Disputable Data

There is a data-set of information which holds true only 70% of the time. It is the theory that people are dominated and express only 3 dynamics, with only one of the 3 being strongly evident. Thus the world would be composed of essentially 16 personality types, and usually only 8. These 8 types are labelled as follows:

Dynamic People understand and specialise in





Volition (Whether or not)











This theory further purported that even-numbered dynamics opposed odd-numbered dynamics in a fashion which caused the ridges and friction's of existence as we know it. Recognition of this crossflow warfare was adequate for one to rise above participation in that electronic and spiritual slavery.


The Human Loop
Beyond Humanity

This is a paradoxical chapter in that in describing what is beyond humanity one is probably describing what is humanity. Most people, to a greater or lesser degree, have one foot in the human range and one foot out of it.

Whether any of this extraneous information is of any use to the reader in improving, positioning, or orienting their fellow man I would hope to be self evident. It is doubtful that it should be overly practised in deference to or as a substitute for the "clean bridges" aforementioned. Coming clean as a being is a very high order of experience.

The mind loves sequence, order, programs, operating systems, transitions, and loops. This chapter is somewhat uncomfortable to the mind as there are no transitions in the data presented.

1. The location of this planet is generally described as A6 DYX4,679,124,871 E0B_.

2. Bodies are held to thetans. The inverse is doubtful.

3. There is a GPM Bank with adjective words of:

1. Fixed
2. Persisting
3. Doing
4. Opposing
5. Flowing
6. Evaluating
7. Incidental
8. Recorded
9. Living

which has no rootwords and no prefix. 'Life' is the 1st Endword. It blows pretty fast on inspection.

4. There is another bank known as "the pillars". The top two items are:

to create destruction

to destroy creation

The last 2 items are:

to longer know

to know longer

You will find this bank on class B-14 beings and above. It unmocks extremely quickly. Obviously any auditor or PC up to "know" can derive these GPM banks in detail if necessary. The point of this is to run these 2 GPM banks out.

5. Survival being linear, there are other factors in life that are not linear. There are exponential factors (they compound like interest in a savings account) of negatives and positives In auditing you erase the negatives and rekindle the positives. Survival breaks into needs and growth. Auditing these 3 factors of survival, growth, and needs has limited workability, because you are auditing Lambda (the organism) which is limited by the Dianetic Axioms. Unfortunately, in auditing you will encounter points where these exponential positives are restricted by exponential negatives. It is only unfortunate when it happens so early that the PC can't untangle it. These points are what a case is. Whenever it does come up in a folder, you will have to run it, the moment it is presented to you. Whether ready or not, the being will make most of clear, most of the grade chart, and most of O.T. instantly on your handling of this horrible reality for him. This, of course, is the point where a life static resumes active knowing creation and abandons unknowing co-operation with less-than create mechanics. In that it has happened only a few dozen times in the last 30 years, you needn't be too worried about handling it. Your handling of it is to do absolutely nothing but agree . The tone scale will decompose for him and he will declare some form of mastery, and curiously enough the whole world will be listening. You see, you have no choice but to agree. He will have decided it is to be so, and so it was, is, and will be for all of us.

You could force this on any preclear by asking for a clay demo of "the only reason there is anything wrong with anything." That would be a foolish thing to do, because you are forcing the state and responsibility down somebody's throat. People think and feel that they want to be O.T. I would suggest that you examine only their actions, for by their actions you will see they do not. If they did want to be O.T., they would be, and very quickly by volunteering their stress and break points on exponentialities.

6. The human loop starts untangling with the proper tools. Changing people from people as animals to people as people is quite a trick, It requires the same tools for the preclear that the auditor has. In lieu of having the preclear read this book, you could do an abbreviated job of giving him the tools he needs to undo his case and/or the human loop. Here is how. Clear the following words to where the PC can use, perceive, and relate them to each other in anything the PC looks at:


How the fellow has tools to look with and can get good erasures.

7. Auditing the collision of Life Forces is fun and productive. At the least, I suppose it would raise the dead. It is going on when you look at an ashtray. There are a lot of people that want to be able to lift an ashtray by postulate. I have often suggested they see one first. Looking and seeing have no relationship to each other.

8. Aside from the self there is an overself above one and an animal self below one. Confusing, identifying, or associating the three isn't marvellous. Its a hell other people live in.

9. The human loop is the urge of survival on a mobius strip. It is the same urge to survive which when looked at differently is seen to be succumb (or evil). Theta and MEST (also create and destroy) are the same urge with 2 different views on the same figure-eight time warp. Distrust is only faith that things will go wrong. Death is only survival as a not. The U-turns in heaven and the U-turns in hell that send one back into the human spectrum (of spectatorship) make whether one is going up or down somewhat irrelevant. People know this so well they can't even see it. How it is going seems much more important to people than where or how many times. People know the game they are in far too well. Its hypnotic to them. They are stuck in the fallacy that their logic and knowingness are perfect and it is not. There is no freedom in a game. There is freedom meaning free from the land. Free is a territory. It is not in or of this universe. Nor is it in the mind, nor is it in Fairland (Fairdom) or Fairydom.

10. Boxes are 6-sided traps. A case is often a box. You could get one from a super market and take a magic marker and write "thetan" on the top, "somatic mind" on the bottom, "Physical universe" on the front, "body" on the back, "other universe" on the left, and "mind" on the right. You would then hand this to your preclear, remarking "tell me about it, it seem a curious way to live." They keep telling you about it until they don't put those automatic perception screens up anymore that act as a barrier between them and other life. Ask them if they have a case. If they have put it back up go ahead and ask why and run the incident. If your PC lies a lot (a minority of people do that uncontrollably), just list for why they have to encase themselves this way. Once your PC actually gets good subjective reality he has done this, it will be just too ludicrous to live that way, much less maintain the thing.

11. Running the incident where people are taught to make engrams is elementary. Do it.

12. Likewise, valence shifting.

13. Extremely remarkable case gain can be obtained in running the combination of a secondary and an engram. Run these and you will fix and change people. If you run just engrams and secondaries, you will only help and improve them, because it is a very junior activity to running the secondary-engram combination. On the sec-eng combo you will have impact, unconsciousness, contest, impact unconsciousness, loss, decisions, dichotomies, duplication, and then extreme dichotomy in that order. An obvious R3R command is:
LOCATE AN INCIDENT OF REPETITIVE PAIN, UNCONSCIOUSNESS, EMOTION, AND LOSS WITH DICHOTOMIES TO THE POINT OF CHANGING IDENTITIES. It works well in undoing the monstrosities of experience, including severe implanting. Basically what you are pursuing here is not just when he was beat to death as a being, but when he was beat beyond that to being someone else.

14. You can further disintegrate the human loop by running: the flow of now to now

from consideration to postulate
from postulate to opinion
from experience to understanding
from creation to experience
from is to not-is
from alter-is to is
from as-is to alter-is
from when he was right and it didn't turn out that way
from when he was wrong and it did turn out that way
from being stupid when he shouldn't have been
from where he paid too dearly
from where he gave all to get out
from where he was a proponent
from where he was an opponent
from where he was a third party
from where he couldn't stand it anymore
from where he had marbles
from where he completely abandoned self
from when he changed galaxies
from where he changed Gods
from where he changed affiliation
from he went from operation to reflection
from performance to complacency
from games to past-times
from responsibility to irresponsibility
from 3 viewpoints to one
from 2 viewpoints to 3
from one viewpoint to 2
from 9 viewpoints to 4

15. You can L/N for the most detested experience and R3R it.

16. Then determine whose purp causes such things, and run the flows of that purp, which may not be his own.

17. You can L/N for the most withheld re-current misery and R3R on 9 flows. No read, no run on 9 flows.

18. R3R Int to mock up obsessively.

19. R3R taking ones' purposes as one's own.

20. R3R Q and A as aberration.

21. L/N for couldn't be, do, have, experience and R3R the 4.

22. L/N for why one fails. R3R.

23. L/N for why one maintains social consciousness. R3R.

24. L/N for what Code of Honour violations are a solution to, after determining them, and then R3R the item.

25. R3R creating case(s) forever.

26. R3R ruin.

27. R3R disaster.

28. Differentiate and word clear to EP:

Static - thetan
Objective - Subjective
thetan - MEST
Something - No Thing
Case - No Case
Group - No Group
Universe - No Universe
His Universe, Physical Universe, Others Universe

29. L/N for greatest repeating overt on others universe collective and R3R.

30. R3R when "damned" (or "tried to go exterior and couldn't").

31. Get common denominators on all the times you won/lost by writing both down,

32. Find the time they "wouldn't trade for anything" and run it to get the scarcity off.

33. Run done/withhold with "throughout all time" prefix, then run all ruds with that prefix.

34. "Is there an entity using a copy of me on me?"

 This gets some real cuties out in the open and on their way.

35. By living at the corner of this galaxy one is away from the madness at the centre. 2WC or R3R as you wish.

36. If there are 33 lateral life sources comprising the Tone Scale, there are 33 technologies to repair each: Life Repair, Dianetics, Drug Rundown, Expanded Dianetics, Introspection Rundown, Method 1, PTS Rundown, Expanded Green Form, Track Repair, Grades, Power, R6EW, Clearing Course, Integrity Processing, Creation of Human Ability, OT Levels, Actual GPMs, Entities and NED for OTs, electronic incident track, epilogue processing, 37R, L10, L12 are 25 of them. The other 8 are not for sale.

37. If there are 33 planets inhabited in this sector, 15 of which were sane, and 17 very nutty, they might have had these names: Zenith, Panacea, Israel, Germania, France, Eldor, Carcia, Sagitariors, Aquarious, Libris, Virgo, Libea, Diana, Capricorn, Clytemnestra, Estonia, Scorpio, Hestatia, Cronus (was blown up and is now an astroid belt thus the fall of Cronus), Coltus, Tegiac, Christiana, Ruseia, Chinea, Septimus, Buddha, Manua, Espanol, Constance. Dominion was later added after Cronus fell.

38. If so, Greek mythology might be astronomical history. If so, much might be understood,

39. Although there are/were 2 million inhabited planets in this galaxy, they classify into 3500 fundamental basic types. The English language thus corresponds to galactic populations.

40. Ridge, flow, dispersal's form up 9 possible electrical constructions of what is going on.

41. The pyramid shows that 3 (the sides of the triangle) plus 4 (triangles) equals 9. 10 being -perfect less one also equals 9 with 5 points, 5 surfaces, you can achieve 9 lines. The missing one is the circle this structure precipitates. No one can understand these simple facts and maintain human consciousness. It forces the cognition that 9 flows and self only result from the 4 triangles of ARC, BDH, KRC, As-Alter-isness and one pops out.

42. The Life-Truth-Love triangle should be further defined:

Life: Alignment with or awareness of what theta is.
Truth: Certainty-Knowing without reservation.
Love: conviction-knowing emotionally throughout the entire tone scale.
It is the Godhood triangle.

43. Connection cannot be flowed or withheld. It is contrasted with ARC which can be flowed and withheld.

44. Dislikes vs. Compulsions are a ridge.

45. The goal to be god is only on one who is not.

46. It bears repeating to re-word clear Karma as one's present beingness determines one's future fate. Run that out. One's past obviously does not effect ones present as much as folks desire it to be so.

47. Word clear black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, and necromancy with the dictionary definition, specifically: "the use or abuse of supernatural powers for selfish ends". It is further defined as:

1. the raising of images of the dead.
2. the practice of infusing life into the unconscious elementaries of the dead.
3. using them for evil ends.

Thus opening up death engrams on entities, getting them jammed up with other half-awake entities, getting them to go out and do this to others or help it to be done to others is evil in its most pronounced and glaring form defined in the English language.

48. Word clear that this is what sloppy auditing can be,

49. Word clear that this is what Church of Scientology auditing usually is.

50. Word clear that anyone sanctioning the above said is either scum or a scumlord.

51. Run being lord of unstoppable scum R3R. Then, run being source of unstoppable scum R3R.

52. Run knowing contrary to existence R3R.

53. Run being turned on by illness, sickness, insanity, a mind, the mind. Separate chains.

54. Run sick hearts, involvement with.

55. Run rationality and instinct being disowned, segmented and in conflict. Then, run it as the cause of all disease.

56. Run all religion and education being training in not looking, not thinking, not-ising and buying alter-is as a substitute.

57. Run most people worshipping the physical universe as "God" as "its in everyone" and "in all thing"s.

58. Run -the possibility of (let PC have his own opinion and reality on this one as its charged white hot)... "the possibility of" there being nothing more than copies of real beings left. Only the mocked up substitute imitations remain if the real ones were killing each other off and out of guilt replaced what they killed with what they perceived they killed. Rebuilding those replacements as best as could be done, then endowing those replacement-substitutes with life. War continuing until how many real beings left?  Run this as a possibility of none . Then, run it as one and you'll see the real charge, when, run having to live in his physical universe with him thinking he's an imitation too. If he's a copy, run out his death with earlier beginnings.

59. Process "never saids", "never will say".

60. Process using the past as a substitute for the present.

61. Process: enforced suppression with enforced invalidation until cave ins.

62. If you've come this far, he deserves to be woken up. It's about time to really wake the guy up. I mean really wake him. No one can even sit still under these next dozen questions:

"Are you resisting a cognition?"
"Are you challenging a cognition?"
"Are you stuck in a session?"
"Are you stuck midway through a cog cycle?"
"Do you want a prep check of cognition? (If so, do it.)"
"Do you want a prep check of awareness? (If so, do it.)"
"Are you on a ridge?"
"Are you on a flow?"
"Are you on a dispersal?"
"Do you have a fixed awareness?"
"Do you have a fixed awareness cycle?"
"Do you have an expense to net ratio? (Cost to achieve)."

63. Spot:  if somebody pulls on you, you feel an outflow of that (their) reality. To the degree you didn't like it, that is the only reality you'll out flow.

64. Spot:  if you pull on somebody, you'll feel them in on you/your space and them as a beingness around you.

65. Spot:  if somebody pushes on you and you dislike it, you will, subsequently proportionate to the dislike, inflow that/their reality.

66. Spot: if you push on somebody you feel their erasure.

67. If the aforementioned 4 are true, you should first throw many of the Philadelphia Doctorate tapes in the trash, where they belong now, and second, get the fixed outflow/ inflow of reality your PC has identified and then run the two incidents. Then, get the single beingness in his space identified and run out him pulling that in. When, his pushing away what is gone and he is crying about being gone, the truth being he as-ised the hell out of it out of hate. This will clear up fixed levels of inflow or outflow.

68. Run "caught in the flows of another". It's a stuck recording of a universe.

69. Run as - was, as-will-be as states after word clearing then as different from as (on an)-is.

 70. Have PC conjecture and convecture coming out of treason on 1st dynamic at last being noble, wise, gentle, corruptible, steel-hearted, as a seerer beyond the wisest of all men.
Of course, if there is a reluctance on his being his own sovereign life static independent of theta, thus theta traps like humanity, word clear the hell out of the Dianetic Axioms(unfortunately there is ample evidence no one ever read them before I did):
2, 3, 4, 7,9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 27, 28, 31, 32, 36, 38, 40, 53, and especially 60, 61, 66, 67, 70, 71, 83, 90, 102, 115, 122, 133, 143, 147, 148, 149, 157, 164, 172,194.

You word clear these axioms until he sees how automated (thus crazy) theta's game with itself is. Note that theta addresses 7% of the chart of attitudes (only column one 'survive), while ignoring 93% of life in its actions. Also note that Scientology, Scientology churches, and Hubbard are manifestations of theta and its condition. Word clear Scientology axiom 3 that one cannot see unless one decides to see and sees only because he considers he can.

Don't let him tip-toe out of this philosophical dilemma. He is either a life static, theta, or lambda. Its high time he decides what he is, so he can come out of treason to other life. Theta is the essence of treason. Lambda is a piece of that essence. People hiding themselves by being and co operating with theta ( all life as a collective ) do not deserve and cannot accomplish auditing. The filth of the MEST universe is higher than they.

71. Do an extremely exact drug rehab from a fresh list. As an example, 116,725 cigarette releases, 36,812 coffee releases, etc.

72. If there are any health problems at all, you may wish to assess a common illness and inoculation list which you would make up. You would then adjust the diet, or use herbs and/or homeopathy to clean the dormant ones out using iridology for confirmation that they have been cleaned out.

73. Run ARC breaks by "locate the break in__________" on them starting at the bottom of the scale and coming up the scale doing the breaks in A,R,C,U per each level of the scale that exists below the CDEINR scale. It is called the human scale , because the human race is on it , not the CDEINR. It is:


Then do the appropriate grade 0 and 2 processes with the human scale.

74. Below the human range the scale extends:

CONFUSED (1 person dreams something up and throws it on 2 people)

Now do these ARC Breaks and grade processes. This forms a circular Know - Unknown - CDEINR - False - Denied - Absurd - Rationalised Abusive - Horrible - Compressed - Conjured scale. The conjured is the new - Know, for the 3021 dwindling spirals the being came down through. Some came through more than 3021, and some came through less.

75. Non-circularly, and outside this "wheel of life", there is a level below the circle:

RECRIMINATORY (someone calls you a criminal)

Do the breaks in ARCU, and the grade processes on 0 and 2 that are appropriate.

76. Run the conflict of apparent truth to real truth when & how it effects prediction.

77. Run single entrapments through the use of a series of offset symbols. An example would be sex which can be a flow to express love and also a flow to shut off "love'. The two flows being in opposite directions form a ridge. Thus sex fixates attention and obscures what it symbolises, love. Another example is the physical universe, which obscures perception of what it symbolises, the next universe out of ideas, absolutes in a while. Run off these to where the pc can see that offset symbols, however run, obscure what they mean by producing a 2-flow ridge, resulting in seeing too much of the symbol or too little of what it represents.

78. Word clear:

ASTRAL (theta forms)
ETHERIC (the space the forms are in)
MENTALITIES (the absolutes that make the ethers)

79. Run the earliest clearing course incident at the Astral level.

80. Process losses at each of the 4 planes, then stuck wins using recalls, there wins with incidents, then favourite's. If necessary, run locational "Universe processes" from grade 0 to break the 4 apart if your preclear has poor reality on them

81. Re-word clear the 4 as rarefaction and condensation of the same thing.

82. If there is perception or operation difficulty in any of these higher realms, then run appropriate grade 2 processes, to clear that up.

83. Word clear that nothing is going to change at all unless the mentality level is addressed and the absolutes stated and run.

84. Run the human loop and being inside the Human race. Then do it again as a non-confront of the 3 higher levels, until he decides to live instead of rot. You may drill being on and off of the human wavelength if you wish. If so, when that is complete have him spot the grief on the human loop when he is exterior to it. It will take more than a moment to get him stable at this as it is almost overwhelming.

85. An occasional yet prevalent complaint of the humans is on the 2nd dynamic. There are 5 areas that a 2nd dynamic may operate on/as:


If any one of the five are operative on the 2nd dynamic it will usually stick and stay. Each person must/does choose which or how many of the five is what they seek inter-changed. A person is a miserable as only one is evident, and as happy a all five are evident. Generally speaking, having one is bad-mood-producing, two of the five up and running together are a break-even, three a positive experience, four a pleasure, and five a mockery of divinity itself.

Jamming the requirement for two-way all-5 at once is the cause of most complaint. Many people are only capable of 2, due to the condition they are in. I have heard that those two are love and sex. Most companionship is fraudulent due to suppressed fear, The second dynamic is confrontable and manageable (even erasable if you wish!) With these factors, any complaints subside in lieu of and in view of these truths.


Anxiety Rundown

This can be run on just about anyone that understands the 4 conditions of existence enough to spot them, and at any point on the bridge,

Step A:

1. What are you anxious about?
2. What is that a solution to?
3. Use problem--solution to get up through the 4 conditions of existence.


(1) "Buying houses"
(2) Solution to? "Renting Apartments"

(since this is a persisting item you would note it as such and also that it is a generality and an alterisness)

(3) "What doesn't persist on 'renting apartments'?"
"I hate the smell of the fish odour, oh yes 1971, that stinking fish odour!" (item erases)

So you would work this 1,2,3 repetitive until the anxiety on buying houses is erased.

Step B:

This is the same as step A except your preclear give you a notisness instead of an isness. Example:

(1) "irresponsibility" So you ask "What is that a not on?" and he'll give you an isness: "Reality is too hard". So you ask 'what that is a solution to?' and he'll say the alterisness "No romance in my life", so you ask what doesn't persist on that and he'll give you the as-isness: "I like to be close to someone once a year as a celebration" (erasure) You work this 1,2,3 repetitive until the anxiety on irresponsibility is erased,

Step C:

Same as step B but is used when the preclear volunteers an un-not-isness. Example: (1) "re-roofing the building"

(Solution to?) "the lousy roof" (a notisness)
(Solution to?) "rain" (an isness)
(Solution to?) "the status quo and filth" (an alterisness)
(Solution to?) "the living hell that everybody is dead, 1st awareness of it in 1969" (as-isness)

So you would get all of the anxiety that the fellow knows he has off using either step A, B, or C depending on his answer. When these are all done go to step D.

Step D:

Assess ARCU and then the entire expanded Thetan and Human Scales. Give him the obviously heavily reading FOUR (4) indications as breaks of what was going on and broke off and thus went out. Each of the four reads on A, R, C, U will be different in character. You will get the same four reads on the other 2 sca1es... that is how you know what to indicate. There is a hint I should pass along that is almost morbid 99% of your preclears and 99% of the people out there are going to assess out to having cycle breaks as follows:

Communication- Inhibited
Understanding- False
Affinity - Abusive
Reality - Recriminatory

with the sizes of reads in that order.

Step E:

I prefer to do this whole rundown after a full bridge and final ditch are complete as this and the following steps accomplish a lot more change on an individual than most people have planned for the next dozen lifetimes. That is my preference. It will run on people right off the street , and its quite a shock for them. Here is what you do:  You ask for their most closely held concern. Having established that, you find the open list question attached to that item. List it to SIX (6) space-changing items to where the List Question disappears. Then Give the Genetic entity its item, the somatic mind its item, the mind its item, the thetan its item, the heart its item, and the life static its item.

This usually produces a very legitimate 2.5 Boredom with excessive awareness.

Step F: "How have you operated as the physical universe?"  This is an L/N, then 2-way communication on the item, and produces tone 22 (Games) end phenomenon.

Step G:

Word clear control as start, change, stop, Then word clear it as a substitute for communication. This should exteriorize the person off of all scales and particularly off tone 22 of games where you left him on the last process.

Without exception this clears anxiety off the being. He may have some in his body, which you would get off by putting him on some form of a cleansing diet that is rational and not extreme.



People often ask why I have allowed the Hubbard fellow to do what he has done. That is a somewhat difficult question for anyone to answer, but I usually explain that as one grows from spiritual adolescence to maturity it is a hard time for all concerned. A number of his once-close friends have complained that my criticism of his actions is not helpful. It is one of the finest forms of help there is. Neither civilisations nor people will run well without surgeries, laxatives, and roto-rooters. One cannot communicate to a man in a room except by stylising the communication to the context of that room. Critical big daddies hear critical big daddy talk, in fact they love the stuff. People also often ask if out of all of his writing there is less than 1000 pages of truth, is it not wrong what he has done, to which I reply that the world is yet to catch up with (much less recover) from the five pages of the sermon on the mount. I also tell them the parable of the Commander. The commander of a military outpost undersiege offered freedom from the army to whoever had broken into the munitions dump and taken all of the ammunition. The thief revealed himself, returned the munitions, was given his freedom, and the routine of war continued. The parable is appropriate in many aspects.

At this level of life it is probable that there were and are very few people that have stolen the majority of available joy and freedom from the majority of mankind, Any cursory inspection of history will reveal this probability at a literal level. At a spiritual level the same phenomenon is true. With Hubbard's operation of offering freedom, these very few people were found, and in many instances have been returning the joy and freedom to those from whence it was stolen. Unfortunately, most were annihilated by the man, and he got so good at it he did that to himself.

The parable is just as interesting with Hubbard as the thief. .welcome to Spherics. A spheric is a parable that is true at all levels and all viewpoints. I suspect it was George Bernard Shaw who remarked that great writers steal from each other and poor ones imitate each other. Hubbard stole from all the known wisdom he could get his hands on, to the extent of copyrighting and supposedly owning everything out there in the feast and eatathon of Man's recent thinking. I prefer King Lear's description of the dynamics.

There is another parable: In the Palace of the Magicians, beyond Yeats Room, there is a little room with a little door. Inside that room it was decided that a speck of dust called a Galaxy made too much noise with its wars To resolve this, the two leaders, the Leader of Life and the Leader of the Living were ordered to exchange all that they knew to each other in peace, This was made feasible if one of the Leaders were to steal the entire Akashic record of truth from the etheric plane and make it accessible on the physical plane. That both Leaders were convinced unto themselves that they had stolen truth which was actually offered and designed as a gift provided great laughter to Umpires in that room. To Outsiders, the agony of the illusion of theft as a self-Centred shadow remains funny.

The parable of the Burning of the Palace of the Magicians has not yet come to pass, nor will it come to pass, so it need not be told. This planet is a micro-cosmology of the Palace. The parable of the Balding of planet earth has already begun but it is aborted in the parable, for the parable is aborted. Everyone must lead their own lives.

I have often been asked how I can live and create as I do. I explain that most of my failings have been on the even tones and dynamics and that I have known less fear of people and things. I have had a great fear (terror) of shadows, for I have observed that it is the shadow of people or things that can/do effect one. Absences and Not-Knows are apparently the most effective and the highest form of control that one can exercise. This being accepted, making a move when there is a shadow in one's path would be a paramount danger foolishness. Timing and trades would be junior to this rule of games, for not-know is man's worst failing. A shadow in my personal path has had to move one chess square before I could safely publish this text. That was a 14 year wait for someone else to make a move, and their shadow to be out of my way.

As civilisations cycle through Flat-spots and Renaissance cycles, people are prone to do something quite silly during the flat-spot parts of the cycle. They are prone to accept abuse from the few, large, alive, crazy, demagogues left in exchange or being reminded by them that there is still someone out there still very alive. The solution to the problem of madmen continually think this world has remained singular: Continued Renaissance. People only erect destructive, slave-master heroes to bring them out of the delusion that another can assist them in their travail. Then they take down the hero. At Donne's level of 'No man is an island' it is probable that no man can help another except by helping himself and holding an artificial yet symbolically real hand, which to both parties becomes precious beyond words due to the scarcity of that Quality of help.

The spherics, parabolics, and elliptics of awareness are not material that you need to audit off of a being, They are the stuff, if one must have stuff, of which great joy, great toying, great amusement, and very good times are played upon.

However, if you wish, there are significant variances that can be audited where create overtakes destroy, where function destroys its structure, where structure creates or destroys function, where theta starts creating MEST, and where MEST starts creating theta.

Elliptic, ecliptic, or parabolic awarenesses from a negation on a negation (for an apparent positive) are marvellous areas to audit for a being. The best example I know is Reality (isness). Less pleasant examples abound in the conditions of 95% of the human race, where living is not freely engaged upon for its own end, nor wealth accumulated for the joy it may provide. Instead living is conducted as a negation and escape from death, and wealth is accumulated as a defence against poverty. Love is sought as a defence against hate, and people even love God to escape hating devils.

These mathematically plot as a variance between 2 significance's into eclipses, ellipses, and parabola. Hubbards view of the electrical construction of the mind and space as being linear and elementary mathematical is incorrect in that it is incomplete. Life and people, much less space do not resolve with grade school math and physics, space is not a box, it is the surface of a sphere, Viewpoints do not just produce ridges, flows and dispersal's, They vector, eddy, and produce spheres, ellipses, parabolas and so forth.

Of course, Hubbards philosophy is reflective of his this lifetime experiences and background, He is approaching old age, was never educated, believed in Montana, farming, the premises of simple mathematics, and was very much a part of an earlier generation which overly believed in heroes, morals, and even governments, being a policeman on Alvarado Street in Los Angeles may have cut his esteem for his fellow man.

And of course, my philosophy, which is a much less savage one, is one of middle-aged optimism, and reflective of my this lifetime experience and background. I am approaching freedom as a state, have spent all of my lifetime on education, believed in nothing but nothing as intelligence, respected and spent the labours of my former generation, rejected simplicity in analysing Swiss-watch people in a Swiss-watch universe, and held that compassion, decency, and intelligence were better substances than heroes, morals, and governments in a world I saw as absurd, and most undeserving of rationality thereby.

The two philosophies are of two different generations, Churchill said that if a man was not a liberal in his twenties he was not educated, and that if he was not a conservative in his forties, his education was wasted on him. This is too shallow an observation of character, reeds being blown by the wind and all. People either have dignity or they don't That is not kind, but it is a very large truth, and one will have problems with people if you do not recognise that some are mature and some are not, and I very seriously doubt if that has anything to do with generations, or this lifetime experiences.


Singing in the desert of
A Song in the Desert

It is overly obvious that by awareness, creativity, but certainly not - theft nearly anyone could quite easily develop more technology and truth to help man in a week than Hubbard did in his lifetime. People don't do such things, for there is no market for it. I would have done so but there has been no market for it, except for myself as a buyer, and I did that only to the limited extent of getting myself to what I personally considered freedom. Developing and having accessible and workable technology I never felt was or would be the problem. The English language itself says all the wisdom there is, you see, (language is how wisdom is encoded from one civilisation to another). But people have claimed that was the problem. So I wrote this book as an insult to that claim, to put that disgusting insult to bed, that our fathers cared not for us by leaving us all the tools to form the world and ourselves as we wished.

From Hubbard's lifetime work, no one really used it much, except to kill what was good in him, so he got into killing others back, on that 30 year curve from individuality to collectivism. The past ten years of his churches have essentially been a murder contest instead of helping their fellows. The minority of nice sheep that keep that road show going do not notice the majority of wolves which have degenerated a once fine religious objective into a consumptive murder efficiency contest of where has the highest kill ratio gets the murder efficiency award. The appointed-for- life executive director, Bill Franks, of this travesty is just an old avowed nazi who keeps that old uniform in his closet, and tried to personally blackmail me twice.

In either my or Hubbard's lyric, non or partial application was is, and will be the problem. Criminals and travesties are not problems, they are nuisances.

If one has been taken from the bliss of ignorance through the travail of sorrows to the return of good humour, then a purpose of this text has been achieved. Mental health through self actualisation has been an unavoidable reality since the invention of grey hair.

In auditing another it is unfortunate, but the past life engrams have to be run off the case. They are not what is wrong with the being. For a brief period (years) it may appear to be so. The charge above time is far more important, and what you are after. The grades saw it up, and the past life engrams are times when the charge above time crashed in on him and got grouped and so it needs to be ungrouped, Genetics errs greatly in its observations People are the results of their parents, and their parents dreams Astral, etheric, and mentalities are what you need to correct on people as they are higher levels of cause and operation. Your preclear may think he is on a physical plane and that you are erasing physical charge, so you just let him think that, because its the reason he is a preclear. He got that DENSE and still is. So if you will ungroup these collapsed absolutes above time (the only reason for running engrams) you will be fixing the upper areas on him above the physical plane, and he will rise above the illusion that life, living, and He have anything to do with each other, much less materiality, and he will start telling you that life is a purely spiritual affair. He is not a preclear anymore, so you close the folder, because he is operating as a thetan.

In the unlikely event he starts killing you or others with his new-found abilities, request he cease it. If he doesn't come to his senses, and cease such foolishness, just erase his auditing, capabilities, and futures so the rest of man is duly honoured that life remains for the living.



In closing, it should be noted that everyone alive has made a judgement of what they consider truth to be by their lives. Likewise everyone here has thus passed judgement on L. Ron Hubbard, and has Church of Scientology I have done so openly as I am not a child of death that does things by implication or 'non-involvement'. The purpose of this text was somewhat to separate the wheat from the chaff regarding data, truth, Hubbard, and others. It is an unfortunate fact that you cannot be and see at the same time the same thing as looking requires some type (not necessarily physical) of distance, Truth, Hubbard, Scientology, other thinkers, Lambda, and Theta itself could only be accurately evaluated and judged by an outside and non-vested-interest party.

Apparently no one else cared enough to dedicate either 20 years of this life or 5000 years of other lives to fulfilling the created and expected fondest dream of all people, roughly restated by Hubbard and others, to then perfect that fulfilment, and to codify, record and publish that fulfilment, all of which required Judgement.

Perhaps the prophesied Final Judgement has been completed on schedule, for having heard more than I wanted to hear from Lambda (about how it wanted to be better than other Lambda), all that could be said by any thetan, and all that theta is capable of saying, I have walked forever away from these observations duly recorded in the Akashic Record into my own Sovereignty. The Final Judgement of the Bible is perhaps not of people but of the Quality of the Game. Man is far, far better than what he is doing as theta or God. There is most perhaps a new non slave future established as an alternative for all who wish and are able to walk out of hell on.

As the entire matter was settled beyond and thus before its inception, this fruitless and humorous adventure of saving one's fellow man is aptly returned unto the Graceful hands from which it was received, that is, each of you, from beyond your prayers in the dearest thing to you - your dreams.

If you wish to unsettle a settled matter or two, I recommend it to you as your adventure. I do wish anything alive well, which is a double-edged sword wish. I would suspect that evil will run its course to finally killing itself , after it has killed most of the people we know. Ironically if any one person prevails, this was all "worthwhile". That is how much each person secretly loves others.

And in accordance with the reality of an Adept (a reader of the Akashic Record) I remain appreciative of this opportunity of privileged service.


A Closing Note

This book was dictated in seven evenings of four hour lectures, as a minor personal example of what the word create and ability really mean. Inspiration and affairs of the art surpass all the men and minds that there ever were or will be, without a doubt the book could be better written, and I acknowledge the readers patience in wading through my writings, St. John was most correct in his observation that all the world itself could not contain the books that should be written, I only wrote the book so that life could get on with the living, not that sheep would have fodder, or wolves steal more money. All of these ideas in this book are very evident to me in my perception of any twinkling of any eye, and seeing them remains eternally pleasurable. Life is the finest gift I know, life and living remain as 2 separate things.

Although this is mostly how I live, having done all this, it is not how the rest of the world lives. They are suffering and dying out there in many kinds of hospitals. They need not suffer. All suffering is unnecessary. The Devil only invented it to get complacent, illogical, unconscious beings back to Godhood, by forcing them to wake up through enough unpleasantness. God was for letting them stay complacent and unconscious. To identify either as a Friend or Foe is the Greatest folly of Fools. The Devil purports to have had little choice but to try and help each of us out of complacency, I do not care for this type of "education" or "help", and I have met a lot of people who don't care for it. However cruel it is, modern "existence" as we know it is only here for each of us to master by surpassing it with greater love indeed.

One should reach the state of having faith in Life, not living, in man individually, not collectively, in learning one's own lessons, not Gods or those of the physical universe; in finding ones own truths, not the truths of games or systems; in prevailing over life and self, and not over the physical universe. When you have done these things the journey has ended. You are past the top of the Pre-Have Scale. Not having oneself is where a11 this went wrong. One fell away from having self and substituted. People have been having all of the above mentioned material in this book instead of themselves and each other. Involvement with Theta-MEST flows, God-Devil flows, Good-Evil flows, Group-Individual flows and/or restricting ones creations to the agreed upon mechanics of existence is contamination, and a severe denial of self, sovereignty and tragic. This is the spiral of substitution that each person fell through quickly. So they rise out quickly, trading in rules for being alive. Becoming doesn't cut it. Being often may. Doing at as-isness does. Enough doing at as-isness erases the pre-hav scale. Life has little to no relationship to living. Improving life is the truth business. Improving living as a target is a specious activity. Relating life to living was the fundamental logical error.


The Fallout

After farewells, there is the adjustment and stabilisation process of life and living with the fallout of ones and others actions. The distinct and final separation of the Life Static (individual), theta (all life collectively), lambda (the organism), and living (what the 3 aforementioned experience and create) produces a lot of fallout, fixing the 4 areas is like mixing practices, as each of the 4 run surprisingly well independently by their own rules. Instinct is more acceptable than rationality. The mind appears more pronounced as a hiding place from reality. How people feel about their processing, this technology, or what is important to them is whatever engram that might remain. The class of people who quote reality only when it serves their purpose, and quote idealism when reality does not serve their purpose fall below ones capacity for pity (Hubbard, Karl Marx, etc.). Placing any good ideas in a bad atmosphere where they will not fly well is not worth that effort. This unfortunate fact becomes glaring, that the people who create the rules and games for others rarely have the guts to live themselves. The useful function that Scientology churches fulfil becomes obvious, of plugging holes in minds where the cold draft of reality is blowing in on people that want minds for insulation from reality. It is clear that such people want those holes filled, and they use the mind as a delusion to serve as a hiding place, so that they will never have to go into or out of session. They want the holes patched with euphoria, happiness and delusion. World media suggests that people have little to no future. Scientology churches go further in not allowing you a present; instead you must have a past partially and only the mind of another, its 'Leader'

Thus the Scientology churches being a negation of a negation (reality) do not make a positive. Further, by addressing the mind instead of the owner of the mind, and thusly auditing the being at effect instead of cause, they violate the admin scale. Still further, by operating upon what makes money they are addressing reality at a level below that of a rock or a chair. The function of the churches in attracting and containing lunacy is overly obvious and somewhat acceptable in that it keeps those people out of the mainstream hell.

Personally one wonders if addressing those "10 minutes" when one was told "all that could be said" while looking down a bad microscope is worth running on life static's that are still doing that (impinged in the physical universe). One wonders why anyone would continue at flows which obviate co-operation and encourage push pull instead. One wonders if "from where would living in a physical universe look good?" would get anyone to admit the pit from which they are talking from. One does not want to know "from where could being apart of the Scientology churches look upscale?"  because of the horror of the answer, but one does anyway.

One realises whatever is feared most is thus created to come to pass. Hubbards greatest fear was that he would be besieged with would-be preclears, who were never in nor out of session. It came to pass until he became one himself. One realises that agreement is an unsatisfactory substitute for humour.

God, the Devil, Lambda, and the Life Static all like the separation and their respective walking papers and do not effect the Life static that walked out. Theta does object to having lost a member and due to its vested interests attacks the individual in a mild way, The mice do not get the dinner all life together as theta (not God)'s strongest attack on any sovereign life static is a mild irritation, on a distant extremity of the individual known as his living.

Living and death (as the same creation on a mobius strip under theta's design) are physically and astrally distinct, essentially the same and on the mentalities level are only the absolute of 'living-no living'. There is no death as an absolute, there is only no living. Thus theta is discontent at one of its members disclosing that its threat, power, and game is a fraud, which is not worth a moment's notice of any sovereign life static.

Out of the 15th dynamic of co-existence one might wish to resolve such discontent of all theta to get it to align with an evidentially supreme urge of the 16th dynamic, an individual life static that is not being. However, in the interim it appears far more comfortable to follow the advice of the late Jim Morrison that "when the music's over, turn out the lights"

Cowering before the fraudulent bad dream of all life collectively instead of rising above it and calling its card (that it is only the shadow it is) is the very least anyone that cared to any minor degree for another caught in the filth of what never should have happened could do for them. Cowering before the bad dream and fraud of all life collectively and hoping that it will favour you with less net suffering over any respectable length of time is an unrealistic expectation.

The fallout of one's walkout from this bad dream is essentially and mentally these absolute matters, and I have no doubt that any adept reader of the Akashic Record will find them to be so and so recorded.

The Uni-Verse (one song) of "forward" became a bad dream because of Theta (an unnecessary and unworkable collective of multiplicity's in collective micro-macro-cosms and very few inhabitants) and because it was never looked at in the atmos (Atman/Asisness)- sphere (space) it was mistakenly conceived in. Shedding this is all the freedom there is or will or needs be or not.


In Perspective

Identification is the lowest level of insanity. To identify Hubbard, his published data, and his church is insane. He is somewhat stuck in overts and withholds on that scale, in that he only understands dones. He has very low reality on help, so he cannot give or receive any. About 20 years ago he did see help as being senior to doing anything. I suspect his idea was to increase the population of the universe by one, which is a dream come true, which he presently does not care for. I chose to do the same thing and have done so dozens of times. Theta occurs at communication. Theta is communication, reality, and affinity. That is all theta is. It doesn't work well. It will never hold a candle to any independent being. It is overly obvious that his church is simply a criminal organisation. The worthwhile Scientology data is completely summarised, clarified, and corrected in this book.

Help is help. Doing things is doing things. They are mutually exclusive in many instances. Activity and accomplishment are mutually exclusive in many instances.

That total freedom is attainable in or through Scientology processing, or through the form or type of processing described in this book, is an overstatement. It is a false big fat claim. The truth of the matter is that personally significant and apparently ( objective ) minor improvement of the individual occurs, with the facts of life remaining extant. A person becomes anywhere from twice to a million times more capable, thus he is brought to a state of .00096 to 2% capable cause, 98% of life as we know it remains for amusement or whatever.

Whether anyone else creates out of free will this transition in oneself is not a decision between 2 pre-determined alternatives. It is a creation. some creations are successful, some are not. It is a risk investment thereby, which in 96% of the cases is economically viable.

There have been over the last 3 decades hundreds of thousands of people who were trained as auditors, with less than a few dozen at most actually continuing with that skill. The balance I suppose had better things to do, or surrendered to the swamp of human flows.

Suffering is a level of life for those who proscribe and subscribe to it. None of the suffering of anyone has fulfilled any useful purpose. Staying above that level of transactions is crucial if one cares about one's own or any life at all.

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