation, disturbance, and intrusion! This seems to be relatively, if not completely, workable for them. This places any outsider at tremendous disadvantage, for you do not know when you are being "set- up", being "shown a dog and horsy show", being "sent on a wild goose chase", being "Sent down a blind alley", being "set up for a fall", being "set with bait to make yourself a fool of", or whatever. You have no choice but to suspect all incoming communications as "frames for self destruction", if you are going to be scientific at all. You cannot shoot from the hip, for with one error you are out. Without question this state of affairs contributed heavily to my abandonment of resolving the condition of man with ARC and my zeal in the development of technology to where men and affairs could be directed from another universe above all of their corrupt heads. I am going over this because it bears deeply on who is actually running that church. The obvious legal owners of the Church are the Hubbards, who by their performance and actions have left me alone, which was my wish, and when pressured with millions of dollars to co-operate with criticism of me on their Flagship in October of 1974, told the millions of dollars to go to hell. I was surprised to hear that Hubbard said of me "He and I do not like each other as people, but he has always respected my work, and I have always respected his work and judgement without question...You have just attacked the finest Scientologist and man that you will ever meet, and probably the only friend I ever had. Because of this you have a very very long road and I wish you much luck on it, for you and I will not be talking again". So, Hubbard laid this $100 million dollar dude out on the carpet in defence of me. They, the Hubbards, may legally own that church, but they do not control it, for there is too much evidence to the contrary. The difficulty with the wealthy fellow was engineered within his church by its senior officers who got along fine with this Machiavellian Industrialist. The Wealthy fellow exerted all the influence he could to prevent my future business successes for over a year, and dared me to execute on my threat that he call off his dogs or I would break him in half. I delivered on the dare, and broke his empire one year later. So two financial empires destroyed each other, at the design of manipulative people in a church. Marvellous. Hubbard watched, but would not lift a finger. Disgrace was multiplying daily. The 6 months I had given to Hubbard to clear up an issue had elapsed. I sought counsel in an old-time Scientologist of much wisdom. He said, call AOLA, and get permission to drop the body (kill) the leader by postulate of this conspiracy. I did, and got permission. I informed the leader, and target, and he wanted to see his family. He died visiting with them. I was congratulated throughout the East coast Financial Establishment that "my church did take care of its own and got the sonofabitches out of power and into the graves they deserved" and my friends said let it be over, your name and dignity and power are restored. And I told Hubbard that he and his filth in his church had made me a murderer, and that would be with me for all eternity's, and that I would find who had arranged this "set up" and they would know suffering beyond measure. The only way you could get communication to Hubbard was in PC folders sent to him. About ten years ago, he stopped reading and receiving any and all mail. There are a bunch of secretaries that answer all of his mail. This was explained to me by a fellow who ran the typing pool. So, at this point I said good-bye to all earthly powers, and Hubbard knew "the only bastard that could read an E- Meter", "the only one ever to audit any process he wants on any preclear including those above his certificate level, this right never again to be granted to anyone but Geoffrey", was not only no longer in love, but that I knew he did not have the wherewithal and could not discharge officers in his own church. I have not heard from him since, nor have I said anything to him since. People have arrived offering gifts of Ls and things, and I have told them to go away, for I do not know who sent them. So by the mid seventies I am into hiding, on top of the hottest scandal of the century, that Hubbard can't, not won't, do anything about his church, refusing any and all help, out of suspicion. I was being offered jobs at 51.4 million a year salary. Something had to be up. I took a job at less than $20,000 with people I could trust. I called in every personal and corporate "IOU" I had and demanded information at massive cost. I was obsessed with madness at the horror of it, for it was too unbelievable: SOMEONE ELSE HAD COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OTHER THAN THE HUBBARDS, AND WERE DELIBERATELY MAKING IT AND ITS FAVORITES A DISGRACE. I was offered certified funds of $500,000 for my participation in a transaction involving uranium shipments to India from Canada, and I said no, I need information on the control of this church. I need to know what drugs, for how long are in Hubbards body, who is calling the shots on that church and who set me up in 1974. And I got the information I bought, and my heart was at peace for at last I knew who, and the answer was internal conspiracy, funded by a number of exterior displeased vested interests. Finally direct contact emerged, and I announced "You bastards have done such a good job ruining this gig, I fold, it is yours, you can have it all." They were "so glad I understood", and the gun was removed from my temple. And I said in my heart, thank you so much L. Ron Hubbard, for now if I ever talk I and my family are dead in minutes. Since these events in the middle 70s, any contact with propriety has been a joke, and most information I have jeeringly rejected. When the IRS showed me private memoranda of 1000 affidavits drawn from people who had received Scientology Services, I did not know whether to believe them or not. 17 said they had received wonderful religious service, and 983 felt they had been ripped off by a con-game. The memoranda continues that the writings of L. Ron Hubbard are not only religious in nature, BUT PROBABLY THE MOST RELIGIOUS WRITINGS THAT HAVE EVER BEEN EXAMINED. The memo continues that the church is a con-game, but that exact and ethical application of Scientology is presently going on by ten individuals, dossiers on the ten people are attached, with yours truly included. Then my entire personal life, including every woman I ever slept with, love letters, is read to me aloud. Then all the closely held secrets that only people at the top of that church (less than 1/2 a dozen) are read aloud. Then they just look at me and smile. I said what is the point, and you are not the IRS. This is not normal IRS audit procedure.

I thought at that moment what hypocrisy America has in criticising the Nazis, and Will Durant was right that there would be no recognisable difference between America and Russia by the turn of this Century. We proceeded to have a real nice chat. They suggested I retain counsel, as they had counsel, sitting right next to them, I insisted they remove their counsel, talk openly and put it on tape. they agreed. It is always a bad sign when there is counsel on the other side. I recalled seeing the director of Mental Health in Virginia and he had the Asst. Attorney General sitting right there as I walked in, and I said "Oh God, get him out of here, lets just put it on tape, both of us talk real slow and choose our words and we will both come out of this just fine", and of course the man left the room, and I got the apology due. In that little instance of public service I was instrumental in improving conditions in the field of geriatrics in Virginia, and this got pick-up by the wire services and papers, and I brought peace, and the Church would not allow such progress for the sake of Humanity, so they went against the deal that was struck, and the highest officials in State Government said what good is your word now, and I gave them the guarantee I had made, and delivered to the Governor's office my RESIGNATION FROM THE FOUNDING CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in 1975, and my word was good once again, and a hundred years progress somehow just happened to pass the legislature that year, and it cost me the halls and podium I had loved too well.

As I was relating, the IRS folks and I had a lovely chat. As we talked my mind went from 500 words to 3000 a minute, and then 10,000. I was somewhat surprised that the most closely held secrets of the church happened to be public knowledge within the upper levels of US Government. I recalled how people working in the Guardian's Office and Hubbard's personal confidant (in Southern California) who advised him on the handling of government affairs were on government payrolls. I recalled the people that knew getting different passports and getting out of the country. And when that instant of recollection was over, it began. It was explained to me that the government and the church were not getting along too well, and neither the church nor the government liked me at all, but it was mostly the church which was irate at my existence, for what reason they did not know. They then showed me the false information put in my file, the address on the informant, and showed me how the church was setting me up for a lot of hell. I said so what, and they said you should know that they are after you, we have a file on it, here it is. I almost could see the flag and hear the star-spangled banner at that point, but I knew better. They said we need for you to take a stand. I said I cannot and will not for I have no legs. I have no legs as a gun was held to my head once. "Oh, I see" was the response. Then live communication started: "That was not us, that was not the US, you know that..." Well, yes I know that, I said. "We know about it, it was an error, there will be no executions, those people are out of power, you can do what you want now, all the heat is off you, they all fell to misfortune you know...; I said well, thanks for all the news, but they wanted a statement. I gave them one:

I made it clear to the government that if I was put on the stand by them I would uncontrollably talk about the government; and if I was put on the stand by the church I would talk uncontrollably about the church. I had no interest in becoming virtually involved in this war between 2 groups. I preferred that the government get back to that business, and the church get back to its business, whatever that was. That was accepted, we audited 2 years of my returns, I said send me a bill, they did, and I have paid my taxes dutifully and quite religiously ever since.

Subsequent to those meetings I was told an article was run on the front page of the Washington Post regarding the audit of field Scientologists, and field auditors. I had made a call to the person who had enough control over the paper to keep my name off the front page. He was in Europe at the time and agreed. I never went back to read the article. I have had no trouble with the US Government since. I packed my bags, sold my house took one last look at Washington D.C. which had been my home for 12 years, and murmured as I drove away, F--- this town, this largest small town in America, and I never went back.

Whatever minor bitterness the US Government had toward me did not matter, I did not know what endeavour had upset them. Was it the fiscal crises in the early seventies where the Swiss backed the Yen Vs the dollar from the man I recommended to Treasury who got $1600/hour from the Japanese instead of the $1000/hour offered from the treasury? Was it the sell signal in May of 69 on the Big Board to pull 55 Billion in European Funds off the NYSE in a week? Was it the portfolio models for 634 Billion from South America, with America being essentially omitted as a -good investment? Was it the application for 30 years of Pertimana's sweet light crude at $11/barrel? Was it the reduction in the bribe to the fed for these 660,004 barrels? Were the Warburgs pissed that the Indonesian Government didn't want to play? Was it EPA not wanting those 400 Coal mines coming on line and all the brick factories East of Chicago switching from Oil? Was it Congress being miffed that India got its Uranium anyway from Canada? was it the sale of all the good Geothermal sites in California to the Japanese? Was it the control of the exotic energy patents? Was it the CED Energy Studies? I did not know. I did not know. It might be something trivial like recommending to an Illinois bank a multimillion dollar loan, which went belly-up, or my refusal to build 500 homes in Greensboro with city council getting 50% of the profit. Somebody out there in the establishment did not like me at all. So I quit it all. People would call and say what is the market going to do, I've got to get rid of 400 million this week, and I would say, F--- You, I don't exist anymore, and they would beg that I do know the markets and please get a 200% return investment into their hands and I would just hang up the phone, and word got around. I am not bothered anymore, by the business world, ever. I knew I was dead in the water in the business world when I could no longer get any loans. I could not borrow a million dollars on 9 million in equity, and I could not borrow $10,000 with 300,000 in collateral, anywhere in America, and I tried at over 2 dozen banks. All this was behind me as I drove out of Washington D.C. life was simple, I did not have a whole lot of enemies any more, for they had all won. I only had one, whoever controlled that nutty Church, and I knew I could win over that. No one else had, but a dog could. To win over that did not require intelligence. It only required guts and endurance. I became a full time consultant, full of guts and endurance, no longer a seer to the fortunes of the world, no longer an executive, no longer an advisor to power, no longer a deal man, no longer a SOCIAL INFLUENCE. I headed for the Alaska of the mind, and started working on the West coast; I was very much 35 years old.

I was lucky to be alive. I thought of my graduating class, over half of which died in Vietnam, and my fathers Graduating Class over half of which died in Europe. I had my life still, and six digits of dough left. I would win over improper technology and a rotten church by perfecting the technology. I got the Rocky Mountains agreeing to that as I drove. Proper technology would drive out improper technology, and that singleness of purpose was refreshing. The world had not wanted my help, so if it went to hell in the meantime it could just do that. I was tired of taking care of it. Let it die. Develop the perfect bridge. So, I went into seclusion to do so, and did the best I could. I remembered the eyes of the ex-CIA agent at the Kennedy assassination in the chapel at fort Polk, Louisiana as he told me "There are only 2 of us left, they are sending me to Nam to do it to me there, you are a minister, what can you say to all this" as he cried, and there was nothing I could say, he had enough insurance, and I was glad I never did go see his wife and children as I had promised. I was glad no one in my family and less than 10,000 people in America knew what was going on in America. I was glad my mother went to her grave without ever knowing. It is best that people not find out "that anyone is expendable if more than $250 million are involved". I thought of my close friend who had a 24 hour contract out on his life from the second man down on the NYSE, and how the President of the NYSE cancelled it and scolded his second in-command. I thought of him agonising in bodily pain, after 30 trips to the hospital, saying help me, help me, and my having to give it to him straight that we are all dead already, it was just a matter of time. I was every bit 35 years old, and the only answer was an unstoppable technology, that would produce real OTs that would burn every drop of this evil off of this planet in instants. Thus the prior confusion leading to the move toward perfect technology. And those with vested interests in the continuance of fraudulent technology heard of it sooner than I expected.

I felt scientifically German, and thought perhaps it is all genetic, the mixing of the blood of William and Lee, and dismissed the idea. The church itself brought every possible degree of pressure on me and everyone I was connected with for a 3-4 year period to stop me from auditing. Which, of course, I survived with flying colours. It would be a discourtesy to detail what extent these "people" went to in order to dissuade me from my natural inclination, which is assisting my fellow man. Suffice it to say those folks will stop at nothing to achieve their particular ends. Those ends are not constructive, have nothing to do with the religion, philosophy, or technology of Scientology. Turning something nice into a mockery seems to be their pursuit, and profession.

Back in the 76-77 period Hubbard became aware that his church was taken away from him. He called for volunteers to get it back into his hands, and he had none. They all feared bodily demise, which shocked him. He had on his desk evidence of internal mutiny containing 75 signatures, whereupon senior executives of the church had concluded that he was crazy, and that it was in the best interest of mankind that they control his church. To my knowledge nothing was ever done about this conspiracy.

There was a group of old-time Scientologists who mistakenly spent $2 million making arrangements with the Supreme Court, a top Evening news Anchorman and shot colour video tape, to where the church could be shut down in 24 hours if they saw fit. This contained affidavits and film of heroin shipments. They wanted to exercise this option in 1976, and asked for my blessing. I was outraged, and threatened them if they made that move. I made it very clear that the present "check" situation (a chess term) between the government and the church had taken years of careful planning and development, and I did not want to live in a 1984 totalitarian state or a world dominated by a crazy church...That these 2 groups deserved each other, and served the ends of mankind in having their horns locked. I never heard from them again, and so they didn't make the move, and it is amazing that something like that can happen, and that the courts and press are available at such economical rates, these days.

Normally when there is trouble in a group, there is an outside influence causing the difficulty. The philosophy of divide and conquer is used quite a bit in this world, especially where great power exists. Scientology has been (wrongly) conceived as a great threat towards certain nation-states. Not too many other groups consider it a threat. Essentially one country, not the US, is using a lot of intelligence and spending a lot of money to make sure that the religion, technology, and philosophy do not work. Further, that the group appears to be a bunch of bumbling fools in a cultist, childish worship of a senile individual. This characterisation could only come from one nation on earth, and if you would check the former religion of over 90% of the executives, you have got it. The church of Scientology is not all that they have under wraps. Most progress in humanistic thought they buy up and aberrate.

It is unfortunate that the slaughter of this particular theta-line of beings, the Scientologists continues under the guise of a "research line" and that the enforced ego worship designed by outsiders is used to drive anyone of any talent, substance, depth, capability, or education from the doors of that group.

I would like to make it crystal clear that a lot of good people (in excess of 50,000),casting aside personal fortune, dedicated the entirety of their lives, hearts, and intelligence towards making that church exist so that there would be service there to their fellow man. It is a well- hidden secret and tragedy that all of their work has come to naught in that the church has been overrun with outside interests. Such interests maintain the administrative beauracracy of personality-based elation, instead of the legitimate exercise wherein people become clear and OT. I have watched the spirit of that group wither and disappear over the last 5 years, as this fraud is perpetuated.

It is not my preference here to resurrect or revive any memory or hope of a real church. It is my purpose here to remind you that this is the same planet where less than 2000 years ago someone that was very nice, the pick of the litter, had nails driven through his flesh.

That is the normal animalistic response towards spirituality. In modern times the 38 Calibre is rarely used. In modern times instead of nails or the 38, they use modern psychology, appeals to vanity, transferring frustration, the denial of adult rights, encouragement of childhood behaviour, and cleverly-marketed roles that are structured so that inspection, creativity, responsibility and live interchange are impossible.

In a sense, Hubbard invited all this in. His Achilles heel for 40 years has been psychology. He complains of it and psychiatry throughout his works, and in having a closed mind on these subjects he never bothered to study the techniques of them. Thus Freshman college psychology was used against he and his following and they have all fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker. I do not think any of them are CAPABLE of getting up off of the floor of this con. This is a. dramatic proof of a very great truth:  THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING THAT A PERSON CAN HAVE IS A CLOSED MIND.

So you should not advertise to your fellow man that you want to get crucified, and keeping a low profile is wisdom in these matters. Spiritual progress is strongly opposed on this ball of dust. There is no point in being paranoid about this, and if you are, you can put that area to rest relatively easily. You just get damaging information on your enemies and set it up in safety deposit boxes in other countries under other names, with a trustee who will release the information if harm were to befall you, and then explain this to your enemies. If you still cannot sleep nights, there is no law against you having loaded semi-automatic weapons in your home. If these matters bother you further, then you probably have some case in these matters, to get audited off.

You should not get the subject of individual improvement and religious experience confused with the social activity of large groups grinding up against each other. It is not worth your time. The groups come and go. The individuals don't. There have been many groups and civilisations, and there will be many more of them, but a decent individual is a relatively permanent thing. Look at me. I keep popping up. Decent individuals are the fixtures of culture. A decent individual will be here in 400 years, this country may not. If you stick to the subject of helping people and yourself, and avoid these dramatic traps of crazy people affecting crazy people (and that is what those groups are there for, as fly-paper for nuts), then you yourself will become free. If you are a strong believer in taking multitudes with you (which is ludicrous), perhaps you should read Eric Hoffer's book "The True Believer". It was no accident of history that Hoffer and I lunched before I went to Saint Hill Manor, and if that does not bring you to your senses, then Larry Browne's "How I found Freedom in an Unfree World" might. If neither do, good luck, big dreamer.

I trust my personal experiences will shed some light on the "Owners", and I have done well in being alive to discuss it. Dozens of other senior staff members that have left the group have come up with the identical conclusion. I said at the opening of the chapter that I was convinced that there was more than one group, and I remain so to this day, even though one group is obvious. That peasantry gets obliterated by the whims of nobility is as old as history itself, and as I have picked cotton and run large companies in one lifetime I have seen it from both sides. There is little answer I know to this phenomenon other than my own answer: EXTRACTION. I got out of both.

Little did I know at the time, that the church had accomplished its mission, for I know longer believed in myself, did not realise that what was wrong with me was I was being "35 years old", did not suspect that I had made a 'self determined change' from the 'prior confusion'. I did not suspect that it was my inability to handle treachery that I could not confront, and I mistakenly assumed it was the treachery that bothered me. Years later this unscrambled and I acknowledged I was a failure at handling treachery and viciousness at the two extremes of the social ladder, and the hiding in the middle class evaporated. Years later, I realised perfect technology will only help those that want it, and no one else. Years later, I laughed at my misadventures in playing with only billions in a world worth $100 Trillion.

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