That is one aspect of gods dying that has some unpleasant ramifications. As an operating thetan if you do not like the game you would naturally try to change it. In these attempts at changing games you will uncover games that were installed by beings that are either no longer with us, or are in hiding and essentially inaccessible. Thus is unsatisfactory, so you would set out to find out where they are, and would have to be very clever with the subject of truth and not get caught in any persistences, for they have a vested interest in your not finding out or finding them. This can and has been done.

The human race has good reason to feel hostility for gods.

The human meat bodies, with the genetic entities that build them, have had enough of being interfered with and hassled by gods and operating thetans. They do not like their houses being blown apart, the oxygen cover being pulled off the planet, the axis changing on the planet, sudden ice ages, sudden supernova, or any of the four horseman of the Apocalypse. Meat bodies, understandably, don't like these events, so they (due to these engrams) feel that anyone manifesting spiritually powers should either be heavily entrapped or religiously sacrificed "for the good of all". As a group meat bodies have been very clever. This particular galaxy has gone from having 100,000s to less than 10,000 fully capable Operating Thetans. Fully capable means that one can appear and disappear without question from one end of the galaxy to the other in less than a second, thus these are messengers. I trust you recall there was a fellow named Mercury (Hermes, if you prefer), who had this ability of instantaneous appearance and disappearance. As all of these messengers started disappearing (got trapped into meat bodies themselves, somewhat due to sexual sensation addictions), the fact that the gods were dying due to entrapment by meat, meant that the communications systems that ran the galaxy started breaking down. As that broke down, central control went by the boards. As central control went by the boards, the defence of its borders against infiltration diminished. With infiltration came contamination, diversity, and degradation. Survival required regional government so at least there would be some kind. And that is how a great two galactic societies no longer are. A lot of the extraterrestrial flying saucers are completely unoccupied. They just contain mechanical computer machinery. No one is alive in them anymore. The wars cost too much in personnel. As a prison planet, earth is being very sloppily maintained, due to the high cost of Government and Travel. It is about a 4 year trip from Markab to here. They are just barely maintaining territorial sovereignty, and there is an enormous tax load on its citizenry. It should be noted that all flying saucers are not from outer space, and most are from the powers that be on this planet, which is outlined in the "novel" entitled "Genesis by" W. A. Harbinson, Corgi books in Great Britain and Dell in the U.S. The book defines the manifestation of ecological and eclectic men gone mad with the idea of the super race, and defines low grade saucers as being from the US and USSR, with the sophisticated ones being from under Antarctica as the remnant of Third Reich super science restrains the rest of the world from progressing up to the military and scientific hardware and software it holds.

As the gods disappear out of social area, the culture decreases, and the people just keep around symbols that they were once here. The way that gods get trapped into mest and human games is detailed adequately in the writings of the Greeks, where you will find an essentially accurate account of the continual intermixing of operating thetans and humans. It was an interesting occurrence that between 8 and 20 gods got heavily involved with humans to produce 30,000 semi-god, semi-human people before that hierarchy collapsed. The magical power started disappearing from the gods due to excessive dilution. There was a most procreative dissipation of spiritual power in The Golden Age. We have not seen anything like it since. That is how such things are done, through slow contamination.

If you turn up one of these 30,000 or 8-20 in auditing, it is wild to uncontaminated them, because they will go right back to being a semi deity or deity right away, as the case may be. They are never going to disclose or announce this to anybody because they have no great desire to be gunned down or diluted again. This is part of the -pay of bad experiences, for one realises that there is no point in doing that again. Specifically one realises the degree of restraint that would be wisdom in dealing with crazy people. Discretion can most often be the better part of valour, when the other side is rabid.

There have been a lot of powerful beings on the time track. Most of the mythologies are accurate about them. They fell down to being human and are most reluctant to talk about it or do anything about. If you are fortunate enough to be graced with auditing one of these, you will be getting an education that you could get no where else. These gods continue to die into the human race and arena, and even drop into consciousness as an alternative to aware-ing. It is quite an experience to observe someone who fixes refrigerators now clear up why he is no longer making stars. It is even wilder to restore his willingness to create again, and watch him stop fixing refrigerators.

There has been tremendous interest at top galactic levels to "recycle" some of these fallen guys back up to a state to where they will be -useful as deities again. But it hasn't worked out that way, for all efforts in this direction have been failures. Hubbard was given this assignment, and has done a lot of research in that area, but people are too bright to fall for it, for despite its efficiency, that type of society is not at all pretty.

When the mining is done by robots, animal bodies are used for clerical, administrative, and light manufacturing, little stick or "doll" bodies are used to ride herd on these lower two, and the doll body class reports to the "pure operating thetans", you have a very organised, 4-tier, demandingly "religious" and "scientific" society, which is in truth the anti-thesis of true religion (all life has equal rights) and science (observation and analysis yielding logical solutions), It is at its worst made manifest recently by the Nazis. A political and military structure based on this makes the OTs generals, Colonels dolls, lieutenants animal-bodied, and soldiers robotic. Politically this works out to Presidents, Senators, Representatives, and Administrators. Socio-economically it works out to the "independently wealthy", executive, worker, and poor classes. Population distribution rarely exceeds 1/2%, 3 1/2%, 52%, and 44% respectively. America, as we know it, is all too-well a remembrance of that type of society.

If you work with someone in auditing and get them up to where they can drop a plane out of the sky or defuse an atomic weapon by thought alone, they will have a natural reluctance (due to the wisdom they have attained in auditing) to go work for somebody else. They have a tendency to be their own boss. This is good news, that not only is mankind waking and growing up rapidly, but his old gods are also. It is a good idea to - recycle people right on out of the universe to where they can be here only as much as they want to be. It is a lousy idea to "recycle" them up to being military generals where they will be conquering planets and raising tomatoes.


Mobius Strip Flows / Winners & Losers

A mobius strip, if you look it up in a dictionary, is where you draw a line on a sheet of paper with arrows on the line. Holding the strip of paper up, you see a line with the arrow marks in one direction. If you twist the strip (180 degrees), and do a figure 8 with it, you will find in the middle you will have arrows going in 2 different directions, against each other. So the single line flowing in one direction, appears to be flowing in opposite directions. I am sure there is some farmer out there who thinks he is a scientist who will try to use this for energy creation, but he is in for a big disappointment. anytime you introduce an invention ahead of the dramatisation people reject it.

I knew this guy that invented an aeroplane from his recall in auditing. It would take off at 5 miles per hour from a 100 foot field. He took it around the US and the world. No one would buy it. Since it was not in the dramatisation, it was not real to folks. There are over 100 good long term. solutions to the energy crisis in this country. There are dozens of solutions to the fresh water, food, and whatever other problem countries face. There are almost endless solutions to any of the problems that mankind faces, but nobody wants any of them, because it is not in the dramatisation. That is how thick this repeating physical universe game is.

I am not really concerned that someone is going to go out and build an anti- gravity machine because if they do, there isn't going to be anyone there to buy it. This has already happened 4 times in the last 20 years. Some solutions are in the dramatisation, or could be put into it easily. These are interesting. A fellow invented batteries that last a lifetime. Delco felt this was a threat, bought it up, for a million dollars, and the guy went to Florida and talks to no one. Then there is the guy in New Mexico, who cannot afford to feed his children, with the cost of gas and his long commute to work, so he goes to a Hardware store, gets some plumbing gear, gets 60 miles per gallon out of a full sized sedan. The press after months of ridicule sent someone down to check it out. It is true. He's gone, family and all. Just disappeared. Detroit automotive people flew into that town before he disappeared. If these people weren't bought off or eliminated, their products could be put into the dramatisation. It takes two to make commerce, and if the invention or solution is close to reality, it will fly. If it is too far ahead, it becomes unreal. I built 70 miles per hour vehicles that got 300 miles per gallon when I was 12 years old. They cost me $40 a piece. They were horribly low and light, and my parents insisted I keep them off the road. No one was interested, it was too much progress, too far ahead in time.

There are mobius strip flows; and that is how awareness gets created. A person gets something going in one direction and then believes it is going in 2 directions at once. You can actually get awareness and consciousness going full blast, if you start running flows this way. It is a fascinating area to audit and clean up, and it is part of operating as an OT, seeing how these are created and work. Even theta versus itself as mest is just one thrust we mistakenly perceive as against. What we have going on in the physical universe is the apparency of winners and losers, and we have the apparency of energy flowing in two directions. However, in truth, both are single flows in one direction. Senior to the physical universe there are no winners or losers, but in the apparency of the physical universe, there are.


Continued Living in Someone Else's Was
A New Definition of Hell

The physical universe could be defined as someone else's was. If we were to continue to live in someone else's memory, that would be a hell, because it could go on endlessly for he may not get that memory cleared up. Not only is this a distinct possibility, but there is supportive evidence for it as a probability. If this assumption is true, we would need appropriate technology to handle it. That technology would be the use of nine time-flows, and I call it "Magic".

Hubbard plays with three time states: past, present, and future. In Dianetics the person looks from present to past and from past to present. It accomplishes a lot of change in someone because it is 2/9 ths of what is known as "magic", thus it works out well. If the preclear is running well, you will have 3/9 ths, for the present to present flow will be there in the preclear to auditor communication line. Unfortunately, perhaps, 2/3 of the boat was missed by Hubbard. There are 6 other time flows that effect creation and existence.

If you were to exteriorize senior to time, and look at the flows you would find:

1. present to past
2. present to future
3. present to present
4. past to future
5. past to present
6. past to past
7. future to present
8. future to past
9. future to future.

If you get all 9 of these arranged in perfect triangles, (time triangles) you can do magic, like nobody would ever believe. You can as-is any creation.

The real complaint the Catholic Church had against the witches was that they were reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards and that was unmocking the Church.

If someone has created a nine-flow time trap of the physical universe, and has forgotten about it, and a whole bunch of people have fallen into the thing, you would have a semi-eternal hell here. Further, if you could get all of those people to believe in it, and to believe that they are volitionally involved, and that someone else made them, and that it was actually a game wherein they could evolve to the top of the well as a good spirit or go to the bottom of the well as a bad one, you would have these 4 added persistent lies to seal the trap, I would like to suggest that this is one element of what has occurred.


Mechanical Consciousness

Mechanical consciousness is just that. If you can get -unknow set up on an automaticity, an unknowning machine, then you can get mechanical consciousness going. Breathing is an unknowing machine of the somatic mind. If a person is not deliberately making consciousness, then they are mechanically conscious, and thereby are limited to human senses, which are less than 1% of what is available to be perceived, by other senses, such as is available in deliberate consciousness. Modern scientists are quite disturbed with the fact that the sense range of human meat bodies is about 1% of what is out there to be perceived. The scientists concern comes from their logic that if one can only see 1% of what is out there it is improbable that anyone will discover what we are surrounded with. Mechanical consciousness does restrict thinking, perception, and awareness to about a 1% range, and precludes the possibility of figuring out the world around one.

That is inherent in this particular game, supposedly in the physical universe, because everyone here is trying to find out what is here. It is a game of finding things out. This is based on the wrong assumption that if you find out all the parts you will then understand the whole. This is an idea that came from scientists, the same fellows that have given us new diseases, atom bombs, and gas warfare. Science has long been a religion unto itself, and should be recognised as such. With 200 new chemical substances a week being dumped into our water, and the EPA catalogue showing only 20 a week being investigated for side effects on life forms, we see pure science at its zenith. When there is no more air left to breathe, no more food left to eat, and no more bodies left to occupy, Science will have done its trick once more.

The last nuclear annihilation of the bulk of the life forms on this planet, on the surface, was 14,026 years ago.

I don't really care for going through these experiences and watching this senseless continuance of marvellous science doing what marvellous science does. But marvellous science is nothing more than a dramatisation of the original salesmen that got the whole physical universe game going in the first place. That is, if you accept the premise that the sum of the parts equals the whole, then you could believe in science. By being mechanically conscious and spending one's entire time track dutifully recording each of the physical universes parts (time is a segmentation of the whole into parts), and having lived out each of it's parts, then you would understand the whole, the physical universe. That is just marvellous, isn't it?  That is the crazy idea that being involved in the physical universe operates off of. It is a crazy idea to do this with mechanical consciousness too. This is what people operate off of as a "way of awareing", and it a fundamental logic error. They accept it as a natural fact, when it is as aberrated as hell. It is what hell is, mechanical consciousness, for it makes one robot-city to a record player.

If you put a man in front of a penny and said "Here is a penny", he would say "yeah, I see what it is". If you took another man and said "we are going to put this penny under a microscope to where you can see the molecules, and I am going to slowly move it, and we are going to spend your whole time track, trillions of years, as you observe every molecule in it, and at the end you can add up all that you have seen." And lets say you did that. Then you asked him, "What does a penny look like now that you have seen and added up the molecules?"  This fellow would reply, "Hell if I know." That is the game of the physical universe. People are going through the matter, energy, space, time sequences in order to figure out what it is. If they would get senior to the physical universe, and rise above it's ethics level, and just look at it, then they would see what it is.

Mechanical consciousness is so common and abundant, that you don't directly address it until after the Scientology Auditing is essentially complete, that is OT 7. You are taking it off in all of your work prior to that.

Hubbard said in 1966 that nobody outside himself, and a few high-level people in Scientology had anything but mechanical consciousness. This is absurd that he considers the entire world to be nothing but a bunch of robots. It is a very inaccurate observation. Everyone out there has some degree of free consciousness and free will. I you appeal to it, it will manifest itself.

I know a cat that has absolutely loads of free awareness. You can put a washcloth on an E-meter and say "Clorox Bleach" and you are going to see some reads there. Those reads may or may not be determined by mechanical consciousness. I advise you against demonstrating that plants, steaks, and matter is alive to people. It is too high a truth for them, and it upsets them greatly. It takes an IQ of about 5 to prove it for all it requires is a meter and a question.

It is nice to know what mechanical consciousness is, so you can rise above it and be 100 times more alive.


What If Everyone That Was Worthwhile
Has Already Left This Universe

I wanted to raise the question, and define worthwhile as something that is subjective. This idea has been promoted that all of us which are still in here are not worth anything. If you could persuade another that his postulates did not work, that he has no self-esteem, that he feels abandoned, that he has a lot of heartbreak-hotel emotions, then you would be able to make the guy feel lonely. In that condition he would start clutching onto other beings, feel that reaching for other gods was a step up, and hold onto thoughts as though they are something scarce. He would eventually consider truth as scarce, and start holding onto truths and try to make them persist.

There have been some bad folks out there that have promoted these ideas, and the idea that everyone that was worthwhile had already left, and the idea that we are all great fools and sinners. I have called this education the "Garden of Eden Implan"t. This whole idea that we are bad and have to be educated into being good is a becomingness idea. The good and bad guys really get mixed up on this. I cannot think of anything more boring or disgraceful than being stuck at the other end of a one-way comm. line with a senior being that has nothing to do but father me. Anyway, let us get on with this logic: this supposedly nice big guy made us and then his arch rival (Satan or Beelzebub) comes along and says "you can't let em rot, they won't improve, so I'll help you out by making them effort. I'll arrange some challenges so they will realise convincingly that good is a better deal than evil." So, God and Satan had some disagreement over this, and Michael (later Christ) is the third party. Touching story, isn't it. This data is highly inaccurate as far as what really happened, but it is accurate as to what people were told in the implant. This is how people remember it, publish it, and theorise about it, just to get some sensation going.

When they originally heard these ideas they were getting a hell of a lot more current put through them than any electric chair we have on this planet now.

This notion that we have to work ourselves out of sin is an exercise in futility. For it is a lie, and thus we do not. We don't have to do anything except wake up.

The old proverb of the Persian king is appropriate. e wanted all of the wisdom of the world boiled to one book, then one page, then one word. Hubbard was fond of this proverb and was convinced he had found it in "Survive". The one word was not that, it was "aware".

If man is to rise above something, it sure as hell is not sin. It is ignorance. Ignorance has got to be the ultimate evil.


Remaining Sluggards Stuck In A Memory

If one is exterior to this universe and an operating thetan, one could view the folks involved in this treadmill of the physical universe as the "remaining sluggards stuck in a memory". That is an implanted idea that was promoted on people in here about how people north of us think of us. It is not true. It is third-partyism. People do not uniformly treat their juniors, children, or pets with disgust and contempt. Beings that are senior to oneself generally do not sneer at lower beings. Nor is there any pleasure in slaughtering any animal.

Managing one's particular existence in the evolutionary, hierarchical, and ecological schemes of existence and beyond, requires that one recognise one's position, handle one's communication lines north of one with senior beings, and south of one with junior beings. You can get into all kinds of friction by mishandling your junior lines. Your life will be completely blown off its course by what you consider a slight infraction with a senior line. From a senior's point of view, he didn't even know he stepped on a fly.

The sizes of games determine different value systems, importance's, ethical alternatives, and free creations. It is nice to recognise one's slot, thus one avoids being stepped on and avoids stepping on others. The difference in sizes of beings in comparison to each other exceeds my analogy. People are millions of times bigger or smaller than each other. There are people millions of times bigger than you, and there a people out there millions of times smaller than you.

This overly-promoted, false idea that there is intentional ill will within the natural ecology of life was invented by a small minority of nuts that find supposed pleasure in the misery of others. The majority of life is very, very good, and has been contaminated by this 1% minority.

This contamination is a prevalent absurdity the people need to recognise as such, and stop subscribing to it.


The Second Absence

I simply want to state here that the people who are planning for a Second Coming fail to realise than more can be accomplished with a second absence. The scheduled reappearance of Jesus Christ, Melchizedek, Michael or whoever this loving fellow is, is probably not going to happen. A second absence probably is.

There is a time slot for him to reappear and play a particular game coming up. By not appearing he can cause greater effects. And he loves great effects. They missed him showing up every lifetime since, Shakespeare and all. So, it is really a question of his announcing his arrival and playing the agreed-upon game. The non-arrival should rattle a few cages because he was scheduled to rule a new civilisation.

Another flaw in the theory of the return is that he already accomplished what he wanted back then. Besides, he would get a 44 magnum slug in the temple instead of nails. We will not be seeing much of this fellow until he wants to exchange some information. People do not want this guy back to hear new information. They want him back so they can further drive him up the wall, because he is the last full-scale operating thetan that we have in recorded history, and every piece of meat on this planet knows he is out there and they failed to trap him into a body.

The game is set up so that people wake up by themselves. There is no evidence of any millions of people understanding what he said nearly 2000 years ago. There was thousands of instances of healing and the truth fared well until 323 AD, when the council of Nicene burned all the good books and enforced all the bad ones. Healing, and truth went by the boards, and the dark ages started. The fundamental things he said have not been received by the people yet. It is a tough game going on between him and these folks. I hope he wins it, because I like the guy, his courage level and state. And I am amused that he continues to be right before their eyes each lifetime and they don't recognise its the same guy playing all these games.

In that he can accomplish a lot more by as-ising things instead of walking meat body around, its a good bet he is not going to proclaim his identity, e was actually going a good job of as-ising things in the famed lifetime, but his case got tripped on seeing the good-looking lady being stoned to death, which was a convenient point in starting his now-historical career, e was drawn into human existence at that point. She helped him get the body going again later, so even romance was joy to Mr. Wise and Mr. Guts.


The Irrevocable Persecution of
Games Makers, Destroyers, and Umpires

What we have on this planet is a bunch of broken pieces. There are a few pieces around and eight, or more, players. Of course, there are more assistant players. There are very few games makers, destroyers, and umpires. Let us define this hierarchy.

There is a caste system in games. At the top level there are Games Makers, Games Destroyers, and slightly above those two, the umpires. All three have no rules. There are little to no Umpires on this planet. The next echelon down is the Players, who know and obey the rules. The rules are made by the above stated three, who do not have to follow the rules they make. Assistant players obey the players. Assistant players redefine the rules into projects. Pieces execute the projects, but do not know the rules. Lastly, there are broken pieces that don't think they are apart of the game anymore, although they are being dragged around by the game. They are in a terrible maybe of whether or not they are in the game. Perhaps this book is written from the position of an Umpire, not a Destroyer, and is an appeal to pieces and above in this hierarchy. The planet is composed mostly of broken pieces. I would guess the pieces at 2.2 million, assistant players at 580,000, players at 100,000, games makers at 118, games destroyers at 56, and umpires at 22. Everyone else is a broken piece, acting at effect of the changes in societies' drama.

One sees this hierarchy in society. I am not saying this is good or bad, I am saying it is there. You can make a person a piece by hiding the rules from him, give them a lot of penalties, give them very few wins, insure they do not find out it is just a game, remove their former goals, and enforce the idea he has to play (these 6 in that order). These 6 actions to make pieces out of people could be summarised as enforcing their playing and not allowing them any joy. In a subtle instance, the piece is given the apparency of being a player, but is not allowed to act as one. Hubbard's religion and Sea Org employ the above data to ensure that everyone is a piece, and are probably the "ultimate" in making people into pieces. If you want to keep someone a piece you (1) let the piece only associate with other pieces, (2) deny the existence of players, and (3) keep the above 6 actions going on them.

There are some phenomenon and rules of this caste system. If a piece turns into a player, that is the end of that particular game. Hubbard has had the game of Scientology going where he is the player and everyone else is a piece. A number of pieces have taken the game over, a number of times. Ownership of pieces is important amongst players. Hubbard thinks that when a piece becomes a player that there is a big upset, and then the player just blows off "from overts". This is not true, as the sudden change from piece to player, blows the whole game wide-open for everyone concerned. Such occurrences are not that unusual, and generally, the player holding all the pieces will reinstate the old game with more force, and attack the piece-turned-player, whether that game be named Scientology, Corporate board-room, Internal Revenue, Federal Reserve, or whatever, with all of the force at its disposal. In the unlikely event that a piece turns umpire, and is detected as such, the rule of the caste system is to destroy him. Any piece converting to the top caste of Games maker, destroyer, or umpire suddenly is attacking the caste system itself, and such an individual's persecution and destruction is more important than any player. In a "free society", the hiding of the rules from the pieces is a difficult task, but television, drugs, education systems, religions, moralities, and fashion have made it much less difficult.

It is an erroneous idea that you have to have a new game encoded before you can end an old game, for that idea is an invalidation of free choice. In winning a game, one wins the right to a new game. When you get into the higher ranges (Makers, Destroyers, and Umpires) you will find these folks are den persecuted by the players, assistant players, pieces, and most often by broken pieces. People are not happy in the condition they are in as they are not achieving their goals. Non-achievement on goals cause frustration. Expressed accumulated frustration converts to hostility. Hostility being "improper" to express toward who is causing it becomes displaced. Displaced Hostility is usually directed north, at one's Bosses. The further down the ladder you go, the more "non-achieved goals- frustration-hostility-displacement" you will find. Broken pieces are horribly frustrated people.

Modern suppressive managers, and our whole society unfortunately, operate knowingly with the creation and displacement of hostility. If you are upset with the boss, you are not supposed to tell him to go to hell. Instead, you can take it out on your wife, car, dog, or yourself. You can eat your heart out or join some kooky group. As communications lines and freedoms are opening up in society, people are telling the boss to go to hell instead of killing themselves over it. Sounds fine? hey have 5000 years of catching up to do. It happened with the blacks, and women are just starting to tell men what they think of them. It is preferable to displacement, but there is backed up communication and emotion on the line. Hubbard displaces the hostility of his group wards the governments, professional classes, psychiatrists, IRS, etc. If he did not, he would not be bodily alive today. I like the guy like mad in comparison to what the average group member feels toward him.. I am "just one dumb Texan stupid enough to keep on resolving things with understanding in a dirty tough and evil world where only the quickest draw survives". That is a quote from the intelligence files the church maintains on me. The average church member does not go out and audit his fellow man and labour over 25 million words of chat, write 400 letters to the man without an answer, evolve technology and so forth for over 20 years. No, for that is love in deed . The average church member is so frustrated by the man, that if the hostility was not displaced they would use automatic weapons o him. But he has them hating governments, educators, parents, etc., all of whom are undeserving of hate as all they are is ignorant. This is deliberate on his part so he will not be hated. It is "scapegoat" technology. Hitler could not have worked the Germans to the bone, had he not invented conjecture about the Jews.

People have some much deeper frustrations than telling the boss to got to hell. They are also used to displacing them. So when some high-powered swami-type is rumoured to be causing widespread events to occur in everyone's life whether he be named Jesus, Hubbard, Filbert, or whoever, the frustration of "outside interference" surfaces, and they want to chase this guy down and put a spear through the heart. Its as simple as ABC. That is why I maintain the dumb-Texan image, have no class or manners, insist I inherited the money, and say that "God made me do it" if anything spiritual happens around me. I don't like spears.

As long as the frustration level is high in society, then the persecution of games Makers, Destroyers and Umpires will continue. So, if you are going to engage in one of these three positions, INVISIBILITY might lead to the longest life, and it is always prudence to have spears around. There is going to be high frustration around on people because not only is self interest on the rise, but American marketing and management use high frustration instead of legitimate desire to regulate behaviour. People are being asked to change daily and buy new blenders.

Business is based on this weird economic idea that people should go work, and then go buy things. When denied the right to buy the blender, they get frustrated. What is weird about this is its artificiality.. It is even more weird that it operates off of "wants", instead of needs. The weirdness is complete in that it is accomplished with Federal Reserve Notes, which is not Constitutional money. I think it was Adam's who said only government can take a valuable commodity like paper and make it worthless by adding ink. The point is, that to the degree that people are encouraged and manipulated by the media to set goals that are unreal, their frustration will increase proportionally, and in that context, any games maker, destroyer, or umpire that comes along will take the brunt of it for not saving them from Madison Avenue all these years.


Love Of Fellow Man

I highly recommend it. It is quite natural. It would be very silly to deny yourself this. It is not a luxury, and is probably the greatest thing going. I am not talking about sex or sexual love. When it is a substitute for other thing, it has limitations. One of the richest things in experience is love for one's fellows. It is preferable to go ahead and love someone or thing instead of withholding that emotion. If you hold back from loving, you will be stuck with that incomplete cycle, and end up a sentimental, emotional slob which can blur your perception and ability. So, if there is some love there, go ahead and let it be and experience it. This does not mean you have to do anything about it. You should allow it too exist, for more often than not, it is fabulous stuff.


The Transportation of Earthlings:
A Feasible Projection

If at some point in the future it became necessary to move a load of this planets globe-trotters to another planet, to re-colonise it, it is a feasible projection. The swarm would have to be defended on at least 8 sides, and you would need probably 12 capable (fully audited up) OTs aware of this contingency plan before any catastrophe occurred. This has already been worked out. The greatest difficulty is getting this hoard of folks to a place were life is what they are accustomed to. "Accustomed" is a kinder word than "addicted". Getting life arranged in a fashion that this group would find pleasure in, is a hell of a job. Making 12 OTs was easy. It took some very brilliant work for nearly a million years on a fellow I have spoken with, to get this all arranged right here on this ball of dust. This guy is distraught now seeing all that work being undone. He says there were 5000,000 species and now they are killing off 200 a day, and they set off an explosive harpoon in another whale every 20 minutes. He cried a lot, got a lot of auditing, and now the fellow says "F___ em", and he's the fellow that worked out all the life form here. That is how he feels about the human race. I said "What are you going to do about the forms on the next planet?"  He says, "Let the F_____s rot in outer space screaming for bodies, and when I feel like it I'll start the amoebae again, depends on my mood, could be a day of screaming could be millions of years..." He'll be getting around to where he can set it up In an afternoon, and then it won't be so valuable a creation to him. So the contingency is set for that.

Why these people are worth transporting I would like to address. Although I write in an abrasive, self-serving, acrid, sarcastic and condescending manner at times, that is to serve a purpose. People with their head in marshmallows or other places need that kind of chat. hat is not my view of my fellow man. My view of my fellows is one of admiration. I am amazed that people are willing to undergo so much suffering (50, 200, 90 trillion years?) for so little joy (20 minutes). That might tell you how much man loves the good things in life and his fellows. What I have just said is probably the most evident thing about the human race, but it is rarely communicated about. It is also true of the animal kingdom. You can go out to what is left of the few remaining jungles, and if you are lucky, you will find 2 old gorillas gracefully holding hands, watching their children play. I think there is something richer in that sight than in seeing a New York Stockbroker stuffing his pockets and sticking needles in his arm.

If people are willing to endure thousands of times as much pain in order to attain an infinitesimal amount of joy and decency, then the underlying good in people is an enormous quantity far beyond anything suspected by any philosopher to date. The good in people is so infinitely great, that one must conclude that all the evil men (in the world, universe, and other universes) are fools. They are fools, for if there ever was, is, or will be a game of good and evil, good has already won a thousand times over, by the above stated or any casual scientific inspection of an average life of a human on this planet. Individually people as needs be. All the hell, evil, and ignorance proceed from putting them together too closely in groups. Not only do men survive, they prevail, and prevail yet again in their willingness and desire to go through more agony so that another can experience a few moments pleasure. All men are land, where they meet, and separate where they part.


Elitism vs. Popularism
The Battle and the War

A severe degree of religious implanting occurred about 14,000 years ago. It was "successful" in that the areas of social and spiritual ecology have been robotic since. It locked onto an old struggle of elitism Vs. populism. Elitism in its extremity suggests that only a portion of mankind has "divine rights" to truth, religion, and spiritual freedom. Populism in its extremity suggests that everyone has guaranteed rights to the same things everybody else has, including truth, religion, and spiritual freedom. In their extremities, they both smell. As philosophies, and governmental policy, both are over-simplistic, sloppy, and vague.

Elitism is probably a natural fact. Although people have equal rights, they are not equal. Given equal opportunity, treatment, environment, education, compassion, dignity, respect, housing, credit, culture, nutrition, and everything else, they will still not be equal. Some will be, do, and have more than others. Some people create more than others, and that alone creates tremendous differences in people. Creativity, not cleverness, produces these wide variances in people. It also puts bread on the table. Creativity should not be associated with art museums and held different or separate from persistence on a given course, for persistence on a given course has to be created. I have a casual comment about "rights". You do not hear about them from people who win. You hear about them from people who lose, or have had them violated.

Truth does belong to mankind as a whole. That is copyright law, since 1978. It is a rotten and over-worked idea that only a few should have truth.

To shove truth down someone's throat when they do not want it, and overwhelm people with probably the end result that populism historically degrades to, and thus it has not fared well in many times and climes. Ethical elitism is probably a rational way to look at things: that anyone can have anything they have earned or exchanged for.

Recently and presently, populism has been winning the battles it has waged against elitism. They will not win the war, for elitism normally prevails as the natural order for it includes the idea that some things are greater than others, and thus is not monotone identification.

There are scales. The natural ecology of existence does exist, and should be recognised and confronted instead of groaned about and legislated against. Working up and down these scales is a healthy thing to do. One should have equal rights of motion and transportation up and down these scales. Other than that, there should be no "divine rights".

Keeping the classes out of communication with each other is the cause of a lot of turmoil, but it does serve to justify the existence and need of government. Actually, the upper and lower classes mix quite well, because neither of them has any need for religion, morality, symbols, status, or proprieties. (If you challenge that last remark with the assertion that millionaires have their aspects of these 5, please note that a rich person 18 not a member of the upper class. Those 5 aspects exist only on middle class people). Both upper and lower classes are both concerned with survival and are both faced with the raw facts of existence. It is interesting to notice that the kinship's go much deeper than that anytime you step out of the "twilight zone" of the middle class. Just being outside of the middle class is cause for affinity and respect. Both of these, the upper and the lower, live and act off of instinct first, and the mind follows instead of preceding action. On the middle class, the mind thinks, then they act, and instinct is rationalised out of perceivable existence. It is the middle class that gets neurotic because they are paying the bill for both the upper and lower classes. They have great need for symbols, religion, morality instead of ethics, and ethics instead of truth. And even if the middle class were to rise up and confiscate the upper classes wealth, it would not run the country more than 6 months.

Either the present wave of populism that is prevalent over 95% of the people on this planet will gradually yield to a natural recognition of natural elitism, or we will have social cataclysms and catastrophes. I can comprehend, and suggest you do likewise, the frustration on both sides of this very old fence. Most wealth being a combination of work, talent, and accident, makes the 95% who do not have it envious, and the 5% feeling undeserving of what they fell into. The greed and need gang will be looming soon to confiscate the sweat and sacrifices of your parents and their parents, who probably died of malnutrition so that you might have a better life than they. It is just history making these things personally will tear anyone to pieces. So I bet on social catastrophe, for there is no bandwagon* going to get us through the next decade, and the confiscation's will start severely in 1987.
*Bandwagon 1933-67: Stock Market and growing economy.
Bandwagon 1967-80: Real Estate and growing economy.

The reasons we do not have a growing economy is the result of a number of factors outlined in The Third Wave, about 170 errors in fiscal assumptions and policies, second wave government and banking practices, national contempt for economic realities, national disdain for science and progress, national resistance to change (97% of the population does not want change per survey), extremely powerful outside lobby and blackmail groups, Machiavellian world and economic procedure with the rest of the world, non-application of cost-benefit-analysis, non application of financial analysis, non-application of workable industrial psychology, non-application of workable management technology, non application of workable marketing technology, non-application of workable administrative technology, non-application of scientific technology, and non-application of workable governmental policies. None of the above has anything to do with Scientology or anything in this book. It would take a separate book to outline how to put this country back on its feet. These things will work themselves without me or anyone else saving it. They will work themselves out in the priority and order I listed them. During the period they are working themselves out, we will have a standard of living above that of Russia, and so we will survive, but it will not be much above that of Russia, which is about 1/4 of what we know now.


Northern Bhuddism Vs. Southern Buddhism

This was manifested in a religious conflict about 3000 years ago between the Dali Lama and Buddha. The Dali insisted that there was a natural order in the ecology of existence, and that the disclosure and dissemination of truth should be restricted accordingly to that order. Buddha insisted that right conduct, disciplines, denials, forsaking materiality, leaving one's body, and exercises under a tree were things that everyone should do, whether they wanted to do them or not. Anyone that did not subscribe to this, and do it, was just filth, you see. If anyone really owned anything, or subscribed to Northern Buddhism, then that person was just bad news. Wealth must be abandoned, denial would achieve for one a nirvana of freedom, by lowering your needs you would become rich. This, Southern Buddhism conquered not only Northern Buddhism, but half of the world. It is fascinating, thorough, fun, thrilling, workable as a sociology, workable as a religion; however, it is crazy metaphysically, erroneous philosophically, and overly-optimistic in its new of the state of mankind.

Both of these individuals, and religions, had a bad background to work from, for the caste system of India was a remnant of the old Catholic, Eden cult that was expelled from Lemuria 21,000 years ago.

At the same time all the scientific and mechanically inclined people were colonising Atlantis, which left the Lemurians alone in their land without contamination from either of these fanaticism's. he Atlanteans succeeded in blowing themselves right into the bottom of the ocean, not long after Lemuria sunk. Regardless of the origin of religious fanaticism, the urge for an Edenic, garden of Eden simple life without work as the result of religious practice is the bad background at the heart of India's obsession with spiritual knowledge. It is not India's soul, and this tradition and story of history is a very old legend. I suspect we have milder repetitions of the sequence in Scientology being a carbon-cop of Southern Buddhism, simple-life cults leaving our borders for Ghana and the open sea, and in the Third Reich starting over in Antarctica.

Northern Buddhism has been pushed into hiding by machine guns, and Southern Buddhism is reappearing in the West. The exact dates, astrology were perfect for a Mr. Hubbard to be born and announce that he is Maiteya, as was prophesied. Maiteya and the Dali, both of whom are sterling individuals, have had their friction's for each symbolises two extreme religious points of view and groups. Northern Buddhism is restricted by the facts of natural ecology in excess, its wisdom beyond measure has made it too cautious and gutless. Southern Buddhism is less structured, more debased, conduct-oriented, brash, dreamy, romantic, and avoids the facts-of-life to excess. Thus we did and do have a very widespread conquest: Elitist Metaphysics was sent running to hiding and hills by The Hopes of Man. That anyone got fat or the suffering has been countless is less than the fact that it has happened. It is a planet of hopers. So, Gautama, Thomas Siddhartha, I salute you, and have learned not to be wise and cautious to such extreme, and I hope you are happy now with your planet of hopers. Someone should be, for they are not, and I am not. That is Victory. Perhaps we shall meet another day, but I reckon not. I leave you with Victory and hopers for eternity, and if you wish to change it, do. South's do rise again in vengeance, I have learned.


The Dali Weeps so Mateya Hears Beyond His own Weeping

That is a terribly long title, and it is just a statement of fact. Mr. Hubbard's own personal grief is not unheard. Maiteya was correct 3100 years ago and the Dali was wrong, for the fundamental truths should be available to mankind, so there should be no more warring. But, each might want to confront what each did, and let history take a more proper place in memory than in the 20th Century. I would like Maiteya's grief to be concluded. Too much crying might give the truth business a darker name than it is bearing.


The Assignation of the Next Four Messiahs

It is encoded in the pyramid carvings and Akashic Record that we will have these. I would suspect the appearance of some high-powered religious personalities in the 1988 - 2008 time frame, as people get hungrier. After they have fallen, instead of Christ arriving, we will have an active and bleak period for most people.


The Unnoticed Comforters

These were prophesied in the Bible to appear historically. They have, and there have been a lot of them. There have been a lot of contributions to this culture by saintly-types of people, whether you are talking about Maxwell, Tesla, Eddy or whoever. It is still going on in the present. I thought these saints should be acknowledged. They exist and will exist so that we might live to see a better day.


The Unrecognised Christ's, Gods,
And That Which Is Beyond God

The religious implants of 4,000 year ago one should understand. The word "religion" comes from "legio" meaning and "re" meaning reaffirmation, so religion is reaffirmation of the law. In ancient times, about 14,000 years ago, the law was re-established, and a whole lot of law was installed as religion into people. The purpose of the implant was partially to keep people from deviating from these new laws.

The more fundamental purpose of the implant was to keep "E-level beings" at that level and prevent "E-level beings" from becoming more aware and moving up to the "D-level". The implant contains and attempted to restrict the following ecological levels, which I will be taking up. The implant was done so that those at each level would not rise above that level, and would go rather bananas if they attempted to rise above their "normal" or "assigned" level. E-level is an awareness level of being aware being a member of a group and pack of animals. The D level is aware of being aware, aware of self, but is an "only-one". In other words, bright, independent but prone to lone-rangerism. I have been wrongly accused of this often. The main purpose of this was to keep the Ds and Es in their slots. The implanting was done by C-level beings, which are aware of being aware of a future. B-level beings are aware of being aware as all elements of an entire group. A-level beings are aware of all aspects of being racially aware. AA beings are aware of awareness of galactic awareness. AAA level beings are aware of awareness of Universality, all universes. Each alphabetical level was about 20 'grades' which are notated numerically. A-4 beings are aware of the awareness of 4 universes. The A level goes up to 16.

This religion, and religion itself was implanted, but its main purpose, as I have stated twice before was to keep all the Es and Ds from moving up to the levels of awareness and action of C, B, A, AA, and AAA. This was of benefit to those holding the upper ranges in holding their jobs, territory, and prizes. I would suppose an ecology system such as that can function well, but I don't care for it. The Nazi's Master and slave society functioned well, and is and was a restimulation of one part of this implant, but it tortured millions of sentient beings without anaesthetics, which was unnecessary pain. The system implanted is up and running and pretty stable. If you bring an E up to a D range, they will turn on "only one" phenomenon. If a lot of that were to happen rapidly you would have a lot of "only ones" walking around in society, and they would start destroying the ecology and system. This was what was happening 14,000 years ago, thus the implanting was done. A few hundred years ago, with Thomas Paine, Jefferson, and some French authors, it happened again, and we had the French and American revolutions. Anarchy broke out, and the systems were destroyed. The holders of the old systems did not succeed in "re-establishing" the law, and new countries were born. What was going on 14,000 years ago was more extreme, for the Genetic Entities, not the Beings, were evolving up into the D-level. That being that just builds bodies had become that aware, thus the implanting was done to make them "dumb animals" again.

On earth, Homo Sapiens is composed of two type: (1) degraded thetans fallen from the AA-level down to the D-level, fallen angels,, if you will, and (2) operational Genetic Entities that are now stopped at the D-level in their ascent upwards. The humans are a wild thing to confront for there are these two types of them: down trending fallen sadly gods, that are bright as hell but moody, opinionated and reserved; and eager, enthusiastic, lively, dumb, energetic and very irrational creatures that enjoy being creatures.

The only real difficulty with these GEs (Genetic Entities) is that they are ancestrally tied to the body line of E-level beings, and the life-death cycles of animal existence. In order to be aware of being aware one must be able to be or assume an objective viewpoint away from the body. Unfortunately, people adhere to the past fixation of a group-species awareness level and are not aware of themselves.

The highest being that is on earth is an A-7, and it is shocking information, that there is someone of that calibre on this planet at this time. So, there are unrecognised Christ's, Gods, and That which is beyond Go, right here in the land of the free, and home of the brave. They act in what thy consider to be the best interest of all concerned.

You should be aware of this implant of religion on people so that you can understand the aforesaid paragraphs, people's behaviour and contrasts, and so you will understand that the promotion of only-one, maverick philosophies is only the result of an implanted psychosis.

None of this information is any secret to L. Ron Hubbard who wrote the majority of it down in his own handwriting in the mid 1950s. Dozens of photocopies of that document have been circulated over the years in dozens of locations.

To some degree, he knows what he has been doing. He has an exceptional memory, and has done a job in researching the mind. He does not appear to be a good manager. Mishandling junior lines can cause irritations, but the mishandling of senior lines blows one off course, if you recall my mentioning that fact in an earlier chapter. What happened with him was he encountered some A-4, A-5, A-6, and A-7 beings, which he did not recognise as such. He is an A-5. They rearranged his existence so much that there is probably little hope of him doing anything other than living out what they have arranged for him. He estimated these to be in the B-17 to A-1 range, and he makes such mis-judgements because he is down in the persistent range. He is in the persistent range because he only applied "asisness" to subjective mass, instead of to objective data and people, and life. He, or any of his churchlings, in doing an L&N will consistently take the BD F/N Cog item, whether it is a persisting lie or not. If the purpose of the L&N is to find which lie is causing all the ruckus, that is OK. That is rarely the purpose of an L&N, as most L&Ns are to find the truth, and the item will vanish. Thus, Hubbard and his churchlings, fail to proceed beyond the BD F/N lie to find the BD FN Vanish truth, in auditing and their living. When he was working on OT 3 and got down to the last two beings, asking which one is him, he took the persisting (reading) item as him. That is below being dumb, and that is the technology of a body thetan. So, the body thetan took over the act, and he was exteriorized off to elsewhere. He paid the personal price for incorrect technology, by being conquered by a flea and his own ignorant worship of engineering and mechanics, in 1966.

It is nice to know that there is not just empty space above one's plateau. There are lots of big fellows doing lots of big things.

Each person enters this particular lifetime at a different level of spiritual awareness. It is not good to make comparisons. As long as a person makes progress, they should be applauded for that.

Comparison is a part of competition, which is scripted into people. I doubt if anything positive comes out of it. I know of a lot of counter productive things that come out of it.

I would trust the reader would now understand the true origin of people either being excessively independent, or strongly and blindly subscribing to the following of groups. Both types of people were trained to act that way, under pain.


Potpourri, Useful Tips

One should bear in mind that politics, nationalism, pride, opinion, sensation, diplomacy, and pettiness are the final refuges of scoundrels. They are also about all that those involved with them can have. It would be wise to avoid as much as possible those traps.

Groups absorb and consume people. The entire subject of eatingness in society is an area that should be confronted. Cannibalism is going on at all levels of society. The middle class is living off of the poor, and the upper class is living off of the middle class. All you need to understand about insanity is that it is nutty. You need to understand much more if you are going to take it apart, and that is what this book is about.

The introduction of creative intelligence into this ha-ha hotel of modern thought does involve some degree of failure and disappointment; however the cost of not continuing to try is too great to abandon these people, because they are going to end up in much worse condition if you do not assist them in their travails.

One's concern over the suffering of one's neighbours is sometimes in error. It is one's own suffering that makes one bite the dust. Even at one loneliest moments, there are always plenty of people out there that do care. hey may not be with you at this point in space and time, and being bitter about that is natural, but not helpful.

The intermediate future locally probably contains some cataclysmic changes socially, economically, ethically, and in population distribution; instead of continued, gradual stagnation.

If a low-toned person is starting processing, the Chart of Human Evaluation, that was published and detailed in "Science of Survival" by Hubbard is a good road map out of that. On low-toned cases you have to run locks for 20-30 hours, or run groupers, to where the person comes up to running the secondaries. After running the secondaries, they are able to run engrams, and then combination secondary-engrams. The groupers and combos are my idea. There appears to be no other way out and up, from low toned land.

In the majority of folders, you will find that the preclear will run earlier and earlier incidents as the sessions continue. They will run out this physical universe experiences, repeat and basic. Then they will run out they experiences in earlier universes, then earlier time streams, then magic track, then their first picture and incident and you are done! Some of these preclears are pretty old, trillions of time streams old. Getting back to the first recording can be a bit of a long haul. But the case gain they get from it is great and they will shed many adopted banks of others that they have been trying to resole since along the way. The further back you run the more case gain they get. If they balk at going before Individuation, just send them through the group's engram that they copied and have been effect of since. They will cognite they were the whole group at the time. Gains can be proportional to length of run, but are not always. Getting the right chain is what is critical and you find that not only by smell but by language. Uncivilised, direct spacey language. Example "To Fester their lights Out". If that were not to erase in the first 15 minutes of running, and you have gone earlier a few times, go earlier a few more times, and a few dozen if necessary, for it is the basic chain that holds the whole bank together that you want to find, and then go early as hell on, to at last get the whole bank to as-is. By such fishing and using this technique you can get a 400-Evil-Purposes list to unmock the moment the basic incident to that career is erased.

You should be aware of the quartet phenomenon on people, where they have an absolute-item, absolute Not item, and an un and nix un on the items in the apparency of is-ness. It is interesting to observe on others, and I don't recommend you talking to people about it, a the information is powerful, hot, heavy, and high for people and Hubbard.

I trust I have covered in this one text, the whole truth, in comprehensible form of how an individual can make the transition from "normal" in society to operating thetan, and godhood after that. Only 1% of the people want godhood, 99 are happy with operating thetan, which is achievable with the application of this text. After the preclears auditing is done, he may have trouble applying the gains due to left-over social machinery.

My personal opinion is that Mr. Hubbard joys not in writing books, nor do I. Groups extract from individuals what they require. Such is one of the liabilities of being connected with these folks. I find this amusing, as the English language has served well as the fundamental coding capsule for all wisdom. Scientology was one man's Reader's Digest of available wisdom, 1/4% of which I have summarised, and 1/4%of which I have corrected. 99 1/2% of it was irrelevant. My judgements were the result of 12,000 hours of auditing and observing what worked, what did not work, and how it really did work best. This has been my this-lifetime adventure which I trust will not be turned into an arena.

There are group-hungry, emotionally-unstable, vested interest idiots out there that may attempt to turn my labour-of-love into something that is personally threatening to themselves. I would trust that for a change that they would know better, and notice that I am honouring the better part of them in what I do. I consider even they to be friends. I do not consider anyone to be a stranger, although I have met many who are strangers unto themselves. I would also trust that this succinct detailing of mankind's oldest dream provides the means whereby it may come true for the dreamers of that dream.

The majority of this was not extracted from the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, although I have told you that many times for your comfort. It was extracted from the Golden Scripts, the books burned at the Council of Nicea, and from the notebooks of a magician named Merlin, and from much study in many monasteries. I can assure you that proper truth will find its proper place in the personal histories and futures of those that need it. All of this is in the Akashic Record to stay.

So, with respect for the continuing decency in all men and all life, whether large or small, whether singular or grouped, whether being or not, I must thank you for your co-operation in this creation, and must once again bid you a temporal thus inevitable good-bye. May all thing and all of that which creates things be as you wish, and I would trust the appearance of the building of a better bridge will be a satisfactory conclusion in all these matters.

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