441. The Buddha Paradox

The  14. The Paradox of Talking about "Awakening' has a foundation in a more basic paradox.

It cannot be certain, of course, that Gotamo referred to this paradox and not to yet another, but the paradox itself still qualifies for the name 'Buddha Paradox'. It is based on an infinity problem and for problems of that kind Gotamo advised strongly to not 'trying to think about it  too deeply'. (Some of the reasons are outlined in another chapter on 'Infinity Problems'.)

There is a need for awareness of this paradox because it is referenced in several Science Fictions (and not just the 'Logs of JD Flora'!) and it can also be cause of confusion at points like Bill Robertson's OT 14, for example.

The paradox can be summarized as follows:

But as soon as this withdrawal occurs, there are no traces left of the Being whatsoever, not even in the 'past'. For a concurrent observer, reality changes without being noticed.

In other words, except for the unexplained case of a 'sammasa.mbuddho', one cannot possibly 'know' of any 'Awakened' Beings - past, present, or future - because they are not part of reality anymore the very same 'moment' they 'awaken' completely.

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