The Upper Dynamics

The dynamics are set up in concentric circles, so that it is logical that senior dynamics rule junior dynamics. Bearing this in mind, it is workable in living to not consider any one dynamic as more important than another. Dynamics exist in different universes. You have a set of dynamics. Other people have dynamics. Also, there is the set of dynamics in the physical universe. Scientology has often been defined by itself as a philosophy that embraces the lower 7 dynamics, with little comment on the eighth, except that it is infinity or God. The upper dynamics are as follows:

9th dynamic - Aesthetics
10th dynamic - Ethics (rationality)

(These were copyrighted by L. Ron Hubbard. He did not look any further apparently.) The rest of them are:

11th dynamic - decency
12th dynamic - truth
13th dynamic - awareness
14th dynamic - individuality
15th dynamic - coexistence
16th dynamic - theta that is not-being

It should be obvious that the senior dynamics rule and produce the junior dynamics. Inside the physical universe is the lower 6 dynamics. Scientology, its axioms, and its rules of auditing apply on the lower 6 dynamics. Hubbard's dilemma is that in embracing only the lower 7, and promoting the lower 7, he has been in conflict with the upper 9. Thus he has become the fodder himself, for having violated the senior upper urges of many alive individuals. Alive could be defined as living knowingly beyond the rules of theta.

You may include these in grade processes as necessary and appropriate. Given the absence of this information, the highest action would be to save a dying dog instead of an entire country, if those two were in conflict, for decency is senior to ethics. A God would save the dog, a great man would save the country. Great men die, Gods do not.


The Akashic Record

The Akashic Record is a recording that supposedly exists out in another space which contains every event that has happened to every individual past, present, and future. It is a library of all events and all thoughts.

By making adjustments in the Akashic Record a person can change other people. To gain access to the Akashic Record, which is a person called an "Adept", one would have to be an 11th or 12th order being. These orders of beings roughly correspond to the dynamics one has mastered, and the universes of those dynamics. This old standard of order of beings one finds in the rituals of the masons. One would have to be of the 11th or 12th order to even perceive the Akashic Record. An individual in this state of development has absolutely no problem with knowledge. Anything they want to know, they just look up in the record, and there it is.

If you have attained this level of spiritual evolvement, you will have no problem in auditing people, because you can look up anything that is troubling them or you, on the subject of their case. Overall; access to the Record is a useful tool in proceeding through life. Living life as an 11th or 12th degree master compares very favourably to living it as a mortal. Those two are not mutually exclusive. Living it both ways at the same time is an art of joy.

One can make the transition from mortal to master through auditing, then education. It is an unfortunate fact that one must come up through the Scientology first, before one can understand the education.


The Akashic Responsibility

The akashic responsibility might be defined as the responsibility that goes with the ability to read the record. In reading through it, one finds some horrible stuff, so one changes it, in the interest that life will be more liveable for all concerned. For example, in 1965, if someone was reading the record and discovered the world was to be blown apart at 3:14AM on February 3rd, 1966 and did not like that event, then the individual would just erase that recording off, using auditing techniques. Or, they could through auditing techniques and erase the event off the 3rd through 6th dynamics directly. So, by having the responsibility of access to the record, one is mildly obligated to prevent some of the bad events and cataclysms that do not contribute to the evolution of the culture. One can even get an improvement in the ethics level, by putting ethics in directly. For example, if there was an overly affluent drug culture extant, then you could cut the whole economy way back and give them a depression, and sure enough, they will stop taking drugs. If things get too stifling (no growth), as in the Eisenhower years, you could bring in a real freak like Kennedy, and that failing bring in a madman like Johnson. That failing, and establishment still bulldozing itself over individual rights, you could use what worked historically to overthrow establishments: serfs. So, you pull these serfs from 600 years ago off the time track, and sure enough, they work. The hippies break up the power structure. Less than 1000 of 'em in one neighbourhood, and it breaks, bad war and all. Something from 600 years ago being stuffed into the environment terrifies the existing power-machine. These examples I have given were a few of many dozens of arrangements made in the world of thought by a few individuals. In summary, the culture is adjustable by 11th and 12th degree masters, and is regularly done so, by a periodic examination of the Akashic Record, and one taking some responsibility for how the game is going. One might observe that God and his Gang are not dead, at all, but are alive and well, but have chosen the security and joy of private and family life over the receipt of Japanese nails on the cross of the Federal Reserve.

I have heard it said, and not just by bleeding-hearted liberals, that the game is not going too well out there. I agree with the observation. There are some 11th and 12th degree masters which have reactive minds. Because of that condition (God-s and Gang with Bank) life on this particular planet is sort of a living hell. It will remain so until either these people are audited, or other people are audited up to the mastery state and toss the older fellows out of their jobs. At the time of either occurrence, the whole world will straighten out very quickly. To the degree that the world has been straightening out and awareness coming up, it has been going on.

The straightening out of the whole world, the Akashic Responsibility, is a slow but steady process. no accident that mankind has come this far, and will go farther in both directions. There are individual elements (groups) of mankind from a ridiculous good/evil dichotomy that was heavily installed in people a long time ago. I am most pleased that it is being audited off of people with corrected scientology processing.



Entropy means after energy, and it also means turning. It is from the Greek, meaning to turn. In physics, it is a theoretical measure of energy which cannot be transformed into mechanical work. Its symbol is the circle with a capital I though it: . Entropy is life energy that is hard to measure by physical means. There is a lot of it out there. It is different in people in different states. This varies widely on people, as there are all different classes of people. There are people that do not mind being wrong or right (Grade 4); there are people who can naturally L&N (Grade 3), which means they can chase down the answer when given a question. They screw it up often but at least they have that ability. Both of these types are usually highly successful. There are people who are up to thinking about responsibility, and are aware of themselves as cause (Grade 2); there are people who can solve problems (Grade I); and there are people that can communicate (Grade 0). In other words, orders of beings directly correspond to entropy energy levels, which directly correspond to all positions of the Grade chart levels.


Applications Of The Aforesaid

From all the information that I have provided so far in this book, I would suggest that you apply it to better yourself and your fellow man*; however, you could apply it to accomplish anything you chose or wanted to do, and probably would achieve on that specific. *Please do not mistake fools for fellow man.

Why you would do what you would do, you should find out. Before you think a thought, find out whose it is. To use knowledge and wisdom in a selfish, non pan-determined fashion can restrict your growth. Growth is a natural order of anything which is living.

The reason I suggest that you apply it, is, the most worthless thing one can do is know and not apply, for you are then cheating the reflection of the knowing. Knowingness without responsibility and control is not a Creation.

The worst problem on application is simply not doing it. The second worst is mis-application. The third is application of knowledge for selfish ends, which is a subtle form on non-application. The third, which the world is buried in and under, is a pastime for the gutless who dare not play a game, for fear of losing.


An Accurate Record of Man's True Origin
Past, Present, and Future

Rumour has it, that the problem at any point in time is always great enough, and the problem that is always great enough always has a solution toward more awareness and a solution toward less awareness. Some individuals made them selves, some were created by another. Apparently, quite long ago, the problem that was great enough was whether to become apart of this physical universe or not. That was one's (peoples) next step. Some knowingly, some willingly, and some neither, ended up with the side of the decision triangle that was to be a part of the universe. They ran around as spiritual beings playing games with each other for the first third of their agreed-upon-time-track. The second third of "time" was spent as a spiritual being in contest with meat body societies. The last third of "time" has been spent being trapped in a meat body. This over-simplification omits much detail. So that is where he came from, what he has been doing since, and his present is detailed throughout this text.

The problem always being great enough, and having the two traditional solutions, remains. Thus man has two possible futures: either evolve back up through the fallen angel sequence to sovereignty, or descend on down to a molecular level of consciousness. People have that opportunity to take either of these two roads in a one lifetime period through perfect auditing, and sane conduct.


Prison Planets

There are planets throughout the galaxy where people have been sent because they didn't fit into the social order. Those in conflict with very tight social orders, such as were mentioned in "Brave New World" and "1984", can be classified as follows: (1) criminals, (2) tax cheaters, (3) sexual deviates, (4) political revolutionaries, (5) creative people, such as artists and inventors, and (6) prisoners of war from intra or inter galactic warfare. These folks that +don't fit in were sent off to prison planets, and before they are sent they were heavily implanted so that they couldn't remember anything. This activity is still going on. There are small between-lives implanting stations on and close by the prison planets, to make sure that everyone stays there and to make sure no one figures out it is a prison. Nobody is allowed to leave, through many supposedly workable methods. People were told all about religion under very heavy pain and duress, and thus the 'born again' class of fanaticism is unshakeable, and is not handleable technically except as a heavy engram. They were also told under duress that if they exteriorize and leave planet earth, they will be picked up and beamed back here by a frequency that has been installed on them. Actually, none of that is true, anymore than fanatical religion is. These people are prisoners-unto-themselves, by their own beliefs only. A prison without guards is very cheap to run. You just implant these people with split personalities, to guard themselves, and it works very well. This technique was perfected 212,494,621 years ago, and has been used since, "to ship the trash out of the Galactic Confederation."

Earth is one of the prison planets. Therefore we have a sort of unusual society here of about 170 different cultures.

Thus earth is a fishbowl representation of the different societies, cultures, civilisations, activities, and ideas that exist throughout the galaxy. Prison planets evolve up through the normal social cycle of caveman to nuclear age very rapidly, because their population contains a higher than normal percentage of creative rebels. It is very easy to see these 6 types of people out in society. It is quite difficult to find anything else below the surface on earthlings. You also hear a lot of hostility and/or hoopla about how the "higher forces" that put us here is really a good deal. I fail to find that funny, or rational. It is not a good deal to be living in a prison, only. You could still live here, and it not be a prison for you, and then it is a lot of fun. All that is necessary is to get the area processed. The hottest material on this dates at only 14,020 years ago. Hubbard threw me out of his church for 9 months in 1966, as a disciplinary measure, for talking to people about it. I guess he made it clear where he stands on this issue. I enjoy auditing it off people. Christianity was a great religion before 14,020 years ago, as was Hinduism. They both have been kiss-anothers-feet since. It is no accident that in the study of "military science" it is undeniably stressed that more people have been killed, and more wars fought because of religion, than property rights, trade routes, greed, power, and insanity and hunger combined. Religion is the grossest area of psychosis addressable on anything that breathes. The reason for such feelings and irrational conduct is religion was used in the breaking of the people's wills under torture. You would be wise to not challenge a person's strongly held beliefs, for such things were welded into the people when they were murdered. When there are 'very hard times' with starvation, blood, and disease in the streets people instinctively look for the leaders of any and all odd and normal religions, and when they find them, they kill them all, to release this very old and very fundamentally held hate.

I should warn you that religion is not restricted to talk about Big Dad, and being kind to the neighbours. It is any closely held, strong emotional belief, that a person is willing to diminish another to defend. There are people with religious feelings about autos, dollars, body practices, marriage, others responsibilities to them. You are begging for a knife in your throat if you attack one of these outside of session. If you are connected to a strongly religious type, you may wish to get that cleaned up on them, keeping the issue out of the space or closing off the connection.

Implanted electrical energy directed at one is hard on one's body. Death flows get old, and can take the music out of the sunlight, life should be. Auditing is the only decent solution for the crap promoted as religion. Being willing to diminish one's neighbours is the anti-thesis of legitimate religion, which has had a long time coming. I am trying to put it on the map again, possibly by recall.


This Solar System

At this time, it appears that earth is the only planet that is inhabited. In auditing you may come up with incidents involving life on Mars and Venus. Venus polluted itself to death, and Mars blew itself to death in war. This is not hard to deduce scientifically. It is possible that the preclear has lived on other planets at other times. Whatever your preclear comes up with in session you are supposed to duplicate and acknowledge. There used to be another planet in this system that is now an asteroid belt. The conversion was the result of war. This system has been invaded a number of times. The most recent warfare between exterestial groups was about 2000 BC between the 5th and 4th Invaders. The 4th Invaders successfully prevented the 5th from taking over the place. Fourth Invader uniforms looked very much like police uniforms, while the 5th Invader's looked like army uniforms. One shouldn't be overly concerned with what your preclear comes up with regarding this solar system. Just listen and acknowledge. A lot has happened here. Yet it is a rather remote and insignificant solar system, from a galactic point of view. It is actually older than 5 billion years, but only slightly. It has been around a while and will be here a while longer. It is not unlike other solar systems throughout this "Milky Way Galaxy". Once adequate exploration is made of Mars and Venus, the evidence of prior civilisations will be bountiful, as it will be on Jupiter, and the moons of Jupiter, and even on Uranus, as there is in Egypt. The press being what it is, I doubt if this will be known.

Three or four years ago they were finding conduit cable in the pyramid areas in Egypt, and it just didn't make the front page or the evening news.

This solar system is entering a highly radioactive area in its revolution around the centre of the galaxy. Many types of background radiation have doubled in the last 25 years. There is no reason for alarm or concern about this or about other life being here.

Hubbard and one of his sons were quite concerned about the solar system and this planet being invaded. This is one of the false fears that caused the formation of the paramilitary organisation known as the -Sea Org. So Hubbard and his Gang were preparing for the arrival of an exterestial group known as the Markabians, which Hubbard doesn't care for. His affinities lie in the direction of their arch-rival "The Galactic Confederation". Both of these groups have dwindled and disintegrated in power into little regional groups, such as the Espinol Confederacy, and The Interplanetary League. A number of fractionalized groups have risen up and usurped quite a bit of power from these two old rival empire systems, which have dominated this galaxy for over 81 Billion years.

The star system we are involved in (called a "local group" in astronomy) operates loosely as a mild confederation. It has been held together this way for a couple hundred thousand years. The older confederation it replaced went back 100 million years on this star group, which contains about 30 planets with highly-evolved societies which have operated in relative harmony with each other. Earth has borne the distinction of being one of the prettiest of the 30, but also the most savage. Things just never seem to be peaceful on this planet.

At this particular time, of the 29 remaining civilised planets, 11 of them have similar projects to "Scientology" under way, complete with little L. Ron Hubbard-leaders. The technology up through OT I exists on 7, where the evolution is occurring. This data is being released on a -trial basis at a number of localities. In these 7 other instances there has been no friction with the governments, public, and no paramilitary organisation has been formed. They are very much like the Church was here in the 1955- 64 period. On the other 4 (earth being one of the 4), 2 are faltering (one other than earth), and 2 have been defeated and closed up shop. In studying the differences between success and failure, one cannot help but notice that on the 7 that are doing well the alteration of fundamental data is about half of that on the 4 failures. There are about 500 QTPs (Questionable Technical Points) which I call -contradictions in the Hubbard rendition on earth, and about 250 on the 7 planets that are doing well with it. It is pathetic and tragic to observe these folks nursing along a barely workable system, with 250 contradictions. They are working around their particular difficulties in auditing, by using terribly fundamental stable datum's such as what turns it on, turns it off; use very few processes; use a long comm. cycle; and stay on it until you accomplish a lot of good. It's real cave-man technology, and it will survive beyond this planets' version of what they actually have honestly described: "the Mecca for those who seek technical perfection" is in every sense of the word what they call it:  "A RELIGIOUS RETREAT".

The people that have made these particular arrangements for a duplicity of the games on a number of planets have invested more heavily in the other 7. As far as spiritual evolution, this planet has been somewhat written off by that group. I consider that to be, overall, a favourable occurrence, for I never have cared too much for group designs upon people with inadequate information, education and space that would be necessary for them to make an intelligent judgement.

Apparently it has not occurred to many people that their very thoughts were installed by their former enslavers.

Different trial balloons have been released on these 29 planets. Rumour has it that life has been destroyed on 4 of them recently, so we are down to 25, and have lots of new arrivals here.

This particular local group has kind of a bad name at galactic headquarters and libraries, whether those be the Markabian group close by the North Star, the group outside the Orion Complex, The Pleadies, or the Galactic Confederation. Each of these four "control centres" consider this sector to be full of a bunch of nuts, and they would like to "contain" it that way, for people have reactive minds here to a much greater extent than they do anywhere else in the galaxy. The removal and containment of misfits is a galactic game. I had mentioned in the "Prison Planets" chapter the 6 types of folks that get sent to earth. These comprise about 90% of the population. 10% of the population are not terribly long residents of this galaxy, or star group. They are from other galaxies, and are either here as prisoners of war, as fools that got lost, as an advance party for invasion study, or for personal reasons (which would be combative in nature).

The longer a person lives in this galaxy, the more they adopt its particular and peculiar understandings, beliefs, and role models.


This Galaxy

The highest thing in this galaxy is aesthetics and the lowest is savagery. You could probably conquer anything in this galaxy with either of the two. If you were to use them both, you would probably be most effective. I personally don't care much for the extremes of this galaxy. The long-term residents of this galaxy are very matter of fact about sex. It is just a normal routine, something they do in life. Another trait of a person who is a long-time resident of this galaxy is that they believe in exchange, to the degree that they cannot comprehend non-exchange transactions. They, actually and naturally, feel that if they receive something that they need to give something back. These are some of the traits of the long time residents of this galaxy, which I define as in excess of 80 Billion years.

Normally in auditing out the past-track, this-galaxy engrams you will find a lot of time in the Galactic Federation, then conflict with the Markabians, wars, and engrams on being on both sides. Sometimes the sequence will reverse, and the fellow spent most of his time as a Markabian. The Markabian Federation ended up taking about 2/3 of the galaxy and are a very savage and high-flying style of folk. That whole empire crumbled, emperor and all, about 223,632 years ago. A new government was formed, calling itself the Markabian Confederation. They have had control of this planet from them to now, and have it leased out to the Espinol Confederacy, under a very loose lease.

The majority of the galaxy is highly populated. Containing and defending its borders from invasions has been an extremely expensive chore, and a very difficult one.

We have a neighbouring spider galaxy, where vegetable-style beings keep making intrusions, and we have quite a few of them that get shipped into this planet (at least 35% of the population). I call these the "plant people", because they consider everything to be free, as a plant does. The idea of exchange never crosses their natural minds. Sunlight is free, sex is free, money is free; they just take what they need to survive, and they don't owe anything back. They feel quite relieved if you have a plant in your office.

About 4% of the population of this planet is from other galaxies, whether that be the 4th one out N by NW, the 16th E by SE, or whatever. These have identifiable traits, and are an entirely different "kettle of fish" than the plant people or the long-term residents.


Other Galaxies

About 4% of the people in society do not understand exchange. It is a similarity they have with "plant people". All they care about is art and intelligence. Indian philosophy, religious culture, spiritual culture music, painting, and art, as we know them, proceed from these creative tapes. These people come from other galaxies.

Those galaxies are quite different from this one, which is essentially a merchant galaxy. These intellectuals, which probably comprise about 150% of the American population, are very concerned with significance's, and do not care much about mass. These people are spiritually oriented.

One should be aware of these three types of people: (1) the warrior merchants that are long term residents that do not understand anything except exchange, (2) the plant people who have no compunction but to take for it is all free, and (3) the artistic, intellectual, spiritual type that likes culture and fine living, and doesn't see exchange as necessary. The latter group considers exchange a crude, symbolic, mechanical, literal form of ignorant misinterpretation of ethics. In other words, they refuse to descend down to such a mechanical idea.

In auditing people, you will find Scientology runs quite well on all three, except the plant people, who have a hell of a time with it. They can only comprehend it as a further freedom and nourishment. Obviously, you will get your greatest spiritual gain on someone who doesn't have a long-term, this-galaxy background, that is spiritually or aesthetically inclined. That one has spent a long time in this galaxy, is nothing to be ashamed of. There should not be any social standard or stint that interferes with the finding of truth.

There are other galaxies that have different types of games. There is even one galaxy out there which is so art-oriented, that art is the whole game there. Whoever produces the best art wins, and owns the place if he wants. There are a lot of galaxies where there aren't even bodies, or reactive minds, at all, that are still going on. This particular galaxy has been on a gradual decline into degradation. It took 80 Billion years for the Galactic Confederation to go from caveman to nuclear society. It had propeller aeroplanes for 110,000 years. It was a slow development. When you see people here on earth repeating this sequence in less than 4000 years, instead of 80 Billion years, you realise these people are just remembering.

The Galactic Confederation was actually a very hypocritical empire. L. Ron Hubbard worked on a research project for thousands of years in one of their largest libraries. He has been working on the same research project, off and on, since. The research project was how to turn people around, and how to restore the state of Operating Thetan. The Galactic Confederation has need for operating thetans for management and messenger positions. Hubbard makes no claim to have disconnected from that group, and I seriously doubt if he has. He has promoted the misconception that they never did any implanting. He is highly critical of the Markabians because of their frankness, and occasional instances of cannibalism. The Galactic Confederation always maintained its sophistication, and whatever it did, it did it subtlely.

There has been a dash of friction between the Hubbard fellow and yours truly on how truth should be presented that relates to our differing affections for these two rival grouped cultures. He has communicated his views in a manner of the culture that he cares for: that very little has been done, it will take a long time for anything to get done, it is all very complicated, and if there are complaints let us gloss over that with peprally talk. He has institutionalised these molasses beliefs by declaring it will take a billion years to clear up this sector. When people join the Sea Org, they sign a "billion year contract" to clear up this sector. How it could take more than 200 years escapes me. No one would have to go or do anything. Any one being could accomplish it. This idea has not crossed his literal mind. In summary, these two particular life-styles and philosophies (surreptitious, long and clever vs. quick, open, honest, occasionally savage) have not only interfered with Hubbard and I getting along, but they have severely impaired the needed transmission of relevant truth. Neither group is right, or worth a second thought. I disconnected and turned in my badges in 1967, and liked that. It was at his insistence. It is too bad that he will not do what he requires of others.


Recommendations And Advice

I don't think a person should actively promote what they are doing, if they are helping people as a profession. I think if someone comes to you and asks for help, then you should provide them with service. If you are on a northward path, it would make no sense for you to enter an impure atmosphere, except to purify it. If you do not want to get further entrenched and trapped in this universe, it would make no sense to solve a problem unless you solved it for eternity. If your adventure in life is northward bound, positive, based on the decision that things will go right (work out), that you will have good luck, then you would be wise to realise that you will be evolving up though all sorts of levels of people. Your friends will change, as your understandings increase. While you are going through this evolution, it might be imprudent to make an excessive amount of long-term commitments.

It would be very silly and imprudent for you to work on a lot of symptoms instead of causes. For example, if someone comes in with being embroiled with body games ( 2nd dynamic activity of love, romance, soap opera, or the scarcity of same, known as heartbreak hotel), then to process a lot of that off of them is a very unethical thing to do. Those are all symptoms. What is wrong, the cause, is they can't make it as a thetan anymore. Their postulates don't work, which means they don't have any pride left. The definition of pride is your postulates work. Thus they feel degraded. Since they cannot live spiritually successfully, they have dropped into identifying with their body, and they play body games of chasing other bodies around. I would advise any spirit dedicated to growth and improvement to avoid getting embroiled with body games.

Bodies are certainly a lot of fun, but getting trapped into the 2nd dynamic seems to be people's common method of avoiding living. If the 2nd dynamic stirs up too much charge on you or your preclear, then one can always just simply take a vacation from it. It will be there later. Most of the people that are sexual fanatics, are so because they honestly believe that they have never lived before, or will again, and so are going to get all the sex they can in this brief one lifetime. If they would realise that they have been around for trillions of years, and will be around for trillions of years, then the scarcity on sex would evaporate. That is a lot of it, and normally will remove the urgency out of the situation. I have heard no reports that a brief vacation from the 2nd dynamic arena (whether that be 1 month, 5 years, or 500 years) has caused anyone any harm, much less harm of a severe, permanent nature. vet participation in that arena does not have this distinction. The list of names is too long where a refusal to break away from this subscription of using a solution to obscure another problem, spins the person into being very dumb and stupid, and then, dead. In other words, if one is frustrated by their life being inadequate or they are having a hard time coping with this toothy world, continued sexual release is not going to solve that problem. Yet, that phenomenon is widespread. I would advise a person to not let any one dynamic overshadow the other dynamics. The dynamics are urges.

Within this physical universe and galaxy, it looks like it is an 8 dynamic game. It is not. It is a 16 dynamic game. If one were to take those 16 dynamics (urges) and divide them into 16 waking hours in a day, and try living that way, one would be very surprised. Its very nice. It is extremely hard to be discontent with that.

What I am saying here is that aberration is a full-time job. It has a specific sequence. You can walk away from, or break the sequence on it, by decision, in some instances. Keeping aberration going requires 4 things in this order: (1) ignorance, (2) maintenance of ignorance, (3) substitution to a heavy degree, and (4) co-operation with other aberrated people to keep it that way. If you want to grow and become rational, then you have to attack these 4 things. If you would fix these 4 things by subject on a person, they recover very rapidly. In fact they get quite a restoration of self and power.

You will not find this data written in Scientology or anywhere else in religion. It takes all four of those things for someone to stay in the condition they are in. You can actually be so sloppy as to change any one of the four, and they will get better. Hubbard's technology is usually addressed to changing only one of the four. If you change all four, and confine the work to addressing subjects one at a time, life can become a piece of cake, after a while.

As far as coming out of a trap, there are many different ways to do it. You can dig yourself out, with effort, which I have done on more than one occasion this lifetime. By working and compromising for 12 years and saving my money, I bought myself out of what I considered economic slavery. Those savings provided the "stake" (venture capital) for leveraged investments which of course worked out well due to the diversity of them. So I have come from having essentially nothing (except fleas) to a mild degree of middle-class propriety. Middle class propriety means you are totally invisible. I did that more than once. It was effort. In retrospect, it was foolish, except for the learning experiences it provided me. The money was irrelevant. I could have made that stake on one transaction in 1966. The effort solution out of a trap is time-consuming and educational. The other solution, which is not educational and is very fast, is to get out of the trap by postulate. I have done this also, and more than once. It is the preferable of the two ways, but if it does not work, you should abort it as a solution, and employ the effort one. One can wait for that magic sleigh to arrive with piles of money that comes in the mail. It can and does happen. It is rare. I have seen people waste their whole lives waiting for some little magic dream to come true, and it doesn't. If you can do it, then do it. I you can't, admit the failure, and get on with living. If your postulates are not working, there is nothing shameful about having to work for a living. Often one can find greater riches there than any amount of money will ever buy.

It is quite unfashionable to work for a living these days. Work has been given a bad name. That is one of the most absurd notions I have ever heard. I don't know of anything more fun than work, and the reason is that work is activity with a purpose, and unless you are faking, it requires action, which is 22.0 on the tone scale. This subject has a funny twist to it, because people have difficulty loafing. They have to have some form of leisure activity. Hubbard said in "Problems of Work" that work should be a stable datum for people, and that those who didn't want to work were in bad condition. I differ with this belief of his. I hold, along with every other religious figure in history, that a person who can actually sit in a room and do nothing for days and enjoy it is in good shape. Buddha and Jesus found this necessary. This is supported in the Dianetic .Axioms, that a person who has a free range of randomity(can be content whether there is very little or very much going on) is essentially engram free.

My satisfaction level is about the same whether I am working with 500 employees, 17 hours a day; or if the most exciting thing in the day is taking a shower as I spend the rest of that day just sitting, enjoying that. Either day is OK, and I do not require either. I am not an unusual person in this regard, unless you consider all creative people to be unusual. I knew a man who after 8 years of doing nothing each day but play bridge, decided -Well, I guess I go work for a couple of years. He did, as the prime mover in an American Stock Exchange Corporation, and he was happy at both pace levels.

My advice is that you design your own existence knowingly. Further to notice that you have a nose, and so there is nothing wrong with using it. Having 2 ears and one mouth is some kind of hint. I would advise each person to listen to themselves, and notice that to some degree you are a god-unto-yourself, to where at least you have some degree of pride, dignity, and self esteem.

On Maslow's famed hierarchy of needs, he placed self-esteem at the top, then responsibility, then peer group recognition, then emotional needs, then survival needs, in that order coming down it. It is nice to get these lower two areas (survival needs and emotional needs) handled, so that you can proceed with the top three. Money will only buy the lower two. I trust I have quoted him correctly.

Life is kind of a dual affair of (1) avoiding a lack of things as an animal regarding the facts of life and survival, and (2) creating growth for self and others.

A person should rise above the level of society. In this society, everyone is in a mild degree of economic slavery over some worthless money that is being printed too fast. Society is the basement or foundation of a culture's existence. Beyond that, there are the growth needs of man. He aspires to become closer to himself, to his fellows, and to higher awarenesses.

Christianity, as a religion, as far as the way it is written, is similar to Scientology, and it is surprising that not many people are applying it, much less living it. Most people have not yet come up to figuring it out. Most people that study Scientology cannot grasp it, because they never understood Christianity, which it is an outgrowth of, and improvement upon. I have already identified the sarcasm level in the Sermon on the Mount in the -Shakespeare chapter, and remarked that people can only remember Jesus as a man of sorrow, their sense of humour being so low. People aren't up to laughing. A person's humour level is an indication of how healthy that person is. When a person is so serious, that they do not laugh, that means the person has lost the game. Please do not confuse seriousness with sincerity, the latter being fabulous stuff.

If a person has 99% of his postulates on losing and 1% of his postulates on winning, he will be deadly serious. That is what serious is. If a person is into the spirit of play of things, in other words, amusement, they have about half of their postulates on winning and half on losing. That is a pretty healthy game. If they are up in the true range of postulates, above 30 on the tone scale, then they have more postulates on winning than losing.

Postulates exist between 30 and 40 on the Tone Scale; considerations from 22 to 30 on the scale; opinions from 16 to 22 on the scale; and Aesthetics occurs at 16.

It is my advice to walk away from too much seriousness. Not only is it non-productive, it is a tunnel to nowhere.

Jesus humorously suggested that "you keep your own counsel". There is no way that you can stop doing so, so you had might as well recognise that it is going on at above and below consciousness levels.

Consciousness itself is a game, and it is not addressed by Hubbard. He mentioned sleep in 3 sentences. It is interesting to address the areas he does not take up.

Consciousness is created by not-know. If you effort at putting a not-know on something you will become conscious of it. I processed myself 2100 hours on consciousness in 1970-71, and that was the discovery at the end of the journey. I am sure you have better things to do with 2100 hours, so you are welcome to this useful information. I was pretty dumb back then, running the "epilogue" processes in this book. The ability I got out of that was essentially to be able to control consciousness as the scam it is as a substitute for know.

If you would follow Jesus' advice enough, you would find that self counselling is going on a continuous basis between you-the-deity and you-the-performer, and having discovered this dialogue, perhaps get the two of you into a harmonious basis instead of a games condition.

So, my recommendations and advice don't go much beyond this. If you choose to follow the Lemurian code, that is your option. That was a code that said you shouldn't interfere with the affairs of others except when asked to, shouldn't violate other's property rights or property, shouldn't accept anything you haven't earned or deserve, shouldn't profit at the expense of another, shouldn't take from others by force, shouldn't intentionally kill or injure another except in the defence of Life or State, shouldn't advance positions except on performance alone, shouldn't violate the sanctity of the home or women, etc. It is a pretty good code, as far as codes go. It served Lemuria well for 42,000 years. I must refrain from Moses memory on that code. I prefer the natural integrity of instinct to any code. However, whatever code you subscribe to is your business. The danger of codes is if you live you life behind them, and there is a tragedy, and you say -the code did it that will not be true. You did it and hid behind a code. Codes are a good reminder, but they are no substitute for instinct and a nose, and an alive person doing what is perfectly correct.

The "Code of Honour" in Scientology is the last piece of another's advice that I wish to bring up. It is full of a lot of nevers. I am not publishing it here. To the degree you want to use it is your business, as Hubbard and I wish to make overly clear. The 12th line is the most controversial: "Never fear to hurt another in a just cause". It is a wild line. It is hard to clarify, because it is nuts. There are 3 alternates to the line: (1) Never fear, (2) Never fear anything, and (3) If you are going to get involved with just causes and abandon your own cause, don't fear to harm another for that will cause it to happen. If you are interested in the Code of Honour it is listed in Hubbard's "Creation of Human Ability", which is very interesting reading, and was Hubbard at his zenith.


Life, Living, and Experience
Beyond the Physical Universe

One remains trapped in the physical universe to the degree one operates in it on a monkey-see-monkey-do basis, within and by the laws of that universe. The physical universe contains win/lose types of games, apparently. For example, if a hunter kills a deer the hunter supposedly wins and the deer supposedly loses. If you were to view this from outside this universe, you would see that both actually lose.

Life outside the universe, which includes perception of what is going on in this universe, is essentially sets of situations that one gets involved in or not. These sets boil down to either everyone winning or everyone losing. Outside this universe there are no situations where one wins and another loses. The one winner-one loser point of view is a phenomenon peculiar to this universe. Once one has risen above it, it seems so childish and barbaric, that it is difficult to recreate. I am grateful that this very wild idea is peculiar to this and only a few other physical universes.

Life is not in the physical universe, nor is living. People are heavily pretending that it is. People are engaged in activity in the physical universe for experiences or sensations. Your preclear is usually not aware of this, and will not discover it without a lot of work.

Hubbard approaches these and other subjects from viewpoints and opinions, with the belief that absolutes are unobtainable. That is three errors. One should look directly without a viewpoint as a via, stay above 22.0 on the tone scale, and notice that absolutes are attainable. Not only are they obtainable, they are all-over, and are the only things that people care about. If you were to go into a home where a woman is running a vacuum cleaner, and ask her what she is doing and why, she is going to give you a pile of absolutes, and nothing else. Here she is going pocata pocata-pocata down this physical universe time track, shoving this machine around with her animal body, because she is in this illusion that she is obtaining some absolutes. And she is in her own universe. She is not in the physical universe. Absolutes are obtainable in Life, but not too much in the physical universe. Most people have life and the physical universe collapsed. This lady will either have an absolute significance of -a clean house or -a not dirty house that she is in pursuit of, and that is senior to the physical universe, as is she. But she doesn't know that. Down in the physical universe she is either doing a not on an unclean house, or she is doing an un on a dirty house. All anyone can ever do in a physical universe is do an un or a not-un on an absolute significance. Yet those absolutes are right there for the individual, because they are the Life. So life is overlapped onto the physical universe, and people achieve absolutes, but they do not obtain them in the physical universe. They may employ absolutes in the physical universe, and often do. Willingness is an absolute, it is not a gradient commodity. Gradient commodities of it do exist, as a degradation of the absolute. There are gradient commodities of all absolutes. They are not Life. They are the tools and toys of games in "apparent living".

So, Life, living, and experience beyond the physical universe is the urges, realities, existence's, and unavoidable facts of the 7th through the 16th dynamics. It is also part absolute in many of its senses. It is telepathic, instead of mechanical. There are various stages people evolve through in these ranges. There is an abundance of life, living and experience beyond this physical universe. Some of it is independent of the physical universe, and is of a higher wavelength or non-wavelength in nature. That is almost irrelevant. What is relevant it that the life, living and experience beyond the physical universe, is what is going on. There really isn't any going on in the universe. It is just played against that backdrop stage. The play and the actors are not the stage.

People are deluded that it is all related to this super dramatisation (that is all the physical universe is). The function of the physical universe might be defined in part as a super-dramatisation of life, living and experience. In other words, an excessive, overly literal, overly heavy, manifestation of what is dear and matters to people. A Stage wherein only uns and not uns are banged out heavily, for all to see. That makes sense if someone, or all, were still looking at and admiring the banging out of the uns and not uns. Now that people have forgotten that it is a play that is going on, and that this is a stage, they are taking it to be the real thing of life. People nowadays take the physical universe apparency to be the real thing. They take it seriously and believe it. They even proclaim it to be "reality". Whole- hearted and unquestioned serious belief in drama, this drama, called "the physical universe", has caused a hell of a lot of confusion for 80 long that this theatre is beginning to have the pall of death in it. The play is even reducing and getting worse, for the life outside the theatre has been left unattended by so many. Frankly, I've always enjoyed good theatre, and still do, but most of the other players are bitching about agony and stuff like that.

In fact and "truth", the average man on the street would consider me crazy, and himself quite sane. The rules of the game he subscribes to require him to make such an unkind declaration. He would explain that he is sane with the marvellous proof of beating his animal's hand against a wall. At the point he is feeling the most impact, he would proclaim "This wall is real, because I can feel it". Isn't that a marvellous proof. One should restrain oneself from pity, because pity is the cruellest thing you can flow at someone. Proof is the second most aberative thing in existence.** So let the heavy actors-gone-mad bang on their walls. It is all they have been doing for trillions of years. Anyone that is doing that kind of thing, banging on walls, or believing the physical universe, does not have enough. It is that horribly simple. They do not have enough. That is the why of the physical universe and its believers. ** Loss is the most aberative thing in existence.

People get their scarcities and their excessive quantities backwards, because they get their lives and their truth backward. If a person is proclaiming with strong emotion, that they have too much of something, the truth is they have too little, or they would not have that act going. The act is a substitute for the truth and fact. Acts balance out undischarged dichotomies. Thus the Physical Universe, which is a series of acts, balances out the spiritual inequities of spiritual qualities and quantities of spiritual substances, absolutes. If a person is proclaiming, with strong emotion, that they have too little of something, the truth of the matter is that there is too much of it there for them. Most people are not up to admitting this obvious fact of human nature.

Examples are almost endless. They go out from 9 to 5 and see the bad guys winning over the good guys. When they get home instead of reading about that, they want to watch TV shows where the good guys win over the bad guys. Or you have some poor bereaved woman in the suburbs, surrounded by wealth, getting alimony checks for $5,000 a month, and she is going bananas that she has to have more money, for "she is on the brink of poverty". She is worried about every dime. The world is full of people like that. It is the rule, and not the exception. It is so widespread, that I would advise you against working with wealthy people, for they are the poorest people on planet earth. Those who do not have any wealth with give you 10,000 gifts. The wealthy will usually barely pay at all, for "they are so poor". The majority of them will treat you like a plumber. If you bring an individual from nothing to his own wealth, he will usually "give you anything you want for the rest of your life in gratitude". A dozen or so of those is more wealth than anyone would ever need. I had a neighbour a while back worth $10 million who could not sleep nights for fear of starvation from when he was 13 and he was starving. logically, it would be prudent for him to enjoy the rest of his life, but he cannot because of the pain on the incident when he was starving and "didn't have enough money". This man has too much money, and cannot handle the money he has. It is wild to hear them rant and rave about how horrible it is that they don't have much money. Actually the $6.00 in their wallet is too much money for them. If you burn a $100 bill in front of them, they'd get real upset. These people feel they have stolen the stuff. They consider that they really didn't earn it, did not contribute enough for it. That is how low these people's self-esteem is. It is really quite amazing. The generosity of the wealthy is laughable at best. One of the hardest case complexities I have ever worked on took four days, and I did 27 repair actions on this fellow in Beverly Hills. He is so thrilled to at last have his "entire life straightened" out he gives me a $50.00 check in addition beaming with pride.

That is laughable. He has millions in banks and you fix everything on him and he says that is worth $50. He is saying he is worth $50. It is pathetic. I did about half the amount of work on another fellow who can barely afford to eat, and he says "this is not right, my paying you a flat fee, I want to get you a Mercedes". I tell you these stories for a reason. That someone thinks of themselves, which is life outside the physical universe, matters a hell of a lot more than anything in the physical universe, including millions of dollars in banks.

Life, living, and experience beyond the physical universe is a continually pleasurable adventure of joy and interchange, with a much smaller degree of suffering, agony and mishap than living in this universe. Living above the physical universe involves pan-determinism, ethical activity, and involvement in games where everyone wins. It requires a refusal to play games where everyone loses.

Time does not really cloud perception of whether it is an all-win or all lose game. It has been alleged that you could have an all-win game for 8 hours (drugs), but it is actually an all-lose if you look at it in the time frame of a week. A life outside the physical universe includes, not only all time, but all the whiles there are.


Universe #2, The Next One Out

The primary game at this level is a game with the range of reality on absolutes, and what is done is the absolutes are duplicated or misduplicated. At this level, people don't get into activities to un or not un an absolute. They are simply exchanging absolute significance's, trading them, and duplicating them at a pretty rapid rate. This involves and yields a lot of pleasure and enjoyment, and thus there are a lot of manifestations and perceptions in that universe. Perception, consciousness, growth, and activity are options. Force and power, although they are challenged by opponents, are not generally manifested. So it is a game of duplication and mis-or-not duplication, and those that fail or fall behind in it are called laggards. They end up falling into something known as -the false world, which is this physical universe.

There has been a lot of promotion of the idea that you leave this universe and arrive at the next universe out. Actually, you can co-exist in both of them. Once a person has been adequately audited, they will realise that they are doing this already, and the necessity to leave this physical universe evaporates. Further they realise that all they have in this universe is viewpoints, and that they can make as many of those as they wish, and wherever they wish. occasionally they decide to leave anyway, for the fun of it. After a person has left, other people will keep what they consider the person to be around. The person can then drop in and visit that thing other people keep there as you. This is a very humorous situation, where a person has already left the physical universe, is no longer here at all, but all of the friends keep mocking him up as here, so one does drop in occasionally to see how their mock up is doing. May I suggest that that is all that has been going on for quite a while?

There are messengers that come down from the next universe out in response to appeals. For example after a decade of praying from a fellow in this universe "for someone in the next universe out to appear", the fellow usually gets his wish, and the magic man appears. The magic man will display just as much truth and magic as the observer wants, no more or less. When the observer has no more use for the magic man, the "outsider" will vanish. These types of intrusions from higher realities into lower realities are pleasurable on both sides. It reaffirms one's suspicion that there is good will amongst all life at all levels. Sometimes such intrusions are necessary to move a growth (like a civilisation) along. For instance, Nicholas Tesla, about 70 years ago, as a prodigal genius, just suddenly invented alternating current, the turbine jet engine, the radio, and about 40 other things that comprise what we know in this century as -modern civilisation. So, much of what we know as modern civilisation was just laid on us by one man. All he cared about was that this would be gotten out to be used by all men as fast as possible. He was not interested in money or ladies. He insisted in assigning these royalties, patents, and fortunes to Mr. Edison and Mr. Westinghouse, that these be applied and used by all mankind. That is what he cared about. I suspect someone before that time cried into the night about there being too much darkness in the world. It would be redundant to mention how much people wanted to see the barbarism that was Rome come to an end, and so the famed carpenter-of-all-time did arrive and do so. These are the facts of life, pleasant or otherwise, about the next universe out, and the effects of appeals to their population.



Harmony is a musical term meaning that something else has been produced from chords and sounds. This is also called synergy, or synergism. It is when you add two things and get three instead of two. When you add two live things, like people in a marriage, you either get synergism or the opposite. Linear thinking and linear mathematics are of the physical universe and thusly highly degraded. It is a bad way to arrange or compute if you are dealing with anything alive. things that are alive should be treated, computed, and arranged exponentially. If you combine two things that are alive, like in a marriage, you are going to either get each contributing 75% and taking back 50% (disharmony) or each contributing 50% and taking back 75% (harmony). This works out perfectly with exponential math, but makes no sense with linear math. So, there is either harmony/synergy or disharmony/antipathy when you mix two live elements, whether those are notes or people.

It takes a bit if space, dignity, presence, and perspicacity to rise senior to the mechanics of existence, and declare, as a prime postulate: "I am going to have good luck, and live in harmony with myself, my fellows, the universes, the dynamics, and stay out of theta's way." A person would do something like that, only after they have come through the fundamental logic triangles, and realised that there is no point in being aberrated. This discovery is usually followed by the decision to no longer be aberrated.

Most people are actually aberrated because they figure that it is the only was to get sensation (which is the pay of this universe). The moment they realise that they can create their own sensations far in excess of what anybody could ever deliver to them on a via, then they rise above this particularly bad social habit of maintaining aberration on any dynamic for themselves.

Living a life based on harmony is more fruitful than one of disharmony and dissonance. Dissonance has its occasional uses, but those are rare.

Linear mathematics is a manifestation of this-physical universe type of thinking. Anything that is alive would follow compound interest tables, or exponential mathematics. In other words, anything alive is self multiplying. You would know you are dealing with a physical universe and its components, if it follows linear laws, like 2 apples and 2 equals 4 apples. You would know you are dealing with something alive, like a kernel of wheat, if it follows exponential laws. A kernel of wheat will multiply itself a 100 times in not too long a time. It is amusing to note that there are people that are concerned about eating the rest of their lives, and even relate this to money. If they were to get 100 lb. of nitrogen-packed red winter wheat, a sprouter, a driveway sized piece of land with access to water, they would not be able to eat what they were producing, it would be so much. Maybe I am repeating myself. A while back this was attempted as an explanation about loaves and fishes feeding a multitude and that analogy failed. Suffice it to say, people don't do this, as they are having more fun chasing all this artificial money around, so they think. A little life multiplies out to a hell of a lot if it is given what it needs.

It is best to live a life of harmony when you are dealing with anything alive or the next universe out; it is best to appear to be linear in the universe which is linear.

The next universe out is exponential, so you might deal with it as such. This universe is linear, and you should deal with it as such. So, you might as well let the illusion roll on, by being linear in the linear world. I recall Jesus: "Give those things to Caesar which belong to Caesar, and those things to God which belong to him." It is an impartial quote. He went on to say "Give those things to John that belong to John, and to Timothy that which belongs to Timothy". The guy went on with a whole list of names. Now that is a fun way to live. I gave this big diamond back to the fellow it really belonged to. It was a 5 digit financial matter. I had bought the stone and then searched around for whose it really was. I found the person six states away. It was a hippie, and I gave this guy the stone, because it belonged to him. It is a great way to live, to give things that belong to people and universes, to them. I suppose some outside observer might have said -you should have kept the stone and sold it for $12,000 and given the money to the poor. That tells a lot about the person who would say that. That was Judas Iscariot's complaint and pitch. Such advice would come only from a person unwilling to make a mistake, or to go up to waste or above on money. On such a person, material existence has been so strenuous on them, so agonising for them that they are unwilling to do what is spiritually appropriate and materially foolish.

Living in harmony with other people and within various universes is basically the activity of allowing others the right to their own illusions and deceptions.

If they want to consider that you are a nut, freak, con-artist, unflat-drug addict, or megalomaniac, or whatever, it is not only another person' right, it is essentially a remark about what they think of themselves.

You should always recognise other's comments about you as such. It is in poor taste to get into a game with another over their supposed opinion of you. You should let everyone continue to consider as they wish about their own heaven or hell, as the case may be, and live in harmony with them and their considerations. Many times if you go in to straighten someone else out, and they are most eager to be "the winner", that the work you are doing is a set-up, and the game was "getting you". This is clinically known as an "ulterior transaction". Ulterior transactions are common. You get to live in harmony with them too. If someone asks you out to dinner, and the food is going to be you, and you don't like that idea, just say no.

Meat body societies are quite famous for conquering and destroying operating thetans. In fact, there is little to no evidence of an operating thetan ever winning over a meat body society. They just trap thetans like mad. That is one of the things they were designed to do. So, if you are going to operate as a Static and thetan, both outside and inside this universe, you would be wise not to take the bait presented by the meat body-societies. It is usually presented repeatedly on each dynamic until you are listed as "unwritable business" by this group mind.

If someone comes along and wants to introvert you or to comment on you, notice that they are not talking about you. It is an illegitimate lie that there is really something going on here, other than a whole lot of solitaires.

When you are talking to someone else there are four things going on actually. There is your side of it where (1) you perceive the person flowing to you and (2) you flowing back. There is his side of it where he (3) perceives you flowing to him and (4) he flowing to you. These two sets of perceptions, his and yours, are two different universes, his and yours. The two universes produce an appearance. The two people get deluded into thinking that there is some big, agreed-upon physical universe in which this is happening. It is not. But some think it is, and create it so.

If you subscribe to this particular idea of things going on in a physical universe, you will then actually engage in flowing particles in that universe, and you are going to end up solid as a result. If energy flows at a receipt point for a long time, then the energy builds up on that point, or person. This is the order of the day for people. You see this nice couple at thirty, and thirty years later they look like each other. It is because of all of that solid communication they have been flowing at each other in the physical universe. This is an appearance universe only, and actually playing in the physical universe on a real basis has a very high cost. You don't have to flow in the physical universe. You can, on the 7th dynamic switchboard, let other people think that you are flowing, and they will think you are flowing and mock it up that way on their two lines they see between you and them. They are going to think you are flowing, whether you do or not. So there is no point in doing it, for all it does is make you solid, motionless, and incapable of decision. In fact you can completely disappear, and other people will mock you up as there. You can actually be gone, and yet other people will still think you are there. Ironically, everyone could have left this universe, and what remains could be nothing left but machines clanking back and forth at each other. But that has not quite fully happened yet. I suggest you study the event-horizon theory of black holes, if the idea of how far gone this universe is intrigues you. We are 99% to that point, to where nothing escapes the event-horizon of this universe, and most of the intelligent people got out long ago. Yet it threatens to collapse into it over two thirds of the other universes and over half of theta.

This physical universe was played start to finish, the whole game. It is about 4.6 quadrillion years long. Year is a doubled measure of time. It means 2 things. On earth it is the time it takes the earth to go around the sun. The other meaning is a galactic year. That is the time it takes the earth to go around the galaxy. I believe that is 100 million earth- years.

The duration I list on the physical universe is galactic years. That is a hell of a long time. After the game played out, it repeated. This is the 626th repeat, This is about 95% done, this repeat of the cycle. We have 5% of the time left for this particular physical universe dramatisation. That still gives us many trillions of years to go. On each repeat of the cycle, it gets sloppier, there is less free will.

Of course, Hubbard never figured this out, and he never took an engram chain earlier than this repeat, and ran them in the original run of this universe. Further, he never took the chain earlier back to the basic on the chain, which is the magic track, or earlier, before individuation. Since he has never done or heard of a clean engram chain run back to the basic incident, it is understandable that he cannot comprehend how anyone can sit down and get 500-700 divisions of TA and charge off a being (10 divisions he considers superb) in an hour, or that there is about 40,000 divisions of charge on a normal Scientology case from life repair to OT7, or that there are 400,000 divisions of charge on a case from walking in the door to being a 12th degree master.

A 12th Degree Master can lay a body down, shut its heart off for 5 hours, and come back and turn it on, or raise the dead, or blow up a Siberian Nuclear Complex, by decision. What is funny about this is a 12th degree master may not be able to get a job, raise corn, and be a good marriage partner. In processing a 12th degree master, this is what they want fixed. They do not care about being God, they already are. They want to be able to fix a car. And the people that fix cars want to be gods. Apparently the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It is also funny, that Hubbard, the man with the pitch of "broader horizons", has incredibly narrow vision. Apparently when he challenged many a Master and they drove a spiritual stake through his groin, he has noticed no change. I recall him ageing about 20 years overnight, and his response to it was for me to -shut up and he muttered about make-up. So much for the humour of mastery, and the cost of never running an engram to basic. (Basic is the first time the idea was there).

Hubbard's appearance and what he is doing is somewhat a part of the recordings of the physical universe repeating itself. If you are to live in harmony with this phenomenon of the repeating physical universe, you should recognise that there is free will, where people can violate the 6th dynamic repeating itself. My writing this book is somewhat an option. Sometimes the physical universe recording will write it. Sometimes at this point, I don't write it. Sometimes it doesn't get written. Sometimes it is written by another. One can recall how the future worked out with each of these alternatives. Either way, in any decision, the responsibility for any action can be traced out. As in dropping a pebble into a pond, the ripples and consequences of any action can be extrapolated out through all time. When you can do that then you can talk about the responsibility for an action. Prior to that it is best-efforts chat.

One of the biggest jokes around is that everybody is already, to some degree, an OT, if not full OT. Getting someone to admit that is a real clever trick, because you have then trapped him into a lot of responsibility at that point, if he is dumb enough to take it. It is not hard to do. It is how you assign the hat of managing a planet to someone. What you do is go ahead and make sure that they get their auditing and graduate up above what Scientology was, is, or will be. After that is done, just make up an OT project. Like causing an earthquake in California, or run a schoolbus off a mountain, or get a U.S. Ambassador shot in Africa. Assign this guy this project, whatever it is.

Some people would object to these projects, and of course that is what he will be erasing to get the events to occur. It is really amazing to see the emotionalism these meatbodies put out. It is only exceeded by their double- standards. The meat bodies run like a pack of wolves on emotionalism. Anyone that is a strong subscriber to the meat-body cult (It is no accident they call Scientology a -cult) would think that those three example projects are horrible. They think it is horrible to harm meat bodies out there. Of course, they do not blink an eye about killing every religious man that ever tried to help this planet. Hubbard didn't have to be killed physically. The meat-body cult and its subscribers got other spirits to kill him spiritually. They don't bat an eye over it, they just say "oh, gee, that is real sad", and drop $10 in a box on Sunday, and that makes it all OK. But for some spirit to go harm meat bodies, Oh God forbid! Of course, this mentality is from folks who load there shotguns up to go kill God's creatures on weekends, or their mates who are just there for the cash. That is the double standard of the meat-body cult subscribers. They strongly object to killing for fun, because that is what they do, and, unfortunately that is about all they can do. They would be very shocked to see what their great idol, Jesus, did later to the man who took the whip across his eyes in the flogging, or how much hate a man like that can feel, having felt that much love.

Anyway, you give the guy a project to go crunch up some of these semi precious meat bodies. He'll run off all of his objections to this thing happening, and then every one else's objections. It will take him about 900-950 hours on his first one, 50 hours on his second, and ten seconds on his third. After he has caused the event, and proved to himself he can operate as a thetan, you say to him: "Is this whole game pre-recorded?" and he will agree, and mention he ran across it in taking the objections down and getting everyone's agreement that it would be optimum to occur. Then say "If this is all pre-recorded, and any time you drop a pebble in a pond it effects all of history, in other words one event effects all other events, then for you to change that one event, and in taking responsibility for it, then you probably know the whole track of all things that have occurred, do occur, and will occur throughout the physical universe?"  He will examine with a sheepishly nod, and very softly say "yes". So then you say, "Well look, since you know the totality of it, can take responsibility for any event by extrapolation, and cause any event, then aren't you a full OT now?  The fact that you could change one thing, proves you had to know all the other things because they are all hooked together." The man will then hee-haw, grind, and get nervous. What you have just done is you have turned a miserable, questioning, curious, flippant student into a God at that point. He is far beyond what others consider God to be at that point. I mean what is this guy going to do, go drink a bottle of Vodka?  He has just realised that he knows it all, and can do anything he wants with it. So there is one more OT 'in this universe' at that point.

'In this universe' is sort of a humorous remark, because he is not in this universe anymore. To cause events to occur one has to rise above this dramatisation. The guy certainly doesn't do these actions in it. He'll just adjust something in reality which will cause a change in the appearance. He will cause changes by as-ising the precoded alternate to what he wants to occur. For a fellow in this range, or for anyone, to engage in alterisness, except to achieve more as-isness, is a severe violation of ethics, It is irrational conduct. It is just stupid to engage in alterisness.

With this pass-the-buck transfer of planetary management going on, one should still try to live in harmony. Sometimes the deadness of things gets to be too much, and you can go out and play warrior for a few years and get it out of your system. It is interesting to observe the similarities between Alexander-the great, King Arthur, and Lawrence of Arabia. Here is a guy that just loves to go out and raise hell and conquer the world periodically. Yet in each instance there is intelligence, poetry, sensitivity, introversion, and a huge ego. Yet in all three instances, this apparent savagery was progress for mankind. The King of Persia (could that have been Mr. Hubbard? ) didn't care for what happened, but a uniform language had to be established or the well-planned "Christianity" could not proceed. Maybe that is why he burned those books that were so dear to the King. Hubbard complains enormously about this fellow, Alexander, calling him a raving maniac. I suppose it is because he lost a lot of gold, libraries, and an old religious con-game that he had going at the time. He did not like that civilisation being wiped out flippantly. It is quite a sight to see 20,000 horsemen with shields reflecting sunlight come through over 1 million men in about 3 hours. It is quite a sight. Speed so easily conquers size, and always will.

As I was saying, if the harmony gets too much for you after your bridge is done, you can go out and get involved in warfare's for personal amusement. All games are for amusement only. But I really would not recommend any long adventure or intrusion into dissonance or disharmony, as one can get trapped into it. So, my fundamental advice is don't play games you can't win. I could not stress or underline what I just said enough. I don't see any value in losing. A lot of our culture suggests there is some value in losing, and so people are out there, chasing some ethereal absolute, trying to prove there is something neat about suffering, agonising, struggling, having a hard time, and being poor. Those are things that a person has to work through and rise above. After they have risen above them, it is a hell of a shock to find out the world is full of flippant people, who throw around massive sums of money, that they do not care about at all. If one were to work most of their life, and then encounter someone giving millions to a guy who gives it all to prostitutes, it could be alarming to the work-all-your-life mentality, and it is. So, you should not get too entrenched into any one viewpoint on existence as the right way to live. It is better to live in harmony. These intrusions into disharmony are often unnecessary. It is best to handle most things by as isness as an operating thetan. Of course, if warfare does break out, the quicker the war is conducted, the less net suffering will result, so you should conclude all wars quickly. Don't ever fight a war you cannot win.

A lot of social and other arrangements had to be made for this book to be published. The climate had to be arranged so that pure, straight, honest truth could be communicated without elaboration.

Scientology is similar to Christianity in that the truth is hidden in there, to where "those who have eyes to see, can see; and those who have ears to hear can hear". It is sort of insulting to give people a pile of mysteries and suggest that they sort through all the cow-dung, to find the pearls. It is probably a comment by those two writers of their opinion of their fellow man. I don't see anything wrong in giving pearls to people. Jesus said not to cast pearls before swine. I disagree with that philosophy. I think there are enough pearls to choke down the throat of all the swine that are out there, because there are more pearls than there are swine. I would suspect Jesus advice was appropriate for the time, as the folks he was talking to were short on pearls, and long on swine. Times have changed. The people I am talking to are long on pearls, and will not even acknowledge swine. The Romans, their soldiers, their "order", and their rightness are not with any of us anymore. Let us live in a successful and fruitful peace of harmonious kindness. To the degree that you can create your environment thus, to that degree, you are the land, and the kingdom, and You.

There is obviously, and undeniably, alot of suppression in the environment, and a particularly heavy log of it is directed at creative people. Handling or Disconnecting from it is usually an impermanent and insufficient solution, particularly in the light of "Justice Prevailing over All". The best remedy for suppression, when you are hit with it, is TO OUTCREATE IT. That handles it for eternity. It is a harmonious handling.

For harmony in handling interiorization into Mest, objects, relationships, people, subjects, identities, and so forth, you can ask "What drop in havingness caused you to close into _________?" They will give you the incident. Then get the earlier "wanted to achieve" which will be mest oriented as an answer. Then ask "What theta goal or commodity were you trying to achieve with this mest oriented actibity?" Then 2WC that item for them in PT.

For harmony in running engrams, keep asking for earlier beginnings util you get the drop in emotional curve from 40.0 or above slamming down to mest (0.0). Thus you get the earlier secondary that exists right before the engram. That drop in tone and loss as an earlier beginning you will find before each engram. This will bring harmony to chain running. Instead of just erasing the lowtoned decisions that stuck on impact, you will be erasing the loss of total self control, the assignment in mood and responsibility away from self, and then the loss, then the engram. It is the earlier counter-postulation against self, havingness loss, then the secondary that precedes the engram you want to fix. Normal chain running will handle chronic stuck things. This type of address will handle why he falls from tone 40 to the human band. Its a new look at holding onto harmony, as an ability. you want to erase this automatic crash from 40.0 to apathy, as a cycle, that keeps getting restimulated, on people. Use this technique on the R/S Incident on the case. That is called THE STABILITY RUNDOWN.


The Final Deceit: Persistences

Persistences are the final deceit: It is and was considered that one can't hold and idea forever, and if one were to try, one would get tired. A mechanical system was developed so that an idea would stick and stay in place. We have this system in the physical and our own universe. Thus we have persistences, of ideas. There are two ways to live: (1) is to create knowing and activity, and (2) to rely on existing persistences of ideas. The former is a conscious and active creation, the latter is mechanical and automatic.

Let us take the example of a love affair. If it persists that you love someone, it will just stay there, and you do not have to knowingly create that love. If you have to create it, then you would have what is known as eternal, truthful love (which is above time). This latter type will be there forever if it is created as such. The latter type eliminates the idea of loss, in most instances. Normally, the only things that d person will or can lose are persistences, things that persist. Thus, the win/lose subject is tied up with persistences. It is a deceit. (Normally most grief evaporates upon finding the loss of motion or mass; only occasionally will you have to find the lost quality or abandoned goal to get a secondary to erase).

It is very doubtful that you are going to lose anything that is true. There seems to be little sense in owning or having truth, which is a curious additive that people often engage in. To the degree that a person gets embroiled and involved with persistences, those persistences will flow back at him, due to the inherent confusion of the communication formula (duplication and beingness occur at both ends of the communication line). Thus if you if you are having and owning a persistent idea, it will have and own you, and this is by degrees. If you start having solid things, they will start hating you, proportionally. This is one of the reasons vacations are so desirable, for it is a relief to get away from all the stuff one is busy owning (house, car, job, money and so forth).

Owning is kind of a gyp because no one can really own anything completely in the physical universe. The physical universe already owns all of its contents. This factor alone, makes living in it the majority of the time less than paradise. The physical universe is just here for you so you can try owning it.

Persistent data is data that just sticks there for you. It is there for you to look at. It does not vanish when you look at it. You do not have to recreate it, after having looked at it once. It stays there when you look at it. Such data, for this phenomenon to occur, must contain at least one lie (or you are not looking, a valence is looking instead of you). If things do not unmock, or stay there as an obvious contrast to you, then you have a via (machinery, valence, circuitry) on your looking. This contrast should be clear as day and twice as bright. For example, look at man being self determined. That is there to look at a second time, so it is persistent data and it is a lie. Book at man being pan-determined, and look a second time at that. you have to create it, do you not?  If this distinction is not obvious to you, after 15 minutes to 2 hours of drilling on it, you have additives on your looking. Look at whether Hubbard discovered Scientology or whether we all created it long ago. Suffice it to say if the idea vanishes, and you have to keep recreating it to look at, then there is truth there. There is objective and subjective truth. Do not confuse the two. It might vanish for you subjectively that I wrote this book, but it will not objectively. Objectively, what vanishes is either we all did or I just remembered it. Both vanishing proves there is more than one truth, an often occurring fact. 99% of your philosophers went to hell in a breadbasket on the false assumption that there is one truth. There is usually a lot more than one. With this ability to make and find the distinction between truth and lies, by this mechanical test (known as the "acid test" by men of truth), I would trust you are hereby indemnified from entrapment for eternity on any and all seas of data that you find. It is more important than auditing. Because, without this ability, auditing cannot and does not occur. Hubbard, and everyone in his church, never came near using or applying this, and thus did miss many, if not all, the boats. It is appalling beyond the wildest stretch of the imagination that nobody else alive has figured this out, that Hubbard recalled it and built technical processes around it but never understood it, that Jesus proclaimed that we "-should know the truth, and the truth will make you free" and did not tell his brethren HOW. It is shocking that I have only taught 2 dozen people this "acid test", and freed them to infinity thereby, and it has never taken more than 2 hours to where they can find the truth in 5-15 seconds, on any area they are not aberrated on. I do it on every preclear before we do any auditing, and it is interesting to note each one finds it more valuable than the decades and $30,000 or more they invested in the lie-wading contest known as the Church of Scientology, which even has "persisting wins" that they have the audacity and gall to be proud of. By definition, any persisting win is a lie, and a gross technical error and should be repaired that day. That is the "secret of" church auditing "case gain": restimulate and move someone back on the track to where he was more alive, make technical errors to stick him there, and he feels fixedly different and better. Unfortunately, he can't do much after that, but he feels better. The preclears want just the opposite to happen and prevail over this technique often, and get real gain in spite of mice, men, and screwball technology.

We have a world built on persistences, and you would be prudent to live in some kind of harmony with them, giving Caesar his due, and that makes for good clean communication cycles with the outside world.

When things start going haywire and people start having difficulties with their lives, they simply have too many persistences and not enough truth going on. They need to get some relief from the persistences (lies, bypassed charge) and discover the truths that underlie each of these lies. You see, the lies get all their force from the power and life inherent in the underlying truths. So in the undoing of the lies, the truths are found. This is my definition of -auditing. People come back alive, and start living and creating well when they have truth instead of lies under their belt. Auditing is not just clearing up someone's difficulties. It is raising the ability and condition of another from lying to being truthful.

My favourite definition of wealth is the truth you are, and are aware of. That is a very workable definition. In the book of Thomas, Jesus mentioned with mild cruelty that those that are in poverty are poverty. I suppose it is only cruel to poverty. I recalled the line when I was in poverty and was poverty, washing dishes for $8.00 a day, and quit. I made over a $1000 in the stock market with borrowed money the next two weeks. It is a high level truth of his that is a key to persistences. What you are in, if you protest it, you begin being as a consequence, so to untangle this ball of string, you must first undo being that you protest before you can change the condition. Taking things apart going-back-through- time is more workable than taking things apart going-forward-in-time. Sometimes you have to do both. There is nothing wrong with juggling the two, and working with it, as long as you get it resolved. The only thing sacred about techniques is that you do them properly, in the right order, and finish what you start. There is nothing wrong with -vignette bridges, going from life repair to OT7 on spinach in an hour. +The idea that one process will handle something is a wrong, stupendous error. Nothing is handled until the preclear says it is handled. Some things, like my personal rudiments, took over a 1000 processes. Obviously, Mr. Hubbard and I disagree on this point, and rather violently, on both sides. I walked out of his church forever in 1974, after I had given a session in which I used incident running (R3R) on rudiments, which the preclear proclaimed to be the finest session he had ever had, glad to get it fixed after 11 years of the same thing coming up for 11 years, and so forth. This matter went by telex to him for decision. What I had done he said was wrong. If someone else was signing his Telexes, that is even more hideous, and of course they were, as he was on his back in bed. The point in the anecdote is that using more than one process to handle something is not unusual, it is necessary if the preclear does not declare "all-is well", and the desertion of preclears by confining them to one process in handling something is a far greater sin than abandoning a friend in his struggle to symbolise mankind's oldest dream, even if it is his life's work, even if there was love. For Hubbard, the definition of greatness is "loving in spite of..."; for me, it is "honouring the best and finest of what you have seen, by creating, defending and establishing those manifestations of perfection." So, to each his own egomaniac greatness. With such different definitions, it was growth for both that we kissed off.

Jesus was only cruel to the idea of poverty, not the people.

True wealth is how much truth you access, and manifest.

You do get paid for it in this world, not the next, but it takes a little while to happen. It took me 12 years, from the manifestation to the silly dollars.

Persistence in action is completely different from persistence of data. The former is admirable, the latter involves lies. If a person is persistent on a given course, and stays with something on through to its completion, regardless of what comes up, then you would know that the fellow is very determined and alive. There are some very tenacious people out there, and this factor alone carries mankind through all of his tribulations. It is a very admirable trait. There is nothing wrong with using it to get the job of auditing done.

I suppose a very comfortable existence in life could be created on the basis of 25% not-is-ness, 25% is-ness, 25% alter-isness, and 25% as isness. Normally a preclear, when they walk in the door, is into an excess of 99% not-isness.

If they have been through the Church of Scientology, or had their L's done, trained auditors, then they probably have taken this all too seriously, and you will find that what is wrong with them is they have very heavy persistences. You may have to coach these off, as truth is a foreign commodity to them. They have certificates, you see. Status means you don't have to look in society, too.

Getting certificates from a church is like getting diplomas from a university, in that it reflects a degree of asking permission to survive from others. In auditing a preclear with this lifetime church track, they are going to have the time of their life just coming out of not-isness, for they will have loads of persistences coming off. Once they are out of that condition of existence, you will find that they will have a very difficult time having truth, because this type of, case uniformly is at substitute on the havingness scale. Thus they have substituted persistences for truth, and are used to that.

Really tough cases, whether from the church or not, will take lies over truth at every turn. In about 20% of the population, if you were to ask in a session or over a beer, "Why don't you straighten all this out?", the reply will be the lie: "I don't want to, I'd rather screw it up?" You might think that they don't mean it, but they do. You have just been a witness to "the divine-right-of-emotion", in action. That right is the person's right to go to hell. You can let them, or you can clear it out of the way by offering to assist them in that endeavour. I used to do the latter, now I do the former. In clearing it you could also indicate it is a lie and repeat the question, with a "You don't really mean that as the absolute truth in this matter, do you...I can see that is how you feel, but is this the absolute truth you want, to 'screw it up? , If you get high off saving victims, or have large cash needs, you can work with this 20% of the population. I pass on working with them. A half a dozen of them is enough to turn anyone of good heart sour on auditing, and into a Hemmingway or Hubbard fatalism about one's neighbours.

The only permanent solution in dealing with persistences is (1) to put truth on the line, (2) then get truth discovered, and then (2) get truth out in the open as a way of life. By doing enough recreation of the original truths, a person attains the state to where they find that they have created the truth in itself. They can then create all the truth they want. I would counsel one against using persistent solutions to solve persistent problems as much as possible. It is better to use some truth.

I beg you not to confuse a condition (roaches in an apartment) with a problem (two things opposite each other that do not belong that way).


The Death Of The Gods

There have been some powerful operating thetans which, in the past, which designed "theta traps". Some of these were successful forms of entrapment, in that they are evident in people and their conduct today. The 3 most prominent ones are these dichotomies: (1) good/evil, (2) survive/succumb, and (3) love/hate. Most, if not all, people have spent their entire existence and time in the physical universe looking through one of these only. It is sort of your own "dark glass" you look through. I have been terribly prone to (3) love/hate, as is evidenced by my thoughts on Hubbard, my performance, and my contempt for the ignorance that involvement in the other dichotomies is. This personal "dark glass", or Achilles heel, that each person has is erasable through auditing. Unfortunately, until it is, it is the only meaningful context on which the individual can be addressed or appealed to. The purpose of these 3 theta traps was to eliminate the competition and to render the recipient blind and ineffective as an operating thetan. One of these three, at the least, got laid into them prior to any involvement in this physical universe, and it gets reinforced once they are in it, and it accumulates engrams locks and secondaries (not to mention GPMs, Reliable items and Service facsimiles) very rapidly. If you would talk to people about these three, you will find that although each of the three can be restimulated up to being important, only one do they care about and perform upon. Thus society is composed of (1) ethical moralists, (2 calculating opportunists, and (3) romantics, as the result of this implanting. Different dichotomies prevail over the entire culture of earth at different decades in history. The good/evil one has dominated the majority of history, where every 100, and every thousand, years people pair up on sides on this one and fight it out. The 1980s appear to be created on the survive/succumb.

What I want to talk about here is that things like those 3, in other words, games can and have been set up like this, and the being (s) that created them can depart or die, and the game goes on forever, since he is not around to close it off, and no one else closes the game off either. Perhaps the human condition was made this way. Odds on that would be very strong. Such is a really wild situation. Eight Billion years ago, off the Clarion Star Group, the Clarion Conspiracy successfully stopped time for a day, and it shot the hell out of everyone's havingness, and in that state, a lot of people were implanted. The beings that did that cannot take it apart, as they do not exist at any real level as beings anymore. One can harm others until you do not exist at any level anymore.

These beings flickering out of existence is not due to overts, withholds, or karma. It is due to theta playing a game as theta against theta as mest. The being just turns into mest. That is what mest is. It is either old or committed theta. Whether any of that mest is convertible back into theta, whether any of that theta is convertible from mest back into theta a beings, I would like to leave as conjecture (but it is not conjecture really, for nuclear physics and the other -mad sciences are understandable in this light), to a major extent. I have audited people that have fully been mest before and have cycled back to theta. They did not like it too much; they got tired of being a rock.

The actual beings involved in that particular spiritual quandary and conflict, that we are faced with on this planet, have gone into hiding, using an encoded communications system to maintain their present control. Most of the powerful beings that have ruled this galaxy have gone into hiding, and cannot be located except by a very clever OT. They use a code system that they alone designed and no one else has broken yet, and that is how they maintain control. It is a very clever trick for these fellows to leave their posts unoccupied, and unoccupiable. For instance, let us say there was an emperor of a galaxy who, when he saw he was about to be overthrown, encoded his entire job, existence, and control lines. He then just disappears as an operating thetan. He still runs the place, but on a 1-way communication line. He observes what is going on, causes changes to occur in societies, but there is no way you can ever locate the guy to straighten him out. If the two top rulers of the Markabian and Galactic Confederation both did this, and were both walking the streets chuckling, the Aquinas era idea that the earth was the centre of a very large system would have validity, if those bastards are here, on this planet. The Markabian emperor disappeared in his being overthrown 212626 years ago, and has not been seen since.

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