If you have done all of the previously mentioned processes to completion, and your preclear wants more or does not naturally grow, you have a whole separate line of technology you can deliver. I call this the last ditch because as a preclear it is the last one to dig oneself out of, and as an auditor it should be the last action in resolving the case of the preclear. It is extremely fast, can occasionally become complex to deliver, is simple to run as a preclear. It can be run solo or dual, and was partially outlined by Hubbard in 1952. There is ample evidence to support the speculation that it was used by the highest religious figures in history.

It is a complete and whole technology that will run well after the other previous processes are put in correctly. Doing these early is too much truth for the being, and results in overwhelming him. The subject areas covered are considered so weird and wild that most people in society would think you are crazy if you brought them up in conversation. People are very wired on these subjects, and act and think irrationally at their very mention. Thus it is logical that what is being addressed is the essence of what a real case and life itself, not actual or imagined case addressed from falsely educated viewpoints. So here you are handling what is wrong with the individual, and that is not necessarily what he thinks is wrong. There is no way in hell any being is going to take that set of fantastic files apart unless the earlier processes are run correctly first. The person will not be able to take the heat or the stress, because what you'll be erasing here is why he is involved with bodies, why he's addicted to being captured by them, why he is contaminated in occupying them, why he is spiritually blind. In addition he will have to confront and handle what he himself is destined to be come if he continued on in blind ignorance: a Life-unit that has nothing left to hang onto but 1 picture, 3 or 4 thoughts, personality copying machinery which was not too long ago a person.

If he runs it off, he changes his destiny, perhaps. anyone with a correct bridge done on him, handles the material well, but with considerable astonishment at the revelations that unfold. Regained awarenesses (cognition's) occur at 200 to 2000 per hour. It is between five to thirty hours of work. There are less than 200 areas addressed and in going over these with your preclear if they "fire" (read on an E-meter) you take them up and run them. If they do not fire you do not run them as in conventional processing. The reads you will consider reads are rocket read, rockslam, theta-bop, stick, a hunting needle, and fall in that order (all reads are instant upon preclears receipt of the major thought. Do not use a Mark VI Meter as it will not show any of the above reads except falls which are the last important. The Church of Scientology enforces the use of only a Mark VI on this level (NED for OTs, also known as "NOT'S". contains some of the Final Ditch), and designed the Meter VI to where the level couldn't read, thereby preventing the level from being run, and thereby insuring excellent cash flow for said church. The important reads on a case, in other words, reactive thought, do not read on a Mark VI. I doubt if the Mark VI was mistakenly designed to avoid showing any real case, in the view of the millions of dollars per month, the continued use of such a deception continues to generate misapplication of data is rarely an ignorance. It is usually wilful. People that wilfully misapply data to assist supposedly themselves at the expense of others are crazy. They have a club where they have banded together for collective personal extinction, and they want to take a lot of people with them. The name of this club is the Church of Scientology.

Although their errors were bred from ignorance, their present actions are not the result of ignorance. If they claim it was a mistake and recall the Mark VI, they must admit that they did not even take two minutes time to compare it to a V in doing the E-meter drill on the production of reads. That degree of carelessness in the design and testing of the VI is more horrifying than the reality that it was an intentional occurrence, The use of the VI on NOTS is the Church's way of clearing money into its banks and incurring no progress on its practitioners, There is a cruel irony in this in that the Hubbard families personal meters are even worse than the VI, thus their unusual personal conditions. Who knows how much Maalox Hubbard will have to take because his personal meters won't show reactive thought. One cannot help but wonder what good is a million dollars a month if you cannot even eat and digest a hamburger, mankind returns cruelty in so many subtle ways.

If you want to lose your sons, wife, and health, then use this VI meter. But that is only the beginning of your new future. Big Daddy and his black sheet brownshirts have many bad surprises lined up for them to discover from now to beyond eternity. Hells do have their purpose: containment facilities, for the fleecehood class of beings. (F4 through F14 classes).

These, however unpleasant, facts sit around the perimeter of the Last Ditch, so having gone through them, let us take up the area.

The 14th Dynamic (individuality) if far senior to the 12th Dynamic (Truth), Thus an individual is capable of all kinds quantities and types of Truth. As an example I have stated all kinds of truth in this book about Hubbard and his Church. I just described an absolute truth above 28 on the tone scale that he and they are wilful evil nuts contained for amusement by outsiders, This is not in contradiction with the other two truths mentioned in the book, that at tone 16 (aesthetics) truth was that he and they never logically figured out the correct technology, or the .9 tone truth (sympathy) that the poor (sniff, sniff) fellow never got TR-4 from anyone, So truth exists all over the tone scales (-160 to +160) and beyond, on each dynamic in each Or the 3 universes (self, Phys, and others universes). Thus there are 320 X 16 X 3 = 15,360 kinds of truth on any subject, and Man is senior to all that.

Man is on the 14th dynamic, men is on the 4th. For practical purposes we will consider the tone scale in rather abbreviated form, from about -80 to +80. -60 is should hide and -80 is surrender, +45 is amusement (nothing matters), +50 agony, +60 inspiration, +80 is ideas. The -40 to +40 chart is in this book. At 100 is truth absolute, 120 individuality, 160 coexistence (Lucifer and his fallen angels tone), and at 320 to 400 is Life that is not being. From 320 to 400 is single deity, one God. The 160 to 320 range is the multiple deity range where not actions are taken or not to effect actions and dones, So much for Godhoods, the upper and lower tone scale we are all in, and the upper dynamics that unfortunately by harmonic rule men as dust. We could limit our discussion to a -40 to -40 range to get the Last Ditch done. The only reason I mentioned the ranges outside of that is the work is easier is you know what you preclear is saying, and from whence some of these life units are talking from.

Every area mentioned hereafter can be processed as the Last Ditch. Auditing them out should be obvious, where I have not specified a technique. The areas are numbered for reference and order, and are presented in telegraphic style:

1. Before the physical universe 2 beings were joined together, One is Senior, it is you. The other is almost as capable, has slightly lower goals, is a good manager, and often faces the opposite direction as you. audit the junior out. This 1s known as Joiner #1.

2. Between then and prior to entering the physical universe, Joiner #2 occurred. Five additional beings, 2 at the top and three in a row at the bottom were attached. R3R each till departure.

3. Joiner #3. Epicentre entities; one in head area, one off each shoulder, one in stomach area, one on either side of the body horizontal with stomach, a total of 6. They should be run off where each of them is stuck on their time track by R3R. They were once people as you will discover in asking for the earlier beginning, of their incidents,

4. The Genetic Entity (GE) was probably a thetan, so R3R his/her incident out. It leaves. In the stomach area. The body and you both run better without him there .

5. Entities. The bulk of them are either psychotic or neurotic or asleep. They should be run out. Any one may take over your whole act or cause psychosomatic illness, Some have been called demons, It would be more accurate to say that some cause demon circuits. They copy (in less than one minute) the entire personality of someone who controlled you and play a mockery of it back to you, as a mockery in an attempt to hypnotise you. They are very confused, make a list of everyone that has controlled you, that you wanted to be like, that you wanted to be with, that you wanted a piece of, one list off 4 questions. Get a complete list which is a big F/N. If it takes days, who cares but them, Find the commonalty, purpose for attachment, your purpose for them being there (if there is one), the common effort, the common emotion, common thought, and common aesthetic repetitive until they leave. If a TA blow up and more solid and won't go (2% of the time) then R3R their incident out and they do leave. There is no typographical error here. Hubbard said counter, and I said common. He and I differ on this subject vastly. There is a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 250 of them on a person. Every joiner incident contains the compulsion to pick more theta-bodies. Thus entities like picking up more. Run them all out. They really jam up on a heavy this lifetime impact or operation, They do have obsessions of having to have a body and don't perceive well without looking through body perceptics. They adore manufacturing minds and keeping the Big Being (you) asleep, it's a "Gullivers Travels" par excellence situation. As I said, any one entity can make a body sick, take over all the others or take you over. Audit one at a time. You do this by intending that, and by using exact placement of your communication with just that one, Spatially. Unfortunately, the Scientology Churches and Hubbard do not mention how precise the receipt point of the communication should be in TR-1. It should be no larger than a 1/16th of an inch, Otherwise more than one entity gets involved in the R3R, Thus wild changes in content on each pass, instead of just dub coming off or normal development of the engram wherein/you get more data each passes. In much of the Church/Hubbard auditing what happens is this: Entity #1 starts on the Engram and goes unconscious, entity #2 tries to run a different but similar engram of his own on the second pass and goes unconscious, entity #3,.,,etc until they attain the condition of over half of that church's parishioners VIVID VISIO AND SONIC THEN SHUTS OFF AND THE TRACK OCCLUDES, TA STAYS HIGH 3.7 USUALLY, CLIMBS THEY SEE NO PICTURES, GET EMOTIONLESS, AND BECOME SIGNIFICANCE CASES INCAPABLE OF RE-EXPERIENCING OVERWHELMING FORCES ON R3R, some even calling themselves clear. The truth in that is they have had all their ability to perceive cleared out of them, Spiritually, that is you close their bodies eyes, and they are actually blind.

Bodies were actually a lot of fun before they got loaded up with entities. They can be nice possessions, which is very different from being one, Children have difficulties bringing these hundreds of entities and their bodies under control. Most, if not all, spend 18 years trying and then give up, turning themselves and their lives over to the entities who copied their parents personalities, and follow such circuitry and directions and -voices in the night to their graves. Entities freely transfer to the mouth and through the mouth. That is how they like to enter and leave.

More detail on how to run them is listed under the E-Targ Rundown in the last few pages of this chapter, as is the repair list for this level called the last ditch, or any level above OT7. The E Targ R/D should be done at this point. in the sequence of processes,

6. Psychosis and neurosis are most often simply the condition of an entity stuck on the track in a trying to-control incident. Spot it.

7. A circuit is a mimicking entity which is intending hypnotism, Spot it.

8. Getting the basic purpose of the entity toward the theta being (you) blows their game. For them the gig is up at that time and they depart.

9. They can put out up to a tenth of an amp electrically so the body can jolt and jerk as they pull out of it or off of it, as the case may be, They can be so small as to put out only 1/50 millionth of an amp. The size variables thus are between one and 5 million. Some can read minds. Check for it on the E-meter. If it reads don't use a mind to audit them. Don't just run the force out of the Engrams, as Hubbard did for 15,276 hours, nor the thoughts only as most Church parishioners do a run at all. If you got either form of squirreling going on, I can guarantee you it is an entity, and you'll have to ask for earlier beginnings and later endings to get all the content and an erasure. If you can read minds, this is all a walk in the park. If you can't read minds, read an E-meter and use logical questions and get your case run off until you can. Then you need no E-Meter. Until then you do. You can use the repeat spotting technique on self and entity once the purpose is found.

10. Use the spot technique to vanish any urge you have you don't like.

11. Entities are not aware the other entities are there. Spot it.

12. Command centres shift from entity to entity as the lifetime progresses. Any Heavy this lifetime incident run out of each of them, separately.

13. They will jump across to other bodies and talk back to you to get control. They firmly believe they physical universe, Spot both.

14. They are trapped either by purposes or commonalties. They get firmly and thoroughly trapped by interest, senses of ethics, and emotional wavelengths, especially curiosity, That's hot stuff for them, These areas will turn on entities in people, and thus make them robotic, Of course, Hubbard uses all 6 to insure robotism in his following, Spot each of the 6 across the flows and observe the entity control appearing as a result.

15. They (entities) can be hypnotised and sent to other locations and they wall go and do what they are told and report back. This is mechanical, crude astral projection. Most people (the big being, you) are living out this life on goals received at mechanical between lives implant stations, such as being "born again".

16. Home universe got eaten up by the Physical Universe. In this conflict, we got the "battle of the universe" perhaps from this much of a "case build"s, Some entities have the purpose -to build a universe, but that is rare, as most have the purpose to keep the thetan asleep and convert him to MEST, so the next invasion force of theta will have more playing field to play on. Home universe was aesthetic and safe, then it started to turn mouldy, then it was absorbed by the physical universe, The last one the author had was only 1000 feet long, 300 feet wide, and 100 feet tall, and it took the physical universe 1000 years to break it down. Run this out on the big being, The earliest, not last one.

17. There are some super-entheta beings, "people", that try to bunch theta and mest together. They try to convince one that he is not motivated. Entheta Beings just love the body. They shift from one person to another. Some are an advance group whose task is to convert big thetans into mest for more playing field before the next load of players arrive. In recent times Entheta Beings have won out over Theta Beings. That, and that alone is the why and the what of earth being a "prison planet". We are "imprisoned" by entheta beings that mutiny'd. The Theta Beings are asleep and the entheta beings keep them so. Entheta beings are more awake, and are out of control. Controlling something that was out of control was the theta beings assigned task. People (theta-beings) are on this planet off of a supposed unwillingness to handle entheta, and there is a grain of truth in this hot incident (the dwindling spiral of any god or theta being is made up from his refusal to handle entheta). These entheta beings one was given are called Targs, as that is what they call themselves. They are downright malicious. Flying saucers dump targs here by the ton. Earth is targ-ridden. Targs instructions are "to control theta beings or die". Targs primarily use Facsimilies against the theta being. They have a secret society of targs, where they have conquered the territory and have everything under control. It is called earth. Any awake theta being can control targs all day long. Targs are against work, and are afraid theta beings if awake will find out they can work, and put them to work. Targs ADORE communism, Labour Unions, and any other Collective Social System. Anyone who thinks, writes or publishes truth in society is not liked by the targs, in that targs don't want theta beings woken up by truth. Targs love to blind theta beings, and promote social groups as this is the most effective way it can be done. The incident of recieving them is as follows: Each theta being was condemned for not being able to control his targs and given 6 of them and told "you work it out and you are being sent to earth for you are not acceptable to us in this society until you can control your targs." There is a big light overhead and a semicircular tribunal of Judges, Run this out until the targs leave. They will leave immediately when they see you know their game and realise they cannot accomplish their goals on you.

18. Bank overts flow in one direction, forward in time; the regret for the overt is a flow backward in time as an attempt to return to the state of time before the overt. these two flows are in opposition and form a ridge. Thus overts float timeless, and above time, Spot and run it.

19. On somatics: "Tell me something you could have done to have _____________."

20. Run out every "maybe" by listing them or on a meter, on each of the 16 dynamics,

21. Life continuums (taking on the personality and goals of another as one's own) and valences (personalities other than one's own) both come from overts against that person. Run-em all off.

22. If one can't do, there is one or more maybe. Things should be yes or no. Run that. Two-way Communicate with the PC (abbreviated "2wc") on the following flow scale to where he has subjective understanding and can use it:

Absolute Truth
Relative truth

23. Regret is a turning back time attempt, to go back in time before the overt, It works to the degree it sticks the person there in that time. Run that. Then run out the incident of conflict between collectivism and individual right prior to and resulting into his entrance into the physical universe. Lot of earlier beginnings and later endings and one can easily have 20 passes on this incident which is lengthy, very sophisticated, and highly visible as being dramatised by present society. at a minimum one should get extension of viewpoints into a mob or cloud, entrance to same, changes in space disorientation, captivity sensation, tiny specks of light, shrinking down to see then, and not noticing them getting smaller as you continue to shrink down to see these 3 tiny specks, finally one-way glass phenomena, getting into one of the specks, shock at then being in the physical universe, confusion over whether one has moved at all, when it felt like one moved, inability to get out of the artificial set of space-particle-position, disbelief and disagreement. If not this incident, and lens one appears, that is valid. There were about 14 different ways folks got put in here by force, and cleverness.

24. A higher reality on Motivator-overts-locks-Service Facsimiles is that they were made to serve somebody else, not self. Ask for most subtle service facsimile, who did it serve, do not do R3SC unless requested by PC, but do R3R, on the receipt of this crazy computation.

25. Forgetting is a SF* so get it worded and run R3SC, then R3R on at, so the PC can remember any and everything. It may not be rapid, but he can.

26. Overts with a regret ridge block a whole case from discharging. DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE?

27. The PC owns the maybe on the overt that he "did or didn't have the right to do it". Do you have any of these? Go earlier similar as necessary and it usually will be necessary.

28. On the Rising Scale processing on Grade 4, there are 2 more columns that run well Win/Lose and Restraint of others/freedom for self. Do rising scale on them.

29. Above 28 on the tone scale, one is out of communication, has an infinity of time, operates on "I Know", one's own universe, and Absolutes. Perhaps this book is an extension from that range, There are extremely thin wavelengths here, Spot at to EP.

30. From tone 28 to 0 is the "normal" tolerance band, the physical universe, relative truth, knowledge, and Scientology at its best, as it was formerly published. Spot it.

31. From 0 to -80 there is zero time, negative truth, out of communication, and matter getting more solid. Spot it.

32. Anything can be put on a zero to infinity gradient scale. Spot and 2wc.

33. Apathy is thought that is just about matter. Spot it. There is an enormous amount of time per unit of space.

34. Non-absolute thoughts have wave lengths and characteristics. Spot both. (all spot processes are repetitive to big EP and cause in the area).

35. Occlusion is caused by the track being jammed up. Do you have any of either and handle accordingly.

36. Targs, BTs , Entities, the GE, Epicentre beings are evident to be on a case if the person is on the -80 to +2 part of the tone scale by their manifest conduct, behaviour, and associations. The theta being (you) if awake is manifesting +2 to +160 behaviour, conduct and associations, if all other life is out of your space. Being awake and having these other critters around is extremely rare, however in the unlikely event you do encounter such an individual he will have the widest roller coaster from -80 to +160 you've ever seen. He'll be blowing up soviet labs knowingly one minute and be stuck in a tree begging flesh for a smooch the next, he'll advise Heads of State one week, and pump gas the next, he will be fully conscious he is living in a hell, They are pretty rare, very capable, and ignorant of their state and fate. Here you would be able to observe the effort death throes of a deity resolve quickly by getting all his fleas off, You could also let him die, which would tell you what you are, asleep, and being entity run. What one does , not what one says, identifies which of the two fundamental businesses you are in: the life business or the death business. Spot the 2 parts of the tone scale, their conduct, behaviour, and respective associations.

37. People were made to forget by being hit with too little space in too little time. Spot it.

38. Dying has been adopted as the most accepted method of forgetting. Spot it.

39. Time is a way of throwing away creations using the same space over and over again. Spot it.

40. Each entity has the obsession to collect more entities. Spot it.

41. The flytrap, also known as the bubble gum, the reactor, and the stoplights, is an incident which has a whole lot of in and out action and trains one that he cannot originate (create), and that he can only return motion (React), "You are only a mirror." Run it to EP.

42. You can't train a person to create. If you are training him he is usually out of create, below it, Spot it.

43. By adding your own counter effort, emotion, thought, aesthetic (4 counters) to repetitive electronic or other waves that go back and forth, you alter-is, thus stick them on yourself, Get the idea of __________ (on each of the counters on incoming electronic and other waves. Do not neglect aesthetic vs aesthetic waves.)

44. By the interaction of flows back and forth between terminals, the contest is to find which terminals. Spot it.

45. The exception to this is where a mutual goal exists with 2 or more terminals, then the phenomena is "build, build, build". Spot it.

46. Flowing wavelengths at another is part of an attempt to fight oneself back upscale. 2wc its workability. Question why he flows at all in the physical universe, why it is necessary, would others still mock up and dub in an apparency if he didn't, etc. until he gives up such foolishness.

47. The higher the tone the more subjective time per agreed upon time, 2wc, and spot it,

48. Axiom 0 is that theta can create ideas, wavelengths, space, and time. Spot it.

49. People are pinned down into the physical universe by the obsession with the idea that one can only return ideas, wavelengths, space, and time. It was and is suggested falsely that these things existed before him, so he figures he cannot create them, and so does not, and he ends up just returning them instead. He ends up returning already created ideas, wavelengths, space, and time back and forth, instead of creating them. Spot it.

50. Subsequently, the being after flowing this already created material, eventually starts stopping some of it. Have him spot the first emotion he stopped.

51. Thus the most chronic aberration is flowing ARC. Have him explain that to you.

52. Conventional, routine, mechanical ARC is 0 to 28 on the tone scale, is human association in the physical universe, of mirroring back to people, and is founded on the idea that one can only return efforts, emotions, thoughts, and aesthetics and must stop some.

53. The obsession to return is what makes the physical universe "bad". 2wc.

54. Most beings when a facsimile is restimulated will prevent acting it out (dramatisation) by knowingly restimulating an opposite facsimile. This can be automatic. When this is going on, the track feels like MEST. Do you have any track that feels like MEST?

55. As-is the inflow of motion, emotion, effort, thought, and aesthetics in that order.

56. The physical universe keeps expanding, picking up an absorbing more home universes. Spot it.

57. This universe can be then'd for a new one to be made by any 2 or more others that elect to do so and are capable of it.

58. Knowing by "pervasion" (being there) and knowing by approximation (mental mock ups approximating reality) are 0 to 28 tone scale actions which works well in those ranges and are both senior to facsimile computation listed in "54".

59. Pure thought is timeless, spaceless, and shapeless.

60. Between Lives implants are made up of them or a machine flashing general pictures that are a lot like your memory with the idea "we are erasing your memory for you." Run it.

61. Gradients are only workable in the 3-dimensional universes range.

62. People do emanate waves.

63. The majority of significant aberration is on the subject of control. Control is an attempt to robotize a human being, when control is aberated. Once such a thing is started it gets out of hand and spreads... after enough of this one ends up with a robot that ceases to be of any use to anybody, The fastest method of robotization of people is to mix up their attention units. By first fixing attention units, second invalidating that, and thirdly saying attention units should be over here you get rapid robotization,

64. The anatomy of shock is rapidity.

65. The tone scale of motion is attack, ignore, neglect, withdraw, retreat.

66. To change the Physical Universe, you "then" the previous one that was there.

67. Glare fights. Run them. Usually the most attention units directed wins, goes on in society still as people staring people down, humans resist it.

68. People recently have come down to a tremendous interdependent parity, of each person being like the other. Social pressures apparently dictate an even more extreme parity forthcoming. Spot it.

69. Antagonism and enthusiasm are both outflows and are harmonic (1/2 harmonics).

70. Any tone creates three hundred geometric wavelengths of harmonics, 1,,,2.,,4,,,8,,,16 etc. One could surmise exactly how wide the 'absolute' tone scale is: 2 to the 300th power. The tone scale could not be infinite, as one can interiorize or exteriorize from it at will.

71. Fear is a dispersal.

72. Hollow spots may exist in the body and one's space . If you get into them all attention units flow out. There is anger and grief on the sides of Hollow Spots.

73. Fear then grief on incoming enturbulation proceeds to dispersal out proceeds to inflow proceeds to reaction against anything going away proceeds to stop proceeds to stop apathy. Thus an infinity of attention units has been reduced to the zero of the apparent motionlessness, where at is all moving but cancelling itself out. This is the exact construction (electrically uniform) of the cycle of going from concern to death, whether it takes 1/2 a second or 60 years. Drawn it looks like this:

They all run out. 

74. The high society crowd has the threefold and three-flow wave construction trap of escape, boredom, and insincerity.

75. There is a flinch before impact. Attention units in a band surround the thetan and the body, thus the incident and above flows occur before physical impact, not after or during, and the incident stops before the impact which sticks it.

76. Thus electrically it is over before it physically happens, and the closing decision is there at the close of the electrical incident. The physical impact of the receipt of the entheta cements the decision in. The fear-grief-apathy-stop electrical cycle, can and usually does precede actual impact, although the previous drawing showed the grief flows occurring at point of impact. So there is an electrical, emotional incident which can, and usually does, occur prior to the physical occurrence. It can occur during the physical occurrence, It can occur after the occurrence (person coming out of shock). The later two are more rare.

77. Run attention units flowing in/out of ridges, hollow spots, and areas of motionlessness.

78. Apathy walls under -traditional auditing could take 100's or 1000's of hours to discharge by itsa. Running the flows per "73" aforementioned takes a few minutes.

79. Every emotion that is locked onto a thetan, is locked onto them solely by its aesthetic harmonic .

80. Erase the concept of aloneness.

81. Erase packing up on a ridge (groupers), and all holders, denyers, and forgetters (which are flows).

82. Erase fighting back against overts, motivators, deserved actions, and obsessions. 2wc what if now was somebody else's then.

83. Run out making, others fight obsessions.

84. Run out you running away from, and making others run away from,

85. Run out the 9 obvious processes of 1. motion inwards, 2. you going away from, 3. holding onto

a. overts
b. motivators
c. deserved actions.

86. Prediction thinking is best if you have simple fundamentals to extrapolate all data from. 2wc.

87. Enforced ARC, "be sociable and agreeable" is psychotic. 2wc.

88. Validation/Invalidation are traps. Validation is enforced ARC, and invalidation is inhibited ARC, One is a license to survive, the other a license to not survive. They do not EXIST above 2.0 on the Tone Scale. Both are interference with self-determinism by another.

89. Thinking in Society: Counter effort incident, then heavy emotion incident, then a thought incident. Example- Impact on head by girl (engram), then secondary full of maybes where he decides that he hates women and then a lock of wanting to hit women and restraint of at, thus conclusion (attitude or intention formation) "women are no good", machine thinking.

90. By identifying with opponents, and further identifying with the whole universe, individuality got nullified.

91. Anything one holds sympathy for, one identifies with.

92. Erase the feeling of timelessness.

93. Deserved actions PC's have backwards so they can't figure them out. They deserved it so they won't ever let it erase, It's an incident waiting on the track that didn't resolve.

94. Where counter efforts come in, PC flows out, making a ridge, and vice versa.

95. People plot harmonically on the Tone Scale by -Game (-80 to Zero) then actual human tone (0.0 - 2.0) and social machinery (2.0 - 4.0). Thus approval from bodies as their 24 hour a day act produces actual apathy and bored social responses, etc. A n at 2.0 on the Tone Scale has brilliant exterior perception.

96. If you are sure of your own survival, you wall not invalidate others or self. If unsure of personal survival, you will invalidate self and others.

97. Validation is stating the truth. Invalidation is stating a lie. It has nothing to do with flattery. Telling someone they are fat or crippled or incapable when they are is validation.

98. Belief, awareness, and certainty are 3 separate distinct areas, and should not be confused. Likewise, the spirit, mind and body.

99. Power mania, greed, glory, and sex are prominently human aberrations,

100. People have lived through societies with thought police, 1000 times more oppressive than this one.

101. The basic on all secondaries and rejection is the incident of separation from theta.

102. After the flytrap, there the obsession to return motion, the next incident is the Angel Era, full of religion, church type of people which expel one out of their area, after all the angel glare fights.

103. When run the theta traps, poles, fields, globes.

104. Then run the body builders (electrical construction of the body),

105. Then Push Button Societies.

106. Work Societies.

107. Space Opera and Spacemen (rare as only bums played this at all, and implants of it).

108. Trapped on heavy and light gravity planets, marooned.

109. Electronics people (heavy gravity planets) Vs, thought people (light gravity planets).

110. Twin or multiple concurrent time track experiences, living various lives simultaneously.

111. Identifications with MEST bodies.

112. MEST body games.

113. Lack of memory by agreement. Between lives implants "to be born again".

114. Implanted entities of false personalities.

115. Implant of spinning electronic cone in one with instruction "you can't separate from your soul".

116. Cyclone tears one apart, to feel sad and torn to pieces.

117. Find one incident of the first time you wrapped yourself around a body.

118. Find the incident of crushing two bodies together sexually. Note: one has a compulsion from and the other a negation.

119. Run the incident of being outside of people.

120. Find the incident where he's fitting a past facsimile off the track to his present body.

121. On fitting over the first body, run the Overt , Sympathy , Protection , Propitiation , Identification , Life Continuum Cycle.

122. Run the Halver where left side is bad and evil and the right side is good, light waves and rays were used, This Halver has statue-dolls coming towards you, instructs that you have to love everybody and stay together, obsession to sadism, sexual instructions and compulsions installed here.

123. Run pledge to take care of a body forever.

124. What would you defend at all costs? The item is the Hottest Overt (no sympathy), sympathy, protect, propitiate, identification, life continuum cycle on the guy, This is totally running them until it is erased.

125. Get all the pictures of old bodies off the present one.

126. Run out care of body phobia.

127. Run out a lifetime that was so unbearable that he terminated it.

128. Separation from (individuation as aberration).

129. Unaberrated individuality is you as the main body of theta.

130. Run the incident of "you are you all by yourself and not others".

131. There actually is a real nirvana where 8 or 9 individuals act in perfect harmony. They act as one and select the physical universe for randomity.

132. "Only I can be cause, only I can help" is widespread.

133. True accurate beingness is essentially selfless, without jealousy, envy or greed.

134. A body of theta can have many individuals of theta, each very individual, and each very cause.

135. engages upon MEST, obtains data, retreats, engages on MEST. (This text is another engagement and re-release).

136. A person that is living and apart of all the dynamics cannot be implanted, decline or forced into a 1st dynamic.

137. Once a person is down to being a 1st dynamic, he is prey and prone to the receipt and transmission of aberration.

138. Once you are a main body of , you are then individual cause, and you don't have to be a 1st dynamic. It, the 1st dynamic, runs fine automatically.

139. Government and churches do not enslave people, People enslave themselves to them. Improvement of such a situation is only possible by changing peoples concept of freedom.

140. We all did come from the same origin.

141. The more individual a person is the more he is being all the dynamics.

142. All of human thought is extrapolated from the fundamentals of elementary physics (300 words) by a rational mind.

143. Other rays than photons move faster than the speed of light.

144. Being cause as an individual in a group instead of being the group causes trouble.

145. Aberration is the symptom for a single cause of it - the assignment of causation to determinism other than self.

146. Erase the obsession to be a 1st dynamic and assign other cause.

147. Run individuality X 4 flows X A, R, C, U X Nots.

148. Run Aesthetics Triangle violations and breaks. Aesthetic Triangle is Mood, Rhythm, and Harmony.

149. If confident you have found the single item that befouled your preclear, run a full bracket. XUCDEINR (8) X MHR (3) X ARC (3) X Flows (3) = 72 processes. This was the wheel of processes in India.

150. Fear as trying to escape.

151. Run out putting out and taking in tractor, pressor, refractor, disintegration, and pencil sized beams.

152. Run out getting others to put tractor beams on you (wanting to be wanted).

153. Do this also on aesthetic lines. It'll blow the mechanics of the 2nd dynamic all to pieces.

154. Holding facsimiles with tractor beams.

155. The Duplicator (mechanical duplication installed).

156. Magnetic Post , with circular field that flows back whatever is flowed to it.

157. Body as most successful -trap extant. You flow aesthetics to it and get only heavy waves back.

158. First MEST body he blanketed.

159. First body he blanketed that exploded electrically off the death shock as somebody else was in it.

160. Nipping - the 1st body contact, after 100,000's of nips, getting trapped by the heavy backflow waves of sorrow, apathy, and exhaustion.

161. Aesthetic appreciation of life locks onto the thetan itself.

162. After nipping and blanketing, run when he's 200 yards from body and 200 feet high.

163. He's 16 feet high runs a full lifetime in one body finishing at 15 feet high.

164. Run the 3 - 20 more ridges of what he conceived himself to be.

165. Run basic on got to hold on, but can't get off.

166. Run lucklessness this lifetime when tried to run someone 5 feet away, fails and apathy.

167. As the electronic incidents he used as motivators, get off all his overts on bodies.

168. Run 3 of the most aberrative things around:

a. Sexual intercourse
b. Aesthetic lines
c. Earlier bodies he's had restimulated by failed control this lifetime.

169. Run avoidance of exhaustion wave.

170. Run pride as high aesthetic sensitivity.

171. Run out the psychic upset of the body as nothing.

172. Run basic incident where pc:

 Tried to control people on level of aesthetics.
 Tried to control people generally.
 Tried to make people know.
 Tried to make people start.
 Tried to make people change.
 Tried to make people stop.
 Tried to make people be.
 Used a force wave and tried to make people be.
 Used a force wave and tried to make people know.

173. Theta body magnifies the field of the somatic as it sits outside of the body field which sits outside the body.

174. At death there is a lot of electric shock put out which explodes facsimiles.

175. Close eyes. Find a white spot. Repetitive what do you do to make it more white. Do it until somatic and picture pop off. Or put attention where it will go more white until same EP.

176. On screens and walls: what couldn't be behind them?

177. On black spots where do you have to put your attention to turn it more white?

178. Honey Combs in space, thing in mouth, 3 discs intersect band-saw incident.

179. Capper - glowing rays up and down head and "it's fun to have facsimiles".

180. Into the Ellipsoid (oval), then out, shame, then 3 black boxes, then shot out 50 billion miles from the body.

181. The Iron Maiden or Boats: They close 2 halves, spikes inside. Attention out to shell. Electronic flows change and reverse from sides and bottom at feet.

182. Run basic of fastest possible tone drop (emotional) from very happy to apathy.

183. Energy formation outside conventional frame of reference of frequency, volts, amps, ohms.

184. Tone scale as not being a gradient scale of one commodity, It could be lateral sources, thus ranges such as:

40 truth people
20 lookers
0 beings
-8 humans
-40 sufferers

There could be no relation between lateral sources other than the above. There could be 33. Process it.

185. There is one point from which all flows resolve on any incident. Have PC run on his favourite incident.

186. Run stop-it vs, can't stop-it ridge.

187. Run 2 facsimiles causing a maybe as phenomenon.

188. Run theta-body tactile from 1" off body to safe margin of 30'.

189. Run basic tiredness off by running basic "I'll pull it in" Retractor beam.

190. Run implosion.

191. Run being pulled apart, which causes collapse of attention.

192. Run getting 2 retractor beams on the head as a slap.

193. Run ionising the air and making vacuums.

194. Run out blanketing someone who blows up.

195. Run out stealing or copying facsimiles.

196. Run out the obsession to learn and to have facsimiles.

197. The Tumbler: - Black rotating drum emanator 10 feet from port holes - refractor waves. 30 feet from end emanator refractor pulsar. May have blower in at. Sensations of dizzy, falling, no time, disorientation. Thought wave/no body. Run exterior only.

198. The Floater: Reversing polarity field. Thought wave/no body. Run exterior only.

199. Overts compounding exponentially until what?

200. Run an anger incident of hold onto the body.

201. Run the apathy at tone 31, the fear of 33.

202. Entities are beings that went out the bottom and declined to a state of just holding onto one facsimile and saying I'm still here, thus if you can't get rid of a thought by as-isness, an entity is holding it there. Run them out.

203. Run out the invalidation of beauty, criticism of what one thought was beautiful. Process art/be/beauty/creativity.

204. When did you agree the MEST universe was pretty? Ditto a body.

205. When did you try to control the beautiful?

206. Run thetans controlling other thetans by getting them interested in beauty.

207. Concept of wanting to control someone because they are pretty.

208. Concept of controlling others by getting them to create.

209. Run 1st overt, then the greatest recurring overt cycle of overt, sympathy, propitiation, life continuum.

210. Run 209 on MEST bodies, societies, people, the physical universe.

211. Run why they aren't a theta-body.

Having run these 200 or so areas out, on those beings that need them, they are then out of the last ditch.

Those PC's that don't need this run out weren't in the ditch .

Of course , all the material should be verified as done on the auditor before he runs if off the PC , and every drop of at solo audits very easily. These processes provide complete and total reality on one being a spiritual being and the logical pitfalls and career errors on one's adventure in this physical universe. If such total reality already exists on your PC , it is still wise to verify them as complete.

The last ditch processes should be run or verified before running the epilogue processes. In most instances, the E-Targ Rundown should be done first. If TA is high once the rundown is open, check "My charge or theirs", and if theirs start the session and clean up what is open.



Assess: GE, BTs, Epicentre Beings, Entities (there are 6), Targs, (usually 6 of them), Take strongest (not largest read) (rocket read, theta bob, instant hunting needle, rockslam all take priority over a long fall) read. Here's how to handle each. (BTs handle per OT 3 materials.)

1. GEs: Have him move to where he is stuck on the track and have him erase that, with earlier beginning where he cognites he was a person. Get his origination's after erasure and he'll depart.

2. Epicentre Beings: Same as GE handling.

3. Targs: Run your incident of receiving them R3R per #17 of the Final Ditch until natural cog/awareness. After this you have no need to return to that society or keep these convert-theta-to-MEST beings around and they leave.

4. Entities:

a. What is common between you and the entity?
b. What is the entities purpose toward you?
c. What is the common effort, emotion, thought, aesthetic?
d. What is the entities purpose toward you?
(If TA rise, run the incident where he is stuck on the track.)
e. Why have you kept the entity around?
f. Why doesn't the entity want to leave?
g. When did the entity transfer into your space?
h. Did it jump to you or did you grab it?
i. Why don't you want to let it go?

99% of them handle by step d, 1% need e through In repetitive (with repeater technique on the stubborn, don't use force it's "understanding" all the way.)

A 1/10 of a percent of the time they still won't go and their attention (notice) should be put once on PT, you, and the room.

Long (1 - 5 Minute) origins are usual, not unusual. They are trying to figure the mess they are in out.

One at a time of course. If Joiner #1 or #2 restimulate, run their stuck incidents of the Joiner off.

The entities are run off a list of who has controlled you, who have you wanted to be like, or with, and who have you wanted a piece of.



Last time you felt good accountability
Self assigned responsibility away
2-D flows will fix it
conditions not ised
inhibited ARC denied an as-isness
enforced ARC undeserved action
your case deserved action
drugs cut off from theta
this lifetime incident being a 1st dyn vs other dyns
BTs greatest overt restim
Entities greatest repeating overt
Targs flowed to long in one direction
Epicentre beings out ethics as motivator
degradation out ethics as overt
no self worth 2 things mocked up in
aesthetic break opposition that don't belong
incorrect self assignment that way______
of ethics condition______ loss
incorrect admin. scale____ disturbance
goals actual GPM restim
war above the universe shock
trapped on a scale
stuck in another place or time failure
running on remote lie
interiorized GE
outlist havingness
ruds suppressed cognition's
Engrams havingness scale
Roller Coaster misduplication
Bypassed Charge on Prev Auditing misunderstood concept
Service Facsimile protest
unflat process too many postulates in area
3rd party in ones space opinions
dramatising anothers case suppressed quit
pinned or held by another undetected growth
addiction baited
this lifetime as totality trapped
evil purposes prevented
unflat grade confront went out
unflat process had to meet a standard
multitrack incident stable datum challenged
charge above time maybe in progress
error on chain run cant start, change, stop
earlier charge has appeared Body illness
entity ran something you didn't Mental illness
beams from another Spiritual illness
circuits pictures presented by another
suppressed chain agreements
suppressed pain disagreements
shame Resisted
regret invalidated
below having challenged
bacteria contamination

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