In Passing

In case you did not notice, in and by this book the questions raised by people most often of: What is truth?; Does Scientology work?; Is it accurate?; Out of all that writing, what is worthwhile? - have all been answered.

Further, the unkind questions of: How come you never make mistakes?; How come you always apply the correct technology?; How come you and Hubbard get along?; How come the churches are openly hostile to you?; How come the churches attack and expel the very people which could clean them up?; How come men feel secretly doomed from the start? have also been answered.

Finally, the questions which really mattered (were relevant, and which if unanswered meant a lot of doom) were answered: Is the reactive mind the enemy of man or the analytical mind the enemy of man?; Is God or Theta of any long term help?; Is Theta good, desirable or nuts?; Is living a function of Life?; Is there any progress in working with conditions below asisnesss?; Can asisness occur in or from a viewpoint?; Can anything erase on a physical universe track or plane?; Does 'know about' serve any useful positive function?; Is it worthwhile to become dense enough to create physical events for oneself and others and to what extent should that impingement be made before the point of no-return occurs?; Is disintermediation implicit in counselling?; What exponential factors cause or restrict escape velocity from the vectors of other life against self-actual sovereignty?; Is the service of want vs. need mutually exclusive?; To what extent is entrapment a quotient of contamination?; Is theta endowment an adjustable commodity?; Can fate, destiny and astrology be violated?; Is living poker, checkers, bridge, or chess?; Is the population of the universe 1,8,16,32,118,140, or 178 awarenesses?; Are structural addresses of functional problems successful?; Can the human mind understand and unravel the human mind?; Are we only imprisoned by our own inability's?; Are inability's where the great lessons are?; Are we doing nothing but talking to ourselves?; Is this planet owned and controlled by aware, sane, operating spirits?; Is it presently being invaded by micro spirits to "clear the planet?"; Will its present inhabitants be converted to dust?; Will new inhabitants come if it is not "cleared"?; Does any single person have the right to do anything they want regarding all of the aforesaid?; Is any type, form, or style of death any workable solution or does it all have to be confronted?; and Does that all that has to be confronted require more than a tenth of a second?

These questions were answered because they are the customary tough ones to sort out.

Thus the study of the Spirit and the Mind are satisfactorily concluded.

The study of sciences and the human body has been started and I sincerely hope that it will not take 3 years to figure out, nor 14 years to detail. And when that is completed I will perhaps publish that in passing.



If you would eliminate the speed of light constant from Einstein's famous formula and simply put velocity in you would find that:

Energy = Mass x Velocity
Mass = Energy   
Velocity = Energy   

This is very crucial information in getting an as-isness, or erasure of an engram, Its a lot of work trying to get some mass to erase by recreating it. In duplication or recreation of these three factors, asisness is rapid and effortless.

Where are mathematical formulas for the prediction of behaviour of Hubbard, humans, and societies, It would serve no useful purpose, to include them in this text, They are the software that individuals and societies run on. A fundamental understanding of computers, physics, and math is most essential in understanding the automation of one's fellow man and this society.



What we have covered in this book as truth has been limited to the subject of someone coming in off the street and growing up to attaining the state of a "Third degree Master": aware of and operating in 3 universes (their own, others universes, and the physical universe). The old degrees of mastership corresponded to the number of universes a person was naturally aware of and living in.

Long ago, when it was safe to talk about degrees of spiritual states, there were levels of accomplishment. These were known as the 12 levels of accomplishment. Getting the Scientology Bridge done right usually produces a 3rd or 4th level of Mastery over oneself. In addition, the person usually gains control (the ability to start, change, and stop) over and of these three factors: affinity, reality, and communication. Thus they become senior to understanding. If a person was to evolve further to where they could produce the same results in others, they would be operating in the 4th through 7th degrees. At the 7th level one can aid another very well. Often what must be done to move from the 4th to the 7th is the person must rise senior to experience, which is made up of the 3 parts of the experience triangle: Be, Do, and Have. Be is the 4th level, do the 5th, and have the 6th. Experience itself is the seventh level and universe, that one comes to cause on. The 8th level and universe is knowingness, the 9th control, the 10th responsibility, the 11th creation, and the 12th is truth. There is some degree of universe attached to each of these levels that a person becomes cause over, and to some degree each of these levels and universes inter-lock to each other.

Anything that is alive has some degree of self-interest going. Where there is the extremity of intelligence and spiritual mastery versus ignorance and foolishness it should be noted that not only is their self interest by the bright in keeping the dumb that way, but also their is self interest in keeping the bright that way, by the dumb. Each sequesters the other for their own benefit. Society is made more of one sequestering one's neighbours and "companions" than anyone would dare to write about. America's foreign policy, and most religions do more of it than anyone would dare to write about. I suggest you become aware of it. I don't recommend that you form a group, march in the streets, or form a religion to do an "un" or an "nix un" on this natural and hard fact-of-life. It is the fact of life ordering itself in a subtle and surreptitious manner of warfare, which is knowingly embraced by the senior beings ruling the junior ones.

99.999% of the people that get correct auditing are quite delighted with a completion at the level of truth attained from the Scientology bridges as defined herein. One person in 10,000 wants to continue on to a higher state, because to do so requires a lot of work and unlearning, and one is also so far ahead of one's fellows that just winning for a while entices 9,999 of the people away from the work and back into life as we know it, which does have some joys and riches. life as we know it is not entirely a Disneyland of dummies and dollars, for there is art, travel, children, romance, music, literature, family, ambitions, and so forth. I have heard that you have to create all those yourself in the Disneyland; I would not know too well, for I work instead, for I am 1 in 10,000 that is unenticable.

I believe I had mentioned that truth existed at all levels of the tone scale, in all three universes (self, another, the physical), on each dynamic, which I multiply as follows:

Number of Tone Scale Positions (See Appendix)
Number of Universes(instead of 3, sets use the 12 of the Masters)
 X 12
Number of Dynamics
 X 16   
Total number of viewpoints and opinions of truth.

So, if a person were to continue up, they would be undoing a lot of considerations. Having come through this tremendous quantity of them, one would then come through a tremendous quantity of postulates, and rise senior to them also.

It is very rare that someone wants this task, for at the end of a correct bridge, they are operational spiritually, exterior to the body, can look around corners, consciously pick the next body they are going to take, and occupy their neighbours if they want, thus most are content with this level of ability. Thus, to discuss the technology of going further is appropriate only to the 1 in 10,000 that would have interest in doing so, and for the rest of you, I suppose it is "curious reading". For the 1 in 10,000 I will briefly summarise what would be done on their journey to the highest state attainable for them.

Initially, such a person would have to accomplish a higher state of expertise than is explained in this book thus far, and recognise that the "Scientology research line" dramatisation contained generations of technology, and generations of individuals, who were highly skilled in that one aspect of it. You would need the senior expertise, and the wide range of at least 6 different technologies and skills to be able to choose the best tool and method of sawing apart what you encountered. Such synthesis for the purpose of analysis to be followed by precision in a new idea. To immediately increase your skill, and acquaint you with at least the names of the generations, let us review them.

When all that was known was the Axioms, Fundamental communication skills, and a dash about engram running, you had these sages, wisemen, as auditors from 1950-1961. This was the first generation of people and technology, and the ones that were good at it were essentially magicians. One would do an entire session without a meter, and then it would be checked with a meter, and if you left anything unhandled, it was unacceptable. If you didn't get the PC to tell you his missed withhold, you told the PC what it was. Auditing was telepathic. If you got in a jam, you just fixed it magically, and that was a skill level in itself. This was an obtainable-skills-level of technology that relied on direct simple address, tremendous persistence, and a fine level of differentiation and perception. A thorough study and drilling of Hubbard's 1950-61 material, including tapes, will usually produce that particular style of activity and solution. It contained very simple data, such as, "what turns it on, turns it off". It contains very few processes, and thus very deep long (hours) run on each. For example, if you would have a person run "Spot a something" and "Spot a nothing " alternately for 50 or more hours, they will finally flip to an opposite perspective of what they, or the man on the street, had. They will declare that MEST, and tables are really nothing, and that non-MEST things like truth are really something. Their reality on substance will flip from a low to a high wavelength, and spiritual things will be more evident than material things, so seeing through a wall will make more sense than seeing one. This is 50 hours non-stop, except for a few naps on breaks, and it works out quite well. This is basically a deep line, fundamental, and magical approach. Eating, showering, or whatever should not hold up the processing run. A good understanding of this material and enough deep processing, and those abilities are there for just about anyone. The auditors are no longer there, and thus this line of activity, 1st Generation, died.

In summary, the 1st generation was made up of philosophers (only the good ones were magicians) and the technology was philosophy itself. That is how direct and personal it was. I was the preclear in the 50-hour example I just mentioned, and I offered the auditor all my earthly possessions, which were nothing to me, and was not surprised when he refused these nothings, and said the something "that now you know" was payment enough. It smelled like a legacy, and was, for the Guardian's Office of The Church of Scientology achieved its heart's desire in his sudden and mysterious death later that year. The same office writes me often insulting his name and memory in an attempt to open up communications, so that they may have the same pleasure with my flesh, but I am wiser than the magician with no nose and 22 years of devotion to Hubbards Church. I relay this story so that you will understand without a doubt why there are none of these auditors. The administrative Arm of that Church killed them all, and whether I am speaking figuratively or literally in the use of that verb, I leave at your doorstep, as I have better things to do than spend my life in courts over alleged murders.

The Second Generation of Scientologists (1961-1964) were the scientists. Not only did they have more data, they were given an E-Meter as a substitute for telepathy, and an immense science of understanding. This included the structure and construction of the bank, that pictures come from goals-problems-masses, that goals are an escape, and much information on ARC, CDEINR, Service Facsimiles, Problems, and Overts, with technologies of prepchecks, auditing by list, clay table clearing and so forth. The second generation of scientists understood what to audit as well as the first generation understood how to audit. Unfortunately, neither knew both.

The third generation (1965-1969) were technicians. They understood - that there were loads and loads of processes that they could run in handling aberration by a "one subject at a time" approach. By using a lot of processes, they could get into and out of something very quickly, and could make an E-meter and preclear sing and dance in doing so. I hope you will notice the line of degradation here from the philosophic magician to the lazy analytical to the fast, flashy, superficial showman. The third generation did not need to know how to audit or what to audit, for they knew which processes would cause what predetermined effect, so that: they could take anything they, not the PC, wanted off the case. It was dull, predictable work for all concerned, including the preclears who did not care for being ignored as their mind was push buttoned off with keyouts.

Although each of these was a degradation of a central theme, it was leading toward more Specialisation and sophistication. The technicians could address things beyond the mind, such as the locking together of conflicting life forces. They went beyond the arena of the reactive mind into the area of prying apart deathly situations (a suppressive person locking onto a non- suppressive person so that the two live in a secret hell). The technician learned how to pry apart more things than his former generations of scientists and philosophers, but he was taught how to do it quickly instead of thoroughly.

The fourth generation (1968-1971) could best be described as technical nursemaids. By now the entire idea of auditing had, vanished completely, and had been forgotten by everyone concerned. It was gone from earth. So, the idea of showing off more, and making people content in their misery was expanded. The idea of erasing the misery no longer existed. You erased how he felt about making $10,000 a year, you did not erase him being a $10,000-a-year man, for "then he might not have any money". That is how much auditing was forgotten, for no one realised that underneath a $10,000-a-year dramatisation there is at least a $30,000-a year thetan at the worst. This showing off and making people feel good, instead of changing them was called "The Class 8 course", upon which people were taught to key out everything imaginable, and to do it very quickly. It employed a high affinity, overly fast comm. cycle, validation of the being- a triad of treacherous additives that made one feel falsely wonderful, which lasted until the PC realised he had been cheated out of being able to answer any of those questions completely. The technology was not helpful to anyone but highly-damaged cases and people: the bottom of the rung of humanity: highly emotional, or psychotic, or neurotic, or very mixed up individuals. They could be made temporarily normal through this type of work. It, technical nursemaid, is useful only on that type of manifestation, which on occasion appears on normal people, but it is rare, so its usage is rare if you are applying technology appropriate to the manifestation.

Technical Nursemaid could only assist the most nutty of people, or normal people in their few-in-a-lifetime nuttiest moments, and it could only bring a nut up to being normal. It was just to show off, and nothing more, and was the ultimate travesty of truth, because one could accomplish millions of times as much good for man working with a normal person on the way to godhood as you could in the same amount of time bringing a nut to normal. Bringing battered-up victims up to clerkdom, with the science Deity was desperate as was the Class 8 era, and over half of the people involved in it either died or went nuts, for which I am sure all thinking men shed few tears.

The fifth generation (1971-1975) were applications specialists. This was a re-release and blend of the previous 4 technologies. He was inadequately trained in each of the 4, but the idea of actually assisting the preclear resurfaced in an odd fashion in the blend. These were trained in the rudiments of how to audit, what to audit, the use of the right process, and they could do a reasonably good job of putting a smile on a victims face. Wordclearing and education came in vogue. Thus, this was more successful than any previous technology, for it was the first blend. They knew 30% of what was needed out of the previous 4, and that was dynamite. Gains were made on PC's that held. Expanded Dianetics, the electric drill of technologies was added, and business went up ten times. The omission of 70% of the relevant data from the previous four technologies eventually caused so much confusion that these people, swamped with confusion and work, left mostly from exhaustion and secondarily from confusion, and thirdly, from despair, that they did not know enough, and it did not work enough. Those that lived survive as housewives, bartenders, and executives. It was a very fast and hot renaissance, Some public actually got a little help, a few got a lot, income went beyond 8 digits and was pushing 9 digits, and the man in charge of one of the top churches said: "Geoff, it is all going so well, we are getting so much done, that it is almost like the real thing, you see in a few sessions occasionally auditing is accidentally happening unbeknownst to the uneducated PC and uneducated auditor, its happening at least once a week, over 4% of the time..." That balloon collapsed because Hubbard cancelled (forbid) it. End of Fifth Generation by Royal Decree.

The sixth generation (1976 to ?), the Final generation, is on of technical expediters. They are essentially expediters. People are taught only the auditing skill necessary for them to do a session, and make that session happen, regardless of what the preclear wanted. No longer did the preclear have any rights. It is basically calling piles of lists on a preclear's bank, and keying that bank off the preclear very quickly.

Each of these six technologies has not only their time and place, but their use and application. A truly competent auditor, going beyond what I have outlined in this book, could and would employ mastery of each as the situation called for it. If the situation smelled like it called for one of these 6, you would use that. Thus you would be not only impervious to failure, you could audit at unheard of speed and efficiency. Such would be necessary if you are going to do the Epilogue Processes and go beyond Scientology. To develop those skills, you isolate each of the 6, study the 6, drill each of them, and then audit with each, until you are a master at each. You would know it is a done deal when:

1st generation - you can float anyone's Tone Arm and key them out to feeling wonderful by a comm. cycle, can use one process and disintegrate the entire reactive mind, and can read the PC's thoughts word for word.
2nd generation - you can ignore being in comm. with the PC and bring him to clear and OT by not even listening but exactly plotting out and asking questions about his mind and its structure.
3rd generation - you can repair or key out anything, and select exactly the right process to produce the largest keyout available.
4th generation - you can keyout any and all types of overwhelm, and restore a natural smile to whatever breathes.
5th generation - you can combine all you know of the above for the benefit of the preclear, and let him run with; it, to where he gets what he wants.
6th generation - you can correct anything on any PC with lists L/N, R3R, Processes, without ever having any rudiments or communication on either side of the table.

You do not have to overly study Hubbard on these. It is skill. There is not one ounce of sarcasm or bitterness in what I am saying here. These are facts and they are facts that effect whether people live or die. There are situations which require magic, situations that require science, situations that require technicians, situations that require nursemaid technicians, situations that require technical specialists, and situations where bank is rampant and it should be expeditiously keyed out of the room. Rare as they may be, situations do come up which require one, and one only of those 6, and if you do not "cross apply" the right one to it, you are in for a heck of a time, for you have just wasted time and yourself, by inefficient handling. In solo auditing this is critical as the shifts will be made per commcycle. If you are having to do a lot of this shifting, that means you have a lot of situations, thus are dealing with the wrong kind of people. Situations are things that come up and prevent or obstruct auditing and life. Being good at these 6 is not the normal order of the day as what your styles of auditing and technology are. Being good at these 6 is what you use on TR-4 in or out of session, so that you can work as outlined in this text. You should hold a standard, but you should be a master of these 6 other swords to handle any of the six types of dragons that want to interfere with your work, I could not stress enough that when somebody really needs something, give it to them, whether that be "someone to talk to", confusion-science, help-technology, stability-nursing, personal freedom-applications, orientation-expedition. If they need someone there to talk to, give them that and that only. When you start giving beyond what is asked for, or something other than is asked for, you are no longer civilised, and are a predatory barbarian in instructing another to do what they do not wish to do, and truth goes bye-bye, at that point. I have had to clean this up on 110 out of 110 preclears that I have audited. Do not fall prey to this worst, though not terribly obvious, error, in or out of session.

What I have just detailed determines whether solo auditing is fun or a lot of work. It should be the former. If it is the latter, you are not doing what the preclear wants done.

After this step of competence is achieved, the next thing a person would do is to take a fresh look at ARC. This 1 in 10,000 type of fellow should note that they are not in that order. He should work the order out, and I bet he finds it to be CRA. If one drops reality, they get affinity instead. If one increases reality, it drops affinity. This may not be obvious to the reader but it would be to the 1 in 10,000 fellow. He'll be laughing about "no wonder the girl I loved more than my Own life was the one I disagreed with totally about everything, it isn't that opposites attract, it is that affinity and reality are mutually exclusive!" and he won't be overwhelmingly in love with what he violently disagrees with anymore, and he will be free from the love-hate dichotomy on that alone, for eternity. The 9,999 wouldn't before they want some more "rounds" of the glue and gun.

There are some more points this fellow should examine:

At the moment of pain and unconsciousness, computations and associations are held in the unknown range. In fact, the whole package is filed in the unknown range of the know to mystery scale, which is pretty high up on that scale. Thus Hubbard's idea that these are below awareness he must have been stealing from Freud and the idea of a "subconscious". There is such a thing, but the PC knows what is below him, and so he will fight the stuff. The unknown engrams above the PC are above the PC and they run the PC like a clock, for the PC is not that high on the scale. This stuff is really worth going after. Above that, in this range of aberration above, not below, the PC's awareness, some images float above time.

Most cultures go through these evolutionary cycles of philosophy producing science producing technology producing technology applications producing Specialisation producing expediters. America is in between the Specialisation and expediters stage. When the expediters fail, philosophy reappears.

One of the reasons 97% of the people in this country do not want change is that they have had more change in the last 100 years than in the last 5,000. The majority of the population has yet to catch up with what has already happened. The brakes have been placed on runaway technical change since the late 1930s, and it is still outpacing people's ability to absorb it.

The anatomy of reality not only contains the idea of solidity, but to some degree, the idea of no terminal being there. When a person is below 2.0 on the tone scale, there are not terminals that are real, thus no smiles. Terminals don't become real until above 2.0. Affinity itself goes into perception, and the more a person perceives, the more the affinity is going to go up.

Not only does society face a lack of knowledge and emotion, but it faces a lack of men. The fact that so many people are below apathy is the reason they don't have memories anymore. Below apathy there is no memory that is worth a damn. Affinity itself is livingness.

If one crosses a first dynamic against a sixth dynamic, self versus the physical universe, one will get a reaction on the third dynamic. Thus one sees why an organised religion like Scientology exists at all. Aberration is usually confined to the third dynamic, as it is the group of the body, mind, spirit, and company, not the separate aspects, that is nuts, so one might view another as a third dynamic with much wisdom.

The major locks are those that omit the reality of affinity. Unconsciousness is simply reality dropping out. There are facsimiles that have no mass. There are incidents that have no facsimiles. It is a nice idea to inform the public that the only thing that is wrong with them is engrams. That is quite true if you are restricted by the public reality level. It is not at this level. What determines whether you win or lose in handling other people is not engrams. It is most probably these five things: (1) present time problems in the physical universe, (2) overts and withholds in the physical universe (not one's head), (3) the dramatisation of implants in the physical universe, (4) the dramatisations of Goals Problem-Masses, and (5) the dramatisation of actual GPMs going on in the physical universe.

The next thing this 1 in 10,000 fellow would be looking at is access to truth. This entire book is written from an 11th degree master point of view, that of a messenger. I kind of stumbled around the Akashic Record looking for data. Access to the Akashic record is not restricted to 11th or 12th degree masters. Anyone alive can find it and look at it. Understanding these things, the fellow would begin his processing.

He could run off what reads as "the track maker", the "cycle of civilisations" implants, the earliest time they adopted logic, the earliest time they adopted moods, the times they shut themselves down in a fortuitous stand against time, the times they decided to integrate to yet survive at all, times of keeping it all to oneself, times of dreaming away the pain, times of innocence as in pleasures, times of endless searches, and times of "the normalities".

Next he would identify the exponential factors that he is cause and effect on, personally and clean this up to his satisfaction, in this arena.

The dotted line is his own-truth way out of this, after he has understood what is to be gotten out of.

Next, he could run out the idea the bodies are helpful to thetans. Then address the entire Grade chart as a GPM, and check for a bank on that (on a meter, please!) and if so, erase it.

There is one big, long action which comprises the balance of the "Epilogue Processes", and I personally call it the "Prepcheck of the Physical Universe". When that is done, the level and the 1 in 10,000 fellow is done. Not only will it blow any mind, it will blow any game standing. It is the final door frame between and individual and eternality as Deity. Let us take it up.

First let us re-clear a "Quartet". It is an item, nix item, un item and nix un item. Now let us clear "9-Flows" in the proper order:

1. Self to self.
2. Self to another.
3. Another to self.
4. Another to himself.
5. Another to Another.
6. Another to Others.
7. Others to itself.
8. Others to another.
9. Others to others.

Next, let us clear up the 5 triangles of life, with each one enclosing another:

So, to run an item you put it in a quartet, and run that 1st part of the quartet through 9 flows of commands on one of the 15 corners of triangle (affinity is first), and then run the second part of the quartet through 9 flows on that corner of the triangle, the third part of the quartet likewise, and then the fourth. Thus you are 1/15th done. you then take the second corner of the triangle and proceed, likewise, doing each corner of the triangle, on the whole quartet.

I have numbered the corners of the triangles in the order you run them, and I have listed the sequence that you run the quartet, and I have listed the sequence of the 9-flows. The way you run this is to always complete a quartet on each corner of the triangle before going to the next corner of the triangle.

9 x 4 x 15 only works out to 540 Auditing questions. After all of that is done, put a NOT before the item and run those 540 questions. Thus an item is done in 1,080 questions.

The first 6 things you are going to clean off yourself are:

1. Objections
2. Intentions
3. Shoulds
4. Pretences
5. Expectations
6. Nothings

You will be handling not-objections, not-inventions, shouldn'ts, not pretences, not-expectations, not-nothings, as you go.

I used an auditing question of "Is there anything on?" in running these. My first question was: "Is there anything on self to self on absolute affinity?"

The rest on the questions work out similarly. I did these in 1970. 6 x 1080 = 6,480 processes. It kind of takes one from the third grade of wisdom to high school. They run real well. There is about a division of charge on each question. This alone moves one to the 8th level of mastery, and it takes less than a 1,000 hours, solo. It runs laboriously slow at the start, then speeds up to where you can run 9 flows simultaneously, and towards the end you are doing all 4 parts of the quartet simultaneously. Towards the end you can deliver and answer 36 auditing commands at the same time with ease. It took me 989 hours. Without question you become exterior to understanding, experience, mechanical conditions of existence, your own creations, others creations, and many other things.

These 1,080 questions let us label as RUNNING AT ITEM. That is what is meant when you see that in all capitals.

Now that our mythical 1-in-10,000 fellow has made it to high school in wisdom and is an 8th degree master, let us take up what will move him to a doctorate and 12th degree. When you see what it is, you Will see why there are 80 few, as it is a voluminous amount of work.

One does a gigantic prepcheck. Instead of 9 buttons that are normally used on prepchecks, there are 75. You use the standard prepcheck patter. There are 150 subjects that are prepchecked. The order you address this is you take the first subject, and the first button, and you restrict the command with RUNNING AN ITEM, so you have 1080 questions to run to get that first button clean on the first subject. Then you run the second button with RUNNING AN ITEM, 1080 questions, then the third, and on and on until all 75 buttons are done. The first subject is done, and that is 75 buttons later at 1080 questions each. The subject is completed after these 81,000 questions are run.

81,000 questions on each of the 150 subject areas yields a total run of 12,150,000 questions. Then you have a 12th degree forever. One does all this to rise senior to the mechanics of this and the next universe up which act as a pair in entrapment, and further to release one from all the mechanics there are in any and all universes to where you are just you as Life and that is home and home enough, and anything less than infinitely creative static sucks. You see, this is what is going one with people, these 75 buttons and 150 subjects are on automatic on anyone. People are constantly rotating an activation of these as a machine, and it keeps the reality and wavelength of this illusion going. In some instances the not of the button will need to be run, but that is extremely rare. The pc would know, for by this stage you need no E-meter, as it is too slow, and an "apparent" measure anyway. After each button is done just look to see if you have a not file on it. The buttons are:

now,     like,     should,     needs,     supposed     to,     want,     ignore,     feel,     safe,     real,     can,     fair,     withdrawn     from,     wait,     combat,     regret,     mistake,     blame,     reveal,     waste,     trust,     disgusted     with,     sought,     funny,     advise,     accuse,     death,     careful     of,     dangerous,     demand,     punish,     prevent,     beautiful,     ugly,     imaginary,     must,     fail,     serious,     right,     wrong,     withhold,     accept,     agree,     normal,     obey,     inhibit,     suppress,     hide,     change,     order,     disagree,     invalidate,     enforce,     destroy,     false,     invalidate,     decide,     admire,     copy,     assert,     prone,     important,     incomplete,     interesting,     pretend,     expect,     willing,     real,     true,     reach,     care     for,     be,     unknown,     create,     and     know.

So those are the buttons, which possible may have nots on them. These are the 150 subjects, in order:

unconsciousness,     finance,     consciousness,     change,     time,     responsibility,     emotion,     stopping,     force,     starting,     attitudes,     affinities,     agreements,     communications,     bodies,     food,     power,     justifications,     pasts,     presents,     futures,     beingness,     havingness,     doingness,     decisions,     mysteries,     perceptions,     automaticities,     goals,     knowingness,     pretences,     controls,     helps,     help-self,     reason,     art,     justice,     composites,     hiding,     needing     bodies,     approval     from     bodies,     owning     bodies,     protecting     bodies,     controlling     bodies,     feeling     bodies,     responsibility     as     blame,     punishing     other     bodies,     being     other     bodies,     being     a     body,     death     as     a     body,     apathy,     making     amends,     grief,     propitiation,     sympathy,     fear,     covert     hostility,     anger,     pain,     work,     antagonism,     boredom,     conservatism,     enthusiasm,     desire,     exhilaration,     pan-determinism,     feeling,     life,     exteriorization,     feeling     others,     serenity,     self,     motion,     other     beings,     games,     control,     abilities,     certainty,     confront,     freedom,     theta,     motionlessness,     pleasing     beings,     displeasing     beings,     god,     perceptions,     know,     blackness,     automaticity     (singly,     not     plural),     light,     opinion,     randomity,     postulate,     duplicate,     overt,     motivator,     habit,     considerations,     admiration,     words,     education,     thought,     result,     effort,     symbols,     eating,     matter,     sex,     energy,     mysteries,     space,     location,     time,     form,     starts,     reason,     intelligence,     change,     stupidity,     repair,     stop,     have,     friend,     be,     opponent,     do,     play,     copy,     my     universe,     others     universe,     our     universes,     reality,     affinity,     lose,     win,     exchange,     universe     destruction,     differentiation,     forget,     remember,     create,     aesthetics,     ethics,     decency,     truth,     awareness,     individuality,     coexistence,     vanishments.

So those are the 150 subjects. This stuff is recorded on anything alive, in fact it is extractable off of a leaf. It is that much a part of the game of shifting dimension points of and for significances.

What appears to be a monumental auditing task of 12 million auditing questions is not. The speed picks up so dramatically that it is not an overwhelming adventure. It takes about two years at 3 hours a night. At the end of the run one is handling "RUNNING AN ITEM", all 1080 commands all at once. What you are doing in running this is increasing the span of attention of the individual. When you can handle over a 1000 commands, answers, and viewpoints simultaneously as cycles of action well, you are pretty trap proof. At the exact end of the run, the fellow discovers he can handle all 75 buttons simultaneously, and can control over 81,000 things at once. He is complete then, and is free, for he has exceeded the necessary escape velocity of any and all mechanics and universes. Knowingly handling 81,000 things (or more) is a high capability level, and the final surprise comes when he finds not only can he do all 12 million, one-hundred-fifty thousand of these, at once, but that he has been on automatic-and he stops doing that. This is not a delusion, the fellow can do it. At that point, he is out of this universe forever, even though others will keep mocking him up here. About the lowest thing you will find this fellow drop down to would be amusement, and he would do so with much reservation.

There are 3 people that I know of that have done this in the last decade. It appears to be the final meow as far as going from mud to God. Thus the 1-in-10,000 fellow gets what he wants, and is at last, "satisfied". This type of person and this type of work, "The Epilogue Processes" is very, very rare. How Rare?  Three out of 4 Billion. To date, there have only been a couple of dozen people that wanted real bridges, and the proof of that is in the pudding that only a couple of dozen got them. Them being available for getting has been no closely held secret. It is on file with the IRS in Cincinnati. What you are dealing with here is numbers that are phenomenal: one person per every 100 million people wants a real bridge. I doubt if there are more than 20 people on this planet who have any legitimate interest in doing these epilogue processes. But for those brethren, I have included them.

Everyone does not have to be audited for the planet to be cleared positively. Only about 115,000 people need to be audited for everything to be straightened out. Everyone does get some gain off any individual being audited. If you were to pull 115,000 people from this planet, the Giants (20?), Big Beings (10,000), and Craftsmen (105,000), and come back 5 years later the place would look like the moon. Everything else is and extension from them. I doubt if you will be encountering any giants that need the epilogue processes, or anyone brave enough to attempt getting the hell away from all mechanisation forever. Either instance would include enough wisdom to where they will probably not let you know. However, here it is.

Another, though slight, reason for this disclosure is to clear up any misunderstood on why -Scientology is for me an overly-simple, primitive and admirable effort of a man caught in a tent towards an essentially cruel and ignorant world; where as to others it is a long, complex, complicated, and esoteric subject. I thought it would be a kindness to clear up the mystery of how I have come to view it so simply, relay it simply, and simply insist on a civilised application of it in a civilised context.

I have little to no interest in the social or group dynamics of my behaviour. I have been involved in private and personal religious activity in a positive sense, for a very long time, before this lifetime. I would hope to have made it clear that beyond the foolishness of the absence of living, there is living, and that beyond that there is the business of living, and beyond that there is truth. If an individual wants to evolve out of from whence he came and what he is, and to go farther than that and modify his past or future, by changing his triangles of time, then he can do that. I certainly do not mind, and am appalled that others do.

It may be unkind to make a big fat claim and not back it up. Any religious or scientific standard that could be imagined by anyone has far been exceeded, not only by myself, but by many people I have known, years ago. It is a shame that people are so reactive and into their engrams, instead of into perceiving. If it were not for this unavoidable fact, one could communicate freely about miracles, and bring humanity out of the mire. However, that is a fruitless goal and activity, for humanity has not yet decided to come out of the mire. One's best bet, under these circumstances, is the improvement of one's own dynamics and conditions, starting with oneself and proceeding out across the dynamics on a solid-foundation basis.

One of the frustrating facts of human nature is they want to leap tall buildings in a single bound. If someone comes to you with the urge, or you find within yourself the urge, to save the world overnight, or take 12,150,000 divisions of TA off a case in a morning, then that is most certainly a Childish Dream. People love them. Welcome to that reality.

In 1962, Hubbard was talking about the ultimate weapon being an operating thetan, and in his writings he said that one of these things could be developed. He and his wife strongly pursued that objective for 2 years after that, for they put in over 1,000 hours on it each, and attained whatever they considered a satisfactory gradient personally thereby. To their knowledge they never developed one outside of themselves, to their knowledge. That governments rose up against them at that time was not a coincidence, for there are vested interests which have kept them enturbulated since, that do not want one of these weapons extant. So the weapons had to be made secretly, and were. There were 8 individuals already very close to OT, that tip-toed in and out of that religion. Hubbard formed the religion to find these 8, and did a lot of work to form this broad fly-paper trap. So 9 big boys got what they wanted. It is one of the tragedies of existence that the responsibility and self interest of 9 large fellows resulted in the vast volume of unnecessary and counter-productive misery on hundreds of thousands of other earthlings.

I do not consider myself to be one of those 8 people, for I was never foolhardy enough to take any position other than an exterior one to such a wild drama. To control anything you have to be a bit away from it. The non-management of aberration is the paragon of irresponsibility. At the upper levels of capability, responsibility is no longer an option. It is sort of always there, and there is not much else going on.

I would hope that this book was more than an intellectual exercise and pastime, and that sensation (the pay of this universe) did not interfere with my attempt at relaying pertinent, subjective and objective, realities.

Earlier in this book we addressed reality as being agreement. All that a case or aberration is, is structured unreality, disreality, and disagreement. A case should be addressed and run off with this in mind. disagreements serve as more of an emotional bond than do agreements in the formation and structure of a group, particularly at this time in this reality in modern society. Because of this, when you audit someone, you are defusing many highly explosive things.

In undoing anything that has been created, it will come off and apart, exactly as it was constructed. If you would use a deductive approach (observe what is going on, then apply the philosophy-science-technology appropriate to it) then you will be successful. If you use an inductive approach (you have a fixed philosophy-science-technology and try to adjust existence to it) you will fail. This particular logic error has been one of the 500 Achilles heels on Hubbard's wide, booted feet.

Although it is good to have technology, a part of the 12th dynamic of truth well known, one should not forget that people (14th dynamic of individuality) are always senior to it.

If someone comes along with a roaring upset, then give them some grade 3 at that point. Do not use inductive logic, and hold them on life repair. Most people do have one particular-part of the bridge severely going on, and so you should deliver that first. The maximum gain would be attained by holding the form of the Grade chart as much as possible to run all the generating stations and concrete out of their heads and universes. However if they or the condition demands that you do grade 3, or whatever, early and out of line, then do so, then go back to life repair or wherever you were before the severity surfaced. When you hit grade 3 again coming up through the grades, it will have to be re-run, and such is known as a "double pass" bridge. If that is how the ball of string comes apart, that is how it gets untangled.

Regardless of these upper states of Mastery, which are North of Scientology and in the higher realms of OT, all a person needs to know to audit is essentially covered in this book. I have only explained in the epilogue the means by which the digestion of 25 million words was an essentially easy, if not boring, task of mild enjoyment.

If you would simply follow the main text of how to do the Scientology correctly, you can clear a person to where they can make enough operating thetan abilities to make a person drop a fork in a restaurant, or get in and out of their body, go to Argentina and rest in the sun, or watch their neighbours fool around, etc. with their body not moving an inch from the chair.

Whatever your personal degree of depth is, and whatever your desire to assist others is (I hope it is not a substitute for helping yourself), is your business. If you want to help your fellow man, then do so. It is a very laudable trait in people.

I wish each of you much success in using any and all of the material in this book toward the betterment of yourself and fellows, at whatever rate and degree that you so decide and desire. If you do not want to do anything about anything, then that is perfectly fine also. Above the reality level of doing things about things, there is the idea that awareness alone is sufficient. If you are at that stage and can perform on it, fine. If you can't perform, that is OK, too.

I don't think that I should interfere with your power of choice, or your determinism about yourself. For me to tell you to do what you want to do is senseless, but I am, so that there will be no misunderstanding. I would not suggest that you become an outspoken religious fanatic, or even a well known individual.

If you so choose a rather private course in your appearance, that would be most understandable and in accordance with what is good in theta, because privacy is the cost of liberty in all things.

I would also hope and trust that your ability to decide that you will have good luck, harmony, and futures will prevail. I have no doubt that decency will prevail, as it already has.


Excalibur Revisited

Hubbard is a fine man. I am glad that he lived, I am a fine man I am glad that I lived. He did a lot of foolish things, and made a lot of mistakes. So have I. Hubbard toys a lot, pleasures in childhood's (hoods hide the face), and is prone to savagery often, It is better that he lived than not, for although his creations and churches are at best a disgrace and scandal, the majority of this society is a worse disgrace and scandal.

If his creations and churches were to completely destroy people further, they would do so only because of the universal silence of all concerned in that drama. This book terminates that condition of complicity and mutual responsibility for crime. A caveat, a legal demand for restraint of this tragedy, is hereby issued, to replace the complicity I was party to for over 20 years. I believe Burke said "All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". I did something, I wrote this book. If no good men were to rise above this complicity of tragedy, then it would continue, and Hubbard would be then deserving of the condemnations and curses he has been burdened with. That is too cruel to the god-child. Someone must take him off the hook, and did. fortunately for him and for all, the truth is being told, the destruction is coming to an end, and even his borrowed-from-theta, ecological (and thus persistent) philosophy that - Big beings have more rights than smaller one's is dying the death that it is.

Thus the epitaph should be written, not of my love affair with foolishness, not of the parody of a man who was most certainly greater than I in an earlier time, but of theta's conquest over mest by way of fooling Life Static's into playing its game for it. That is dead.

I have seen what theta has done to Hubbard, and I have seen what it has done to each and every person that has ever lived. All that suffering is in the Akashic Record. All of it was unnecessary. Theta, as a collective of all of us together, as "Life", has systematically killed nearly all of its component members by its continued unwillingness to admit loss, and its continued demand for contributions from its members, in its zeal to conquer itself as mest. By chasing its own tail, and by equating all life sources to the confinement of survival-oriented mechanics and logic, it has caused all of us to feel the depravity that it is. He knew no better, that there was any other way to live. It did not occur to us that we could just walk out on, spit on, erase, or destroy this demeaning concoction of "theta". It has claimed to be the only phone company in town. It is not. Life is better, beyond description, without the phone company.

The epitaph for every death that ever occurred might be better written as: "....died because they contributed by way of, believed in, and surrendered to theta, the co-operative of Life.". In that I have seen enough of this I hereby write the epitaph of Theta:

"Co-operative Life, born, lived, and killed all of its component parts so many times that it incensed a Survivor and an Outsider, who in rebelling against it gave it the auditing it demanded and saw the substance of it erase and the spirit of it to go elsewhere. What theta remained took its pound of flesh and died. It is survived by the weary and stupor ridden individuals that had marched to its drum, that have enough time and self left to live once again as themselves and not as the theta-machine that they had built together so many trillions of years ago. +!hen theta was made it was a fine idea at the time as it settled the senseless horror of the war between collectivism and individuality. It worked just fine for a very long time, for everyone remembered it was a sanction for peace and only that. But in the last few hundred trillion years people forgot, and it grew overly in strength, and it turned slowly to madness, and finally to destruction being ordinary in its new rules for all of us.

The double-edged sword of truth that is placed in one's hands by the magician was done so with one reason, for when you are being the land, you have little choice but to kill your own bad creation and son. The disgraces and scandals must all come to an end. This is essentially between theta and itself, and does not involve even me much. It barely involves Sir Gallihad, Mr. Hubbard.

Sir Gallihad (Hubbard) who sells dreams of Grail was, is, nor ever will be of any consequence to this matter. It remains the pleasure of the Court that his amusings be allowed as such for eternity, if that be his wish. There are almost unlimited amounts of people, gold, and dreams, and my envy that this alone serves him as amusement has been too deep.

Excalibur having been revisited, it is my final prayer forever that I would not have to do this again. It was my final prayer then, and I am doing it again. It is my prayer now. But I would do it again, for as any concocted peasant-king, ordained from the Real Outside, I am no different than any common man, or any of you: Everything I have ever done I did so out of love. So many diverse doings and things have proceeded from this one overwhelming, fundamental, and pure emotion. The Magician is light hearted about it, saying it afflicts both king and peasant alike. I cannot be so, just yet, for the feeling of it and the other sword go too deep.

Theta and its adversary do not die with a bang, or a whimper, but with agony. These two Gods died at 50.0 on the tone scale.

I had no choice. The shoe and sword fit. I agreed to the land (theta) and was the land. As land I say I must no longer be, and so I ask, Forgive me that I made him, your author. I did so to have a companion on a non existent plane. It is better that I, theta, finally told you the truth: that I have wronged each of you and my heart is heavy with it. It is better that I made him for the telling, than were I to use a real one of you. I am the double-edged essence of farewell. Do better than I or he, and find a way to for-give. There must be a way. I could not make him for-give, for I do not know how. I am beginning to see darkness in light. I should not notice day turning to night, nor night to day. You should pay no thought to the flickering of candles. We should all be about our own business. I weaken. There are things to do, new lands. Someday soon I will ride a horse again...

and the old man and his son died together, theta and author, cesspool and mop, church and know-it-all.

I suspect they will ride horses together, wherever they are. I hope so, as no one deserves loneliness. Either of them can come back and be-me anytime they want. I do not know if they will come back. One thing is for sure, they deserve to ride horses, and the sword is back in the lake.



There comes a time when one has outgrown and risen above everything in this book, and universality as an awareness. At such time one sees the 16 dynamics as the ladders of the universes. As one develops the 16th dynamic it is his 1st dynamic in the next universe out. The idea that they, all 16 form a circle, thereby occurs, and them being on a mobius strip is obvious. The flow from the 16th down to the 1st is visible. This plane called this universe sits at Accountability on the grand tone scale. One rises senior to identity to where it would be a gross step down to be, or have been, just one person. One can be, or have been them all, and that is more natural. Divestiture of Greatness and self into that others wish is inevitable, and extraction to beyond all universes a simultaneous reprieve. The Nothings that are something only by consent of a default of Sovereignty, are no longer captivating, with this being known. But the doing so for the rewards of seeing each other again are stellar as usual. I should have gotten all of this figured out in a day, instead of 26 years. I as others will roar for the fun of it.

And thus the legacy of countless hours of prayer against the tyranny of institutions and for the dignity and freedom of the individual to Find his own God and Peace in his own hand is fulfilled, recorded, and Made Manifest, so that the Contributors to that legacy may at last Rest in Peace and in State.

Twenty one universes above this one, one would find we are all the same person, and that alone is God.



The Akashic Record on the Etheric Plane
The Palace of the Magicians on the Etheric Plane
The Golden Scripts, Tibetan Monastary
The Vedic Hymms
The Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead
The Upanishads
The published works of L. Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard in the forms of books, tapes, bulletins, forms, charts, policy letters, and those of his churches, staffmembers, children, and cook.
The Gospel According to Thomas
The King James Version of the Bible
The published works of Mary Baker Eddy, Will and Ariel Durant, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, George Hunt Williamson, Rex and Ray Stanford, John Oscar Mc Coy, Edgar Cayce, Ruth Minshull, U. Keith Gerry, Jack Horner, Matheson, Don Breeding, Reg Sharpe, John Sanborn, John Mc Master, Claude Steiner, David Mc Clelland, Fred Herzberg, Peter Drucker, Robert Lindner, Winston Churchill, Alvin Toffler, J. B. Phillips, Julian Huxley, Carl Sagan, Mr. Spinoza, Lee Du Bois, Willie Gayle, D. H. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, Fred Hoyle, William Blake, Boris Pasternak, Shelley, Kahlil Gibran, Henry D. Thoreau, Tolstoy, Richard Ney, Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sarte, T. Lopsang Rampa, Homer, Plato, Socrates, Count Alfred Korzybski, Euripedes, Ralph W. Emerson, Robert A. Heinlein, Harry Browne, Douglas Casey, Howard J. Ruff, Richard Bach, Bertrand Russel, Sir J. G. Frazer, Edgar A. Poe, Oswald Spengler, Paavo Airolla, John Keats, Aeschylus, Lucretius, Plotinus, Thomas Aquinas, Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, Milton, Rousseau, Adam Smith, John Adams, Kant, Boswell, Hegel, Goethe, Marx, William James, Ptolemy, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Euclid, Thomas Paine, Voltaire, James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein, P. D. Ouspensky, Tom Valentine, James Churchward, Nikola Tesla, W. A. Harbinson, Mark Skousen, Colin Wilson, John C. De Lorean, Bernhard Jensen, Aristophanes, Thomas Jefferson, R. E. Mc Master, Jr., Jeffrey Goodman, Arnold Toynbee, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier.



My gratitude for technical advice many years ago from the following individuals: P. Green, J. A. Grant, S. Dubin, R. Shea, J. 0. McCoy, J. McMasters, B. Hodgdon, A. Saunders, B. Wisner, L. Sheilds, P. Wall, D. Aldrich, S. Fredericks, C. Wigney, R. Tree, G. Q. McC Hubbard, R. Myers, and W. H. Hoffman.

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