Other Technologies

There are other technologies that are useful. Specifically, let us first take up -Transactional Analysis. It has enjoyed a rather wide usage in American Business. In that it is 100% correct, I recommend a reading of "Scripts People Live", by Claude M. Steiner, Bantam Book, October 1975, #B6403 in paperback, originally published by Grove Press, Inc., 53 East 11th Street, New York, N.Y. 10003. This is critical information on the handling of people, and the understanding of their behaviour. I had summarised this book in my first draft, but I think you would be better off reading the whole thing.

Fred Hertzberg's "The Nature of Man" is an excellent example of the technology of motivation, and a good introduction to rational Industrial Psychology.

Theory X and Theory Y Management texts are excellent reading in the technologies of treating people like slaves or like people, and illustrate the increase in performance from the latter.

Health food books are informative, such as "Rapid Healing Foods" by Ben Davis, and "The Science and Practice of Iridology" by Bernhard Jensen.

The Tibetan book of the Dead is a technology of its own, as is A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers by Thoreau.

Aldous Huxley's The Perennial Philosophy is a summary of a very fundamental technology; for I trust you will recall that all technology is the result of science and all science is the result of philosophy.


Wisdom's Usual Final Hour

Wisdom's usual final hour has been going on for a long time, and will be going on for a long time. One can proceed with becoming more wise, or one can withdraw from it. The problem is always great enough, and is not going to be going anyplace, nor is your relation to wisdom be going anyplace. Progress can only be covered up, it cannot be fully erased. Wisdom has had to go on, regardless of what was going on at the time in society. Since we are dealing with a functionally illiterate society, wisdom has essentially operated as an activity in secret, hidden, and slandered quarters, and will probably remain so for a long time. Carl Sagan was correct in observing "People are quite willing to accept the products of science, but not its method."

Respectability and propriety generally have little to do with wisdom. Peoples' acceptance of it has nothing to do with wisdom; but their rejection of it may, for if you are really onto something good they will object like mad. People are equality and companionship addicts. The whole question of climbing out of suffering humanity towards a better existence is generally considered impossible, and is ridiculed. If you are in the business of helping others do it, you will be ridiculed and persecuted, by those that do not have wisdom going. They have something else going, and I will take that up in the next chapter.


The Death Business

At various points in history, the business of living becomes more important than the death business. At other points, the death business becomes more important than the business of living. For example, the middle and dark ages were extreme instances of death businesses "outperforming" life businesses.

Drugs, which are a socially-acceptable method of killing oneself slowly, is the largest cash flow business in the U.S. There are so many types of death being sold, that I couldn't even begin to list them here. Death, as a sugar-coated, high demand commodity, is being bought and sold in gradient quantities, at a very predictable rate.

If a person no longer wants to subscribe to the social, subtle, or obvious death businesses, then one just does that. There is no special how or why in doing it. You simply stop subscribing to it. In doing so, you will probably have to replace it with the business of living.

The whole money-trap of economic slavery generally lines up along the side of the death business. Money itself is very rarely a problem, only the lack of it is. This is, obviously, not very well known, for people are constantly chasing after money instead of resolving the lack of it. They can spend a whole lifetime in this futile pastime. It is not really a game. A pastime is a substitute for a game.


Drugs: Cause, Effect, and Cure

At the time that a person receives a devastating impact, shock, or engram, when they are having negative thoughts and emotions, these negative thoughts and emotions get stuck on the individual. Thus people get evil purposes stuck on them. Until the evil purposes are erased in auditing, they will manifest themselves. To get relief from the purposes being there, the person will execute the purposes on themselves and their associates.

Drugs are a socially-acceptable method of killing oneself and a socially accepted method of turning off sensation. Society has scripted people with this method of handling things within one that are undesirable. The frustration level in society is high, and when people are taught that the solution to this is to take drugs, then you have a drug society, which we already have in the U.S., Europe, and the communist countries.

If someone is walking around drugged all the time, they can't get much done. living, finding truths (as-isness), cognition's, growth, and life purposes are peculiarly absent on such an individual. I have read that 80% of the American population is in such a state, so I am not surprised to read that 80% of that population is addicted to one form of drug or another.

The cure for this is to get all those chemicals out of the body, on a body level. There are dozens of -Health books that give cleansing diets. This should be followed with a mild education on drugs, and then do a Drug Rundown. There is no other permanent cure.


Iconoclasm and Illiteracy's Final Reward

There are people who delve into a whole number of things, and have rooms and rooms full of books. They do so due to their fundamental illiteracy. Such people are drowning in data but starved for information. They take in vast quantities of information, and do not understand any of it. They have actually accomplished nothing more than a pastime called thinking. This is the worst form of iconoclasm.

The best form of iconoclasm is evidenced by the person taking the best from everything that has been read, learned, or experienced and using that combination to grow further in life.

Every individual that you meet, in any situation, has some degree of truth to exchange with you. If you would recognise that, then everything that you would do would be progress. This is not a rationalisation, or "cute logic". Even sorrow itself serves the function of never leaving us where it found us, to paraphrase Mary Baker Eddy.

Two close friends 5 years ago would go into fits of laughter over the possibility of "someone ever figuring this technology out", and it does appear their humour has affected us quite a bit. They wagered whether the Senior Technology individual had a thetan ( was a spirit) or was just a robotic mind. So they confessed this wager to the individual in question, who without emotion stated "That does not compute". He who had walked the soil for 10 years handed $5 to the younger and wiser friend. Love of truth can blind one to the facts. This happened at Flag amongst the 3 highest technical people there.


Spiritual Obligations

Some people feel compelled to assist other people spiritually. This type of person is rather rare in society, because that urge is usually the result of the individual having a very high state of awareness. Such people have risen above the awareness of self-determinism (where one takes responsibility for one side of a game) to the higher awareness of pan determinism (where one takes responsibility for both sides of a game). Thus in their desire to assist themselves, they include assisting others for, to them, others are an element of self.

Normally, a person who is quite a "winner" (they win at any game that is presented to them) will evolve up to pan determinism where they are determining all sides of the game.

In doing so, all feelings of obligation discharge, and convert eventually into spiritual freedom, as long as the games are played by the rules of the next universe out in lieu of the rules of this physical universe. In this universe you have winners and losers in games. In the next universe out, one has a spiritual obligation to play games only where/when everyone wins. One can play games in this physical universe by either set of rules. If you play games where there are losers, you will stay a citizen of this physical universe, on this time track, and remain in this universe to that degree. If you play games where everyone wins and no one is harmed, you will be a citizen of the next universe out, and will be a master of this universe, because you will no longer live in this apparency of reality. This is by degree also. Thus one can live in reality on the upper dynamics, or in filth it is a volitional matter of how much or little that one thinks of his fellows in deed, that determines where and what you and your life are.


Christian Science, Above their Heads

About 120 years ago, a body of data that is called "Christian Science" was popularised by Mary Baker Eddy. A number of years earlier an obscure man in New England, Phineas P. Quimby, had written the fundamentals of this data up. She popularised and published it. I am quite sure that - Scientology was written up a long time ago by a number of obscure individuals. Much of the popularised and published version of - Scientology by Hubbard, in respect to science, epistemology, the nature of knowledge, etc., is from a fellow named Korzybski. There was a German book entitled "Scientology" which is philosophical in nature, and of course was popularised and published by Hubbard. The German book was published in 1923. I know of two people that after reading it, left the "Church of Scientology" out of disgust and bitterness, "that I. Ron Hubbard would do such a thing".

Regardless of the origins of information (which is a senseless pursuit 100% of the time), the body of knowledge known as Christian Science is over 90% correct, but it is of such a high reality level that most people are not up to using it. Most people are not well-founded enough in truth to digest or apply this technology. However, it is good for resolving problems of the spirit. Scientology and Dianetics are good for resolving problems of the body, mind, and spirit. Christian Science details a lot of information on the 8th Dynamic, and the Reality beyond the apparency of reality that most people believe. Its workability is limited by and to the degree that the person is involved with the apparency of reality. So, Christian Science is a technology that is above everyone's head. Yet it is something that a person can grow toward and up to.

It is an irony that the writing of Mrs. Eddy is somewhat impure. This traditional transcendental philosophy, which is very Eastern and Tibetan in nature, is somewhat stylised by Mrs. Eddy with the slant that only New England could give to metaphysics. However, she does cover the fundamentals of spiritual existence rather thoroughly, and the fundamentals of physical existence scantily. Her use of the language is so extensive, that only Shakespeare exceeded her range.

If you want to do something about the mind, or the apparency, you should know your Scientology. Its a straighter shot to the heart of the matter. Going to a "higher plane", to the soul of the matter, can often be a longer route. Going around the world to go next door does work, but it is most time consuming. Even with this obvious constraint, it should be noted that Christian Science has some workability, through the statement and recreation of absolute truth the lies, which gather their life from that truth, unmock. This is evidenced by the Christian Scientists being one of, if not the, highest per-capita income group on this planet.

It is interesting to note that the KGB of the USSR said in a report 25 years ago that there were two groups in the US that posed a threat to Communism and Psychiatric techniques: Scientologists and Christian Scientists. It said that people in either sect were a free people, that could not be hypnotised, drugged, and implanted into acting as cruel animals; but that everyone outside of those groups could be and was. It forecast that 99% of the population of the US, outside of these two groups, would be surrendering to the Madison-Avenue techniques of modern medicine and "new structure", and would submit to the new universal animalism invented for them in good old Russia.

This was truly fun reading at age 12, for me. I contrasted the two groups at that time with the observation that the Christian Scientists had dignity and common sense; the Scientologists had technology and philosophy. Neither had a synthesis embracing those four critical areas of human endeavour, so I went back to the sixth grade as any child would. Children lack tenacity. Tenacity is one of the few things that comes with years.

In the past two decades, the number of Christian Scientists has dropped in half. This is most probably due to a number of factors, but the essential one I hold to be that the material is way above most people's heads. When you give people information that is above their heads, it shoots their havingness and it spins them. They then have difficulty with it. This is because they can see, but cannot have it. Thus, the huge Sunday feasts after church, throughout the Midwest. That food is to repair the shot havingness of hearing about "A Static, nothingness, A God" which they falsely assume they cannot have and hug.

If a person is having problems with an apparency, it is very cruel to try to use a Christian Science solution for it. One should use an apparency solution within the manifestation of the apparency, and I have certainly described what that is in the majority of the pages of this book.

In conclusion, if there is a problem with an apparency use the clean form of Scientology in this book; if there is a problem with reality, Christian Science is one of many workable ways of fixing that. If you do not know the difference between the apparency of reality and reality, you should read this book, and some other books, very, very well.


Tibet, the Dali Lama, and Tantric Buddhism

In this high-altitude realm, where over half of the people are physically ill (thus out of their body), there is a cloistered religious tradition of valid sacred lore. These people insist that the same being keeps taking different meat bodies over and over, but it is the same fellow, and he has understood the entirety of divine wisdom. He is known as the Dali Lama, and is supposed to have a handle on truth so good, that nobody else even comes close. That sort of talk makes one think that -who knows the most was once, if not is, something competitive. Such myth of -the best is a part of any rural scene, whether it be the best tractor, buick, religion, or religious leader. I doubt if Christ, the Dali, Hubbard, or anyone civilised would ever stoop to being competitive, due to the cost of sacrificing self involved. Hubbard might, the pit into which he is digging himself is probably more endless than his writings.

In Tibet, the wisdom of the western world, much more wisdom than the west knows, the true history of this planet, the history of higher cultures, the science of higher awarenesses, and the secrets of immortality have been stored for centuries. Mostly these are stored in written volumes, such as the "Golden Scripts", some in coded form, and some in personal memory. The head of this caretaker, gatekeeper, and librarian activity is the Dali Lama. He is alive and well. I can assure you of that. The man has no problems. He is a "problems release", the likes of which you have not seen.

Tantric and Northern Buddhism have remained in Tibet in their original form and concept, uncontaminated by Southern Buddhist and Christian fanaticism. Southern Buddhist fanaticism started with Meteya and his farmers who felt everybody deserved all the truth right away, and in attempting that propagation lost all the truth by debasing it for digestion. Meteya, whom Hubbard claims to be the reincarnation of, is certainly repeating that performance. If Hubbard was not Meteya, he is doing a real good job of imitating him, in selling the impossible dream of "freedom from without the freedom to". Christian fanaticism started with the Council of Nicea about 323 AD, when a strong church was devised on tom-foolery logic to centralise power, and enslave a population of free thinking people on the verge of all becoming Christ's themselves. So, a "Heaven Forbid" fanatical religion was invented to prevent the biblical* "so are we all the sons of God" from coming true. (1 John chapter 3, para. 2). Tibet, being so geologically and philosophically remote and of a higher atmosphere, remained uncontaminated by the scarecrow of Eden (Meteya's crowd) or the scarecrow of Big Cheese (Nicean Council's demanding self-denial). *I John Chapter 3, paragraph 2.

I simply want to state that these things about Tibet, the Dali Lama, and Tantric Buddhism, are not only true, they are grossly understated.

There is a lesson in their recent experience. The wisest people in the world were driven out of their monasteries by communists with machine guns. Wisdom without power can provoke an unbalanced situation. What a person needs is both wisdom and power, in proper balance. In the West, we have power without wisdom: a world with 100,000 nuclear weapons all set to go off not only provokes an unpleasant situation; it is a situation unto itself. If a person were to have wisdom and power in balance, they would be immune to provocation's and situations. This just might be the one thing that nobody figured out. I can guarantee you that factor alone, at the least, separates the men from the boys.

The game is not yet over between the Tibetans and the communists. It is probably just beginning this decade. The Dali and his followers will break that group and the countries operating under that philosophy in half. If the free world doesn't survive either in this little project, what's to matter. The library was disturbed, you see. That must never happen again. The human race, which always reappears after nuclear holocaust, must be safeguarded as much as possible, but the preservation of the library is the foremost mission. It says so in the library. That is quite a mentality. One could assume that these high-altitude boys play for keeps.

After the communist invasion, the majority of those wise men transferred into other meat bodies. People of that order don't have to be reborn into a child's body. They can take an adult body at will. They do adult body changes knowingly. Lobsang Rampa has written a number of books on this.

My point in bringing all this up, is to let you know it exists, and that the majority of information available on this subject area is accurate.

It is relevant and logical that the fathers of previous high cultures would store the seeds for the right time to give them to their sons for planting, so that spring might come again for all surface dwellers.


Shakespeare, The Man As Tragedy

Shakespeare was recent-history's most dramatic "outsider". Colin Wilson defined an "outsider" as one who saw, felt, and knew much more deeply than his fellows, and determined that 4% of the population was plagued with being alive. Shakespeare said that only one in ten-thousand were in such a state. +Wilson counts better, but doesn't tell a story like Shakespeare. Shakespeare did not end up living with the people that he loved. A pregnancy forced him into a marriage that he did not care for. The marriage forced him into farm management, which he did not care for. He calculated a moderate escape from both by republicising (with bitter British wit interjected along the way) Turkish, Eurasian, and Arabic fireside stories as drama. The man became famous because he understood tragedy so well, that he could convey it on a stage with ease. He understood tragedy so well because that is what his life was to him. To put it very simply, he did not do what he wanted to do; he did what others wanted him to do. There is no more common tragedy in all of men's streets, so he wrote most well about what he knew best. In -King Lear he wrote of the traps and urges that man is caught in: himself, family, groups, species, the animals, the natural elements, spirits, and divinity. These are the "dynamics". Lear is bitter and outraged that this is a trap he is sick of, and that man deserves better, and he yells it to a storm and no one hears him. Shakespeare approached the fundamental philosophical questionings in 'Macbeth' and 'Hamlet', surmised fact to be stranger than fiction, and so forth. He said quite a number of things. It is all good reading, and is broad enough in scope to defy summarising or criticism.

He used the technique of comic relief to get a person to discharge on an outflow enough to where an inflow of tragedy would not only be acceptable, it would be desirable.

Over the past 400 years, much of the recognition of the humour has been lost. At the time of their writing, it was 50% humour, 50% tragedy. The reason that much of the humour in the plays is lost, is that people are so terribly serious these days. I seriously doubt that if you were to stab someone with a sword that their normal response would be to say "At last I am slain", and yet this most humorous of all of his lines, is acted out as a serious statement on stage these days. Thus the plays are, at the least, ruined, in modern theatre. Christianity suffered the same misinterpretation. The Sermon on the Mount, if anyone were to ever dare to read it, is the most sarcastic and funny set of remarks in the English language. Its five whole pages of someone telling people to keep doing what they are already doing (You can't stop keeping your own counsel, loving thy neighbours as thyself, etc.). So there is this guy on a hill telling everybody to consciously do what all their mental machinery has them compulsively doing so hard that they can't shut it off, and years later nobody gets the joke, or the help, he was suggesting. He was saying wake up folks, and they didn't, so he said to hell with it. Nobody got the point then, and nobody gets the point now. He choose martyrdom out of disgust that everyone was so god-damn dumb. Others choose to perceive him as a serious sadly and sickly type. That fellow was a very happy, and very amused and amusing individual. Kahlil Gibran (the most published author in the world) correctly said the world could not have him as he was, a man of laughter, so they invented a man of sorrow instead. It would be a nice fairy tale if the second coming of Christ came and went, and nobody noticed he was getting more bitter each time he showed up. Like the only thing that was getting better on the guy were his jokes. Please accept my apology for suggesting something that is -unscientific, and makes sense. I will not pursue this fairy tale further, as it would cause so many black robbed types to feel cheated. Can you imagine the upset there will be when somebody figures out this fellow just keeps living, never announcing he is the old Big Sad Cheese? Let us burn this fairy tale at the stake, so -the poor, which will be with you always, the griefy, sadly, and sickly types of folks will have their bloody, sacrificial, supernatural savage back in place.

Shakespeare had a lot more sources to draw from, than we do presently. He stands as a hallmark in modern history, a paragon if you will, of waste. In wasting his existence, and himself so thoroughly, he gets top prize for the ultimate in waste. In communicating effectively about this waste, he contributed to this culture. He communicated very effectively about how other people are wasting themselves and their lives. This has no 5-page Sermon on the Mount of ways to waste. This was thousands of pages of every conceivable way to do it up right.

Ironically, we do not have all his plays. But we only have 7 of the 400 Greek plays, by their most famous playwright. A lot of great literature gets lost in Western Civilisations. In Eastern Civilisations, none of it gets lost, it gets hidden and buried. The West writes better but loses it. The East requires divinity for access to its library. Perhaps wise men do not care for being misinterpreted so diabolically.

And for those of you who would condemned me for speaking lightly about men of light, as you thrust your condemnation at me, I cannot hold myself back from saying "At last I am slain".


Werner Erhard: What The World Is Coming To

Werner Erhard is what the world is coming to, or has been coming to. He was once a book salesman. He is quite impressive and dynamic with other people. Personally, he is quite overwhelmed and secretive. He was a low TA case throughout his auditing, with loads of manic-depressive cycles left unhandled. This fellow felt personally quite guilty about running up enormous debts and deserting families. He felt and decided that it was best that he discharge his personal responsibilities to his family and creditors by promoting fundamental, low level, and crude philosophy into middle and upper class America. So he saved his own tail, if other people do not exist. Other people do exist, so he is worse off than before. He is personally completely certain that he has not helped anyone, and that he just took their money. The idea that people could be helped, or harmed, is beyond his perception. This occurs on any person that harms others a lot. It happened to Hubbard 17 years ago.

This Erhard fellow received 100s of hours of Scientology processing, in the late 60s, which culminated with a severe run-in with the Church of Scientology. The dykes that ran the San Francisco Church were very uncivilised with the man. He developed much of his philosophy as a sub gradient to where people could go from the world they were living in onto the world of Scientology, after they had gone through his program. He had no idea that years later he would be selling this alone by itself as a product. He established a centre in San Francisco down the street from the dyke-run Church for this purpose. The Church saw that he was a productive individual (that is a "no-no" in the Church of Scientology), and took the appropriate actions to shut him down. This upset him greatly; so much that he broke off with the church. But not before buying, at considerable cost, a complete set of everything Hubbard wrote, taped, imagined, etc. The individuals that transferred this hoard of data just disappeared into thin air, complete with new identities, passports, and new countries to live in. His subsequent "auditing" in the past 10 years has been a very private, superficial, and secretive pastime. Its been real "church quality" work, like improving one's feelings about driving race cars, instead of 'How come this medical doctor quit his practice, sells heroin on the street and feels fine about it after taking your seminar?' He contemplated getting some valid work done a few years ago, but couldn't quite close the loop. He and I have had a few mutual associations along the way. He is closely watched by the same intelligence people that control the Church of Scientology. Being a captive of his own personal staff, he is essentially held in check; and prevented from coming out in the open as an honest or legitimate individual. He would probably get a bullet very quickly if he ever told anyone anything truthful. He is not aware of it, because he is so dumb, childish, and creative. His staff keeps him protected from anything that might disturb the suckling of the pig, and the dollars for the harem.

He is personally quite aware that he "has never helped anyone in any permanent way". Further, "that individuals are absorbed, eaten and ruined by groups." And, "as far as any solution to the problems mankind faces, I have inadequate data and data sets to perceive any possible solution." I am quoting the man. It is unfortunate that outside influences have maintained him as he is, and prevented him from becoming a helpful individual for society.

He is a good example of a productive individual who received "church quality", Hubbard's-brand Scientology auditing (one obtains 2-4% of the gain available in contrast to all of them as defined in this book), and ran headlong up against the forces that rule the existing Church of Scientology. TWO to four percent of truth usually makes embittered, political criminals of people, uniformly.

The philosophy Werner communicates happens to be North of where most people are in society, but it is still one that is below death on the tone scale. He promotes accountability, that "everyone is responsible for the condition they are in". Most people are below that, and are into approval from bodies, controlling bodies, owning bodies, or needing bodies. (One spots where people are on the tone scale not by what they feel, but by what they do.) So accountability is a step up for most people.

A mutual friend of Werner, Hubbard, and yours truly, has pleaded with me at length, to not go warring against these two other creative people. I like the truth, better than a deadly peace. So truth is a double edged sword, excalibur, if you will. She had the audacity to compare me with these fellows. That sort of ended that friendship.! I have not built any group, started any movement. I had more ambition than that. The accomplishment of the stated goals of every religion, Scientology included, deserved the double-edged sword, and that success has been history for decades. Neither Werner nor Hubbard can yet envisage that level of ability. It's too light for them. They understand solid things better. They both have known what I do for fun, and perhaps a living, and have no interest in it, except as to how it threatens their paper- mache megalomania. That the world has been coming to Werner, shows the starvation for spiritual truth in the streets. His seminars are about 1% of what people need to know. Cheap has at last become fashionable. These people would be better off getting 1% open-heart surgery, 1% fillings in their teeth. The world comes to cheap on the pitch that it is "the one and only".

Werner has given us a world in which we must all drive Hondas, as no other cars are allowed. Hubbard has given us the intellectual world in which there is only one Rolls Royce, but only he can drive it right. Others are allowed to look at, and if they lie enough, polish it. Both worlds are confining, unrealistic, and personal gratification's. One requires cheap, the other requires absurd expense. They are similar in that they both make a mockery of the truth business, are myopic in vision, and require severe denial of oneself, for a ticket into each of the tent-styled brand of Hinduism's mentioned.

If one were inclined to fix one of these types of people or cases (I have met 4 out of 110, and let all 4 go to hell, but you may be more compassionate than me) one would do it by using a different set of somatics in the dianetic preassessment, before using the regular pre assessment buttons. They are: ambitions, computations, knowingnesses, futility's, philosophies, goals, identities, convictions, urges, decisions, aspirations, hopes, and designs. These will saw off the circuitry of the one engram of being an old bad OT that they are stuck in so bad that they cannot run it. The Hubbards, Erhards, and other 'hopelessly black beings' can be cleared up thereby, but I have preferred abandoning them as a personal pleasure. That is the technology for those who will murder for superficial greatness.


The Press, Poverty of the Ages

Selling newspapers is a tough business. It is a business. There is no point in being overly-kind or unkind about it. The business of selling ideas on paper is that and that only. To assume that anything you read in the press has any substance to it, or any relation to fact, is a devastatingly dangerous assumption. The degree with which the press has investigated Scientology, Est, the Bible, the Presidency, the Economy, the Energy situation, the Federal Reserve Board, what money is, or truth is extremely superficial. Investigative reporting and press journalism ranges from between 2% to 3% penetration of the information available. This 2-3% of the information is then stylised, made digestible, and then published. They don't dare publish any substantial truth of what is going on in the real world, because of their fear that doing so would tear the fabric of society apart. Such fear is unfounded. It is natural that the press would take something like Watergate, where somebody lied about doing something, and orchestrate it as some monumental sin, because it is estimated that that would sell papers, as everyone has felt guilty about lying. They wouldn't dare go into a Kentucky town and publish a story about how a Judge is getting $10,000/week by letting the trucks drive over roads that aren't approved for that. Suffice it to say that press investigations are uniformly on a very light, and superficial level, and thus are not the truth. Thus reading what is written on a subject (whether that be Scientology, the Energy situation, the economy, etc.) is a substitute for knowing what is going on there. If you think I am being too hard on the press, then you just wait another 300 to 500 years for the press to run a story that Roosevelt brought about World War II, or Nixon prevented World War III. You just won't see it then, either. Walter Cronkite opposed any news that might disturb the dinner hour.

In 1972 I did a lengthy and detailed study and report about the Energy Situation of America and the World. This, with my permission, was submitted under another name to the Council for Economic Development (CED), which reports and recommends to the US Senate and President only. It is irrelevant, that my models and forecast were accurate as far as the 72-2010 period projected. What was relevant, was that I discovered that 3% of what was published on the subject of energy was accurate. 97% of it was noise, lies, and conjecture. I am most grateful that the decision makers of this ball of dust have surrendered to common sense in establishing price structures which will allow us the chance of coming within 1% range of avoiding the irreversible "greenhouse effect", which will or will not occur in the 1987-88 time frame. Whether our grandchildren have air to breathe, or can survive only in caves, was not front page news in 1972, Watergate was. Above 500 degrees surface temperatures on this place called earth, does not pass the -Cronkite test, as it would disturb the dinner meal atmosphere. But it does control how much each of you will pay for gasoline the rest of your lives. So, the press can't really get involved with anything truthful or relevant, as it exceeds the etiquette of the dining room, and also because it requires some intelligence.

It is no wonder that the Reader's Digest in describing L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology would relate how many times he wants his clothes rinsed, his personal life excesses, and make no mention that the discovery of the E-Meter dwarfs the discoveries of fire, the wheel, and of electricity.

You should not look for friends or information in the press. I wouldn't suggest subscribing to it, much less believing in the material in it, for the press is a substitute for what is actually going on. It maintains the myopia of the inability to see things, because they are looking so you don't have to. Unfortunately that does not work out well, for they look very superficially. They wear big thick glasses, that are very dark. It is appropriate for people that sell ground up trees, only.


Functionally Illiterate Societies and Performance

A functionally illiterate society will perform anywhere between 1 - 5% of the capability of its individuals. This is what we are living in. Over half of the people on planet earth cannot read or write; and those that can are functionally illiterates. The functional illiterates do not understand what they are reading and writing, to the degree that they can go out and do anything. So, what these people do is just apathetically take the available jobs offered by corporations, companies, and governments (in that order, also).

If you are going to shape your own future, which is your own responsibility, if you so decide it to be, then you will have to work within the framework of the stupidity level of people in society. You will have to find out what that is. The media, and press are good in detailing it. People do not understand the simplest of things, although they parrot complexities with ease. The former is them, the latter is their minds. People understanding and a mind understanding is vastly different. The former is gauged by performance, the latter by speech. You will do much better as peaceable savage that is polite, easy, a bumbling simpleton; than as a brilliant, letter-perfect, bombastic predatory barbarian. Xerox's top salesman, who stuttered (so the prospect would have to repeat back to him everything said) explained this to me. When he resigned, he did not stutter at all, to the dismay of those who knew the predator way-of-life only.

The stupidity of others should not effect your love (affinity) for them. Don't ever confuse your affinity and reality lines with people. The most disastrous thing one could do is to try to fully understand, when it is not necessary. Some people and situations call for affinity. Some call for communication. Some call for reality (agreements). A few call for understanding. Personally, I have found it workable to have good affinity lines at home, good communication lines in business, good reality lines with counsel (attorneys), and good understanding lines with truth.


The Magic Man, Kings In All Times

A number of identical games occur simultaneously in various peoples lives. One of these is the appearance of an individual, which I call a "Magic Man", who is readily recognisable. He is relatively divine, and is noticeable different from ordinary people in that there is nothing wrong with him. He has great spiritual power, is very much an operating thetan, has no case, and knows what has been going on, is going on, and will be going on. Such an individual is an interjection into the human experience to alter the dramatisation of what is going on in order to further the progress and growth of all concerned.

These magical men generally quickly appear in society, do their work, and disappear. They see no purpose in getting crucified or persecuted. They direct slightly lower-scale beings than themselves into doing great things. If you have met any individuals such as this, don't be surprised that society starves them out and kills them. They don't really object to that too much because they are not fully into feeling pain. They have the ability to bring their heartbeat to a total standstill, to as-is their body from where it is standing, to cause it to reform/reappear in another room and so forth. Mr. Hubbard doesn't care for them at all, and was confronted with 3 of them. It has been his pleasure to see them die, for he feels their existence is some type of challenge to his own personal grief. Hubbard doesn't have a life, he just has grief. He never suspected that the magic man arranged his act, or his particular demise, but he did. The magic man uses many bodies, but is one individual. The really dumb think it is different people.


Spiritual Control of The Foolish

This is basically quite easy. A person that has risen above the physical universe and off of the time track and human wavelength can make a change in reality which will cause a direct change in the apparency.

The apparency is encoded with nested decision triangles. For example, "if a person doesn't go to the movies, they will stay home". So, if you are operating as a being, and you want a person to stay home, all you have to do is as-is off the existence of the idea of going to the movies, and the person will stay home.

So, the events of the entire planet are controllable by any one individual who wants to waste their time with such triviality (playing God). Of course the people who are in the apparency don't consider it trivial at all. They are really hamming it up, and getting a lot of sensation out of suffering. Being a society is so easy that it is quite boring.

Society doesn't take kindly to people that have these abilities. There were over a million witches burned at the stake by the Catholic Church because these witches were undoing the Catholic Church. They did a good job of undoing it, and that was the end of the dark ages.

It was not the end of spiritual control of the foolish. One can do as little or as much as you want, and the expense is that you are seemingly responsible forever with that you interfered with. So allege the foolish. I doubt if that is at all true, in any sense. It is amazing how little of this goes on in steering the country, and how much of it goes on in bedrooms.


Self Control In Its Highest Degrees

The individual controlling himself at the highest levels will also control all the dynamics around him. There were over six people who saw what was happening with Hubbard and his Church and instead of doing something in the physical universe about it (alterisness of an apparency), they simply arranged for the man and church to go in the directions they went.

Self control in its highest degrees would embrace control of all things beyond self. Self control disintegrates into the realm of pan-determined control. Civilisation is being controlled on a pandetermined level by people who adjudicate who is deserving of civilisation. It has already been defined and alleged that all of the people out there dying and suffering haven't really subscribed to any degree of civilisation. I am not saying that this is right or just, for I find it not to be. However it is interesting to note "theta's" ruling that what you subscribe to you get, because postulates control existence. In the context of existing pandetermined control by "theta", any sovereign individual can then exert self control in its highest degrees, and will then be controlling theta, which is controlling all of us on automatic.

Rare as it may seem, occasionally out of the mire, there does rise someone who doesn't like the agony and yoke that people bear, who traces all that down to the "God" that made such, and then must run control on "God", to attain his heart's desire, free men as fellows. That is self control in its highest degree.


Reincarnation And Why Nobody Cares

The reason nobody cares about reincarnation very much is that it is broadly considered that the past is over, and people are not up to remembering, much less confronting it. Most people are not up to confronting the present. Most people live day to day, some live week to week, some live month to month, and the rare live year to year. It is the very rare individual that is taking responsibility for their lifetime. The idea of taking responsibility for the next 400 or 400,000 years is above most people's reality level.

People don't want to recall what has happened in their previous lifetimes, so they don't, and they insist they have never lived before. They like playing innocent. Innocence is one of the most prominent dramatisations on the planet. This innocence is their third worst enemy. Drugs are their second, and self-pity is the first. If mankind is to be whisked out of existence, it will be by self-pity. Self-pity is a devastating manifestation of vanity, which is the supreme sin, if there are any, and that would depend on your reality level of sin. Your reality level of sin would depend on what you subscribe to, and what you subscribe to would depend on your postulates. Your postulates depend upon those you have stuck on you during impacts in the prior lives you are pretending you did not live. Such is the circle of self-deterioration that goes: self-pity, vanity, sin, subscription, postulates, impacts sticking postulates. These 6 in a circle, mankind has responded to with apathy - "who cares". The Tibetans by swinging prayer wheels about it hourly will not cause it to erase. Hubbard figured out the last 2 of the 6, and proclaimed that to be all one needed to know. All six exist, like mad, on just about anyone breathing. Period.

Hubbard boasts that he is free of the last 3, so perhaps he has graduated up to sin, if what he says is true, and it isn't. He has all 6 as active and live on him as a cat on fire. I hope I have made it crystal clear why people don't care about reincarnation. They cannot stand the heat of today, they claim. Actually today is effortless beauty, and all the heat they feel on today is from their past. Don't waste your time trying to explain this to anyone. Let them explain it to you as their very own discovery and truth in session. It will be worth something to them then. It is their own stark discovery.

In working with past lives, people get confused about how much of a being they are or were. This is called "theta endowment". It is not a fixed determination unless you consider it to be so by yourself.

People don't care about reincarnation because they have dropped below caring, below any degree of time, and below responsibility. They are not up to realising their past, and certainly don't want to hear about their future, because it is not that pleasant. The past and future are quite related, and especially for someone in this not-caring condition.

There have been over 100 million people in this century that have died by non-natural means. In other words, they were killed. Such impacts stick the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of that moment on them, effecting all subsequent postulates and thusly, lives. These stuck viewpoints erase in auditing. Until then nobody cares, and a hell goes on, but nobody cares about that either, until you take their drugs away. Then people care a lot. This is the condition, which is not to be confused with the nature, of man. The nature of man is generally admirable.


The Soul: Whether You Want One Or Not

A person is the soul. If they feel they have a soul, that is probably the body talking. If they want to argue about it, it is definitely the mind that is talking. Until a person is processed above the cycle, they will continue on this silly treadmill of growing up a little body, rattling their little rattle in their little cage, going to school, learning to read, and so forth. With processing, a person can rise above the cycle, to where they can occupy any body they want at will. If they want to occupy President Johnson and decide not to run again, or President Nixon and take us off the Gold Standard, or a Russian technician and blow up a Siberian Nuclear Complex, then they can do that. Then they can come back and be "themselves" in their "normal" body.

Until a person is processed up to that particular state, they are either going to play-see-the-movies (between-lives implants) or go straight to the hospital, get a new meat body, go through the whole experience of being raised, and pick up more engrams. They do this over, al and over. It is a very wild order of experience. Its bizarre, in fact, but the folks don't know any other way to live. Personally, it remains personally unbelievable that people do that, but they do. They do, do that, everyone of them. The evidence is beyond refutation.

The Soul has come a long way.


The Universes

There is the universe of the body. It has a somatic mind. It is ruled somewhat by the genetic entity that grows bodies. The genetic entity is competitive and has needs. It competes with other genetic entities and other bodies.

There is the universe of the mind.
There is the universe of the thetan.
There is the physical universe.
There are other peoples universes.
There is all other peoples universes interconnected that act as one versus your own universe.

There are a few more. There is the universe outside of this one which is rather non-physical. Instead of having "time", it has "a while". People often go to it when they go asleep, by passing through what is called the 'theta window'. **

There are four more universes outside the one outside this one that we know about. There are probably more outside of that. Effects in one universe cause effects in other universes. As you get these uncollapsed and separated out, you become more aware and powerful.

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